Optical Calcite (Iceland Spar)


Optical calcite close-up

This information is written in my own words, then checked against and supplemented by information in Melody’s “Love Is In The Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals”.

Calcite itself is a gentle stone with subtle energy which can be a great comfort and a source of quiet strength. There are numerous forms of calcite, and of them all, optical calcite, also known as Iceland spar, is my favourite.

As optical calcite is a clear crystal, it resonates with the crown chakra and opening yourself to Divine guidance. However optical calcite is also associated with the physical eyes, the third, fourth and fifth eye chakras, the sense of sight, and spiritual sight. If you have two pieces they can be placed over closed eyelids to ease the ache of tired eyes or to “help one see clearly” literally as well as metaphorically. It has a cooling effect so may also help if you have a raised temperature or fever. A piece of optical calcite could also be placed on the third eye chakra to open up your spiritual sight, encourage clairvoyance and telepathy, assist in strengthening your visualisations, help bring clarification to thoughts, plans and intentions, and open the third, fourth and fifth eye chakras which can expand one’s capacity for inner sight, spiritual sight, clairvoyance and seeing into the other dimensions (including sighting angels and spirits) exponentially. Optical calcite can also be held in the receiving hand (opposite to writing hand) for meditation or to encourage lucid dreaming or remote viewing.

All forms of calcite are striated giving the impression of a sandwiching together of layers of wisdom and knowledge. Within their matrix may lie secrets of the earth and heavens which can be tapped into through meditating with this spinetingling stone. It also assists concentration and learning and is a good stone to carry for those with learning difficulties. As calcite is made of the same basic building blocks of our bones, it can also ease symptoms and help balance the blueprint level imbalances in someone suffering from osteroperosis, a broken or sprained bone, growing pains and calcium deficiency. It has a cleansing and amplifying effect upon the chakras and energy field.

*Please be aware that calcite is adversely affected by water which can permeate within its layers and split the stone. Use other forms of cleansing – sound cleansing with a bell, ting-sha or singing bowl works particularly well.*

~ Copyright Silverla StMichael, March 2013 ~

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