Spring, for me, comes with a great force of magickal energy behind it: the magick of life itself. Spring is the renewal of hope, the fulfilment of a promise, the beginnings of the time to dance, run, play, laugh and celebrate all the joys of life. Following the dark half of the year, it is the first glimpse of the sun, and the dawn of the light half of the year. As the wheel turns back round to spring, all is new, all is fresh, and all possibilities are open to you.

The great magick of spring is its purifying, cleansing and energising effect! As the warm breezes of spring blow into our homes, energy fields and auras they shake out the cobwebs, stir up the juices and fire us up with a new energy to get things done. We can flow with this energy by purifying and cleansing our own environments – the infamous “spring cleaning”, of course, but for me as a white witch, this is coupled with spring cleansing and a spot of feng shui: clearing out the clutter of the previous year and allowing glorious fresh chi to move once more through the home, bringing with it an endless tide of luck, fortune and blessings. This is, for sure, the time to clean house from top to bottom. The energetic cleansing alongside this can take numerous different forms, as you choose. These are my suggestions.

– Go from room to room with an incense stick or sage smudge, cleansing and transmuting negative energies and setting a spiritual tone. This is best done with windows and doors wide open to embrace the fresh, warm air of early spring.

– Go from room to room clapping, singing, rattling  a rattle, sounding a gong or banging a drum – similar to the above, this sound cleansing will also shake out lingering negative energies from your environment.

– If you have amethyst clusters placed around your home to lift your vibrations and bring protection from the outside or to transmute the adverse effects of electrical emissions from appliances and equipment, now would be the time to charge  them on the windowsill in the light of a full moon, or the charged energy of a spring shower storm. It would also be an auspicious time to purchase new amethyst clusters and/or move them to different stations in your home to avoid energies becoming stagnant in one area.

– It’s a good time for rearranging furniture if you have been thinking about it for a while, or giving your rooms a bit of a lift with a new accessory or two – an ornament, splash of colour, lick of paint, or new soft furnishings.

– Bringing a citrine cluster or large decorative piece into the home at this time would double its amplification of joy, abundance and energy in your life. Place it in the most-used family room of the home for optimal effect and by a candle if possible, as it resonates and positively dances its joy into the ether when working together with the element of fire.

– Bringing the outside inside is cleansing, purifying, and uplifts the energy in your home. It also keeps you grounded and earthed, brings prosperity and luck, and makes it easier for higher beings to enter your home. Green plants transmute negative energy and flowers have a myriad of healing effects of their own. A peace lily is perfect for harmony; spider plants absorb negative energy from electrical emissions; bamboo brings luck and prosperity.

– Placing a new windchime by a door or window (or placing a windchime you already have in a new position) also encourages the flow of positive chi or energy through your home.

Clearing out the clutter is a wonderful activity which lifts depression and old or stagnant energy from your energy field, creates space in your home, and invokes the spiritual law of abundance by creating a flow of monetary energy and material possessions in your life. The best thing to do when clearing out cupboards, lofts, attics and all those glory holes and dumping grounds under beds and out of sight, is to be logical rather than sentimental. Ask yourself – have I used this item in the last year? If the answer is no, LET IT GO!

If you enjoy working with angels, you can ask Archangel Jophiel to help with this activity. You may prefer to call in the fae (entice them with a thumb-sized piece of sweet cake or by hanging a sprig of thyme in your kitchen window) who will love to make mischief among the hidden treasures and help you sort through them with a light heart capable of letting go. You can encourage the flow of abundance by either using the items to make a little extra for your family via a car boot sale, yard sale or selling items to friends or on Ebay – OR donating them to charity shops, fund-raising jumble or bring-and-buy sales, or charity bags which are posted through our doors intermittently in the UK. There is also now Freecycle, which may give someone the chance to receive your unwanted items for free who would otherwise not be able to afford it.

Of course, as the sun begins to come out to play, it is also a wonderful time to fully engage with life and re-energise your body through exercise and getting out and about in nature. It’s a wonderful time for country, park and forest walks – the circle of life in action can be observed and rejoiced in by enjoying the burst of colour and fragrance as flowers and trees once again come into bud and bloom, and appreciating the baby boom of birds, chicks, lambs, and our other animal friends in farmland, zoos, animal sanctuaries and country parks. Remember as you do that these are miracles. And miracles we often forget when entrenched in the wearing concerns of everyday life. Take this as your cue to give deepest thanks from your heart, for gratitude energy manifests personal miracles in your own life. Spring is certainly a time for counting your blessings, giving thanks for all of creation as well as the many wonderful things which have happened to you over the previous year.

You can also contribute to the circle of life yourself, as well as adorning your own garden with beauty and fresh energy, by planting new seeds or seedlings in your own green patch – whether you have a large garden, pots in a yard or a modest window box. You may wish to start a new project growing something which will contribute to your magickal work. What about a herb garden, as herbs may be used in cooking as well as for spellcraft, making charms (more to come on this soon), and for healing purposes? Or growing your own fruit and vegetables organically for inclusion in healthy meals for the family? Remember to bless each meal you cook with them, too, for that extra magickal sparkle and energy boost. Spread those spring blessings around!

Suggested starter herbs for a herb garden!

LAVENDER – Eases insomnia and nightmares when placed by bed or under pillow; symptoms of sinus issues, cold and flu when carried in a pouch or inhaling steam from lavender-infused water; general healer; promotes relaxation. Can be infused in oils for cooking or bathwater, and used itself as a garnish for cakes and sweet recipes.

THYME – Aids concentration; brings luck when carried in a posy or in a charm; attracts faeries when hung in the window. Can be used to season most meats and savoury recipes.

ROSEMARY – Brings healing, protection and luck when carried in a posy or in a charm. Can be used to season meats giving them a fragrant edge and lifting their flavour.

MINT – Aids concentration and mental faculties and promotes clarity; represents and attracts abundance. Can be used to season meats (particularly lamb) and sweets. Do not plant in a bed with other herbs as it spreads like wildfire and hogs the goodness from the soil!

BASIL – Attracts abundance, especially when planted above a gold or red tiger eye crystal in a pot (needs to be placed out in the rain for this to take effect). Basil also boosts the immune system. Can be infused in oils for cooking, used as a garnish or included in any savoury recipe to bring fragrance and depth to its flavour, particularly teamed with tomatoes and garlic.

SAGE – Sage is a cleansing and purifying plant; dried sage can be bundled and used for smudge for cleansing of any space. Can also be used to season savoury recipes and cleanses the system of those eating energetically and physically.

And finally, two suggested plants as oppose to herbs which also have a variety of magickal uses.

ROSE – Fragrant and beautiful roses promote love and harmony; the scent is soothing, calming, relaxing and encourages romance. Rose petals of any colour can be used to infuse oils or make rose water for use in elixirs, natural perfumes or for bathtime aromatherapy. Placing a stem in the bedroom can heal relationships, re-invigorating passion and romance. Rose petals can also be used as an ingredient in, or to garnish, cakes and sweets – completely edible!

GARLIC – Garlic brings protection to its environment; when ingested it acts as a natural antibiotic, boosting the immune system and promoting general health. Both flowers and bulbs are edible, can be used in a range of recipes, and can be displayed in windows for protection of the home.

To follow: Spring pictures, and pages on Ostara and Beltane.

~ Copyright Silverla StMichael, March 2013 ~


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