One giant dimensional jump for Silverla. Another drop in the ascension ocean for humankind.

From this point on, I dedicate the love and joy I experience to holding the space for my twin flame to love, grow, expand and heal. I dedicate my love and joy to the creation and manifestation of my twin flame reunion, and the reunion of all twin flames on earth. I dedicate my love and joy to the healing, growth, awareness and love of all of humanity. And thus, I actively seek love and joy on a daily basis, knowing that the more I experience love and joy, the more of a difference I make.

I AM love. I AM joy. And so it is! Amen!

Smoke me a proverbial kipper – I am always present for breakfast and other meals.

The universe nourishes my soul and provides my every need. I trust Divine will to deliver nothing other than love and joy in a million magical ways to the open, grateful, receptive plate that is my heart.




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