Ostara, also known as the spring or vernal equinox, is one of the two days in the year where dark and light are in perfect balance. Emerging from the dark half of the year, Ostara is the dawning of the light half of the year. Ostara is, indeed, new life, new hope and the start of a new cycle.

Energetically speaking, it is a most auspicious time for making wishes and plans. Off-hand wishes are fine and may come true, if the universe is aligned right and it’s the right time for your highest good; however, real plans of substance which you can work towards a step at a time will carry more potency with the energy of rebirth and renewal at play. Creating a vision board from magazine cuttings and pictures representing things you wish to manifest in the coming year would be one way – add splashes of colour in accordance with the spectrum of spring flowers that can inspire us at this time of year! Or cosmic ordering to clarify your intentions would set your goal in motion. To cosmic order a particular energy, outcome or situation in your life, you need to ponder and meditate on it and write out exactly what you want (the phrase “be careful what you wish for” definitely comes into play here). For example, if you wish to manifest a new partner in your life, state the qualities you would wish for that partner to have. Remember the more specific you are, the longer it may take to manifest that person as the Universe has a smaller pool of fish to pick from! Also remember that you should take small steps towards manifesting your wish from day to day. In this example, your small steps may include being romantic and loving towards yourself, joining groups or a dating site, and accepting invitations to go out and meet people. But ultimately, you must trust the Universe to bring your wish to fruition in the way that is best for your highest good. Setting time limits or trying to dictate the way in which it will happen is counterproductive. The higher beings in this Universe are capable of thinking interdimensionally and may find a way to help you to your goal which you had never even dreamed of. Trust in the good, the power and the infinite intelligence of the living Universe. Put your cosmic order away, and forget about it to some extent. And so will it be.

The universal symbol of Ostara is the egg – the source of life, the beginning of new dreams, the magick within waiting to be born into physical reality. This, of course, has also been adopted by Christians as the Easter egg and is now a universal symbol of this time of year. Tap into its magickal meaning by giving eggs as gifts. There are of course an abundance of chocolate eggs in the shops at this time of the year. But you can also consider the rather more traditional customs of dyeing, painting, colouring, decorating and patterning real hard-boiled eggs to serve as part of an Easter / Ostara meal or picnic. Or what about giving the gift of a magickal crystal egg, where the property of the crystal in itself marries together with the magick of the egg form? A rose quartz egg encapsulates romance for the recipient; an amethyst egg contains protection and spiritual development; a moonstone egg brings blessings of fertility and emotional balance; an onyx egg brings protection and adds power to magickal workings. You can also buy or make egg decorations for your home to capitalise upon its magickal associations – we have a growing collection which we add to, a small item at a time, each year so they don’t break the bank – they brighten up a spring kitchen until the sunlight streams in to do that all by itself, so I see them as heralding in the spring energies to our home. Children also love the traditional egg hunts around the home or garden, or egg races if your garden happens to be on a hill suitable for rolling! Whether or not you uphold the “Easter bunny” myth is up to you!

Eggs are also the key transforming ingredient in cakes, and remember it is traditional at Easter / Ostara to have a family gathering and special meal. At this meal it would be appropriate to decorate the table with flowers and Ostara symbols such as rabbits and chicks, and why not have a decorated magickal cake as its centerpiece? There are thousands of cake recipes online, not least on Pinterest. Marzipan or yellow/orange/white/cream icing or gold leaf decoration would be wonderful for capturing, symbolising and reflecting the sunlight – or decorate with edible flower petals (such as rose, violet or primrose) or make your own edible icing flowers! Remember to stir in a pinch of love and bless the mixture as you create it to bring extra blessings love, and luck your family and friends’ way.

Spiritually speaking, this is a time also of gratitude and thanks. As Christians give thanks for the life of Jesus and his sacrifice for mankind, Pagans may wish to give thanks for life itself, for creation, for the wonder, awe and abundance of the Universe. Ostara is a time for miracles, not only for making them, but for recognising them in retrospect and in anticipation and giving the most earnest of thanks from the deepest places in the heart. A family prayer around an Ostara table might include everyone giving thanks for one blessing in their life thereby blessing all present with gratitude energy.

The name Ostara (alternative spelling Eostre) derives from the Anglo-Saxon goddess of the spring and fertility. Some see the traditional eggs as offerings to this goddess at this time of year. Further information about the goddess can be found here.

Ostara blessings to one and all! Ostara pictures to follow.

~ Copyright Silverla StMichael, March 2013 ~


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