You Have Power

In recent days I have spent more time doing yoga, meditation and music, both as a mindful choice to try and stay in the vibration of love instead of fear, as a form of self-healing, and as a way of creating space in my thoughts for my angels, guides and the Divine to drop in any healing directives they wanted me to share with everyone.

This morning, the answer came. Simple, but it immediately rang true, like every piece of Divine guidance I have ever received, either for myself or for all of humanity.

The answer was: You Have Power.

Read that again: You Have Power.

So many people are getting lost in a fog of fear. If they’re not frightened of the CoVid-19 outbreak itself, they’re frightened of the stock markets crashing, or of what the outbreak is a cover-up for, or of not having enough. Once you get into a spiral of fear-thought, and the longer you let it run unchecked for, the less chance you have of coming back out of it.

And ultimately, thought creates reality. If you’re spending the majority of your day, every day, trawling through the news reports, which are worded to be as sensational and dramatic as possible, and focusing on the fear, it’s arguable that all you are creating is more fear, and a greater possibility of the things you fear actually happening.

Fear is an ego response to what is going on around you and not feeling safe and secure in your own being. And fear can be created, amplified and exacerbated by the very particular feeling of not having power. So many people feel that their lives, their livelihoods and their lifestyles are totally in the hands of the governments and authorities at this moment in human history.

But actually: You Have Power.

You have power to make your own informed decisions. You don’t have to rely just on the mainstream news reports. You can do your own research. Read words written by people actually experiencing the worst of the current health crisis. Read words written by doctors and scientists. You can choose to self-isolate if your gut tells you that’s the best thing for you to do, regardless what the authorities in your country say. Yes, there may be obstacles to this, in terms of your jobs and your finances. But you can explore and exhaust all the possibilities with your employer and your family and decide what you personally need to prioritise. It’s your choice every step of the way. Some will choose to follow guidelines and some may do their own thing. There’s no right or wrong but only what’s right or wrong for you. You can spend time figuring out what’s right for you and doing everything you can to make it happen.

You have power to limit your movement around your community and country (and internationally). You don’t have to follow through with travel plans. You can stay in touch with friends and family by text, phone, messengers, Skype and email. You can avoid busy places like malls and large social events. You can choose to engage in leisure activities at home rather than out and about. Reading, drawing, painting, playing music, listening to music, watching TV, gentle exercise like yoga, meditation…the list is endless. Even if you absolutely cannot stay off work or work from home at this time (and not all professions can), you can limit your contact with others by stripping it down to essentials only. Every individual choice and decision counts.

You have power to explore mindful practices that will boost your own intuition and raise your own vibration. When you’re full on in fear mode, it’s very unlikely that the still small voice within, the voice of your higher self, will be able to make itself heard through the endless loop of fear thoughts. Choosing to meditate for ten minutes daily, to get still and centred and state to the universe that this is a time to connect with the love and wisdom at the core of your being and to let God, your guides and your higher self whisper to you, will help you develop strong intuition and in the current situation, following your own internal radar and gut feeling is incredibly important. You can also choose to cut fear-mongering pages from your news feed, mute or block them or limit the amount you read or watch once you have the basic information.

You have power to make your voice heard. If you strongly feel in your gut that your government should be doing more to limit the spread of the virus, that their actions are not drastic enough (or too drastic if that’s your perspective), you can sign petitions and share them on your social media, you can contact your MP in the UK (I’m sure there are equivalents in other countries). You can choose not to share fear-based information on your social media platforms and you can choose to share articles that are informative, productive, pro-active or coming from a standpoint of love and healing. You can also choose to stay silent if you have nothing positive or constructive to say, to avoid provoking more fear or anger in others.

You have power to look after and support your and your family’s health and healing in every possible way. You can research natural herbal supplements with antibiotic properties such as garlic and echinacea. You can supplement your immune system with vitamins – a lot of articles I have read suggest Vitamin C and Vitamin D are particularly important. You can choose to eat the freshest, healthiest food available to you. You can choose to stay home and rest if you are under the weather and therefore have a compromised immune system – again, this is more challenging for some than others, but rather than just assume it’s not a possibility you can explore it by speaking to your GP and your employer. You can drink plenty of water to flush toxins through your body. You can do all of the above regardless whether you do it pre-emptively or to support your healing if you have symptoms of illness.

You have power to explore alternative forms of healing if you have knowledge of them or know somebody who does, again, regardless of whether you have symptoms that are worrying you, or pre-emptively. Many forms of alternative healing, including angel, reiki, sound and crystal healing which are the main ones I have some knowledge of myself, can be done distantly with no need for physical proximity. You can choose to hold a healing circle remotely via the internet with friends, or send healing to the planet, or the whole of humanity, or a loved one with health issues. You can choose to listen to healing chants and frequencies, which raises your vibration as well. There are many free audio tracks for this on YouTube. You can choose to use simple healing affirmations such as: I am strong. I am healthy. I am healed. I am whole. I am in perfect health. I am in perfect balance. I am grateful for my good health. Humanity is healed. Humanity is whole. It can be especially powerful to use them when you catch yourself in cycles of fear thoughts. The premise of vibrational healing is that everything is vibration. Every thought, action, choice and energy sends ripples out and makes subtle shifts and changes to the vibration of every other energy it touches. Many people swear by alternative healing and there is definitely no harm in investing some time exploring it in the interests of supporting your health and healing in every way possible.

You have power to step up your hygiene practices as you see fit as well as continue the good hygiene practices you already had. You can wash your hands more frequently, avoid touching your face if you have to go out,avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily, cover your nose and mouth if there is someone coughing or sneezing around you, wash your clothes more frequently, at high temperatures if possible, and educate your children to do the same. You can disinfect your home (and vehicle, and working environment if you can’t avoid it) more frequently. If you do not have access to alcohol hand sanitiser, hot water and soap is equally effective providing you dry your hands properly. If there is a shortage of chemical cleaning products, you can research natural alternatives such as using vinegar or lemon juice to clean and disinfect surfaces. You can add certain types of disinfectant to bathing water if you read the instructions carefully, and you can also add certain essential oils to bathing water to ease symptoms (for example lavender oil), disinfect (for example tea tree oil) or for general self-care. You can, additionally, add Epsom salt, rock salt or Himalayan salt to your bath to cleanse energetically as well as physically.

You have power to choose the way you respond to events as they unfold and the perspective you take. When surrounded by chaos, it can take mindful practice to stay calm and focused on love, positive outcomes and healing, but you can set that intention to choose that focus and do the best you can, taking it a day at a time. You can choose to be calm. If you have children in your life, take a moment to think about what example you are setting them. Is it likely that in their lifetime they will see another pandemic or a different type of global crisis? Absolutely. The way you are responding right now is setting a precedent for them to know how to behave in such situations. And you can choose to set an example of panic, fear, anxiety and paranoia, or you can choose to set an example of calm, pro-activity, kindness and compassion. You can choose to be kind and think of others as well as thinking about your own needs. You can choose to make sure you don’t clear a supermarket shelf of a product, for example, in case somebody more vulnerable or less mobile than you comes in after you needing that product. If you have to isolate at some point, you can choose to acknowledge the good in that situation – not only from the point of view of the greater good in slowing the spread of the virus, but from the point of view of getting those jobs done at home there’s never time for, extra time with your children, time to rest and heal if you have been sick, and time for self-care, for spending more time on hobbies, re-invigorating a lost passion or starting one you’ve always fancied but never had the opportunity to. Even if you still perceive that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, choosing to acknowledge the benefits and be grateful for them raises your vibration, shifts your perspective and helps attracts more blessings to you energetically.

You have power still to do good in the world and make a difference. You can check on friends and loved ones, no matter if you’re isolated or how far away they are, via phone and internet. You can keep in touch, chat regularly, and help keep each other’s spirits up, or be a listening ear if there are problems or fears. You can listen to challenges your loved ones are experiencing and give practical help if you are able to (whether financially, with childcare, with advice, with errands, with sharing essential items), or signpost them to practical help elsewhere if you have ideas, or at the very least offer your empathy, your understanding and your thoughts and prayers. This will be especially important if you have friends and loved ones who are health workers right now. There is immense pressure on them, however you look at it, and they need our love, understanding and support. And very important if there are people you know in your community who are vulnerable, have pre-existing health conditions or are elderly. And at the very least, you can always pray for those you care about, pre-emptively as well as when they are facing challenge. You can always ask angels to intervene for them. You can always send healing light their way, pink, green or white light from the Divine through your heart and out to theirs, for their highest good.

You have power, in fact, to pray and send positive thoughts universally. If you believe in the power of prayer, why stop at just praying for your friends and family? You can also choose to pray for the places that are hardest hit. To pray for the most vulnerable. To pray for support, wisdom and Divine guidance for the leaders of our countries. You may not agree with their decisions, but imagine being in that position right now with lots of tough calls to make. It is possible to support rather than hinder energetically, by sending them loving energy and praying for the best decisions to be made for the highest good. You can choose to hold vision for the best possible outcomes. To hold vision for healing. I will include the daily visualisation I am doing at the bottom of this article. You can choose to focus on creations of love, stories, poems, songs, pieces of music, art, articles, inspirational videos, meditations, acts of kindness, and continuing to put them out into the world to inspire and uplift others, to restore people’s faith in humanity. Via the internet it’s still possible to do most of that from home – or share those that others have created. If your abundance is unaffected, you can also choose to donate money or items to food banks, homeless charities etc who may be hard hit by current events.

You have power – on a related note – to not take your eye off other pressing issues, such as the climate crisis as a prime example. You can choose to still champion these causes, still donate to them, still hold vision for resolutions for them, still seek out and share information about them, still take the practical steps you can to lessen your own impact on the world, still sign petitions for change where you feel change is necessary, still use your social media platforms to educate others, share relevant information and encourage people to take actions you believe are important. You can still plant wildflowers, feed local wildlife, plant trees, reduce waste, monitor your own carbon footprint, save water, save electricity, champion conservation and prevention of animal cruelty. Increasing financial issues in many countries, impacting healthcare systems, education, etc is another prime example. The pandemic is not the only problem we face and it’s important that we continue to work through all the challenges, for the sake of future generations as well as our own.

You have power to choose who to align with. At this moment in time there is a collective wave of fear, which is understandable, and I empathise wholeheartedly with everyone who is frightened. I have been on a spiritual path for a long time, have meditated frequently, and received many pieces of guidance that give me hope for the future, and I’m doing internal work daily in order to stay in the vibration of love. Nobody is saying it’s easy – it’s not. It’s a challenge. But you can choose and set intention to be part of a collective wave of love instead. And do something every day to re-affirm that choice. There are scientists, doctors and citizens in hard-hit countries out there who are sharing information on prevention and management of the virus. There are spiritual teachers, channels, psychics and healers organising group meditations to hold vision globally for healing and resolution of this crisis. There are people staying calm, keeping their sense of humour and making inspirational posts to help us cope and raise our vibration on a daily basis. You can choose to be part of that wave. To share positive, inspirational, informative posts, and to join in with pro-active energy healing events.

You have power to accept and also appreciate that this is a moment in time. How this situation turns out depends on every choice, action and decision that is made by every single one of us in the days, weeks and months to come. This too shall pass. It really will. The truth is, it is likely to get worse before it gets better. But you have the choice to be a beacon, an earth angel, trying to make it easier to bear for whoever the universe puts in your path either in person or remotely. You have the choice right now to hold positive visions, take positive actions, demonstrate loving behaviours and contribute to the solutions. You have the choice not to deny your power but to step into it, to be empowered, to acknowledge your power and make more conscious choices about your own health, your own mental well-being, the example you set, the influence and impact you have in the world, and what you choose to focus your thoughts, time and energy on: the challenges or the solutions; the worst-case scenarios or the best-case scenarios; what you can’t do or what you can do; in short, fear or love.

Speaking from a spiritual standpoint, great energetic shifts have been taking place for a number of years now. It seems to me that this is part of that process. I am in a deeper place of surrender to the Divine than ever before and walking in trust and faith that there is a plan and that one day we (collectively) will look back and see how all these shifts brought us to a better place, a world, in essence, with a higher vibration, a world with unity consciousness, a world based on love and not fear. You have power to see the current situation as an opportunity to rise up and consciously choose love. You have power to see it as an opportunity to be kind, show compassion, caring, empathy and care for others, including the most vulnerable in society. You have power to see it as an opportunity to collectively come together to make our voice heard, look after each other, support each other, and love each other through this. You have power to see it as an opportunity to practice better self-care, put more emphasis on healing and well-being, and to master your own thoughts and responses. You have power to surrender and trust the Divine, to look for the positives amidst the challenges, and witness our collective growth as we face this together.

We are not the only generation to have faced similar life-changing and far-reaching events where there have been great changes to systems, great shifts in consciousness, or great advancements in science, medicine and technology that followed. You have power to read about such historical events as previous pandemics, world wars and natural disasters. What comes through loud and clear from most social history accounts is the inherent good in our souls: the people who risked their own lives to save others; the people who buckled down and worked harder than they ever had before to assist their country; neighbours pulling together; countries creating alliances; the fighting spirit; the resilience; the courage; the ability to keep walking no matter what and do what needed to be done for the highest possible outcomes and the greater good. You have power, too, to call on your own ancestors who walked through such times for strength, courage and guidance now. You have power to respond in those positive ways now. You have power to make ripples, to contribute, to further leaps forward, change, transformation and hope for the future, right now.

You Have Power.

Affirm it. I have power. I am powerful. I am empowered. I choose my thoughts and my thoughts create my reality. I choose love over fear. I am love. I choose unity over separation. We are all one. I choose the highest possible timelines for myself and all of humanity.

Regardless of how you have responded up to now, you have power to choose love over fear from this moment on.

And before I wrap up this piece, I feel I wish to disclose, I have what could be considered risk factors with my own health, and so do quite a number of my friends and loved ones. Please believe me when I say I understand the fear. But this is also a great reason to consciously choose love-based thinking and actions! Focusing on taking positive action can keep you more upbeat, more uplifted and more determined, and help others in your circle to do the same. It’s a form of protection and it’s an energetic investment in the most positive outcome for the highest good of all. And it’s about setting intention to do that, and then doing your best with it each day, taking each day as it comes, and some may be more challenging than others. But you can take each day as a new start and bring the focus back. I’m also taking this situation as an opportunity to focus on self-healing and becoming as strong and healthy as possible.

Even just changing your perspective to look at the wider picture, or setting intention to raise your vibration and respond with love, or sending out and visualising positive outcomes, or switching focus to truly examine the choices you CAN make and the elements of the situation you CAN make positive contributions to, is a ripple that feeds into a collective wave of love, which is the vibration needed to heal the vibration of fear.

With love and blessings from Silverla StMichael. Xxx.


I am doing a little visualisation, at least once daily, and more if I catch myself distracted by fear-thoughts, and some of you might like to use it too. I get still and ask for my angels and guides to open my channels as much as possible to receive healing energy from them, from God, from the universe. (You can substitute power words as appropriate to you.) I visualise bright white or emerald green light (whatever feels right that day) coming in through my crown and permeating my whole system expanding out into my aura like a bubble around me. Then I extend it to my whole household and immediate family. Then my workplace. Then my community. Then my city. Then my country. Then other countries where I have loved ones or attachments to the place. Then the whole globe. I stay in that visualisation with the green or white light softly holding the whole planet for a few minutes, however long feels appropriate.

A visualisation works so well because you are thinking loving thoughts and also creating a loving image in your head, and it works well to extend step by step incrementally as it is less abstract than going straight for the globe image. I have been doing it for a couple of days and I feel a marked difference in my vibration when I do it. This gives me faith that it is making a positive impact. Imagine the positive impact if many of us do the same thing whenever we catch ourselves having fear thoughts.


Photo taken at Big Trees State Park in California, 2018 after an intense earth healing session with a soul sister. I was going through a period of Archangel Raphael photo-bombing my pictures in many different places and I still believe it captures his healing energy!

Fire Inside

Words & Music Copyright Silverla StMichael 2019

I will always fight your corner
Even when I’ve nothing left
My soul is yours, you have my honour
Til I find you, my soul, it cannot rest.
In my dreams your spirit holds me,
You’re the music of my heart,
And it was in a dream you told me
That in this life, we would be apart.

Through all time
As we close space and shatter time
I feel your vibe
This fire inside
You are the love of all my lives
It feels so pure, we will endure
We will survive.

I will always be here for you
Even if you never care;
Never even know I love you
Though I pray that someday you’ll become aware.
And I’m still standing here beside you
Though I’m walking in the dark;
I’ll be the guiding star inside you,
My love, no matter what our futures are.

Through all time
As we close space and shatter time
I feel your vibe.
This fire inside,
You are the love of all my lives,
It feels so pure, we will endure,
We will survive.

I will always be here for you
My love will always still be there.
Be there…

It hurts inside,
Oh, can’t we meet again this life?
You’re in my mind.
And it’s a crime
If we can’t be in the next life,
We’ve come so far.
This fire inside
You are the love of all my lives,
We’ve come so far, we’ve done our time,
Oh flame of mine.

Inspired by my twin flame journey and dedicated to all the twin flames out there.
May you all be blessed with sacred love.

This started as a melody and it took another six months of playing and practising to get it to this point. Silverla. Xxx.

Your Mission Is Your Soul Song: Go Louder

Have you ever noticed that where your true mission and purpose is concerned, wherever there is inspiration and creative flow, resistance follows?

Music was always my first love, right from being a small child. I’m sure I’ve recounted the story before of hearing angel song at the age of four and ever since, I have always understood that songs are a true expression of love.

Love is the ultimate healing force and the ultimate source of miracles and transcendence in this world. Learning this more and more deeply is what helps us expand and ascend, ever more, infinitely spiralling up, as souls.

I sang in choirs, learned to play musical instruments and played in orchestras at school. I was told I was gifted and talented at music and that I had perfect pitch. I could hold any harmony and I loved nothing more than to sing.

Somehow, in my teenage years and young adulthood, the music inside me was muffled and silenced. I suffered with acne and was relentlessly bullied at high school. When you’re constantly being called things like ugly and dirty it can really mess with your head. One of the comments I have never forgotten was that nobody would ever want to marry me. Though other children with kinder hearts immediately swooped on it and told me not to listen and it wasn’t true, it stuck with me (and interestingly, at this point in my life I am still not married, though I have had relationships, they just haven’t truly been resonant with my soul…yet). It makes you want to hide and I became extremely shy and introverted.

I remember my high school put on a performance of Grease when I was in fifth year. It was my absolute favourite musical because I had a thing about America and I fell in love with the songs the first time I ever watched it. I remember somehow getting the courage together to audition and though I didn’t get a main part – I probably still looked too much of a gawky, awkward mess for that even in the eyes of the teachers – other kids in my year being stunned that I could sing the way I could and commenting on it. It built my confidence a little ahead of college but I was still way quieter than I could have been.

At that time, though, I still sang in public, at karaoke bars and so forth. It was an offhand comment from somebody I loved at the time that my voice was nothing special that silenced it for a long time to come. People just don’t realise the power of their words. People also often don’t realise the fragility of many people’s confidence. That all it takes sometimes to knock down somebody who’s struggled to build their confidence up because of past events and battles is a negative comment. It’s something I spend a lot of time trying to instil in the children I teach in school now because I’m extremely aware of it myself.

I took different routes with my life, into teaching, experimenting with writing. I always had this drive inside to do more but I could never quite understand what the “more” was supposed to be. There are many people out there who feel that way, I know. I think you get that feeling when you’re not yet fully grown into your soul’s true mission…and there’s no easy answer. There’s no big reveal. The mission unfolds as you become ready, and all in Divine timing. But I believe there are different paths and directions that can be taken at different times in your life. And I believe looking back that it’s possible there were other junctures when I could have walked in faith and courage and pushed on with my mission as I know it today in the face of obstacles.

I didn’t realise at the time that the obstacles were a sign that I was on the right path. Instead I took negativity at face value and opted for the path of least resistance, to go pursue something more realistic, something where I wasn’t putting myself out there so much.

But music never completely released its grip on me. Our first love often stays with us forever, after all.

Even when I wasn’t making music myself, I continued to love listening to it, receive healing from it, be inspired by it.

I’ve talked before about being inspired by musicians and no more so than by my favourite musician of all time and the soul I call my muse, John Frusciante.

I’ve talked before in various places about how I feel such a soul connection with him, after having had hundreds of lucid dreams in which we were healing each other, singing songs together, rescuing each other from all sorts of situations, even orchestrating meeting in person here in the 3D world. I have called it a twin flame connection and that was how it was described in the dreams, but have been hesitant to say that in public, because I’m only speaking from my side, from my experience. All I really know for sure is the truth, the power, the healing force behind the connection and I’m grateful for it.

I’ve also talked before about how it was once his music, his energy, came into my conscious awareness that I started…slowly…messily…painfully…gradually…dabbling in music again. I picked up a guitar again for the first time since early adulthood when my brother had been teaching me to play and then that one offhand comment had put me off for such a long time…and found another willing teacher in the shape of a colleague I’ll never forget, and we had a kind of staff band going for a few years. It was the same inspiration behind studying Music with the Open University and singing with a local community choir, during which time people affirmed my talent many times and yes, I actually played in public on many occasions, though somehow it never completely eradicated those earlier negative programmes.

And ultimately, I silenced my soul connection with John for a while. I loved him. It was that simple. I loved him and it was too painful because he was unreachable. Unattainable. And it seemed worse after he left his band and then the music scene because I couldn’t even hear him play anymore – and worse still, I knew it was going to happen before it did, in 2007, the last time I heard him play. I just knew it would be a long time before that happened again. And it broke my heart. It was impossible. I’m a strong person and I was determined to move past it and so I stopped listening to his music. And stopped playing music. And stopped listening to much music at all, if I’m honest. I was thinking too small back then. I didn’t realise that with soul love – real unconditional love – 3D time and distance doesn’t matter.

I have also discussed on this very blog the fact that there are forces out there that would seek to interfere with people’s missions. These forces are not evil or malevolent per se. They are just basically a climate, a thought-form, a collective critical mass of fear which seeks to maintain the status quo as it is and will oppose anything or anybody trying to contribute to levelling up, paradigm shifting, demonstrating new ways to walk in this world, embodying ascended humanity. They feel they could not survive in a world with shifted, transformed, higher dimensional vibrations and so they hold onto the lower path. These forces do not want you to shine.

What I haven’t talked about yet is how all this ties in to my true soul’s mission and I think I’m only just, truly, beginning to realise this.

For a long time I thought my mission was about bringing other people solace as they walk through the pain and fear that life can present. I did this through angel readings and channelled guidance, and encouraging people to work with their angels. I think it was important at the time and it was a stepping stone.

From there I progressed to thinking my mission was about helping people navigate their spiritual awakening, once I had amassed quite a lot of spiritual wisdom myself and negotiated numerous dark nights of the soul. I ran a lot of online workshops and posted a lot on my Facebook page Spiritual Solace about how to walk through that crazy time. And from there I progressed to thinking my mission was about helping other twin flames, because that’s another crazy – and difficult – path to walk, and even more specifically, twin flames with unions that were very challenging or seemingly impossible to manifest in 3D reality. And, again, I do think I have helped many people this way and it was an important part of my own learning and growth, too.

All this time, whenever I sought spiritual guidance myself because I never seemed to completely heal or find fulfilment in my own 3D reality, in any relationship, in any endeavour, no matter how hard I tried, the messages were always the same. Learn to love yourself. Step into your own power. Speak your truth. Be more authentic. Make your dreams happen – thoughts of “it’s impossible” are illusion. Make less excuses. Go bigger with your mission. Go even bigger with your mission. Guess what? Your mission is not big enough. Your voice is not loud enough. You need to reach more people. Go even bigger. And even louder. And even bigger still. Shout out, sing out, your truth to the world.

Music started creeping back in more and still more and I opened my heart to John’s energy, and music, again. This followed repeated and relentless guidance to do so and me raging at the universe about it and resisting it for as long as I could. But I was at a spiritual standstill, I couldn’t grow, and I couldn’t very well ignore it in the end because the dreams and the sense of soul connection came back stronger than ever.

And at some point during a period of doing a lot of shamanic soul retrieval healing, I really hit on something: the idea of reading songs for people, as a form of guidance. I started doing song readings for people on my page and people loved it. And what’s more, the readings were sharp and they were on point and people really resonated with them. I knew then I was supposed to be doing more with music though I didn’t then quite have the courage to do it yet.

As I have always done everything, I took intermittent steps. Which says something, I think, about what you can achieve if you just take one small step every single day. I picked the guitar up again. Eventually I decided to take up the other instrument I had always been equally drawn to, the piano, in my early forties. I hadn’t had the opportunity when I was very young and then I’d thought it was too late, I’d never be good enough because I was learning it too late in life. But some small voice inside me told me to do it. It turns out it was about more than just learning the piano, too: it brought déjà vu and past life memories with it, allowing me to heal even more deeply at soul level.

Alongside this, I spoke my truth, and the wisdom I had to share, increasingly more broadly. It started with short videos on my musings or leading meditations within tiny workshop groups and now I have a number of public videos on YouTube and go live on my Spiritual Solace page with messages when life allows me to. Considering my default instinct is to hide, I feel that is an achievement.

I became aware of a very deep need inside me to reach out to John. This man who’d changed my life and didn’t know it; changed ME and didn’t know it. I had met him back in 2006 – and yeah, a dream pre-empted that too – but at the time I didn’t know as much as I know now and all I did at the time was thanked him for his music. Well, to be precise, I didn’t even do that: I’d written it in a brief letter to give him with a gift because I knew I would likely lose my voice and my confidence in his presence and I was completely right. I may not have known how to love myself back then, but I knew myself. I knew my self-esteem was shaky and that my best mode of communication then was writing. The more I think about it, I really had no voice in this world back then.

I did it in so many ways this time. Or, I attempted to in so many ways. I wrote him a very detailed letter which probably sounded a little crazy but hopefully mostly just full of love and enthusiasm. But I also learned songs that expressed how I felt and recorded them and sent them to him online. And whatever anybody thinks of them, or of my musical ability, that took a level of courage I can’t fully express in words and I am and forever will be damn proud of myself. I still did it quietly, to an extent – trying to keep it hidden from the rest of the world. But I did it. And it’s only now, really, that the outcome has ceased to matter. Whether or not he ever hears it or responds depends on his own soul. For me, what has been important is that the love in my heart has shaped and transformed me. It has amplified me and given me my voice.

I have always strongly believed in expressing love and telling people they are loved no matter what. I dare say it’s too much for some people and maybe that’s partly why my 3D relationships to date have never worked out. But I still believe in it. That is what I teach other people to do, and that is what I did. I still mean all of it, every bit of it, and I always will. I realise now that part of my mission is to demonstrate fearless love in action. That’s what I did too. That’s what I’m doing now. And fearlessness, by the way, is not necessarily a lack of fear. Because we all experience fear and anxiety, of rejection, of other people’s opinions, of negative outcomes and consequences, of people making fun of us, and all the rest of it. Fearlessness is pushing through it and doing what you believe in your heart you should do anyway. Fearlessness is when your fear is less than, and transcended by, your love.

Lately I have been very quiet, in all ways. I haven’t posted much on here. I haven’t posted much on my page. I’ve been more introspective, working on myself, since my soul journey to California last year. I’ve continued to work on my music, especially on my piano playing, and I’ve continued to help other people with their spiritual awakenings and help other twin flames with their paths and all the rest of it. But mostly I have been meditating, musing, praying, contemplating, healing…working on all those things spirit kept pushing me to do. Working out how I can go bigger, how I can go louder, what my mission truly should be…working on really, truly, loving myself and seeing myself and knowing that my presence in this world does count. It does matter. It does make a difference. I do have contributions to make and I am worthy of my place here.

You wouldn’t believe the resistance I’ve experienced this year. Mostly really in your face 3D reality resistance, blocks and obstacles that had to be faced and dealt with. Things like the boiler breaking. The car having a massively major fault and losing the freedom that comes with having a car for some time. Having major fallings out with people who play key roles in my life. Strings and strings of minor but stressful situations that distract from the big stuff, the big picture. And an undercurrent under all of it of minor illnesses, mostly throat and sinus related.

For a while it felt like I wasn’t receiving any guidance whatsoever, though there was the odd dream, America related again, about New York and Los Angeles, which ended up forming the basis of my summer plans. Then it became more specific, about writing lyrics for songs on the beach. Then I literally heard a song playing in my head. That never happened to me before. I have it written down with full lyrics and a sketchy outline of the music, done in a few days when I was last on holiday from the day job. I haven’t yet had chance to perfect it because that was when the car checked out on me and life became a string of frustrating phone calls and having to stand up for myself against faceless corporate entities that didn’t want to take any responsibility. But it was still amazing and it took my breath away at the time. Guidance internally and through other people has told me for a while I should write my own songs and I’d never felt I had that capability before. And then all of a sudden, it was just there. I plan to finish it this summer and I hope there will be more, as I have seen in my guidance.

Even more recently, I then had a strong burning desire to set up a brand new page dedicated specifically to my song readings, my spiritual teaching about music as a healing force, and a platform for me to share my music.

Like I said earlier, for me music has always equated to love. And love is the ultimate healing force and the ultimate essence that powers miracles.

I not only understand at this juncture that my mission is to demonstrate fearless love in action no matter what. I also understand that each of us has a soul song. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a musician, a writer, an artist, a speaker, a teacher or what at the core of your soul. You have a unique way to express the love that you are in this world. You may not be expressing it right now. You may not even be aware of it right now. But you do. That is your soul song. And your soul song is your expression of love. And to express it creates ripples of love and healing in the world.

It’s likely to be the thing you love to do more than anything else. That thing that was your first love. Even if you’ve buried it and stuffed it down because you didn’t feel good enough, you didn’t feel beautiful enough, you didn’t feel…enough. And just for the record, you are good enough. You are beautiful enough. You are enough. You are love.

I also understand at this juncture that to those collective beings who want to maintain the status quo, probably completely unconsciously, to preserve their existence as they know it – our soul songs are dangerous. They threaten to expose illusions, shift paradigms and lead to humanity and Gaia ascending into ever higher dimension. So there is resistance when you’re on the right track. It’s not a sign you should quit. It’s a sign you should keep going.

The last two weeks, I have been incredibly inspired and driven to work on more songs, fired up by the fact that I now have a platform to share it, and that I can now watch and listen to myself with love and admiration, and feel proud of what I did for love, what I did for the sake of love seeking to express itself, what I did for ME, what I did for courage, and fearlessness. To push myself to grow. To ascend. To allow myself to be heard. To allow myself to be seen. To allow myself to BE. Who I am. No filters. Perfectly imperfect as we all are. I set all those recordings for John that were private to public on YouTube and I have been singing and playing more, louder, than ever before.

I only then noticed the pattern that every time I try to go louder, to go bigger, to be more fearless and to be more fully myself in this world, something seeks to silence me. Because I have had all week a sinus and throat issue that’s put a stranglehold on my voice, that’s stopped me singing, that’s made me feel lethargic and uncreative, that’s had my voice breaking all over the place. Ordinarily when I experience major shifts and breakthroughs in perception these days (though it hasn’t happened in a while), I make a video or go live on my page. I couldn’t because of my voice. And yet, I won’t be silenced. And it’s that feeling of not wanting to be silenced, that feeling of wanting to be heard, that’s made me go back to my old default creative outlet of writing and to write this piece.

I have taught about these patterns of resistance before in my twin flame workshops, but this is bigger than just twin flames, it’s even bigger than just lightworkers. This applies to all of us, because we can all step into our mission more, become more fully who we are, and sing our soul song that bit louder in this world. We are infinite, magnificent beings of light in human bodies, all of us. We are instruments of change. We are instruments of love. We are instruments of truth. And no matter what, we can and should always sing our soul songs. It matters more than many of us think. And we are all a drop in an infinite ocean. Every ripple we create contributes to the ascension and the raising in consciousness of all of humanity.

My soul song won’t be silenced.

I’m taking my current experience as a total sign that I’m supposed to do more with the music part of my mission and that those things I do cause ripples and make a difference. Those things I’ve already had the courage to do have already shifted timelines and the best is yet to come. And who knows, maybe that’s the real reason for the enduring soul connection I feel with a musician from the other side of the world. Maybe, in this lifetime, John was always meant to be a strong guiding light that would get me here, where I am right now, able to be and see myself as brave and beautiful and occasionally brilliant, which is honestly the core truth of who we ALL are. What I know for certain is, I will always love him and I will always be grateful for all of it.

Consider that when stumbling block after stumbling block comes up when you’re trying to achieve something, that level of resistance means you’re onto something. So be fearless. Be the love you are. And express it. Go louder. Go bigger.

And keep going. It’ll be something worth transcending the blocks for. And it’ll lead to things that are bigger than just you. That’s the kind of faith that’s worth having. That’s the kind of faith that opens up all possibilities.

Silverla. ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

Interestingly, I was originally going to type this direct into WordPress. WordPress was really going slow and I had to type it first in Word. And interestingly, when I came to post it, my internet went down right at that moment…as if to prove my point. It’s those little things that make us second-guess what we’re about to do. Think less about those things and more about the internal compass of the heart. If the words it says – or sings – are clear, follow them, do them, speak them, anyway.

If you resonate with me and you’d like to support me in my mission please read, listen, like, follow, share as you feel drawn:

Dark Angels

We are dark angels,
Numbered amongst the Valkyrie warriors
And the high archangelic choirs.
We have chasmic depths
Only we can truly see into,
And heights as tall as cathedral spires.

We are soul bound,
To weave parallel lines through all of eternity
And break humanity out of timeless chains.
We have limitless power
Only we can ever feel into,
And an endless soul-song of healing refrains.

We are gate-keepers,
Ancient mer-folk who knew secrets of old
And guard cosmic gates of ascension.
We have divine directives
Only we can really tune into,
And lead others into ever higher dimensions.

We are destiny itself,
A unified knowing, blazing, map in motion
And even time surrenders its secrets to us.
We have unconditional love
Only we can merge and blend into,
And wield with incendiary hearts, victorious.

We are the harmony
Upholding structures of love that light the world
And sounding light-notes in forever streams.
We never begin and never end,
Only thread through each other and into
Nights filled with starlight and supernovas
Where we meet in our dreams.

We are the divine
Expression of love echoing through the mountains
And swimming through the sapphire oceans.
And we will always be,
Ever onwards calling each other to soar;
Only we can really hear into
That dance of soul secrets and devotions.

We are the chaos
From which comes the storms of change
And rages through all time and creation.
And we will make the mark
Only we can ever fully burn into
The blueprints of past, present and future;
Because love always wins
And its fire through us is sweet salvation.

Only we have true insights into
The paradigms and paradoxes we came to transform;
Only we may have witnessed
The darkest nights of our particular storms.
But still we sing of strength, courage, freedom
And magnified together, we will transcend;
We are God’s love. We never end.

We are dark angels,
Walking the earth on unchartered courses
And yes, darkness we have faced and seen.
But we are twin flames,
And we are each other’s unfailing anchors,
Our peace within, our light between.

Copyright Silverla StMichael 2018

Soul Songs

I guess I have expressed myself more through music lately than writing. This is a collection of some of those expressions.

I also wanted to let you all know I’m doing an Easter event on my Facebook page
As part of this on Wednesday 17th April I will be doing a live song reading session (7-8pm GMT) and a live spiritual mentoring / guidance session (9-10.30pm GMT). Please feel welcome to join me there.

Much love & blessings, Silverla. Xxx.

Those Magic Changes

Chopin’s Nocturne Op9 No2

Across The Universe

Pachelbel’s Canon in D


2019 ~ Transformation and Unity ~ Full Wolf Moon & Lunar Eclipse 21 January

Hello, dear ones. I don’t usually get overly involved in the astrology side of things, but I have known for some time through synchronicity and conversations with my soul sisters that this full moon was going to be a particularly powerful one. I know most of you have struggled on with challenging energies for some time in your lives now, with accelerated spiritual growth and awareness but high levels of challenge or “stuck-ness” in different areas of your lives. Many mystics are heralding this particular moon as a turning-point and a time that can catalyse real change and transformation in a positive way, or at the very least, set it into motion.

Much of the reason why the challenging energies are occurring is because Gaia herself, our Mother Earth, is changing in frequency. Our planet is ascending, moving to higher states of vibration, and humanity with her. The Schumann resonance, which measures the frequency of Earth, is shifting and changing and you may experience this as subtle (or not so subtle) changes in energy, biorhythms, psychic and spiritual gifts, states of consciousness, forced changes of direction or quantum leaps into new opportunities and paths in your life, or even experiencing time and multidimensionality in different ways. Many people fear and resist change, and the additional resistance causes even more energetic chaos.

You will have seen yourself how this is manifesting on a global level, with increased natural occurrences such as wildfires, floods, tsunamis, storms, earthquakes and other extreme weather events. Gaia herself is in the throes of quite physical and geographical change. This is an opportunity for lightworkers the world over to share and shine their light more than ever before. Many people have become involved in efforts to help those affected by such disasters, but we can also help in pro-active ways by focusing our energy and attention on helping Gaia herself to balance in the midst of all these changes. By having compassion for our Mother Earth and all those who live with her, upon her, within her, symbiotically, we work in unity, and working in unity creates far more positive change and transformation than working in solitude. We are being encouraged to shift to unity consciousness and radiate love, unconditional love, for everyone and everything we share existence with. Fundamentally and energetically, we are all one.

I mentioned a prediction yesterday that many of us will be reuniting and reconnecting with far more soul family this year, and that it’s already begun to happen for me reconnecting with some old friends at the start of this year. We will be crossing paths with people we thought had moved out of resonance with us, but so many people are shifting and growing energetically at exponential rates at this time, many will come back into resonance with us, and we will meet still more. The point of coming together with these people is to increase the love frequencies on the planet. When we wish to manifest something or create more of a particular energy in our lives, working together with other people of a like mind on the manifestation (and on the manifestations they wish to create, reciprocally) will bring it into being far more quickly, smoothly and powerfully than trying to do it alone.

Here on this page, I have always felt that many of you guys are soul family, extended soul family, or from other soul families of similar origin, vibration and frequency. If you resonate with my posts and my words, it stands to reason, doesn’t it? We all have our own missions here on Earth at this time, but we also have a shared mission: to bring Mother Earth back into alignment, and to bring the world back to a state of balance, harmony, unity, peace and unconditional love. And if we put love and energy into the shared mission, the Divine, and the higher beings, are grateful for us playing our part in the bigger picture, and in return will readily help us with our own individual missions and dreams. Also, of course, the shared mission is important for our survival on Earth and for bringing our world back into alignment. For those who believe in the legend of Atlantis (and/or feel they were there!) we have been at this juncture before, and failed. We now have a chance to do things differently and help the Earth and humanity ascend into beautiful, harmonious states of consciousness. And yes, it’s a long process, and yes, it is likely to benefit future generations more than our own. But it’s a crucial moment in the history of mankind. And you are here. And you are here right now for a reason.

I knew I needed to post something to pull as many people as possible together for the purposes of bringing more balance, harmony and alignment to Gaia and humanity in general, this full moon and lunar eclipse. Originally, my idea was to record a vibration-raising meditation, but life has got in the way with spanners in the works to an extent where I have realised that wasn’t what I was meant to do. I was simply meant to put these heartfelt words out there and to suggest that, at some point on January 21, when you can see the moon in the sky wherever you happen to be in the world, you take some time to focus your love and energy on the planet and on humanity as one whole unit, and pray for their more healing, balance, harmony, peace, unity and unconditional love, starting with a smooth re-alignment and assimilation of all the shifting energies of the last few years.

It would be beautiful to light a candle for this intention. You may even wish to make a little altar dedicated to Gaia. It could include natural objects such as feathers, pine cones, crystals, flowers, shells, etc, ornaments or images of angels, fairies, animals or higher beings who can help amplify your loving intentions, and anything else that represents the above vibrations to you personally. A green candle would be particularly auspicious for healing, or a pink candle to represent unconditional love, or failing those you can use a plain white or cream-coloured candle. An LED candle could be used if you prefer for fire safety. After lighting the candle, say your own prayer for your vision of a healed world. You may wish to mention specific areas of the world, specific causes or specific issues in your prayer, depending where your personal mission is focused. It would be good to take a moment, too, to close your eyes and envision it, or a symbol that represents it, drawing on other senses such as sound and feeling as well as sight. You could also envision our planet surrounded by beautiful greens, pinks, bright whites and golds, healing colours, and amplify the healing colours by generating love in your own heart. A particularly effective way of doing this is by thinking about things you love and are grateful for. For this particular ritual, try to focus your gratitudes on blessings bestowed by nature, by Gaia, and that have come your way via random acts of kindness from other people, not necessarily people you know but those “earth angels” who just happen to have been there when you needed help.

Visualise your energy linking up with everybody else focused on this piece of work. And end by saying, “This or something better now manifests for the highest good of all. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And so it is, Amen.”

It would support the energetic work to do three things over the course of the week to follow to show your love for Gaia. It could be as simple as picking up discarded pieces of litter, doing more recycling than usual, saving more electricity than usual, or doing a kindness for an animal in need. Synchronistically, we’re going to be doing the RSPB Birdwatch, which is like a census of garden wildlife, the following weekend, and if you’re in the UK you may wish to do that too. You may wish to donate to a conservation charity or disaster fund, or visit land where a wildfire or other natural disaster has occurred to bless it or meditate and send in your healing energy. You may wish to make a bigger change such as changing products that you buy to more eco-friendly products, going vegetarian or vegan (or eating more meat-free meals), or making a post yourself to spread awareness about living in season, living in more harmony with the planet, the need to take care of our Earth, or a particular environmental issue.

Many, many full moon and lunar eclipse blessings to you all, and know that I am praying too for your personal challenges, wishes, desires, dreams and manifestations, but this particular ritual which I am asking with an open heart for as many people as possible to join with, is for balance and alignment for the whole planet. Gaia is a living, breathing, entity, she is our life force, and right now at this time of great energetic shifting, she needs our support and our unconditional love. When this is done pro-actively with an open heart, it’s done from a place of love, not fear, which is infinitely more powerful, more effective, and more of a force for good. If you do participate, it would be beautiful if you would post your prayer, or some of it, or a picture of your candle, or your own blessing, or a picture of the moon itself if you get a good one, here in the original thread on the Spiritual Solace page. Let’s literally light up the world this full moon and radiate so much love that the higher frequencies can more easily anchor into our reality and create a beautiful 2019 (and beyond) for us all. ❤ ❤ ❤

Image from Pixabay

With much love from Silverla St Michael. Xxx.
Please share far and wide. Xxx.

Light Up Live and Soul Songs

I am being guided to get myself into gear and do more in the way of live spiritual sessions and Soul Songs sessions (song readings) via my Facebook page.

They will roughly be alternate weeks (with some weeks off) and this will be a flexible arrangement so it may take place on a Tuesday or Friday – occasionally on a Saturday – night.

Light Up Live will be a short healing / clearing / manifestation / activation piece with brief discussion of related spiritual topics followed by roughly 1 hour of availability for free spiritual Q&A or personal guidance.

Soul Songs is an opportunity to share a song that’s repeatedly coming up for you which I will read and pull out a deeper message for you. The request thread will usually go up a day or two before the session. On the day, I will be aiming to open the session with a brief video containing one of the readings plus guidance for all participants, or guidance regarding music / sound healing.

Both can be accessed via my Facebook page and you can also follow the Soul Songs videos on my YouTube channel (below).

Additionally, I have been working on my YouTube channel and made some older content and transformational tools which are relevant at this time, as well as all the previous run of Soul Songs sessions, available for public view:

If you’re interested in following my journey, work and/or these free opportunities to come together with like-minded souls and participate in the regular sessions, I would recommend that you like and follow my Facebook page, and like posts when you’ve read them to ensure Facebook shows you my posts regularly. I would also recommend that you subscribe to my YouTube channel so you will also get notifications of new videos on there. You can also follow all my posts via Twitter @Silverla22. Readers can contact me via Facebook page PMs, Twitter DMs, replies on this blog or – I do check them all though I sometimes do get behind with messages here and on Twitter.

Thank you as always for your continued interest and support! Silverla. Xxx.