Alignment with the Planetary Shifts – Part 2

This blog was originally a written transcript for a YouTube video:

Please be aware that since I wrote this piece the transmission has been further supplemented by my guides, in particular the Ascended Master Thoth and the Archangel Sandalphon. This piece contains the gist but I do recommend watching the video as well.

Is anyone else out there living a quasi-Groundhog Day scenario? Like, just as in the Bill Murray movie, you as the main character of your own movie wake up each morning and feel like you’re living the same day over and over? There may be a dissatisfaction and a desire for change and transformation in a number of areas of your life, but it seems like no matter what you do, nothing ever changes. You get up and you live the same day, with the same stresses, strifes and struggles, over and over again.

And yet you know…you feel it…that the planet is changing around you, pushing back the boundaries and exploring past the limits of its own laws and its own comfort zone. You see the push-pull of what may appear to be a battle for supremacy between light and dark, good and evil. Being on earth right now may even feel to you unstable, hostile or, in extreme cases, life-threatening.

You may not remember it, but at soul level YOU have chosen to be present on this planet at this particular time, the time when Lady Gaia, Mother Earth herself, ascends into the fifth dimension.

This is the instability you feel. What keeps you stuck is fear. Fear of being left behind, fear of the chaos that change often brings, fear of being pushed out of your comfort zone, fear of losing loved ones or possessions, fear of challenging the status quo, fear that making any sort of transformation would upset the delicate balance of your life as you have created it to date. The unspeakable fear that whispers to you in the dead of night: But if I make a change, what if I make things worse?

To come back to the Groundhog Day analogy, in the movie, what helps Bill Murray’s character progress in the end is a profound change: a change in perspective, a change in attitude, and therefore a change in his own actions. I won’t outline the entire plot as if you are interested, you can always watch the movie – and though it’s old, it’s still one I would recommend.

The change the character makes is simple.

He begins to do good, wherever there is good to be done.

The change you need to make to keep up with our planetary home is simple.

Begin to do good, wherever there is good to be done.

The fifth dimension is synonymous with unity consciousness – thinking from a place of the highest good for all, rather than purely from your own needs, desires and concerns. This is not putting aside all your hopes and dreams; please understand that – there is much value in your own (genuine and heartfelt) needs, desires, hopes and dreams, as they are sparks of Divine inspiration, rememberings of the Divine plan. This is including all of mankind, all of your brother and sister souls, in what you wish for. Together we are stronger. The phrase has never been more true or more relevant. Whatever you wish for yourself, wish for all of humanity. And make one of your daily wishes to be more in tune with the Divine plan, more surrendered to the Divine will, and more aligned with the path of service; the path of unity consciousness; the path of sharing unconditional love with all of humanity.

Then consciously look out for opportunities to do good wherever there is good to be done. And take action. Even if it’s not something you would normally do. ESPECIALLY if it’s not something you would normally do.

It could be as simple as picking up litter off the street, smiling at a stranger, or seeing someone struggling with something in the street and offering help. It could be calling a friend to see how they are, checking on a neighbour or buying the next person in line to you a coffee. It could be giving lunch to a homeless person, giving time or money to charity, or fundraising yourself for a worthy cause. It could equally be investing a little more in yourself: spending rejuvenating time walking alone in nature, visiting a place you have always wanted to go but never did due to the appearance of a lack of time or money, or starting up your own creative venture doing that thing you always dreamed of doing. Singing your unique song is important in this world, and often, the first step is the hardest. Before you know it, you’re living the dream and the fear is long gone.

I discovered recently that there is another step to this, because it’s not all about giving. There should be a natural balance and flow of giving and receiving. Depleting yourself of all your energy is unlikely to help anybody. We really have to learn to start putting self-care right at the top of our list. Being a responsible adult first means taking responsibility for ourselves.

In my own path, I lived the Groundhog Day scenario for a number of months, doing tireless spiritual work and doing good wherever it needed to be done, assuming I was making accelerated progress, but having huge energy crashes which began to happen on a more and more regular basis.

After reaching out for help and doing some work on shifting this situation, I have come to realise that where I was lacking was in receiving and accepting energy…love…back from the world. Giving and giving and giving may be a noble thing to do, but it will not serve your spiritual growth long-term, unless there is also a balance of receiving.

So in addition to doing good wherever there is good to be done, there also needs to be a willingness, an openness, a grateful understanding that it is Divine indeed to accept and receive good from others in all its forms.

It’s important that in order to facilitate these shifts, you spend more time engaging with a wider range of fellow humans than you may ordinarily do, to allow you to see more opportunities to do good and to receive good back. Yes, to some extent this exchange can occur online, and we must remember that the internet is not the root of all evil – it’s an excellent tool for sharing our gifts, building up successful businesses and helping us connect and stay in touch with more people than ever before via social media. However, in-person exchanges are important too, and some of us – myself included – need to find more of a balance between the online world and the physical world – participating more in activities like walking, community events, spending time in nature, in our gardens with family, joining groups to connect with like-minded people, etc.

I count amongst my blessings for the day such interactions as seeing beautiful birds and butterflies, feeling the sun on my face or the wind whispering in my ears, or kind strangers smiling at my daughter or holding a door open for us.

The giving and receiving of good restores our faith in ourselves, in humanity, and in a better future for our children, for our planetary home.

Good is synonymous with Love. And Love is synonymous with God. It is ALL our Divine birthright as beings of light, essentially here to learn how to generate good, how to unconditionally love, and how to find and live the truth of our own divinity. And now is the time.

This is much more than “paying it forward” – though that was an important step in this learning process.

This is BEING the good.

This is BEING the love.

This is BEING the God.

Transmission channelled from “The Goddess Within”, the highest aspect of my own Higher Self, supported by Jesus, Krishna, and the Archangels Gabriel, Orion, Metatron, Michael and Zadkiel.


Dear Angelic and Ascended Guides, and the Source of all, the Creator, God:

Thank you for helping us to hear your guidance and for alerting us whenever there is a possibility for doing good in the world;

For showing us where to shine our light, which souls around us are most in need of help and compassion, and how we can further grow and heal for the benefit of all humanity.

Thank you for helping us to receive love in all forms, from yourselves, other souls and the universe itself;

For helping us balance the flow of giving and receiving so we shine ever brighter rather than becoming depleted, and for showing us when we’re on the right path through the flow of your blessings, signs and synchronicities.

Thank you for reminding us to count our blessings so that they may continue to flow.

Thank you for co-creating the dreams in our hearts with us for the highest good of all.

Thank you for your assistance at this time for humanity and for our Lady Gaia, Mother Earth, to evolve.

Thank you for always being there to guide us.

From the bottom of our hearts and for the highest good of all. And so it is, Amen!

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