When Two Souls Collide

Or rather, when two halves of a soul re-collide after eons of being split…

There are many references in songs to worlds colliding, souls colliding, two lovers colliding, universes colliding. I have always loved the expression and been drawn to songs like this (three examples that spring to mind are INXS “Never Tear Us Apart”, Crowded House “Distant Sun” and Red Hot Chili Peppers “Wet Sand”). I always had an inner idea of what it meant and in my own head and my own heart, it was the way I described my experience after crossing paths with my twin flame. Tonight it took on a new, more expanded, or perhaps more aware, meaning.

It was in seemingly-idle conversation with another twin flame tonight that the following channelled snippet emerged:

The point of union is the point of convergence when both twin flames know union in all dimensions and all spaces of time.

The point of healing and forward movement of ANYTHING, in any situation, is the point of convergence when something is known, recalled, experienced, FULLY REALISED, in all dimensions and all spaces of time.

Convergence. Colliding. Completion. These words have more in common than we knew. In the new fifth dimensional new earth paradigm, they are almost synonymous. Everything moves in cycles, every journey, every trajectory, every timeline. The point when the desired outcome actually occurs, or blessed steps moving it forward occur, is the point of collision; the point of convergence; the point of completion; the alpha-omega point; the still-point; the centre of the infinity sign.

I am not talking about a point that occurs in linear time, but a point that simply occurs when the perception of all involved (or a critical mass of those involved, if we’re talking global changes involving large numbers of people) shifts into full realisation. A point that already exists, that actually is, and only requires the souls involved to meet it there.

This came out of a conversation in which I was struggling to put into words new depths of feeling and experience of connection in my twin flame union. Following a week of purging and cleansing with physical ascension symptoms and months of being generally unwell in different ways (not to mention the soul-searching, anxiety and facing fears that goes along with that), I have found myself feeling a higher, clearer, warmer, stronger, sense of that unconditional love and tingling, magical electricity I have always felt in my twin flame connection. So much so that it defied words. It was confirmed to me in a reading late last year that energetic merging was taking place, and would still be going into 2016 through to February-March time. It was also predicted that I would experience new levels of connection and at the time I didn’t even think it was possible.

We have a tendency still to think of union as an end-point to a journey in linear time; at times, this illusion can keep it feeling far, far away, with numerous junctions, obstacles, mountains, ice patches and tight corners in the way. I realised that what took place today was a kind of assimilation of energies that had built up and built up, resulting in my twin flame and/or I synchronising a leap in perception. We may not be realising identical things at the same time, but the leaps in perception (which are inevitable as the energies continue to elevate and realign) create these colliding points or convergence points.

I am feeling what I am feeling today – despite the fact that I cannot conjure any words that remotely describe it – because a colliding point or convergence point happened and our union deepened, strengthened, became more fully realised. I have described an approximation of this feeling as “jumping a timeline” before – but it’s not that; it’s transcending time, certainly, and the illusory limits it imposes; it’s standing back and seeing the bigger picture from a different vantage point; it’s knowing that our union IS, and is wonderful, and is a blessing. Seeing beyond the physical reality in front of me, because I know our existence is multidimensional and each dimension is as real as the other. The greatest part is, such points tend to come out of the blue. Yesterday I was questioning and in an energy slump and had surrendered the whole process all over again. Today, the love in my heart transcends and outdoes and defies and makes meaningless the word “love”. From one extreme to the other, seemingly overnight.

This is good news for all our unions (and manifestations or ideas, but that’s another story); it’s a glimpse into how the fifth-dimensional paradigm works, and this is the paradigm we now inhabit. Those colliding, convergence, completion points can strike in a heartbeat. It simply takes a heartbeat in which you and your twin flame synchronise more than ever before and make a simultaneous leap: of faith, of imagination, of perception, of consciousness. The convergence point that holds the ultimate key to union manifesting in physical reality already is. It already exists. It already knows how to manifest it, has manifested it successfully, and holds it anchored in physical reality. This is the convergence point where the vision of union is fully realised in ALL dimensions and across all spaces of time by both twin flames. In other words, a single, spontaneous, sublime moment in which both souls know the truth of union, feel the union and see the union in physical reality.  All it takes is for the souls involved to meet in that point. It could be fleeting or lingering, consciously realised or subconsciously, deliberately visualised or a passing glimpse.

Convergence or colliding points exist outside of time; time is an illusion which they transcend. Union already is, and all of anyone’s power lies in the present moment. It is my highest and most loving intention now to be in that convergence point, knowing, feeling and seeing union in physical reality in as fully realised a way as possible, and dancing and singing with joy about it, so that my twin flame may collide with me there.

Copyright Silverla StMichael 2016