All About Archangels

Belief in angels is at the core of my spirituality, and perhaps why I prefer the term Neopagan to traditional Pagan. I work mostly with the Archangels – the named angels who hold the vibration of many wonderful qualities for those of us incarnated on earth. I work with the Archangels on my own problems, dilemmas, dreams and manifestations, as well as communicating with them to do angel readings for others and channel messages for a wider audience. In this section I hope to record information as I learn it, to inspire readers to work with angels and Archangels for a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

Angels are messengers of God/Source/Universe. They embody certain vibrations or qualities which they can help us cultivate ourselves. They are in service and on a different evolutionary path to us humans. It is possible for an angel to incarnate and experience life or even lives in a human body, and it is becoming possible for humans to “cross over” evolutionary path to the angelic, though instances of either are rare. Angels are androgynous: they have no sex and are in perfect male/female balance. The purpose of angels is to assist and guide humanity. They will always come if you call. They cannot come if you do not call, because you have free will.

Archangels are angels so all of the above applies excepting that they do not cross over with humans apart from exceptional cases such as Sandalphon and Metatron who are thought to have once been incarnate. Archangels are higher order angels and their main purpose is to hold pure vibrations of some of the high qualities we strive towards for our peace, health and happiness: for example love, health, wealth, action, peace, illumination, joy, harmony, magic, truth, courage and protection. Archangels are still and are best described as columns of light, though they can manifest in any way they feel you will be comfortable with. It’s important to understand that they transcend our laws of time and space, and it doesn’t matter how many people call on one single Archangel at any one time – the Archangel is able to be with them all. So you must never feel guilty for summoning an Archangel.

It may seem a bit odd for me to advocate working with Archangels rather than angels, especially for any beginner readers. The truth is, though, Archangels are easier to work with: they embody an archetype and most of them command a legion of angels of similar vibration, but we know more about the Archangel and find connecting with their vibration easier as a result. Archangels are more firmly embedded in our psyche. They are happy to be our first port of call and to send other angels of the correct vibration our way to continue to help and support us.

The lore of angels and Archangels has reached us primarily through religious texts from Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism. Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Uriel specifically are named in the Bible. However as New Age lightworkers and angelologists have researched and worked with angels more and more, awareness has grown of great numbers of Archangels, some of whom are available for us to work with and some who primarily fulfil other functions at this time.

~ Copyright Silverla StMichael November 2012 ~

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