Archangel Michael

Who is Archangel Michael?

Archangel Michael leads the angels of protection and is known as the highest of the Archangels. He is usually pictured in male form, though angels are essentially androgynous, carrying a spiritual (sometimes flaming) sword with the most magnificent white or silver wings and an electric blue aura. He is one of a few angels mentioned by name in the Bible and other religious texts, and is also known as St Michael in the Catholic tradition. He is known as a defender of Christ as well as of humanity, and is one of the most accessible Archangels to work with as he is an extremely powerful angel and able to match his vibration better to ours at will. His presence is huge and he can help great numbers of people simultaneously. He can be called upon for protection, courage, strength, justice and spiritual advancement, or in any scenario when seeking angelic help and unsure quite which Archangel to call upon. He is essentially a spiritual warrior, who sometimes “adopts” those earthside who have the potential to be spiritual warriors incarnate to do some of his work.

How to work with Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is one of the easiest Archangels to approach, not only because he comes swiftly to our aid and because he is able to match his vibration to ours more readily, but also because he seems to very much work “on demand” where other Archangels come in by their will when they see they can help us through a particular phase of life. He is also an Archangel that has been petitioned repeatedly through the years because he is well-known and known as a saint as well, and prayers to Archangel Michael have been repeated time and again and accummulated a great deal of spiritual power through this history.

A good place to start if you wish to invoke Michael for his principal purpose of holding the vibration of protection for you, your loved ones, home or environment, is the simple prayer:
Lord Michael to the left of me, Lord Michael to the right
Lord Michael in front and Lord Michael behind;
Lord Michael above and Lord Michael below
Lord Michael, Lord Michael, wherever I go!

Giving any prayer in repetitions of three is more effective. You may wish to complete the prayer by saying “Amen”, “So mote it be”, or “So be it” as appropriate to your beliefs. I find that giving this prayer instils a sense of calm and a complete belief that I am experiencing Michael’s protection.

If you feel you need protection for a longer period of time, using Archangel Michael aura spray, carrying a cleansed and dedicated azurite crystal, or asking each morning for Archangel Michael’s protection, may be called for. I often visualise the largest angel I can imagine standing guard over that which I’m seeking to protect with sword in hand, enshrouded in an electric blue glow which is impenetrable, for good measure. You can also specifically ask Michael for help with a particular situation, especially those in which you need courage, strength, perseverance, justice, or a warrior spirit.

For a quick invocation, in a time of crisis or need or if you are drawing or reading angel cards or attempting to channel information from above, simply repeat Archangel Michael’s name three times, or give the following fiat in repetitions of three:
Archangel Michael, help me, help me, help me!

How does Archangel Michael respond?
(or what signs to look out for)

The commonest response from Archangel Michael is a feeling of assurance, reassurance, calm, unconditional love, and a wave of safety and security which can actually be physically perceived. It is usually followed up by further signs and indications that Michael is with you carrying out your request. When you ask for help from Archangel Michael even fleetingly, you will often find that his energy is around you for at least three days.

The follow-up signs and indications vary from person to person and may relate in part to their own stage of spiritual evolution. You may notice the name Michael on a street sign, billboard, magazine cover, etc – especially if it comes up three times, it should be taken as a sign. Rainbows are another sign that Archangel Michael is working on your request, or continuing to offer you protection. This may come in the form of seeing three rainbows in a short space of time, seeing a double rainbow, or a sundog, after requesting Archangel Michael’s help. It is meant as a sign of hope, luck and a positive omen as well as an assurance of his presence. Archangel Michael is in charge of the rainbow children – a generation of spiritually gifted children incarnating on earth at this time to lead human and planetary evolution in the Age of Aquarius – hence his association with rainbows. You may also see cloud formations in the shape of an angel or angelic wings. The actual help you have requested follows the signs, and is usually very practical, robust help rather than ethereal guidance, which may be delivered to you by one or more of his “earth angels” – people incarnate who do the work of Archangel Michael – or by divine intervention through the hands of ordinary people. Archangel Michael should not be petitioned for trivialities or for financial gain – he is there for genuine life-or-death or life-changing situations and will typically only “deliver” when approached with pure intentions and genuine need.

Archangel Michael is also one of the Archangels who is known for channelling longer messages via a number of channels around the world including Ronna Herman, Doreen Virtue and others. These are usually specific to human evolution in his capacity as an Archangel of spiritual growth. You can easily find and read such messages by googling “Archangel Michael channellings”. He also appears in dreams. In my experience, he does not look human-like in dreams. I have seen him manifest as a magnificent classical angel, the tallest you can possibly imagine, with cobalt blue sparkling eyes, and a face which has a look of kind, fair and full of tough love. I have also seen him manifest as an otherworldly column of electric blue light, with a lot going on in terms of emitting that light, almost like a matrix. I have found he communicates telepathically in such dreams. Words may not be heard, but he makes impressions directly into your mind. It is known that in dreams or meditation he can present you with a spiritual sword. You can neither request nor force this, but you can offer your service to Archangel Michael as a spiritual warrior and you will find he will approach and “train” you in this, before giving the sword in a dream. With a sword of St Michael comes a knowing that it can be used for protection and courage for yourself but that you should also use it for the highest good of others, as intuitively guided.

What else should you know about Archangel Michael?

Archangel Michael can help if ever you are being drained of your energy. There are two main reasons this occurs. One is that another person may be draining your energy, intentionally or unintentionally, via a cord of attachment which has become weighed down in negative energy. The other is that a negative thought form or entity in spirit form may have attached itself to you, someone close to you, your home or environment. You will probably have an intuition as to who it could be if the former. If you do not have such an intuition, and particularly if you live in a reputedly haunted house or have visited one, or have done any sort of energy work, mediumistic work or readings for people, the latter is more likely.

This link can help if you feel you need to cut cords of attachment to a living person who is draining your energy:
If you visualise as you complete the exercise, it can be very interesting. I have *seen* cords which looked like chains, black cords, grey cords and even blood-red cords of many thicknesses and sizes. Sometimes they leave a gaping chasm or space in your energy field. If you perceive this happening, do also visualise and ask for white and gold light energy to refill that space to prevent it being refilled with negative thoughts, emotions or energy.

It is most effective to cut a link with a negative thought form or entity using a clear quartz or amethyst pendulum. While holding the pendulum lightly in your hand, ask Archangel Michael to cleanse your aura, energy field, and environment (or a specific person’s) of any negative energies, thought forms, thought form shapes, and entities, and to hold them in the angelic realm until they can be transmuted back to positive light energy, and not returned to yourself or anyone else involved. Be assured Archangel Michael will do so. Sometimes the pendulum will become heated, sticky, or rotate quite wildly as this is taking place. There is no need to be alarmed – you are under the protection of Archangel Michael. When it becomes still again, you know the work is done and do remember to cleanse the crystal. Even without a pendulum, you can still ask for this work to be done, though in this scenario I would repeat the exercise for three days successively, as you don’t get the same indication of the work being complete as you would with a pendulum.

Archangel Michael’s name means “Who is like God” and he is often seen as the closest to God / Source / Universe of all the angels, and the bearer of a great deal of knowledge and wisdom. When you work with this Archangel, you embark on a partnership for a lifetime, as once he has taken you under his wing, he will never leave you unprotected – though he will stand back to allow you to learn your lessons so as not to interfere with your karma. Do not be in doubt of his power. He has saved my life on at least one occasion, as well as placed a spiritual sword in my hand and in the hand of my daughter before she was even born. I named myself, as you can see, and my daughter, Michaela, in his honour.

Archangel Michael is such an important Archangel he has his own feast day, known as Michaelmas or the Feast of St Michael and All Angels, on September 29th. This is primarily a Catholic feast day, though devotees of Archangel Michael may also say special prayers and give thanks to Archangel Michael on this day.
Michaelmas is close to Mabon or the Autumnal Equinox, marking a real power date each year, more powerful for releasing anything negative from one’s life rather than making wishes or fresh starts.

~ Copyright Silverla StMichael November 2012 ~


160 thoughts on “Archangel Michael

  1. Hi. I’d like to share about Archangel Michael.
    As I embrace Buddhist as my religion, but it seems not close my way to meet an angel.
    Maybe I can call myself as a “rainbow child” like you said, because I have a spiritual ability.
    But recently I’ve been amazed by my experience of meeting Archangel Michael, and last night is the 4th time I met him.
    As you said, he helped me to fight the bad spirits that wanted to hurt me, they had knife & sword to harm me, and they wanted me to fight with their leader.
    I feel so afraid, then I met a goddess from Buddhist belief, she gave me a sword made from 2 big white feathers. She didnt say where she got the feathers. But the feathers were really strong, as strong as a steel.
    N then i brought that feather sword to fight that evil. Actually I didnt know how to fight, at first I feel worried, and then I just could fight that evil didnt know where the skill came from. And which more amazing was I could break the evil sword into 2 parts with my feather sword!
    After winning, the Buddhist goddess told me, my winning was because of Michael. He helped me to fight, then I thought that feather sword must be from him too. Then the goddess said Michael had waited for me upstairs. I ran, and I saw him with his light. He smiled and he was glad that I had win. He hugged me and indirectly said like i can contact him personally when i needed him.
    And there were other dreams about him, but too long if i wrote down here.
    Do you think I really saw him?

    • I am 100% sure you saw him. I too have had the battle dreams and been shown by Archangel Michael how to use my spiritual sword and triumph. I know of other people who have had them too. I believe this is work our souls have been doing in the fifth dimension and I am glad to meet a fellow warrior of light. Namaste. Xxx.

      • Thank you for your reply. I’ve been confused with these thoughts of Archangel Michael recently.
        This is my last question, and i think it’s a bit embarassing & weird. But some moments when I met him, I feel a kiss on my lips (?) and I clearly could feel it.
        Someone saved me from the satan that chase me on the other dimension, and I finally got back on my real bedroom because of his help. So I asked to make sure, who was he. And I was totally aware, that guy said that his name is Michael.
        At first I still didnt believe, so I asked whether he was lie or he was only a spirit that transformed into Michael. And he answered he swore in the name of God.
        Then I feel a kiss. On my forehead, cheek & lips.
        Was that a normal thing from an Archangel Michael ??
        (I found the same case at some forums on internet, but havent got a good answer for this)

      • If he swore in the name of God it is very likely to be Michael. If you experience it again you could challenge him 3 times to show you his true identity in the name of love and light (or in the name of God) as spiritual law dictates any being must reveal the truth if challenged in this way. I cannot say I have experienced being kissed by Archangel Michael but it may just be an expression of love. Certainly I have experienced kisses like this in the higher dimensions from spirit guides, passed over loved ones and my twin flame’s higher self. And the kisses could conceivably have been from such a being rather than from Michael himself. I hope this helps. Xxx.

      • In my darkest moments Angel Michael was always there. Always in battle mode for me. Sometimes in female form but still deadly to my enemies. I am calling on him now as I battle a league of extremely vicious and cruel detractors at my workplace. I feel I am so alone and that they are winning every step of the way. Angel Michael I so need your protection now. Bring justice to this situation please. Lift me up and turn this situation around for me before I am booted out the door.

  2. Sorry, i forgot to mention. I saw him on my dream. I always see spiritual things through dreaming, because that’s how my spirit can go anywhere.
    And also, my life is full with coincidence of seeing number 3,33,333 & other things that related to number 3.
    I read at some blogs said it’s a sign of Archangel Michael or have a close connection with Jesus. Is that true?

    Thank you.

    • The master numbers are generally a sign of being spiritually awakened and they can sometimes come as omens, messages or activations. They are commonly seen by lightworkers and they are often sent by our spiritual guides (including Ascended Masters like Jesus) and angels. The 3s are about manifestation into physical reality and form so may indicate a big dream or goal is now becoming possible. 🙂

  3. Last night I heard the words, “I’m here” in my left ear as clear as day after invoking Archangel Michael to come to my and my families protection. I am certain. I’ve never heard ANYTHING like this before and only yesterday learned how to call upon Michael, Uriel, Gabriel, and Raphael. I’ve never commented on an online post before but I immediately looked online to see if Michael communicates his presence and was happy to see I’m not alone in my experience. I feel so much better.

    • Indeed, I have never known Michael not to come to my side when I call on him for protection and he always makes his presence known swiftly. Your experience was most definitely real. You may have a clairaudient ability that merits further exploration, since you heard Michael speak to you. Xxx.

  4. I’m curious – some years ago, I had a hypnosis session, where I saw a vision of a child, drawing his own portrait in pencil. I didn’t see his face, but he held up the drawing of himself so I could ‘see’ him (as though he wanted to show himself but I wasn’t allowed to actually look at him?). His name came to me as Michael. I hadn’t thought much about it….but when I meditate I always see the most glorious cobalt blue colour. The other night as I was falling asleep, I also saw flashes of cobalt in my mind. When I decided to look up the meaning of cobalt blue, I found it is the colour of Archangel Michael. In my life I have survived a bite from a rabid dog, an armed home invasion, and cancer – wondering if it is possible that Michael would be an ongoing presence for some reason? and if so, why would he appear as a child and not show his face? Or is there another meaning here….

    • Hi Carolyn – The angels can appear to us in many different ways. I have seen them appear in the classical form with wings and haloes, or as grids or columns of fluid light. I did once have Archangel Gabriel appear to me in a childlike form. The only thing I can think, if there is an additional meaning to that, is that they are bringing healing or balance to our inner child when they appear that way. Archangel Michael is an ongoing presence in my life, too. He is soul family to me – I am an angelic warrior and have seen myself “fighting” alongside him in lucid dreams. It’s possible he is soul family to you, too – it sounds like you have had many extreme challenges and when Michael is present you are being given strength and protection. Silverla. Xxx.

  5. I been having alot of unsure and feelings lately of being depressed and not feeling loved or excepted and had a dream of Michael the ark angel with a huge black sword in his hand with another angel next to him. When I realized who he was both him and the other angel was coming down fast from the clouds toward me and I woke up. What does that mean?

    • Hi Charles – When called on, Archangel Michael makes his presence felt very swiftly and immediately comes in to help, protect and guide us. This is likely why you saw him swoop down at such speed towards you. It’s interesting that his sword was black in your dream as often people see it as silver or blue. Black is a colour of protection and it can also indicate purging and cleansing of negative energies, so he may have been assisting you with how you’ve been feeling. If you’d like to tell me a bit more about the other angel I might be able to work out who it is and what the significance is there. Know that you are protected and indeed loved by these angels and you can call on them in any moment that you might feel down. Their help and wisdom comes through in many different ways, from feelings and dreams to clear guidance through books, quotes, TV, other people, surprising resolutions, sudden hunches and unexpected opportunities or blessings. Sending much love and light your way. Silverla. Xxx.

  6. From last Saturday evening, i kept seeing blue and purple everywhere i go. The colour, in people’s clothes, in everyday objects, so much that it was strange. I also felt kind of hot, like there was a heat wave. I also saw blue lights.. everywhere, but they all had a logical explanation, like the reflection of something etc. But it appeared, nevertheless. I have been quite at peace and kind of happy, since. I also went to the terrace to find answers, yesterday, i fell asleep and when i woke up, i saw an angel wing in greyish white clouds. I also think i saw one tiny flash of white light, while i stood at my verandah, yesterday evening, but i cannot be certain. I am experiencing a lot of syncronicity and seeing double digits everywhere, for a while now. I have tried asking him for clear signs, i seem to get the number 11 a lot as an answer. Is that Archangel Michael’s number ? Please do help me understand. Thanking you in advance. God bless.

    • Certainly the blue lights and the sense of peace suggest that Archangel Michael is working with you a lot at the moment. However I also feel Archangel Metatron is working with you too. The 11:11 is known as “The Gates of Metatron” and is a DNA activation code which can precede spiritual awakening and serve as a positive omen that you are on the right path. Both Michael and Metatron assist with awakening of psychic and spiritual gifts. Michael is the angel of protection and Metatron is the angel of ascension. It’s very likely that you are in an intense awakening right now and that you’ll continue to have mystical and synchronistic experiences. Have you considered keeping a journal as often each experience is a piece of a greater puzzle and will make more sense in context if you record everything? If you look under my 101 Series section you’ll find an article on journaling there. Many blessings, S. Xxx.

  7. What does it mean when st Michael keeps popping up in my everyday life lately it’s so weird I’ve been noticing him so much lately I swear every where I go I see his picture and yesterday my mom randomly gave me a st Michael rosary and a st Michael prayer card I didn’t even know who he was till like 2 weeks ago put he’s been popping up more and more in my life I just want to know what it means.

    • Hi Daniel – it’s highly likely that Archangel Michael is calling to you or wanting to work with you. He is the Archangel of Protection but he is also an archangel that will come and leave calling cards during a spiritual awakening, especially if someone is an earth angel and it’s time for them to start their spiritual mission here on earth. You could try asking him what he wants you to do, as he often brings guidance in dreams. Xxx.

  8. I’m NOT catholic, nor cristian, just myself with my own filosofy of life. It’s been some days that my gf moved in my house and both are having bad dreams. On the 5th night i was feeling a heavy stomac due to a heavy dinner … i started to dream about a haunted house filled of evil, i was a woman, excaping from the evil within the house, i ran to the gate, a plant on the right side grasped me, and turned in many evil faces with no eyes screaming of pain, filled with evil, they grabbed me… i felt helpless …

    I screamed “jesus Help me” damn … in half a second this archangel downs with a flaming sword cutting and burning the evil all around, filled with intent and power he moved through the shades of black of these evil faces and entities whirling around the flaming sword, reducing to helpless excrutiating pain annihilating the evil all around.

    His presence was fearce and present, not moved but any smaller emotions if not the presence of himself and his deed/will.

    After that i’ve been put in a glass bowel made of pure blessing, in the sky, that i could percive god and his majesty.

    I’m not catholic, never been around the church club so it’s my pure dream.

    I’m still stunned.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience! People need to hear these powerful testimonies to know that there is help out there when they ask for it, even though we may not all see or perceive it in exactly the same way. You definitely don’t have to be Christian or Catholic to ask angels for help – angels are for everyone. God is for everyone. The higher beings, Jesus included, love and will help everyone. What I believe is different religions have different outlooks or different pieces of the puzzle. Many blessings, Silverla. Xxx.

  9. I’ve been trying my best to connect with Archangel Michael being a Hindu. The first time I felt Michael’s strong presence was some months ago when I had a frustrating energy shift because of meditation I think. At night My body became so warm that I couldn’t survive & I called upon Michael to cool me down & let me sleep. I remember a cooling sensation & I fell asleep for a long 8hrs. Then from the past few days I was really frustrated with the course I’m doing & I was thinking too much. I felt lost. That night I saw bright clouds and bright white light then a tall well built person with long hair, silver outfit. I was astonished to see him and somehow I was searching for a sword in his hand. Then the clouds cleared away, he smiled at me and I saw bright shining sword in his hand and I said “yes! it’s Michael! Archangel Michael!!! And we smiled at each other a lot. Next morning I felt so relieved and full of love! Was that a visitation from Archangel Michael??? 😇

    • Hi Meera – I believe it was, yes. He fits your description, not only visually but energetically and in the way he comes swiftly when you ask him for help. Thank you for sharing your experiences. S. Xxx.

  10. Hello.. in my dreams, i saw St. Archangel Michael hes riding a horse in the sky wearing the gold clothes.. i try to take a picture but hes gone away 😦 what is that mean?

    • Hi Mari – My feeling about the meaning is that you’re looking for more concrete proof or hard evidence that you’re connecting with your angels. You’re being called to trust your feeling of connection with them in the moment and acknowledge that your experiences (such as those in your dreams) are real. Interesting that he was wearing gold as he often appears with blue/silver armour. Gold is a protective colour but it also represents sovereignty and the divine. It could indicate a levelling up spiritually, or that you need to make sure you put layers of spiritual protection around yourself. Many blessings. S. Xxx.

  11. So, yesterday morning, I, for some reason remember having a dream that archangel Michael presented himself in three different times. I don’t even know why I would know it was him because I don’t remember me saying his name or anyone in my dream saying his name. It was like the name was just put in my head. The first appearance, he was like an angel tall but wings were back. The second time, he was tall and wings were spread wide open and very big almost taking majority of space. Third time it was like he was taller and raising upwards as he looked down on someone that was laying. I don’t even know if it was a male because I couldn’t see it’s face. But archangel Michael kept coming up in my head. Regardless, I remember not scared but at peace. And then I woke up. I should have been upset that he was taking someone from me. Even though I didn’t see who he was raising with him. Now, I’ve occasionally heard his name. But never knew anything about him or even prayed to him. I have been praying to God for my father who is ill and started to meditate to relieve some stress. Could that have been archangel Michael in my dreams?

    • Yes, it’s certainly possible, and sounds like Michael. Michael is not the angel traditionally associated with crossing over so him raising somebody up with him may represent their healing or spiritual awakening, too. If you felt peace with it in the dream then it’s for their highest good. I will pray for your father. Many blessings xx

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