Harmonically Yours

I hope this will make sense to anyone interested in reading about my experiences on the path of the twin flame, because essentially, I am working backwards. This is simply because it is the way I am guided to do it. During the experience I am going to speak of today, I was told by my higher self and the higher self of my twin flame and other guides that this was something I needed to share.

Those of you who are familiar with the ‘stages’ of a twin flame relationship as listed on many sources of information will recognise the word harmonising, which was impressed upon my soul during this experience. I am not sure it is meant in the same way – I do not normally resonate with this construct of ‘stages’ personally – so do read with discernment and as always listening to the resonance within your own heart centre.

Energetically speaking, my twin flame has danced through the story of my life for a number of years now; through dreams, meditation, synchronicity, coincidence, inspiration, and paths crossing.  Through – let me count them – three earthly relationships with other soulmates and times in between, through good times and bad, through immense times of spiritual growth and times of complete plateau. While friendships and connections wax and wane, ebb and flow, with my soulmates, earth and soul families and the group of close female friends with spiritual connections I call my ‘soul sisters’, the twin flame connection has remained constant. And it is only at this point that I really feel comfortable stepping into my ‘truth’ that I am a twin flame, on a journey towards reunion, whether that ultimately occurs in this lifetime or the next and however it may manifest. My twin flame is my muse; reunion for me is what I see as a step that will come at the right moment in my spiritual journey; a step leading to a joint mission.

I am perhaps somewhat late in speaking this truth, in comparison to some who have shared their similar paths already, but then this may be perfect Divine timing. I hope so.

Since winter solstice 2014 – which I didn’t realise until after the fact was a time of great energy shifts – I have been driven to quite intense spiritual growth. This has taken the form of instigating a daily practice of prayer and meditation, using my intuition as to what to work on each day. It has mostly concerned breaking down old limiting beliefs, patterns and constructs in my life which no longer serve me or humanity. This has led me into a challenging path of confronting and facing old fears and dispelling them with Love, of casting off layers of ego, of truly working towards fearlessness and standing comfortably in my own power, ready to use it in service to myself, humanity as a whole, and the planet. I have been spurred on by the forward momentum, having been on something of a plateau for some time; while, as most of us do, I resist change on a subconscious level, once it begins to occur I see the underlying transformation taking place and I am excited by the movement, particularly the glorious moments of sudden clarity and new understandings.


As I have been meditating so much more than ever before recently, my inner sight and senses have become more vivid, and I am more sure that they are very real experiences, rather than simply imaginings of a chattering brain. I am becoming accustomed to finding the still point first, and then allowing experiences to happen. In this most recent experience, on the astral level of consciousness, I was pulled by my twin flame’s astral manifestation into a circle of light-filled beings (possibly all on the same path as myself, though this was not clear) literally pooling their emanations of Love and pouring it back into the earth plane. At first, I could not see what they were pouring this beautiful iridescent-white energy into, but I was invited to join in, and accordingly I allowed my heart chakra to fill with Love, expand and join the flow.

Following this, a guide there with us on the astral plane offered to answer a question I had previously asked, regarding how exactly to reunite on the etheric level. The etheric level of existence, and the etheric body, I believe to be the blueprint level for our physical reality – so it is an important place to anchor any manifestation you wish to bring into your life. Rather than speaking, the guide had myself and twin flame face one another in our astral bodies (in my experience this is just like looking at a silhouette of light, with visible eyes and radiating their energy brightly on all levels, for all the senses – hence it is possible to recognise a twin flame in the astral planes by their uniquely matching energy signature) and I felt a pull at my solar plexus chakra. Traditionally, the solar plexus chakra is associated with the colour yellow; as I allowed the feeling, the magnetisation, in that area, as our solar plexus chakras merged on the etheric level I saw the energy created emerge as a pearlescent, solid, white/gold orb of light tinged with rose-pink. The same process occurred down the chakra system, and then up from the solar plexus; with the heart area, the heart chakra and higher heart chakra seemed to merge together, creating an orb of light with much magnified and greater dimensions and energy. This was about wholeness, healing and reintegration with myself, but at the same time this was bigger than just me. This was the point at which the word HARMONISING was impressed upon my soul.

Considering that the theme of the most recent weeks in my life has really been transcending old templates and ego-driven struggles, this has brought about a great sense of peace in my heart. I am not ‘there’ yet; I am not fully healed. I know this, and yet this process of harmonising seemed the natural next step; I feel that ‘being’ in this state for the next period of time will catalyse the remaining healing, and I feel a greater sense of trust that the Universe is truly manifesting my highest good and the highest good of all, in all ways. The process did more than just create an etheric union, too, and this comes back to the fact that the twin flame path is about the good of all humanity, of twin flames serving in a particular way, just as earth angels do, just as starseeds do, just as indigo souls do, etc, etc; some souls of course serve in more than one way, as well. The column of light created by the beautiful orbs of soft, pulsating energy anchored in the energy of this higher peace, this higher love, this higher harmony, this higher UNITY in our geographic locations. It also sent out shimmering waves of pink-purple light energies which reached around the globe. Something shifted forever, and not just in myself and my soul counterpart. And the grid of light created by twin flames as a whole and interconnecting with other grids created by other groups of lightworkers is the receptacle of heavenly Love as it is poured into the earth plane by higher vibrational beings and indeed, the higher manifestations of ourselves during our astral sojourns.

This was the point at which some form of telepathic communication became possible, and with this came forth the guidance that this experience should be shared. You may resonate with it, and you may not, though if you were guided to read it, the chances are there is something here that will help you on your own path. Along with it, I also feel guided to say that this experience is unique to myself and my twin flame and that I significantly get the impression that it is felt, experienced and played out in different ways for different souls; it is not something you can force using the imagination or the will and you may recognise elements of my experience in your own but it is strongly likely to also be unique to you and your energy signature. Harmonising, harmonics and harmony are definitely the key words, whether you view this as a ‘stage’ in the twin flame journey or not (I don’t; it was just the right thing for my spiritual development at the right time, just like my first sighting of Archangel Michael many years ago or the opening of my higher heart chakra in a guided meditation a number of years ago). What it really represents, union, reunion, however you define it, is union or reunion with yourself. Coming into full alignment, full unity, full oneness, calling back in any soul fragments which have chipped off or become stuck along the way during traumatic experiences in the name of soul growth. Feeling part of the One, the All, the true Unity consciousness. It brings a deep, deep sense of peace that it’s likely my soul has not truly experienced in centuries.


Going back to a past life briefly, because I feel guided to, a primary past life recollection involving my twin flame, which was triggered by deja vu and which entered my current consciousness as quite a spontaneous vision, occurred in the 1700s. It is my strongest and most vivid past life recollection, though it is still, as it is for many of us, a string of fragments…a string of beautiful and tragic moments. The year 1769 was likely the last date in which I felt such a strong sense of unity and completion, but it could not last, it could not sustain from there and lead to ascension, because it was fatally flawed; it was still built around the old-world dualistic construct that salvation, fulfilment, completion was to be found in a third-dimensional romantic relationship. During that lifetime I lived the gypsy life in Spain, free, passionate, but also living life literally on the edge, often surrounded by danger. I experienced the heights of romantic love with my twin flame, firelit meetings, being serenaded, having flowers woven into my hair; talk even of soulmates, as they were defined back then, of kindred spirits, of forever, beyond death; talk tinged with sadness, as there was a premonition of the separation that was to follow. He perished in a fire, my lover of that lifetime, I with him in his last moments then but unable to stop the events. This soul wound has taken until now to heal. Soul wounds come in many ways, and one of course is loss and separation from souls we love, souls we have become attached to, souls we have been co-dependent with. On this occasion, the soul wound was deeper still, since the separation was that of twin flames. The road from there was clear from the soul perspective – the third-dimensional constructs had to be worked through and discarded, in order to begin to manifest a new paradigm on the planet and reunite in ascension; part of a much wider movement involving many, many more souls. I have recall of snippets of the planning of this lifetime, and it’s clear that part of this journey has now been completed. I am not perfectly healed, and there is still work to do to fully release the ego and transcend old patterns; however, I think there are certain levels of progression where movement towards this destiny is ‘unlocked’. This harmonic experience was one of them, and that soul wound, a very significant one for me, is now healed.

I am filled with gratitude, joy, inner bliss and peace, and of course, Love. Not romantic love, but higher Love. The Love that is freely available for all of us, that freely flows to and through every corner of our miraculous Universe. I am grateful to all twin flames and all lightworkers who have blazed a trail before me – and judging by the expansiveness of the circle I was welcomed into on the astral plane there are many – whose raising of the vibrations of humanity as a whole have brought me to this moment personally. I am grateful to all my soulmates and other souls crossing my path at present in this lifetime, for providing the experiences I need to work through these spiritual lessons and reach ever more blissful levels in meditation. I am grateful to my twin flame, for being my guide and my constant, in an ever-changing world. I am grateful to God and the Universe itself, and my own higher self and the core of my conscious being, for being strong enough, trusting enough, and fearless enough for this Love to flow through me onto the earth plane; and I do, truly, love you all.

As I feel guided to do so, I will unravel the strands of this story further.

And to my twin flame, until whenever, wherever and however I may find you in physical reality, in this life or the next: I am harmonically yours. I am harmonically mine. I am harmonically ours. I reclaim all aspects of myself now and become truly free and truly whole, and I am able to do this because of us both, because of what has gone before, because of who we are as souls and who we are on this planet at this time. We are perfection at this moment; we are one; we are Love; and I am grateful.

~ Copyright Silverla StMichael 2015 ~

*Pictures are from Pixabay and are chosen for energetic resonance rather than resemblance to anyone mentioned in these Tales*

7 thoughts on “Harmonically Yours

  1. What is it about Winter Solstice? My pivot point was 2013. What I am reading here sounds like a parallel experience, the same process but personally experienced – so its different. It drove me, I was compelled to write prose for 16 months. The Deja Vu started mid-October 2013 and I’m still writing. But Dec. 21, 2013 was a life changer. The grief I went through, the loss and desolation, I felt it like it was yesterday, not centuries ago. Then the ecstasy, indescribable. I questioned reality – and reality expanded. Its been an amazing journey, the healing, the love so overwhelming and deeply profound. I have finally learned to love myself. Thank you so much for sharing this. I have never met my twin, but I have recognized him. He bring tears to my eyes everytime I look at him too long, but for the last month or so its tears of joy only. I still don’t know much about twin flames, I have worked soley through my own emotions. I just found TF Eternal page, looking forward to reading up.

    • Hello Linda, thank you for such a beautiful comment. I am glad if my post helped you because it has taken me a long time to work up the courage to post about my twin flame. I am speaking my truth now and I am grateful for it! You will get there. I’m always glad to connect with someone else on a similar path, too. Winter solstice, I am starting to believe, is almost like a gateway. I have had a few very significant ones, but this most recent one has been the most potent yet. Namaste.

  2. Dear Silverla, just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog. I find many similarities between your story and mine, and I also only recently started to help other twin flames and write a blog about my journey.. I met my twin flame 13 years ago so it has taken me a long while, through relationships with others etc. I will keep following you and welcome you to visit my blog too. Blessings to you and your twin! Love, Jonna

    • Thank you Jonna! I did read an article on your blog earlier today and I will definitely keep visiting. It’s always good to have other people to share the journey with who understand. Many blessings to you and your beloved too. Xxx.

  3. Does everyone have a Twin Flame?? If so, how do you prepare to meet them?? How do you know it’s them and not a false impression of one from your mind playing tricks on you??

    • Hello Nancy

      Different twin flame teachers have different opinions on this so I can only give you mine.

      No, I do not believe that everyone has a twin flame. I believe that twin flames are one category of soul with a spiritual purpose to break down the old 3D templates of co-dependent relationships and establish the new 5D template of sacred union here on earth. They are souls who have ascended further back in history and then returned to the cycle of earthly incarnations as a split-soul being: one soul in two bodies, in order to accelerate the learning and spiritual evolution of humanity and to anchor the frequency of unconditional love in many grid-points around the globe.

      I do believe however that everyone has a soul who is an ideal vibrational match for them and this is known as a Divine Counterpart. For eons we (including the twin flames) have incarnated and mostly played out our love lessons in the form of romantic relationships with our many soulmates. Now that the template for sacred union is becoming established, a great many people are awakening spiritually and feeling the longing, the yearning, for their twin flame or Divine Counterpart.

      If you are a twin flame you are likely to be spiritually awakened or awakening and to have had some higher dimensional, mystical or spiritual experiences or to have experienced altered or higher states of consciousness. You are also likely to have at least one soul “calling” or mission and you may have recall of past, parallel or future lives and an awareness that we are multidimensional beings. You are likely to see master numbers such as 1111, 222, 444 and 555 during your awakening process. Another sign you may see frequently is the infinity symbol.

      In terms of your other questions, they are difficult to answer. For one thing, every single pair of twin flames has a different journey and a different process because we all have unique contributions to make to the joint mission – so the obstacles to physical union and the tasks to complete along the way will vary. For another thing, our information and perspective tends to reveal and unravel itself over time. To know for sure if someone is your twin flame, it’s not a case of falling madly in love on a 3D level and hey presto, that must be my twin flame. We can fall in love with our soulmates, too – we have a great capacity for love. It frustrates me when people teach newly awakening souls that you “just know” because I don’t think this is always true.

      Often, you will start with an inkling that someone may be your twin flame. It will start with a soul connection and knowing that you recognise the person – a form of deja vu. You can have similar deja vu experiences with soulmates you have incarnated with repeatedly, too. You will often have romantic and/or sexual feelings for the person. Until this point in human history, for the most part, twin flames have not come together romantically or even incarnated together, and when they have, 3D circumstances have kept them apart (geographical distance, difference in social class, racial/cultural barriers, family feuds, even death). If you have any recall of past lives, you may recall lives with your twin flame in which you were separated by such things and you are likely to have some of these circumstances going on in this lifetime too. It is only recently that the earth itself has begun to ascend into the fifth dimension and is starting to become vibrationally able to support twin flame unions in the physical. However, you are always connected to your twin flame in the higher dimensions. If you have lucid dreams about the person you suspect is your twin flame and especially if they are becoming more frequent or intensifying at this time, and/or you dream about healing each other or undertaking spiritual mission work in the higher dimensions together, these are good indications that the person is truly your twin flame. You will also get synchronicities such as hearing songs you associate with them, seeing their name or initials frequently and/or when you need spiritual support, having premonitions regarding them which then come true, seeing parallels or patterns in your life and theirs or in your dates of birth or dates on which you cross paths with them.

      I am 100% sure at this point but only because I have had 13 years on the path and had so many of the above experiences.

      I hope this helps you a little.


      Silverla. Xxx.

    • PS. Also in terms of how to prepare – work on yourself, your spiritual growth, energetic cleansing and healing, and cultivating self-love. Ask your angels and guides for help. Meditate. Spend time in nature. Learn to love yourself and see your own beauty and magnificence. Protect yourself spiritually by invoking angels, carrying crystals or visualising yourself in the violet flame; cleanse regularly using sage or sea salt baths.

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