Energy Defence 101

Yes, it sounds kind of like Defence Against The Dark Arts class for lightworkers…for good reason!

When I speak about energy defence, I am talking about grounding, clearing, cleansing, shielding and protection of the energetic field. Most of us have a natural layer of energetic defence because we take regular baths or showers and we automatically defence ourselves with energetic barriers, often in our emotional fields, without even consciously knowing it. However, the more we choose to work with our own or others’ energies, the more we open ourselves to negative energies entering our fields, and the more important it becomes to introduce further layers of protection into our auras and energy fields to avoid energy drain, psychic attack and mind control.

As it will always be with my 101 series, the information I give here will be based on my own experience and as such I cannot guarantee that this will cover every permutation of reasons why energy defence is needed or every method of energetic defence. However, as a twin flame, lightworker, gatekeeper, incarnated angel and mermaid and lucid dreamer, I believe I have learned enough to understand what most of us need to know.

So why do we need energy defences?

Some teachers and mystics out there would have us believe that there is no need for energy or psychic protection. I have heard increasing (but still small) numbers of people claiming this in recent months. I have also heard some say we should focus on the light and this is all we need to do to defend ourselves against dark energies because if we don’t “feed” them with our own focus and thoughts they have no power – or some will go as far as to say they don’t exist.

The first thing I need to get across to you is that dark forces DO exist. They are not usually inherently evil or even consciously dark. They often do not intend harm (though there are some out there that do). By dark forces I mean souls, entities or energies which are not of the light – which only know how to gain energy for themselves by latching onto the energy of others. This often leads to energy drain. Some energies are not even sentient in themselves, for example thought-forms, which tend to be born of the same repeated negative pattern being programmed into your psyche over a long period of time – so they have no conscious control over how their energy affects yours. Many of us are subject to some form of energy drain from thought-forms. Some are simply lost souls who could be transmuted back to the light if we become aware of them and know how to help them get there. Many mediums undertake this work. If you read or heal the energy of others, your light will sometimes attract one of these souls to you and they can become attached. Again this can result in energy drain or even feeling ill, or feeling like you are carrying an energetic weight which may slow down your progress towards your own spiritual growth. I have had such souls picked up by readers and healers in my aura and then encouraged to be transmuted back to light.

Some dark souls or entities DO, however, seek to interfere with or interrupt our missions and our positive manifestations. If you are a twin flame you may be susceptible, because there are forces out there that do not want a critical mass of twin flames to come into union, because it means flooding the earth plane with so much light and unconditional love it would no longer support their negative intentions, their power and in some cases, their very existence. I can tell you first hand that I have experienced lucid dreams showing me how some of these beings have watched me, monitored me, chased me, exerted mind control, medicated me and experimented on me energetically. I have also witnessed “battles” in the higher realms with the side of light led by the Archangels and involving all manner of lightworkers, against such forces of dark. This is not like a traditional war as the weapons are not destructive but rather the light fights with the force of love and the dark fights with fear (which is the absence of love). Dark and light is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a polarity, a duality which has existed the whole time earth has been in third dimensional reality. It will not sustain dualities and polarities forever though, as we are now becoming a world of fourth to fifth dimensionality where unity is the overriding default state of vibration. The dark, fearful of losing power in this situation, are essentially raging knowing their time is coming to an end, right now. You can see evidence of this in the fearful situations constantly reported in the news at this time. The way to counteract it as a lightworker is to vibe, as much as you possibly can, on love. To send love, share love, express love for all beings in as many ways as you can and to keep your vibration raised out of fear and other negative emotions.

If you are doing any form of lightwork, whether you are teaching, guiding, mentoring, being a living example, promoting veganism, vegetarianism or healthy eating, promoting meditation, yoga or energy healing, doing healing work on others, channelling, reading, doing creative work to inspire and spread messages of unconditional love or messages disclosing hidden truths, and many more things besides, you can be a target. The more your heart, and particularly your higher heart, has been opened by unconditional love – for example, if you’ve experienced heart expansion through meditation, meeting your twin flame or a healing experience, or if you’ve experience your kundalini rising – the more your light shines out energetically as a beacon and therefore, the more of a target you become. As you step more into your power as a lightworker, you actually become more of a threat to the dark. The closer you get to finding and sharing truths and to fulfilling your missions here on earth, the more interested they will become in trying to stop you.

You can experience energetic interference in many, many different ways, the most common being energy drain, fatigue and exhaustion, or a sense of cloudiness or fogginess in the mind or thoughts. A spiral of negative thoughts, feelings of hopelessness, losing or flagging with faith, feeling that your dreams are impossible, or experiencing physical obstacles to your dreams or even just to getting through your daily routine, are the next step up. You may lack confidence or feel like you do not deserve or cannot go for your dreams because you’re not strong / good / fit / attractive enough. You may experience sleep disturbance, insomnia, or even depression if you are exposed over a longer period of time. Impulsive negative or dangerous behaviour and/or addictions can also be rooted in this sort of energetic interference. Chronic physical illness or unexplained aches and pains can be the eventual result if the negative energy is allowed to take root without action to clear it. It can also keep you “asleep” to the truth and to growing or ascending spiritually by feeding you illusions and false information.

It is important that you understand there is no need to fear these dark forces. Their power is diminishing. They will mostly try to control you with illusions of fear. It is easier to stay out of fear and to keep yourself from their pursuit, psychic stalking or experimental forms of mind control if you have robust spiritual protection in place. This is where energy defence comes in.

Grounding, Cleansing and Clearing

Through trial and error over the years I have found that, for me at least, the strongest way to defend yourself energetically is to create layers of protection – almost like having a protective suit inside a suit of armour inside an invisibility cloak inside a forcefield surrounded by shields and high beings of protection. It’s important to maintain these layers and also to switch it up from time to time. I find myself experiencing energy drain and getting glimpses in my dreams again of pursuits and attacks if I don’t change my defence and protection regime occasionally. This may be because if you do the same thing every day you become somewhat complacent about it and can miss steps or not do it as clearly or as carefully; it may be because the sentient dark entities get wise to what you are doing and, over time, find ways to penetrate the layers. Quite recently, after months of an extremely complex daily routine of layering energetic defences, I had some work done on me by two different healers who both spoke to me about needing more psychic protection. I was literally outraged by this considering the time and energy I spend daily running protections, until I realised that protection can be penetrated if those seeking to find chinks in your armour are observing you over a period of time. Remember, if you are being watched, you’re being watched energetically, observed in the astral realms and they will be able to gain a sense of the protections you are putting in place. You will know when to change it up when you begin to experience energy drain, minor illness, a sense of being watched or an increase in frequency of “spanners in the works”.

The bottom line of energy defence is housekeeping. You need a strong anchor to the earth plane, and the most effective anchor I know of is to have a spiritual altar – a place where you concentrate items of personal meaning and spiritual power which are in some way connected to you and which have your energy on them. This could include crystals, natural objects, spiritual tools, oracle cards, candles, incense, ornaments or pictures of angels, elementals or higher beings. You can consecrate your altar by saying a simple prayer or blessing over it (either self-worded or a set prayer) once it is arranged. It is very important that it is in a place you will visit it daily. It’s a good idea to use it as the place to pray, meditate, say affirmations or do creative work, or whatever your spiritual practice may be. When you are doing specific energetic work such as healing or meditation, you can bring in your first additional layer of protection by activating your altar and all the energies or higher beings represented on it by lighting a candle, some incense, or an oil burner on it (of course, fire safety must come first and you do need to use fireproof receptacles, never leave candles unattended and make sure they are completely extinguished with water when you are done – some people prefer battery-operated tea-lights or a crystal light-box and they are honestly just as effective). Make sure you have some natural objects, crystals or stones on your altar for grounding, especially if you don’t get to spend as much time as you would like in nature.

It is of course very important to keep an altar, and yourself (body and aura), energetically cleansed and the space around it (or you) cleared. Energy has a habit of sticking to physical objects – including our own physical vessels – and negative energy that sticks can fester and morph into physical dis-ease over time. For your altar and the items on it, you can cleanse it regularly with incense or sage smoke; sound cleansing using a rattle, drum, bell, ting-sha, gong or singing bowl; angel spray; or visualisation, picturing white, rainbow and golden light flashing through the whole area. For yourself, you can use the same techniques, but I would also layer this with regular sea salt baths whenever you have been in contact with the outside world and especially if there are people you see at work or out and about who can be quite negative or fear-focused. Altars need to be changed, rearranged and refreshed fairly frequently – I tend to use the Sabbats of the Pagan Wheel of the Year as a cue but sometimes I will feel or be guided to do it at different times – partly for energetic cleansing as well as not allowing the same nooks and crannies to be hiding places for the dark.

Your altar will ground you, but you will be even more grounded and anchored if you spend time in nature surrounded by greenery and/or natural water sources as well. Grounding helps you to do your part in planetary healing and to receive energy direct from Mother Earth which helps you replenish and rejuvenate yourself. Like the energy you receive from above through your crown chakra when your channels are clear, this is another way of tapping into Source energy. Consciously grounding is particularly important if you have been feeling off-balance, fatigued, exhausted, generally unwell or experiencing upsetting or disconcerting dreams, or indeed, dreams of being chased, pursued, interfered with, attacked or participating in the “battles” I described earlier. Walking meditation is a great way to ground, and can be done anywhere with some natural scenery, whether coast, woodland, countryside, fields, parks or tree-lined paths. If you can walk barefoot on sand, earth or grass, this can be particularly grounding. You can also fork your fingers at the plants and trees and visualise any and all negative energy leaving your body through your fingertips. Much as plants and trees absorb the carbon dioxide we breathe out and transmute it back to life-giving oxygen, they are also capable of absorbing the negative energy we release and transmuting it back to light. It’s a beautiful symbiotic relationship and is meant to help and support us in unconditional love. Putting your hands on a tree also means you send negative energy into the tree for transmutation and simultaneously receive Gaia’s energy up through the roots and trunk of the tree, as well as the tree’s life-force and deep inner wisdom, for trees are record-keepers and can reveal many esoteric secrets. Sometimes you may be gifted a feather, an unusual stone, a pine cone or some other natural object to bring a grounding and magical influence to your altar.

At times when you cannot get out and about as much as you would like, even looking out of a window to observe birds, animals, trees and plants will raise your vibration. You can increase your intake of water at these times for further grounding and even add in flower essences so you are ingesting grounding and healing energy from nature into your body. Sea salt baths are grounding, and eating healthful foods is grounding. Many people ground by visualisation, seeing roots extending from the soles of their feet deep down into the core of the earth. You can also ground by holding a black, brown or red crystal to strengthen your root chakra – black tourmaline, hematite, smoky quartz, shaman or boji stones, garnet, ruby and red jasper are all prime candidates. It is important to ground after any form of spiritual activity as well as incorporating it into a regular daily practice. Remember too that swimming, wading or paddling in water is grounding.  Being anchored in the present moment is a by-product of grounding, which keeps us alert to changes in our own energy fields and aware when we are under psychic attack or energetic interference, which then means we can address it and do something about it relatively quickly. It also helps synchronicity to flow because we are observant of the signs, gifts and blessings being offered to us by the universe.

You can also bring green plants into your home which will raise the vibration and help to clear the space energetically. For stronger space clearing which should be done at the same time as refreshing your altar and/or when you feel you are prone to energetic attack, you can use angel sprays; sound clearing using rattles, drums, bells, ting-shas, spiritual music played as loud as you like; and burn sage or palo santo. You may also like to grid the room where your altar is particularly, any rooms with energetic interference, and the outer corners of your whole home. This adds another layer of protection as well as clearing. All this involves is placing either quartz crystals or a small bowl, container or sprinkling of rock or sea salt crystals in each corner. You can use a clear quartz point to “join the dots” and link them together, creating an energetic forcefield, if you wish. It is important to make sure, of course, that sea or rock salt is regularly refreshed and quartz crystals are regularly cleansed.

Defence, Protection and Shielding

I do strongly recommend that you regularly use techniques from the previous level as the foundation to this step. It will not be as effective without it and if you’re doing shielding and defence work without the grounding and anchoring work, you could still be very imbalanced of your own making, simply because of not being adequately grounded into Gaia and spending too much time in your own head, in your own projections, in the higher realms; unfortunately this is an imbalance that will readily prevent your intended manifestations from coming into physical reality because you, your energy bodies and environment need to provide a bridge or a channel down to earth for the creations of your soul.

So on top of your more earthly layer of energy defence in the form of grounding, cleansing and clearing, you do also need layers of protection to be built up in your energy field. There are layers and levels of subtle energy which are part of your being, starting with your aura within which are your chakras or energy centres (entry points into the physical dimension for your soul’s energy) and extending into many subtle bodies which make up your entire energy field and extend all the way back to Source. When you sleep at night, when you meditate, when you enter into a meditative state through creative work such as art, writing or music, when you channel, when you perform mediumship, when you daydream / project your manifestations, and when you are “in the zone” of concentration on autopilot performing your daily tasks, you establish a connection between your body and your soul via your higher self, and you access higher dimensions – ie the dimensions of being beyond physical reality. In these higher dimensions, you come into contact with even more energies, souls and entities than you do in the physical dimension. This is because energy is more fluid, and in your energy bodies you yourself can instantly teleport to other places and people, undertake soul work in other dimensions, and meet with other significant souls in the astral realms. All this soul contact is quite wonderful, and can be uplifting and have a very positive influence on your own growth and ascension, particularly because the vast majority of the souls you will encounter in the higher realms are of the light.

However, in the lower levels of these non-physical realms, and particularly in the astral realm, where many of us visit during dream-time, the dark forces can sometimes still lurk, particularly when ambient fear levels are high as this supports their existence around the human collective. Many of us, at this time, will begin to shift in dream-time as our vibrations shift, and access higher realms in the fifth dimension and above rather than the astral realm. This is already beginning to occur, but right now we are in a turbulent time and it is still important to be very vigilant. If we have encountered dark energies or entities during our dreams or sojourns into other dimensions, or even out and about in daily life (the energetic aspect of negative people, for example, or thought-forms they have projected, or dark entities who may have been lurking in a place you’ve visited – especially if you visit historical places – and then attached to your light) they can sometimes attach to us and stay with us for some time, causing energy drain, minor illness, nightmares etc and increasing the likelihood of mind control or interference with our dreams, desires, goals, manifestations, hopes and good intentions.

This is why layers of energetic defence or protection are needed. There is little difference between defence, protection and shielding – they can be called any of the above, hence my inclusion of all those terms. If you feel this is pertinent to you at this time and you are experiencing some of the negative influences I have described, I would recommend developing a daily practice of protection – it can even be good to run your protection programme twice a day or more. Sometimes after a dark dream, for example, I will run it again an extra time, and/or sage the room an extra time. You honestly can never have too much protection, but at the same time, it shouldn’t be done obsessively and in the energy of fear. It should instead be done with a sense of valuing self, loving self, empowering self and knowing you are being strong and vigilant. If you run your protections with a clear mind it shouldn’t require too much repetition; and it shouldn’t interfere with your time to rest, relax and recuperate, to heal, to conduct your spiritual mission, your work, or your creative projects.

There are many visualisations you can use as layers of protection. As a first layer close to the body you may visualise an energetic suit of armour. Solid light orbs are great to layer up and different colour light has different properties too. White light is instantly protective and healing as is rainbow light. Golden light is a particularly strong defensive energy and is also associated with Christ. Electric blue light represents Archangel Michael, the lead angel of protection. Purple light brings forth the violet flame which protects as well as transmuting negative energies. You may see these orbs of light as circular or egg-shaped (closer-fitting to the aura). The important thing is to visualise them as solid as you can. You can also stream white, rainbow or golden light through your central channel, protecting and cleansing your energy centres and meridians and grounding it deep into Mother Earth. You may also wish to invoke sacred geometry in your layers of protection. For example, you can incorporate a colour ray and see it as a crystal merkaba (3D Star of David, also known as the ascension vehicle) placed around your aura and energy bodies for protection. You could alternatively incorporate a colour ray and see it as a crystal pyramid placed around you. You can also visualise yourself actually immersed in the violet flame of transmutation as a layer of protection. You can take it bigger and visualise a whole forcefield of light if you feel in particular need of protection or if you’re seeking to protect a whole group of beings such as your community, all children, all animals or your soul family. You can visualise shields in your aura if you feel under psychic attack. You can visualise an invisibility cloak over the highest level of your energy field you can imagine if you feel you are being watched or your movements or words are being monitored. Remember, everything is energy, and what we project – particularly what we project regularly over an extended period of time – becomes as real as our physical selves. The only limit is your imagination – which is likely to become less limited the more you step into your power and free yourself from energetic interference!

Part of your layering of protection may be to invoke higher beings to guard, protect and guide you. You can visualise them or call them in by name. Archangel Michael is the leader of the angels of protection but you can call on other Archangels you may be working with as well. Christ is arguably a strong protective energy but again, if you have other Ascended Masters you especially resonate with, they can be called in too. Unicorns are very protective – they have an energy of strength and peace and truly know what it means to defend with light or love. You can visualise yourself on a unicorn or surrounded by a whole guard of unicorns. You may even, over time, get a sense of the colour(s) of the unicorn(s) you are working with, or their names. If you are working with elemental beings, you can call on them for extra protection; you can also call upon your loved ones and ancestors in spirit to provide protection and guidance for you within the higher realms. I have used this more in recent times at the suggestion of one of my dearest spiritual gurus, Carrie Turcotte at The Embassy of Light, and since personally experienced my Dad in spirit physically pulling me out of an attack dream. I heard “his” music – Pachelbel’s Canon in D which I chose to be played at his funeral – playing louder and louder and then I was groggily awake and quite aware he had pulled me out of the situation. Our loved ones in spirit are a strong link between our activities in the higher realms and our physical bodies and they can instantly bring us back to conscious awareness when needed.

Love is the highest, strongest and most powerful force in the whole universe. It is our personal emanation of the grace of God or All-That-Is. When I talk about “battling” the dark, really it is a case of sending the dark beings the highest, strongest and most powerful radiances of love that you can. Part of your protection may therefore be visualising the love in your heart as a particular vibration or colour or feeling of light and blissful energy and then seeing it pulse and grow, until it streams as impenetrable rays out into the cosmos. The infinity sign, again manifesting in whatever colours resonate with your soul personally, is a key symbol of protection and power for twin flames in particular, and may form part of your protection. So that you know, you will always have permission from your twin flame’s and your children’s higher selves to invoke protection around them just as you invoke it around yourself. As a side note to twin flames, the more you energetically intertwine with your twin flame, the more intrinsically protected you are as individuals and as a union; you each have different (often opposite) strengths and weaknesses, so the more intertwined you are, the less weaknesses or chinks in the joint armour you have. This is achieved by working on yourself, because the more you spiral towards ascension by raising your own vibration and healing yourself to an ever greater degree, the more you will naturally energetically intertwine. Additionally, for everyone, so that you know, you can also apply any protective visualisation or method to your home, environment, town, country or even to the entire globe – listen to your own guidance to know what your soul is personally called to do.

Above the visualised protections, there are also physical objects which can give you an extra layer of defence. Amulets and talismans which you can wear are one such example: this would be any sacred symbol which means something to you. It’s the fact that it means something to you that gives it power. It could be an infinity sign, an ankh (key of life), a heart, a merkaba, or a cross. I have a beautiful Circle of Raphael pendant with sacred markings on it which means a lot to me. It could be a piece of jewellery from a loved one (particularly a loved one in spirit) which carries their energy as well as yours. It could be a crystal pendant or piece of jewellery. You can also carry crystals in your bag or on your person if you do not own crystal jewellery. Any crystal will amplify certain energies in your field and give you some form of protection. In particular, amethyst, clear quartz, pyrite, moldavite, black tourmaline and hematite have the property of protection. A crystal has its own aura which can act like an energetic forcefield if you have it on your person. Similarly, larger pieces of crystal can be placed around the home to protect a whole space. Amethyst is particularly known for its usefulness in transmuting negative energies from electrical equipment, which is perhaps why so many people have large chunks and cathedrals of amethyst in their homes.

As well as layering protections, you can increase the amplification of your energetic defence over time through simple self-care. The more you master your own body and mind, the less you are susceptible to negative thought-streams, suggestions or programmes that darker beings may seek to impress upon you (or that may be intrinsic in you from years of negative programming). The better you nourish your body with healthy foods, the stronger it will be. The purer and higher the vibration of food you place in your body (organic fruits and vegetables being the purest and highest and factory-farmed meat products being the lowest), the purer and higher your own energetic vibration will be. The more you relax and avoid stress, the more your mind can be in its natural state of peace and your mind can be in its natural state of love. Even if you have a busy life, this can be cultivated through prayer, meditation, setting time aside for rest and relaxation and inspiring entertainment, and creative pursuits. If you choose activities and lifestyles where self-care is the priority, the stronger you will be, and the further away from the energy of fear you will be – mind, body and soul. Conversely, if you subject yourself to addictive substances that can dull your senses or alter your mood (such as sugar, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and narcotics), especially to excess and over a long period of time, your vibration will lower and your defences will be weaker against any dark beings seeking to programme or influence you negatively and stop you or delay you from reaching your highest potential as a soul.

If you are inspired with other methods of protection, by all means trust your guidance and use them. New and original methods are often particularly strong because they are unknown entities in themselves to those who seek to perpetrate the dark.

So what should I do if I become aware of any negative energies or entities around me?

You can also release any negative thoughts, wounds, traumas or programmes which are not serving you. Becoming consciously aware of them is the key – whether through your own self-observation, contemplation, meditation, dreams or a reading you trust. This in itself brings them to the surface and releases them. More power can be added to this by consciously intending their release and transmutation back to light, without being returned to you or anyone else. You can call Archangel Michael in to assist with this process and, if you have felt physically ill in any way from its influence, you can also call in Archangel Raphael to heal. You can use your own wording for this as long as the intention is that you release the undesirable thought-form, energy or entity and that it is transmuted back to light so it cannot harm you again or harm another. For most negative energies, this will work.

If there is a persistent energy or pattern or thought that seems to recur, or if energetic attack seems to recur from a particular person or entity (which you may see evidence of in dreams, readings, meditations or day flashes), it may have more of a hold in your energetic field. This is NOT because it has more power than you. It is merely because it has had more of a foothold in your energy field because it has been there for a longer time – in some cases, back through and into ancient past lives. You can use cord-cutting for such energies, or for energies resulting from a sudden, traumatic or stressful life event, which can be more intense and more potent than more minor negative energies. You will need to go within for a few minutes to visualise any negative cords of energy (which most people see as dark, smoky energies or sometimes, if they are well-entrenched, chains or ropes) and cut or dissolve them. Archangel Michael’s sword (or your own spiritual sword, if you’ve been gifted one in a dream or vision by an angel) is capable of this, or you can visualise golden or purple glowing scissors, or your own white light energy or golden Source / Christ energy dissolving the cords.

In a very few cases if there is a very powerful energy attached to you, it may rage as you try to release it back to light. It’s worth bearing in mind that this rage is a manifestation of their fear and it cannot harm you unless you willingly give power to it. Have compassion for the energy or being and call in as many of your spiritual team as you can think of; definitely include Archangel Michael as he comes swiftly and without fail, whether you can see or sense him or not. I have a close link with Archangel Michael and I do see or sense him which is why I can vouch for this. It is part of his soul contract and I have never known him to fail me or anyone else who has had a similar experience. Ask Archangel Michael to hold the being in light until it may be healed and not returned to you, your environment or to anyone else. A dowsing pendulum can reveal when this has been done; as it swings in circles you know the energetic work is still in process and when it becomes still, it is complete. If you have this happen I strongly recommend gridding your home or the affected room with quartz crystals, sea salt or rock salt as described above, because the residual fear, anger and rage will need to dissipate or it will still affect you intermittently. If you do not feel comfortable “dabbling” with such energies yourself, trust your own soul as it may be guiding you to seek external help – and seek the help of someone more experienced. Mediums, psychics and channels in particular often undertake such energy work – some even specialise in it. Some can do this from a distance, at least to some extent, and some may need to visit your home in person.

If you have become aware of negative energies around you, influencing your own energy, it would be wise to increase levels and layers of protection for a time following the experience.

Be Fearless

I am not afraid of the dark. I am fearless. I am a warrior of light. And in that I am free.

I know I am strong enough to fulfil my own soul purpose, manifest my own sacred union as fully as it is meant to manifest this lifetime, and become the highest potential of who I am. If I am led off-course I can always find my way back; energetic interference cannot keep me down for long.

I will admit, there have been times where I was afraid to speak out about this quite so emphatically – I have always spoken about psychic protection, grounding and cleansing, but not always so much about the reasons why. Now is not a time for holding back. Now is the time we can make such an energetic difference by sharing our truth, unedited, unfiltered, and discussing our experiences so we can empower each other, for the highest good of all. There have also been times when others have tried to tell me that the negative energies I perceive are merely projections of myself and that I give them power by focusing on them. However, I know my own truth from my own experiences is that the energetic interference happens sometimes no matter how high in frequency I am and how much I am vibrating in unconditional love – in fact, some of the times it has occurred have been the very times I have been shining my light the brightest without effective layers of protection. Having a good regular routine of energetic defence should be about focusing on YOU; focusing on your self-care; focusing on keeping your vibration as high as possible; focusing on allowing your love and light to shine; focusing on being as empowered as you can possibly be.

Now, more than ever, I believe lightworkers need to be aware of this and given the information and the tools they need to empower themselves.

The energetic reality is not so far removed from J.K. Rowling’s fictional world of Harry Potter; though it is maybe not so much Defence Against The Dark Arts as Bringing Light To The Dark. The use of the word “dark” has been warped over time to be synonymous with evil. Yet “dark” just means an absence of light; and where there is an absence of light, there is an absence of love; and where there is an absence of love, there are beings choosing or trapped in fear. We each even hold “dark” within us which requires love to heal and move to higher vibrations. Having compassion for the dark is important. Love is the force that can ultimately transform and heal the situation. As lightworkers, this is what we are called to create in the new earth – for all those who may seem lost, and all those who are unaware, as well as for ourselves.

Choose love, not fear. Over and over again. Every time. You amplify yourself every time you do. (And for any times in the past you did choose fear, know that you are only human, there is no need to berate yourself about it, and you can change everything for the positive in a split second by choosing love and intending to choose it thereafter). The more you become the highest form of light you can, the less the dark can seek you out and influence you. Courage and fearlessness and strength and empowerment all come within the spectrum of unconditional love, the spectrum of light. When you look within, you can find all of these within yourself. You are pre-programmed with them. You only have to activate those programmes. You activate those programmes by consciously choosing them. You have the power to ask the angels and your spiritual teams to help you cultivate these vibrations. You have the power to set the intention to be fearless and strong and a channel for love on this planet. You have the power to do everything you came here to do, to transcend every obstacle and shatter every illusion placed in your path.

Now is the time to wield it.