Information is my own knowledge in my own words, checked against and supplemented by Melody’s Love Is In The Earth – A Kaleidoscope of Crystals.

Moonstone is a stone of mystery, gentle love and healing, subtle magick, and fertility. It is associated with feminine power, white witchcraft, and Archangel Haniel. Both the stone and the archangel can help with love and romance, conception and fertility, balancing emotions, female cycles and biorhythms. Its milky hue and lacy patterns remind one of the moon surrounded by wispy clouds. It reminds us that we are all part of the great cycle of life. We are all part of the magick.

Moonstone can be used to balance the sacral chakra which governs the reproductive and fluid functions of the body. I have found it works best placed on the actual sacral chakra. Meditating with moonstone, however, tends to unlock one’s magical and psychic side more. It has a gentle energy and a light touch unlike some crystals, and any changes or healing will be felt on subtle levels over subsequent weeks of working with it – so don’t expect any immediate sudden changes, but don’t expect to have a healing crisis either.

The lore of moonstone has seen it branded “the traveller’s stone” and as such, it is one of numerous stones used for travel protection. It also brings general good fortune. Moonstone is of the orthoclase family, is a relatively hard-wearing crystal and can be carried, worn, and held on a regular basis – and actually resonates best with water cleansing rather than other forms of cleansing.

~ Copyright Silverla StMichael, February 2013 ~

2 thoughts on “Moonstone

  1. Hello ……. Love your blog….find myself coming back to it over and over to click on another article/post….

    I love moonstone but it makes me overly sensitive. I’m a sensitive person to begin with but everytime I wear my rings, I find myself being insulted or hurt by other people way too easily. Do you have any suggestions for wearing this beauty?

    Thank You
    Love and Light

    • Hello Tara

      I would think that you just need to attune more to moonstone before you wear it on a regular basis. You would just need to hold a piece of moonstone (your ring would be fine) in your receiving hand (the opposite to your writing hand) while having quiet or meditation time, and try to increase incrementally the amount of time you spend absorbing its energies. When you get to the point where you can hold it for 30 minutes with no adverse reaction, I would then try wearing it again. Alternatively you could try wearing a piece that isn’t in contact with your skin directly, such as a brooch, and see if this helps you avoid the negative effects. It would also be worth giving your ring a good energetic cleanse before wearing it again – you could cleanse it with incense smoke or smudge or by chiming a bell over it or playing spiritual music to it! Blessings, Silverla. Xxx.

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