101 Series

Souls of light, the idea has come into my heart to write a series of pages here for my blog which explain some spiritual terms, for a number of reasons.

The vibratory frequency of our planet, Mother Earth, sometimes known as Gaia, is shifting rapidly. We are ascending into higher dimensions – in the third dimension, which represents physical reality as we have known it for most of our lives, materialism and “believing only what we can see” has been prevalent. Gaia is now vibrating at a fourth dimensional level, which is less dense, which is the space of being more easily able to commune with spirit and with higher beings, including our own higher selves; the space of seeing the synchronicity and magic of life; the space of soul healing. It is on a perpetual journey into still higher dimensions and those who could access and perceive the fourth dimension prior to its being anchored here on Earth are now able to access and perceive the fifth dimension, the place of miracles, the place of power, the place of conscious co-creation and manifestation. Part of this process is that more and more people are awakening to the spiritual aspects of life more so than ever before.

There are those of us who have been on a spiritual path for many years, who have tapped into the higher realms and learned a lot about them and about how working with them can help us in this earthly existence, sometimes known as lightworkers or wayshowers, of which there are many types in many walks of life. We have developed a vocabulary which could be overwhelming, confusing or nonsensical to anyone just awakening – and yet, many of those who are awakening now are being thrown in at the deep end and given immense signs and synchronicities pointing them in the direction of learning who they are, their own soul lineage, their own purpose and path.

In the increasingly chaotic energies of change here on the planet, too, some messages or pieces of truth have been skewed, obscured, or interpreted in different ways, and this too is confusing. While I cannot say for sure that I am right in everything I know and believe, and I certainly keep an open mind, I have been on a spiritual path since I was 14 years old and I had mystical experiences and connections with angels even before that, so I would hope to share what I have learned in as clear language as possible, in the hope that it will help those now beginning to tread a new, higher-dimensional path with new levels of awareness.

I also run a spiritual page on Facebook called Spiritual Solace. It was originally intended as a place of inspiration and upliftment when I started it in 2012, but I find now as my own path intensifies and I spiral into ever-deepening dimensional experiences as a soul, that I often mention things on there, or in readings for people when I run guidance events or workshops online, that I am mentioning things that they don’t necessarily understand. I may pick up in a reading that someone is a particular type of lightworker or having a particular kind of spiritual experience, and they may never have heard of it! Especially given that certain souls walking a similar path to me seem to be miraculously sent my way to cross my path. This will help me to help those people, as well, by offering a more detailed link to any terms of areas of spirituality they are unfamiliar with.

Your higher selves are speaking to you louder and clearer to you than ever before, dear shining souls – speaking through you, sometimes, in inspired words, works of art, pieces of music or expressions of love you create, and you will become increasingly aware of this. With many aspects of fourth and fifth dimensional spirituality, there are different interpretations and differences of opinion between the lightworkers who speak about them online. No one person is “wrong” or “bad” and all are speaking their own truth as they understand it at any given moment; but we are all at different points on our path. Therefore, it is more important than ever to use your own discernment when reading or listening to any spiritual information. Take on board what gives you a warmth, a buzz or a tingling feeling in your heart – this is resonance, and means it’s aligned with your current path, and important for you to read. Discard anything that feels wrong or uneasy or a bad fit for you.

So this series of pages will be written as and when I am drawn, and I am calling it my “101 Series”, like a class, as in Aspects of Spirituality 101 or Living In The New Earth 101. I trust it will be helpful for somebody out there, since I am guided to share it.

I myself have known myself to be a particularly high-dimensional soul for many years. I heard angels singing at the age of 4, experienced seeing fire letters on my bedroom wall (a form of angelic communication) at the age of 8, and had my first OBE in the form of a lucid “flying” dream at the age of 11. Once I unlocked my first past life in my late teens, I have had a lot of spontaneous and meditative past life recall and I am a very old soul. I have since awakened to the fact that I am an incarnated angel with close connections to Archangel Michael; that I have also incarnated as a mermaid and still have strong links with this lineage; that I am an illumined blue ray twin flame; that I have connections with Avalon; that my higher self acts as a gatekeeper for ascension gateways. I have been completing channelled guidance readings for people since 2006 with many reports of great accuracy and compassion – I now express these through group guidance events and also do online workshops periodically. (I cannot provide these services on-demand at this juncture because they do not make enough to give up the day job.) I also resonate strongly with music and read song synchronicities for people via my Facebook page. Some of this may sound weird or even fantastical but when you have been on the spiritual path for as long as I have, it sounds completely normal, I promise!

I am not saying I am an authority, however, on any aspect of spirituality, and you must always be your own greatest authority. We have always operated in faith on the information and truths we feel to be correct at any one given point in “time”. However, when Gaia existed only in the third dimension, higher-dimensional truths – closer to the ultimate truth and to Source / God – were harder to reach and receive; with any channel there can be interference and “white noise” and scrambled signals, after all. The fullest and most vivid expression of truth on all the aspects I am going to write about and more are likely to become clearer and more developed in the years to come. I just hope some of this helps some of you, in the here and now we currently stand in together.

With much love and light, Silverla. Xxx.


Love is all you need!