Season By Season

When I walked the Pagan path, one of my learning curves was to live in season, to ride the wings of change, to flow with the energies and biorhythms of the moment.

I identify now as interfaith and spiritual, but I still believe that living in season has important lessons for all souls on earth.

I have too often, as many people are without realising, been out of tune with myself, and am slowly learning that the way to be in tune with myself is to be in tune with nature. In this section, I will collect the wisdom I have learned about the best activities and spiritual workings that fit with the very unique energies of each season. I am lucky to live in a temperate country and experience the full force of winter, spring, summer and autumn – starting with winter, the darkest part of the year, which comes directly after the Pagan New Year at Samhain on October 31st.

Each season will be updated when I have more to add, and contain information on the festivals of the season, starting with those I have celebrated myself and know more about, then branching out.

In summary:

WINTER – Blank canvas, new beginnings, planning the goals and dreams of the future.

Festivals: We will start with Yule, Imbolc (Pagan); and Advent, Christmas, Candlemas (Christian).

SPRING – Growth, life, vitality, sowing seeds and bringing energy to the year’s manifestations.

Festivals: We will start with Ostara, Beltane (Pagan) and Anunciation, Easter, Pentecost (Christian).

SUMMER – Light, creativity, wishes, the peak of power to manifest dreams.

Festivals: We will start with Litha, Lughnasadh (Pagan) and Lammas (Christian).

AUTUMN – Harvest, reaping the seeds sown, dreams and wishes coming to fruition.

Festivals: We will start with Mabon, Samhain (Pagan) and Harvest, Feasts of All Angels/Saints/Souls (Christian).

2 thoughts on “Season By Season

    • Hello and thank you for your kind comment. Certainly living in season is incredibly important. Life keeps getting in the way, but my plan is to finish them and have information up for the whole year. Blessings, Silverla. Xxx.

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