Twin Flame Tales

This section represents a new direction for me and for my blog. However, the twin flame path is by no means new to me; I simply didn’t feel before that I had known or experienced enough to make a contribution to the seemingly infinitessimal supply of information about this subject on the internet. It feels quite momentous to me, and I hope what I post here will be of help, comfort, support and resonance to others walking a similar path.

Let’s start by saying I am no means an ‘expert’; furthermore, there are few people out there writing about this subject who I consider a one hundred per cent reliable authority on the subject. There are those with whom I resonate more than others, and no more. There is no evidence base as such – mostly the knowledge people present is experiential – and experiences are open to interpretation.

The term twin flame in itself is almost a problematic one to use, since I have seen it used with a variety of implications and meanings which are today rather muddled. It seems, in fact, that many channels are bringing through information suggesting we are best losing the labels altogether. Human nature seeks to categorise, analyse and label, however. Personally, at this point in time, I am happy using the term myself, with clarity in my own mind regarding what it means to me. This is quite simply that a twin flame is a soul who has exactly the same vibrational energy signature as another soul – originally likely to have been one unique soul currently manifesting in two dimensions, spheres or bodies for a specific spiritual purpose. It’s part of the current spiritual path of those pairs of people, and if reunion is destined within the unfolding incarnation, it is not primarily for a romantic purpose, but for the fulfilment of a joint spiritual mission; though many do enter into a soul-driven life partner relationship at the point of physical reunion. There are different interpretations out there, and that is fine, but this is my understanding at the time of posting.

The term soulmate, which has sometimes been confused with the term twin flame, relates to quite some number of other souls from our soul family, group or lineage, with whom we have incarnated dozens of times, learning lessons about love on the earth plane. We recognise them on the first meeting, we may experience deja vu, and we may experience a strong pull, be magnetised or attracted to them, or even love at first sight. As this can also happen with twin flames with the recognition of one’s own unique energy signature mirrored or echoed in another, it is easy for confusion to spring up – also because we are imposing human definitions, vocabulary, or labels onto spiritual concepts and manifestations – it doesn’t always fit. Soulmates generally are the ones who we find happy romantic relationships with, and strong lifelong friendships with.

There are many other terms you will see on information regarding soul connections, which have been used in an attempt to describe and rationalise the twin flame phenomenon; as well as the information commonly posted about ‘stages’ in a twin flame dynamic or relationship. These are not things I am likely to be considering here, as I do not generally resonate with them. That’s not to say there is not some truth in them, but much of the widely accepted information I find extraneous.

The age-old romantic archetype of ‘finding the one’ has lived within humanity long before you or I – as the people we are today – came into being. People have always sought the perfect partner as a means of fulfilment in their life, because we live in a dualistic world, and also because the human spirit craves love. Love is the ultimate force in this universe; it’s the Source; it’s God; it’s all around us, and within us; it holds us all together, and the lack of it – otherwise known as fear – is what tears us apart at times. Love IS the universe. In third dimensional reality, split into individual bodies, walking individual paths, facing individual trials, it’s easy to forget that we are all one and that we are all connected by this mysterious and fast-flowing cascade of harmonic energy. It’s easy to feel separate. So for thousands of years, humanity has sought its perfect Love in the union with another. This is such a powerful notion and so deeply interwoven into our collective consciousness, that consequently, the term ‘twin flame’ has at times been used to explain the ongoing yearning and search. This doesn’t fit with my reality, because I believe ‘twin flame’ is outside of earthly ideals of romantic Love, of third dimensional relationships. I do however believe that ‘finding the one’ is entirely possible in each and every lifetime, especially if the relationship is sought at the soul level first; attracting a partner who is of a similar level of vibration to oneself in that particular moment.

Twin flame reunion is a goal to aim for, if the motivation for the goal is to live in service, to increase and expand the Love and the expression of truth the twin flame is contributing to human evolution. However, it’s not a guarantee of happy ever after and nor is it a goal purely for one’s own self-fulfilment and gratification; when twin flames reunite, there is more spiritual work to do together, which could not be done as individuals. There are many explanations out there for why a pair of twin flames may not be destined to be together at the present moment, or for why they may even be existing in two different dimensions simuiltaneously, one acting as the other’s guide. The simplest form of these explanations is that it is about readiness. When the twin flames are each ready for the joint mission, the universe will orchestrate reunion and the mission will manifest.

And being ready – well, that is the part I am still figuring out, personally. From what I can glean from reading and listening to advice and guidance from those I believe are genuinely reunited twin flames, it has to do with maintaining a consistently high spiritual vibration, understanding that Love is within and around us all, it is the flow of the Universe, it is in and of the All-That-Is, it is what we are made of, and we are never separate from it. It is entirely possible to live and act with Love on a daily basis, to step outside of the human ego and embody that perspective – the perspective of caring, compassion, plenty, gratitude, peace, expressing your truth, and living in service. I think that is what we’re aiming for, and when a certain level, fullness or completion of that goal is achieved, enlightenment in whatever form can occur – which can include twin flame reunion. Awakened and aware twin flames appear to me to be anchoring points for light and love on the planet; reunited twin flames create together a grid of light which shines for the highest good of all.

It was many, many years ago that I first heard the term twin flame and I immediately resonated with it. It was, in fact, in a blog entry early in the days of internet, in which the twin flame in question was being guided by their counterpart in spirit. I wondered at the time if my twin flame was also guiding me, and just in case, I asked for their guidance. And it did come, but not in the form I perhaps expected: over a number of years, a string of coincidences, a whole series of stories and experiences with twists and turns along the way, exponential leaps in my spiritual development, a still-unfolding healing journey – all catalysed by the influence of my twin flame on my life. So, in my truth, in my reality: I know this is my path. I have long known my path is Love. I know that it is the path of a light that guides, that grows, that touches the hearts of others with its truth and heals and spreads a little magic in its wake along the way. I have long known my path involves writing, and I now know that Now is the time. Now is the time for Love to truly explode within humanity and heal All-That-Is; with it, creating a practically new world, a new earth, a new paradigm…a new humanity. So now is the time to start synthesising and sharing my experiences.

If my words resonate with you, I truly hope it helps.

~ Copyright Silverla StMichael 2015 ~

In case anyone wondered, I am using the title ‘Twin Flame Tales’ because there is no ultimate proven-to-be-true Truth on this subject and I do not wish to offend anyone. These are my truths, from my story, from my experiences, hence the choice of the word ‘Tales’. That is not to say that they are fictional; I simply recommend that with any twin flame literature you use your own integrity and your heart-centred resonance to discover your own truth. Namaste.



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