Light Up Live and Soul Songs

I am being guided to get myself into gear and do more in the way of live spiritual sessions and Soul Songs sessions (song readings) via my Facebook page.

They will roughly be alternate weeks (with some weeks off) and this will be a flexible arrangement so it may take place on a Tuesday or Friday – occasionally on a Saturday – night.

Light Up Live will be a short healing / clearing / manifestation / activation piece with brief discussion of related spiritual topics followed by roughly 1 hour of availability for free spiritual Q&A or personal guidance.

Soul Songs is an opportunity to share a song that’s repeatedly coming up for you which I will read and pull out a deeper message for you. The request thread will usually go up a day or two before the session. On the day, I will be aiming to open the session with a brief video containing one of the readings plus guidance for all participants, or guidance regarding music / sound healing.

Both can be accessed via my Facebook page and you can also follow the Soul Songs videos on my YouTube channel (below).

Additionally, I have been working on my YouTube channel and made some older content and transformational tools which are relevant at this time, as well as all the previous run of Soul Songs sessions, available for public view:

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Soul Journeys


So I have this soul connection with a person who is quite well-known in the world. It’s always been there. I met him in a dream years before I saw him for the first time in 3D reality. Then the past life visions, telepathy and lucid dreams kicked in, creating a patchwork, a path that has deepened and deepened the 5D connection. I have known things were going to happen to him or between us, in terms of crossing paths, before they happened. In dreams, we have fought battles against dark forces together shoulder to shoulder with angels, rescued each other repeatedly from desperate situations and been real and authentic with each other in terms of exploring our connection. It really has been a journey, over many years, and even now the 3D reality is no different than it has been for some time, and yet I know, and I feel, so much growth has taken place.

I’m not the only person who has such a soul connection. Whether you feel it is possible or real or not, I know that it is, because I live it. I have synchronistically crossed paths with many others in a similar situation, including people who have soul connections with famous people on the other side too, and people who have soul connections that are challenging to bring in as 3D relationships for other reasons. Some of the things I have witnessed are strange, mysterious and miraculous. I am grateful to know that such magic and such miracles exist in this world. And I am grateful for this connection that has taken me on such an incredible journey of growth and expansion, because without it, I know I would not have led such a blessed and charmed life (and that’s just so far).

Some people call these strong soul connections, the strongest soul connection there is, twin flames, or twin souls. Sometimes the label is helpful, in increasing your understanding of who you are as a soul, and what your mission, your role to play, might be on earth. Essentially, though, what really matters is how you respond to the connection, what you give to it, what you take from it, how it shapes you as a soul and a 3D person.

You may think I’m crazy to believe these things. But you’re not in it. I have this connection at soul level with somebody that tells its own story, ever evolving, ever moving forward, through the 5D telepathy and dream experiences, that I have never experienced with anybody else. The lucidity, frequency and synchronicity of those experiences has increased over the years, not faded. Even when I tried to completely ignore the connection for five whole years and do other things, make connections with other people, the dreams surfaced, and my whole spiritual path came to a standstill, and in asking how to get back off the plateau I’d hit, all the answers pointed right back to developing that twin flame connection. It took me years to learn to stop fighting it. To change my perception of it. To understand that embracing it rather than running from it, no matter whether it was emotionally difficult at times or outside of my frame of reference for what friendships and relationships should be when you look at them from a purely physical / 3D perspective, would push my soul growth into levels I could never otherwise have imagined.

Stranger still, we’re not always aware of these connections. I didn’t fully, consciously become aware of mine until I was in my late twenties (though that first dream contact came years before, in my early twenties). It’s a pattern with most twin flames that one will awaken to it before the other one, as well. I know this sounds a bit sci-fi but truly, I have learned over the years, we are multidimensional and our souls have this capability to be busy in other dimensions at different levels doing all sorts of soul work (that’s my explanation for when you wake up tired even though you’ve slept amazingly well – your soul’s been doing some hard work in the other dimensions, whether teaching, guiding, healing, battling dark forces, or whatever it happens to be).

Our souls can be busy opening ascension gateways, visiting other planets and galaxies, healing for the planet or all of humanity, downloading information from higher beings that will come into conscious awareness later, and connecting with our soul family, including our twin soul, other soul connections (both sides of life), and sometimes, non-incarnated angels too, for healing, guidance or set tasks and missions we’ve contracted to do with them, and we won’t necessarily know it. Hence the frustrating phenomenon of one twin flame knowing everything and the other knowing nothing (in some cases, not even knowing their twin flame is alive). And we have to allow for that, we have to respect that, because there may be reasons for that, and we all need to grow in whatever way is for our highest good at any one time. We get glimpses through lucid dreams, meditative visions, intuition, and so on: and the more we journal or record what we receive, the more glimpses we get, because it’s like flexing a muscle. That’s why I advocate journalling so strongly. I wouldn’t know half of what I know without it. It ends up not just being a record of the journey, but it forms into a kind of map, too, that points you sometimes in the right direction for the next piece of healing, the next step forward, the next big dream you need to pull through into 3D reality.

One such dream, for me, for many years, has been the soul-call to go to California. I have always had a thing about the USA. I have always wanted to go. I never really knew why, for many years. The first time I had conscious recall of connecting with my twin flame in 5D was a lucid flying dream in which I flew to Hollywood – I actually saw the sign as I descended back to earth – and unlocked some kind of soul-cage in which he was trapped, or that was his perception. Wherever you are connected to at soul level, you have a greater capacity to heal, both for yourself and for humanity and for the place and for the planet; I know this from my experiences visiting other places I was soul-called to – in particular, Glastonbury – which I wrote about on this blog in 2015. My longing to go to California intensified when a past life in San Francisco came up, a past life in which there were heartaches and soul wounds from chronic illness, being confined to the house, and kept apart from my twin flame. My only comfort in that lifetime was playing the piano; I’m sure it’s no coincidence that after that past life came up to conscious awareness, I finally found the courage to take up learning to play the piano, something I’ve wanted to do since I was little this lifetime. The signs and synchronicities around it went crazier and crazier over the last few years: I will often see T-shirts, posters, and so on, relating to Los Angeles and San Francisco in particular, or hear songs about California repeatedly, usually three such signs in quick succession.

As with anything worth having or doing, there were considerable obstacles and blocks to manifesting a trip to California in my 3D reality. I’m a very nervous flyer, for one thing, and it’s an interminable 10-hour minimum flight! And being footloose, single and fancy-free, with most of my local friends paired off, it’s a case of travelling alone. Then there was manifesting childcare, because as a single parent of children with special needs, I knew I couldn’t have the soul experience I’m meant to have there if I had to try and take them with me. Not to mention abundance. I have spent several years working through the fear and the perceptions that I couldn’t make it happen, writing cosmic ordering statements, praying for the trip to manifest. The strangest thing was, the guidance kicked in big-time at the start of 2018 and I just knew it was time. And then I made the clear decision to go, to make it happen. And everything fell into place in such rapid succession it really was miraculous: the childcare, getting reductions on flight prices, places to stay manifesting with online friends and friends of friends, with abundance, with advice and recommendations. I will be there on the Lion’s Gate, 8/8, which is always a healing date for me. I even had a reading in which I was told I didn’t need to worry about the flight, it would be fine!

I’m not sure of the specifics of what I’m meant to do or where I’m meant to go. A few details are sketched in: I’ll be there from the second week of August for fifteen days, based first in Venice, LA, then in Columbia, and ending with a long weekend in San Francisco. I have some set ideas in my head of certain places I want to see, hiring a car to make some trips, people I plan to meet up with. I know I need to meditate on the beach – more than one beach – and feel that it may strengthen my 5D soul connection, as my twin flame is connected to the place as well, regardless of whether he’s actually there at the same time I will be. I have places I have seen in dreams and I don’t really know where they are, but it will be interesting to see if I find them. Other than that, it’s an adventure that will unfold in whatever way the universe wants it to. I’m terrified to do this alone in a 3D sense, though I’m never really alone: that’s one thing about having strong soul connections and awareness of my guides, angels, twin flame and soul family. But I’m equally excited to do it and prove to myself that I can. One thing’s for sure: my journal will be coming with me. I’m expecting mystical experiences, big hits of guidance and spontaneous healing. And the highest, best experiences meant for me at this time.

I know it is somehow scripted already by my soul, too, from dreams of soul meetings and mystical experiences on or near a beach where sea lions roam freely. Such a beach is described in my guide to San Francisco, and I also have a friend who lives in a place called Seal Beach in LA. In my dreams it felt like the end of the earth. And maybe it will be the end of something, and of course in the same heartbeat, the beginning of something, for me. Or maybe it’s just a case of being in the right place at the right time, though for what, who knows. I find the not knowing difficult, because I’m a self-confessed control freak, but I’m learning to be more OK with it.

For many years I have envisioned that this would be the biggest journey I would ever make, the greatest leap of faith, the trip of a lifetime. And it is, in physical reality terms. However the real epic voyage, the real leap of faith, is happening internally. Already. Simultaneously, because Spirit never does anything by halves…

When I came back to this path around four years ago now, I was still fighting it. I raged against the universe, because I had made a decision years ago that what I felt about this person needed to be neatly put away and ignored so that I could be free to move forward with other connections and aspects of my romantic and personal life, because it was “impossible” to manifest it into some sort of 3D friendship or relationship – and that was painful sometimes. I thought I was being strong and sensible. So when all guidance pointed me back to it, at first, I got mad with the universe and I questioned it relentlessly. I asked “Why?” more times than I can now count, and I repeatedly asked for confirmations and validations of the connection, which came through signs, synchronicities and readings, but more so through increased, more insistent than ever, more vivid than ever, lucid dreams. They started to weave into full-on narratives that would span weeks and even months in some cases, showing me how our souls were working to wake each other up, heal each other, remove obstacles and barriers, rescue and protect each other in all sorts of situations. I had dreams in which I would be teaching rooms full of other twin flames, and equally dreams where an angel or some sort of guru would be in the room and would confirm, very clearly, for me that this soul connection was indeed my twin soul.

Some of these dreams were quite dark and harrowing. If I am to take them as real interdimensional experiences, which the vividness of them and the emotion of them and at times the tangible physicality of them (to the point it can still be felt on waking, sometimes) suggest they are, we have been through some intensely difficult things together at soul level. If I am to take them as real interdimensional experiences, then I have encountered and connected with and faced the darkest parts of my twin soul, and I still love him exactly the same – in fact, these experiences if anything have expanded my capacity to love him unconditionally (and by extension, to love unconditionally in a general sense); he is and always will be, to me, a true warrior of light.

These experiences have also allowed me to explore my soul lineage and understand that I am also a true warrior of light, connected strongly to Archangel Michael, carrying my own spiritual sword, connected with angels, mermaids and goddesses of old and with a rich tapestry of past life experiences that have made me who I am today. I’m truly coming now to a place of gratefulness for the experience of the true soul love I feel within this connection, and how it has helped me to see who I truly am. The challenges that stand in the way of bringing that connection through to physical 3D reality have really made me rise up and do things I never thought I would have the courage or confidence to do. I have learned to speak my truth and be authentic no matter whether it’s met by silence, lack of recognition, lack of understanding, or rejection. I have spoken and sung my truth, my love, the light and soul-song of my heart that is always extended to my twin soul no matter what, should he choose to draw on it for whatever he needs for his highest good. I will continue to do so as I am guided to, no matter how it is received, or even if it is received, in 3D terms, by my twin flame. He is difficult to reach in the 3D sense, though I am learning that “difficult” is not the same as “impossible”, and I have faith that my higher guidance knows what it’s doing and that what I am guided to do is always for a reason…even if I can’t see the reason. If new opportunities are brought my way, as I have before, I will seize them, and as I am consciously evolving my soul, I trust I will handle them increasingly better and from a higher level of vibration, and in the way my soul wishes me to for the highest good. I will not falter. I will not crumble. The only person I need permission from to speak my truth is myself.

It is bittersweet that I have no 3D validation or any way of knowing if I will ever see him again in 3D physical reality, other than a still, quiet voice inside that tells me not to give up and that I will, in Divine timing. I am having to journey further and further away from everything I know in terms of 3D ego, and into higher and higher levels of surrender and uncertainty in that sense, and to expand my soul as I go to stay in that blissful unconditional love, and to reach to higher and higher dimensional knowledge and wisdom to truly understand this connection, what it means for me and how it relates (or not) to my 3D life. I know from experience that we will always be there for each other in a spirit sense and connect that way, receiving guidance and synchronistic healing from each other, but that is all I know. (And it’s really only very recently that twin souls have incarnated simultaneously en masse as they seem to have in the current times, and that some have begun to come into more lasting and less star-crossed physical unions here on earth.) However, through meditation and conscious healing and once again seeking comfort and healing in the piano, I am coming to a greater sense of peace in being where I am with that, and a greater sense of compassion for myself in knowing that it’s OK sometimes if I feel sad about the difference between my 3D and 5D reality; I may be angelic, but I am living a human existence in a human world, in which attachments form and emotions arise and we are conditioned with ideas of how things should be, that actually when you start experiencing more and more of your multidimensional self and what goes on outside of physical reality, look different and unfamiliar.

We’re in transitory times in terms of the energies on earth, and moving towards new paradigms in many aspects and areas of our existence on the planet in human form: towards the veil between the 3D dimension and the other dimensions thinning; towards empowered soul-level rather than co-dependent relationships (sacred unions); towards greater levels of awareness and consciousness on an individual and collective level, which will hopefully enable us to resolve and heal many causes of suffering and live in greater harmony with each other and with the planet. Those of us awakened and awakening to the dimensions above 3D at this time are pioneers and visionaries, meant to help transform and transition. It’s important work, but to do it, we have to suspend the sense of what life should look like that we were conditioned with, and be prepared to see beyond into what it could be, the potentiality for heaven on earth.

And maybe my words and my soul-song will never change the world, no matter how lovingly or authentically or bravely I express them; maybe they will never even change my life. But they are mine, and they seek expression, and only I can express them, and so I do, and surrender the outcome to the highest wisdom.

One thing about the twin flame connection is that the more insistent, prolific and vivid it becomes in 5D, the more you just can’t look back. I am strong. I am. I’m powerful spiritually. I see myself as an incarnated goddess. But I also just really want what every girl wants: somebody to love, somebody who will love me back. At this point, though, it can’t be just anybody. Because of what I’ve seen, what I’ve experienced with my twin soul in terms of merging, intertwining, heart-telepathy, and the ability to rescue and heal each other, the ability to combine energy and go into full-on cosmic radiance. I can’t un-see or un-know any of that. So for me to fall for somebody again now, it would have to be as good as, or better than, what I have with my twin flame in 5D.

Earlier in the path I (and many others like me, I’m sure) have interpreted that as I couldn’t bear to be with anybody other than my twin flame. And it’s really not about it being “meant to be” (or not). I know from what I’ve seen in dreams that our souls are working on bringing union into every level, every dimension. I know our souls and I trust 100% that they are working on that as hard as they can. That’s all I can really know, because there are so many variables, so many levels and layers of 3D illusion and interference and connections to clear or work through or experience: and in some ways I feel I have acted as an energetic anchor for him, which up to now has worked better with me distanced from his 3D world. I think now I’m interpreting things more as for me to be able to accept a 3D relationship, it would have to nurture and nourish my growth like my soul connection does, it would have to give me similar feelings and vibrations as I feel when I connect with my twin flame in 5D. The thing is, I think that’s pretty rare and special. I’m not sure it can be replicated, though I’m open to being proved wrong.

More and more and most of all, I’m trying to look at it as an adventure. Approaching it that way, I can expand, I can grow, I can fly, I can soar, without being attached to any one particular outcome in 3D, or equally, being attached to any pre-conceived ideas about what’s “impossible” in 3D, because truly nothing is impossible; that’s a mental construct, an illusion. When you believe you have hard limits, you can never be free. And I need to be free for my trip to California. It’s honestly a date with my soul – a time for deep healing, a time for getting closure, integrating, and getting glimpses of what will present next for me. And in the meantime, I can have the privilege and the blessing of touching other twin flames, other spiritual souls, with my story, and inspire them with what I dare to do. I have known many others who identify as twin flames and one thing we all have in common is that none of us have an easy road. We all have that steep learning curve, we all have that epic journey to make and we are all prepared to walk the path even if our feet bleed, even if our hearts bleed, even if we stumble and fall. Repeatedly.

And I’m proud that my journey is unique and authentic. It may not be a “happy ever after” right now. It may never be. But it’s mine, and it’s real, and it’s raw, and I can see the trajectory of growth it has taken me on and continues to take me on. I can see it’s a path worth walking, a mountain worth climbing, even when it gets rocky and gnarly and darkness descends around me. There may not be a road-map, but my heart is my unfailing internal compass, if I can just keep listening to it.


Maybe my heart has to be strong for things yet to come, things I can’t yet see. Maybe it has to have a capacity for unconditional love that is extraordinary. There’s a reason for everything, so I know this connection is not for nothing, even if it only filters into 3D waking consciousness on my side. I have faith in that, and I’m sticking to it. And I pray for his happiness and healing, as well as mine.

On this journey, much like my journey to California this summer, you never really know what is around the corner. It makes me think of my favourite poem by Robert Frost, which I have lived by since I first heard it quoted in one of my favourite films, Dead Poet’s Society, along with the message of “carpe diem: seize the day”, which I am well and truly embracing more than I ever have before.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

The two journeys intertwine and interplay with each other, too: the 3D journey and the 5D journey. It’s taken me a while to come to this level of clarity but it’s no coincidence that as I take this key physical journey that’s been important to me for many years, I’m also taking this unprecedented soul journey to who knows where. Sometimes the lines between the two feel blurry to me, and yet I know the two look and feel different. They can be fluid and yet sharp at the same time. The 5D reality imprints on us at conscious level sometimes through our dreams, intuitions and spontaneous visions in meditation. For most of us, the 3D reality imprints more, because we don’t need to get out of our ego and into our soul to access it.

Maybe part of the journey is about the union between the two. Maybe that’s what twin flames are truly here to do. Maybe, eventually, as humanity evolves, what we now experience in 5D – at the level of unconditional love, unity consciousness, heart-centred awareness and miracle frequency – is meant to become one more and more with our physical reality, and life will feel even more real, even more amplified. Maybe that explains the intensity in energy many people have reported experiencing lately. We’re all in unchartered territory – it’s not just me. It’s not even just spiritually awakened souls – great numbers of people are feeling the shifting. That unchartered territory, that challenge, that learning curve, may look different for each one of us. But every step we each take matters. Every step we each take is progress. That’s evolution. That’s ascension. And that’s where all of our journeys are ultimately headed.

The road ahead may not be smooth, but I have spirit. I have courage. I have faith. I have fire. I have all of these as well as unconditional love in my heart, and they are magnified when I wield them in the name of my twin flame, in the name of love, in the name of God.

So as my California dreaming turns into my California reality this summer, no matter what else: I know that from it I will grow, I will evolve, I will become a clearer, brighter, richer version of myself (again) – and I don’t just mean from the courage to fly halfway around the world alone, to drive across unknown terrain alone, and to face goodness knows what demons await me there, as well as (I hope) whatever it is that’s magnetising me there, that mystery, that unknown. I stand strong and ready for whatever life throws at me next, wherever the next curve (or curveball!) takes me in terms of that internal journey, that spiral ever upwards. And I know that if I can do this (and I CAN do this), I can do anything. And maybe it’s important that I know that, for whatever is to come.

And I urge you to live your life by the same rules…or lack of them. If you dare. And, especially those readers who are twin flames too, you may find that if you don’t dare just for yourself, you may dare when you come to a fuller realisation that your soul growth is also for your twin soul and your soul family: for love of them, you may dare to seize the day more fully than you ever have and embrace your unique, individual adventure.

I don’t know where either of these soul journeys are leading, the 3D trip or the 5D relationship. I’m slowly starting to learn that it’s OK not to know. The journey itself is beautiful. What I receive in 5D through this soul connection is beautiful. The fact that I can transcend fears and perceived limits and be free to go wherever I feel called to, do whatever I feel called to do, in the world, is beautiful. Letting go of particular 3D outcomes has been difficult, but I feel like I’m getting there: getting to a place where it’s OK to not know what direction I will take next, what destination I will reach next, what experience will present for me next. That’s true surrender.

To make the most of the journey – any journey – we need to be fully present in the moment. We need to be in our power, our integrity, our light, our strength and our courage to be able to embrace the next twist, turn or opportunity – even the ones that seem scary and push us out of our comfort zone. So that is exactly where I intend to be this summer and quite probably beyond: in the still point, in my soul, in my heart, in my truth, in my power and fully in the now…and ready to embrace whatever comes my way from the highest expression of myself I can embody at this time. And I’m not saying I’m perfect; I stumble and fall as much as the next person, but I’m determined to keep picking myself up.

Be ever wilder, ever more free, ever more courageous, and ever more authentic in the desires you express to others, to God and the universe and in the truth that you speak – and expect ever more blessings and miracles to come your way. And be ever more aware of what’s presenting in front of you, in the true place of power, the now moment, both in 3D and 5D. Because if you’re only looking at one and not the other, you only have half a map: the 3D is what we have currently manifested, as individuals and as a collective, in physical reality here on earth, but the 5D reveals what our souls are guiding us towards, what we are truly capable of in our true power and magnificence as incarnate beings of light, what the miraculous potential is for each of us individually and together if we can learn to look beyond 3D limits. It’s not always pretty, and with changes and shifts always comes a time of storms and chaos, as well as deep healing, purging, transformational journeys – but they push us ever onward towards higher, purer, more unconditionally loving levels of existence.

This is where the journey is ultimately leading us, whatever journeys you are currently on or being called to make. Listening to your soul and taking those trips, those soul sojourns, those leaps of faith, always has a purpose both for yourself and for humanity, though the purpose may not always be immediately apparent. Especially when you’re afraid to take them, or enter into them ever more deeply, regardless of what they bring up for you to heal.

This I have faith in. This I believe. This I trust. This is the higher wisdom I surrender to.

I am sure I am headed in the right direction, even though I know that the right direction is susceptible to change at any given moment, as my soul grows and expands and its capacity to hold and radiate light and unconditional love exponentially increases. That’s a good place to be.

It’s a time for expanding horizons and experiencing more than ever before, both at soul level and in a literal sense. And I don’t know about you, but for me, the road less travelled by is a good place to start – it cries out to be explored, to have people who are conscious and aware to surrender its secrets to, because it’s in discovering the new that we evolve, that we move forward, that we grow, that we ascend. The call of the wild, the call of the road less travelled, the soul-call to the places we’re soul-connected to, truly, is the call home, to ourselves, to our souls, to God.


May all your journeys be blessed with magic and miracles, this summer and beyond, and may you all have the courage to follow your soul’s call and your internal compass to arrive at whatever destinations destiny has lined up for you. And thank you, once more, for walking part of my path with me, for however long you have and may continue to do so. I love you all infinitely.

Copyright Silverla StMichael 2018
Images from Pixabay

Dark Angels

We are dark angels,
Numbered amongst the Valkyrie warriors
And the high archangelic choirs.
We have chasmic depths
Only we can truly see into,
And heights as tall as cathedral spires.

We are soul bound,
To weave parallel lines through all of eternity
And break humanity out of timeless chains.
We have limitless power
Only we can ever feel into,
And an endless soul-song of healing refrains.

We are gate-keepers,
Ancient mer-folk who knew secrets of old
And guard cosmic gates of ascension.
We have divine directives
Only we can really tune into,
And lead others into ever higher dimensions.

We are destiny itself,
A unified knowing, blazing, map in motion
And even time surrenders its secrets to us.
We have unconditional love
Only we can merge and blend into,
And wield with incendiary hearts, victorious.

We are the harmony
Upholding structures of love that light the world
And sounding light-notes in forever streams.
We never begin and never end,
Only thread through each other and into
Nights filled with starlight and supernovas
Where we meet in our dreams.

We are the divine
Expression of love echoing through the mountains
And swimming through the sapphire oceans.
And we will always be,
Ever onwards calling each other to soar;
Only we can really hear into
That dance of soul secrets and devotions.

We are the chaos
From which comes the storms of change
And rages through all time and creation.
And we will make the mark
Only we can ever fully burn into
The blueprints of past, present and future;
Because love always wins
And its fire through us is sweet salvation.

Only we have true insights into
The paradigms and paradoxes we came to transform;
Only we may have witnessed
The darkest nights of our particular storms.
But still we sing of strength, courage, freedom
And magnified together, we will transcend;
We are God’s love. We never end.

We are dark angels,
Walking the earth on unchartered courses
And yes, darkness we have faced and seen.
But we are twin flames,
And we are each other’s unfailing anchors,
Our peace within, our light between.

Written with love on 26th March 2018
Copyright Silverla StMichael

Image from Pixabay

Hold That Vision: Miracles Are In The Air!


Seven Archangels by Silverla StMichael, 2013

Many, many blessings of the season, to you all, to everyone who is kind enough to read my words and follow my spiritual journey with all its winding twists and (about) turns! I truly appreciate you all and I hope your deepest and most heartfelt Christmas wishes will come true in ways you can’t even imagine through the festive season, into 2018 and beyond.

So, I don’t know if you have noticed, but there is a new kind of magick in the air. You may have seen, especially if you frequent Facebook and social media, images of extremely interesting and unusual light anomalies in the sky over the last few weeks and months. You may have felt some incredibly intense and at times alarming energies emerging through the cosmos. The end of 2017 has worked itself into a sort of crescendo and then stayed at that new, higher-frequency, anything-can-happen sort of a vibration which is where we are today.

It depends how tuned-in you are energetically how much you can piece together of what has occurred in the higher realms this year particularly and over the last few years. Suffice to say, as our planet and humanity as a collective has continually ascended, there has been some resistance from darker and more fearful forces, energies, souls…call them what you will. Those caught in darkness often fear the light, even though it has the power to heal, restore and transform them forever, if they would only let it in. But this is why we have many lightworkers – incarnated angels, elementals and starseeds – incarnated on the planet at this time, to shine their light as beacons of love and hope and to uphold and uplift the energies incrementally.

“Battles”, if you can call them that – because they play out using light codes and energy and love, not weapons – have been occurring in the non-physical realms for a number of years now, and culminating this year. Speaking as an old soul with lineage related to both archangels and elementals, who has indeed been involved with those “battles” behind the scenes, love has won.

Know this in your heart and believe it. Know its truth, radiate it into the world around you, and you become another beacon in the great grid of light that is anchoring new hope and peace into creation at this time. The vibration of humanity and of Gaia at this point is higher than it ever has been, and the angels and ascended masters can more easily and readily pour in their love, light and healing, their miracle energy; come to our assistance when we need it, and help us manifest our dreams. When you think about it, so many more people are becoming conscious of sharing and caring and offering their help – time, money, love, prayers, sharing causes and appeals, donating food and items – where help is needed. Unity consciousness is truly becoming anchored here on Planet Earth, and those in the most need have been brought into the light by the angels and guides to draw our attention and facilitate us stepping in to help.

You may well have been one of the many lightworkers involved in this whole process. If you are waking feeling tired and unrested, it is highly likely you have been involved in the “battles” on other planes, or in healing and educating others, during this incubation time, this time of growth and transformation as if in a dark chrysalis, which may at times have been painful and challenging, and constantly involving walking in the dark, walking in faith in terms of what you wish to manifest in your life or what you want to achieve with your soul’s mission. It’s your soul’s work, and it matters not whether you are consciously aware of it: your soul will keep its pre-arranged appointments and fulfil its contracts either way. It just does tend to help you see the blessings and the good in the challenge if you are consciously aware.

You are so loved and so appreciated for what you have done. The angels in the higher realms pour out love and blessings to you this holy night, this Christmas Eve, as does the ascended master Jesus and the other guides and gurus who inhabit that realm. The grace of God itself reaches into your heart this festive season, for your pain, your challenge, your patience, your strength and your love has been seen and acknowledged. Do not doubt this. As the new energies flood Gaia with love, grace and beauty, you will feel and see evidence of this more and more in the weeks to come. Your faith is important, because your faith is an energy that actively assists the angels and ascended masters in this process, that actively attracts the light and love of the universe and the grace of God.

A seemingly universal by-product of what has been unfolding in the higher realms – certainly in what I have witnessed anyway among even my widest circles here on earth – is that 2017 has been a challenging year. As the energies around us have been purging and clearing out old patterns, templates and negative beliefs that hold us back energetically, events, situations, roadblocks and obstacles that we thought we had transcended have inevitably resurfaced for more, and we have been required to heal and clear and acknowledge our pain and our challenges on a deeper level than ever before. For many people, this has taken up so much of our time and energy that any plans, goals, dreams, wishes and intentions we had been holding so brightly and so vividly and so strongly for so long (even through intense energies from 2012 onwards and a particularly challenging year for many in 2016) have been on hold. I have witnessed many people becoming disillusioned and despondent in their hopes, dreams and beliefs; I have witnessed “giving up”; I have witnessed doubt; I have witnessed fear; I have witnessed complete changes of path and direction perhaps born of a need to at least get something moving again in people’s lives; I have, equally, witnessed the strength in people holding steady, allowing that pause, allowing that stillness in their path, while the chaos that has been unleashed energetically around us swirled and raged and re-formed and began to settle again in the ethers.

Those of you I know (and those of you I don’t personally know) who have some major dreams and heartfelt desires that you had been working on manifesting – and this includes many of the number that identify or have identified as twin flames – please know this. Without the big shake-up of energies that occurred this year, without those final “battles” playing out, without the influx of grace that is now occurring onto the planet as a result of love’s victory, without the chaos from which can be born new conditions, new situations, new perspectives and new opportunities, those dreams and desires which may have seemed challenging or even in some cases somewhat “impossible” (I place it in brackets because the word is losing its power and its meaning now and is unravelling itself and showing itself to be illusion) would not have been able to manifest on the earth plane (though they do indeed already exist in higher dimensions). What has occurred energetically, which was necessary for the ascension of humanity and the planet itself, has occurred as a result of your love, your hope, your holding your visions with an open heart, your manifestation work, your trust in miracles. It is how it had to be, dear ones. A great leap was needed to assist some of these dreams manifesting, and indeed, those grand dreams were placed in your heart by God, by the universe itself, by the highest of the high energies, via the universal consciousness, in order to place you in the right space and the right frequency and the right alignment to contribute to the great raising of vibration that has now been achieved.

If you are one of those who has begun to wonder why nothing you wish for ever seems to come true and why you have been given so many challenges in quick succession this year, who has begun to doubt and give up on your dreams, you are urged to stop viewing this from a place of being individually affronted (“why me? why don’t I deserve love/happiness/abundance? why does nothing good ever happen to me?” type thoughts) – stop. And think. Look back in your life, before 2017, before 2016, even more so before 2012. Think about every blessing, every thing that happened that brought you joy, that made you happy, that was the fulfilment of a wish. It is simply not true to say that nothing good ever happened and it is not healthy to believe you are now being punished when you know yourself you have done so much good here on the earth. The rather bigger dreams, more complex and needing more particular sets of circumstances to align and more people’s perspectives to change or more people’s involvement, which many of us lightworkers have been inspired with during that period between 2012-6, require rather more incubation time.

Think about how long it has taken in the past between conceiving a dream and actualising it. There has always been a process of sowing an idea or intention as a wish or a prayer, then growth time while the universe, the higher beings and God were able to work on it, then the time of coming to fruition. With the grandest dreams of your soul, from twin flame unions to once-in-a-lifetime travels to manifesting enough abundance to make a huge difference in the world to achieving the dream goal or mission, there is bound to be a longer, deeper, more involved process, on all levels; not only that but many of them are dreams relying on such high-vibrational states being present and accessible in physical reality, that this great miraculous shift had to occur first. The dreams were sowed in your heart to catalyse your own raising of frequency and your own trajectory; which in turn brings about that state that ultimately is now anchoring the potential and the energetic space that makes greater, more frequent and more powerful miracles possible in the physical plane.

It is not that you have lost your ability to manifest and co-create. What has transpired has been the backdrop for the ultimate crash course in becoming master manifestors and co-creators together with God’s will. Thought really does create reality. Yes, there has been a pause. Yes, there has been a time delay. There has always been a time delay between things coming into existence in the higher dimensions and then becoming physically visible and accessible here on the actual earth plane. It has been longer this time because it was necessary, and because what was happening energetically was not just working towards your own personal dreams and visions, it was working towards bringing in more heaven, more healing, more peace on earth than ever before. And if this has been your experience, then you have contributed your power and your light and your love to this great piece of soul mission work we could only ever have done together, through the energy of unity consciousness.

So hold that vision, dear one! Hold it with love and pride and gratefulness in your heart, knowing it already is, because YOU see it, you hold it in YOUR heart, you hold it in YOUR soul, within the non-physical dimensions. Hold it knowing that in the clarity and strength and passion of your vision you have held up a light-filled piece of heaven on earth. Hold it knowing that you ARE worthy of it, you ARE deserving; you are a being of limitless love and light radiating as a beacon here on earth, magnificent and resplendent in your inner and outer beauty and a greatly-appreciated representative of your angelic and elemental brothers and sisters who assist us from the higher realms.

Holding that vision up to the light, with an image as vivid and clear and engaging all of the senses and all the love in your angelic heart, right here and right now, is the key. Because the energies on earth right now – coming back to the stunning, breathtaking light anomalies that are illuminating our skies and adorning our Facebook feeds right now – are an infiltration of light whose beam will shine through your creation much like a projector, amplifying your vision and projecting it into the fabric of physical existence.

You are walking out of the darkness, walking out of the chrysalis, and into the light: do so with your faith still intact. And you can make that decision even now, even if it’s failed you, even if you’ve walked away from your dream, even if you’ve lost heart or lost hope, even if you’ve made choices this year you now wish you hadn’t. Your vision is still there. Your faith is still there. Now that love has won, you can pick them up again, flex your wings, and walk into 2018 radiating your bright, beautiful, unique colours and carrying with you your piece of the intricate and picturesque puzzle that is now coming together. If you need it, ask for help from your angels and guides and watch how quickly they respond with a sign, a solution, a piece of guidance or a new opportunity. Remember, they need your permission to intervene in your life.

We’ve got this. I promise.

Being brought to your knees is not necessarily a bad thing. Being brought to your knees can make you still, can bring you directly back into the present moment, can bring you to a place of prayer or contemplation or interaction with the divine, can give you rest. And can give you the opportunity to rise again, resurrecting your hopes and dreams as you stand tall in your power once more, and doing so is an act of trust and surrender in the universe that generates pure grace, which means you rise – and your heartfelt, pure-of-intention hopes and dreams with you – stronger, more powerful and more beautiful than ever before.

Immerse yourself in Christmas miracle energy, bright ones. It’s all around. Be a channel for it; look around you and see where you can shine your light to be the miracle for others; pray for others; bless others; give thanks for your own blessings; take a moment to pray and hold global visions; and dream strong, dream vivid, dream bright, no matter how crazy your dream seems to be. I repeat: love has won. Let yourself be part of the rising tide, the wave of love, the new vision, the new harmonic earth.

I wish you all beautiful and blessed experiences over the festive period and into 2018, dear souls. I am outpouring love and light for each and every one of you. The happiest of Christmasses; may every last one of your wishes and dreams come true (and no wish or dream is “impossible”) or even transcend into still greater manifestations you may not even have dreamed or conceived of, for the highest good of all.


Silverla StMichael, Christmas Eve 2017.

Images in old posts

This is just a quick note to say I have noticed that some of the images in my older posts have been removed.

I think this is something to do with them having been hosted at Photobucket.

Unfortunately I don’t have all the images in question stored on my current computer as some of those posts go back years to an older computer and a Photobucket account that is no longer active.

I am going to be working on removing them, but it may take some time, and I probably won’t be able to replace them.

Blessings! xxx

A Moment Of Clarity

I know I have been very quiet lately. You may have wondered why I haven’t posted to speak about any of the events happening in the world or how to navigate the chaotic energies surrounding them. The truth is, like so many of us right now, I have been overwhelmed. I have had, as so many of us have, my own personal challenges and struggles and spanners in the works to deal with. Energetically, just like any of you out there who are angelic warriors of light (under any name, be it earth angel, twin flame, starseed, lightworker, or any number of others), I am drained and dealing with physical symptoms which reflect the level of upgrading and transformation going on in our subtle and physical bodies at this time.

I am slowly beginning to gain some clarity on what is unfolding both in my own path and in the collective path so I thought I would share with you all. There is a lot of fear present on our planet at the present time. Indeed, cosmic alignments are intensifying the energy shifts we are still integrating from recent years, and world events (even down to the way they are reported) are amplifying the fear factor. Change and transformation bring an illusion of chaos, and bring not only fears but also unfinished business or unresolved issues and traumas to the fore, because the energy can be likened to a wild whirlwind or a relentless rollercoaster. In recent years, our planet and humanity as a whole have been ascending through energetic gateways and vibrating at an ever higher dimensional level. We are now processing, integrating and anchoring these changes, and thoroughly in the midst of the illusion of chaos. The energy shifts themselves, as we experienced new and higher dimensions of being, often felt blissful and empowering, bringing enhancements to our spiritual abilities and lucid dreams or beautiful runs of synchronistic opportunities. The integration stage, because we are anchoring these new vibrations to our physical reality, requires us to walk between these worlds and marry them together, without becoming entrenched in the lower vibrations of fear.

Many of you (if not all of you) who have been drawn to this page and similar spiritual pages are angelic warriors of light – awakened or awakening beings related to the angels and elementals of the higher realms, incarnated on earth at this time to assist this process simply by being, by holding your own unique energy signature, by radiating out your unique light-stream into the cosmos. Our souls are busy right now in a way they never have been before. Many of us feel tired or even exhausted so much of the time, because our souls are on mission during the dream time and in the other dimensions parallel to our physical human existence. We may not consciously know what our souls are doing, but we can feel the effects of the hard work and constant striving in our physical bodies. We may get glimpses through our dreams. It does not matter whether we consciously know what our soul is doing to lay foundations for the future or not. Our soul knows. We just need to allow those higher aspects of ourselves to do what they were always destined to do; to honour the physical body as well as we can with diet, nutrition and exercise to support the upgrading process and the higher-dimensional exertion; to be kind to ourselves at a challenging time.

It can be perceived as a battle of sorts, but a battle that can be won through light and love and pure vibrations, not weapons and violence. At the most basic level, we are anchoring the new energy, the new paradigms, the new earth, despite resistance from residual energy and beings who fear the change. In the human state we are in many ways pre-programmed to resist change, or certainly, that’s the patterning or templating many of us have defaulted to over the years. A lot of the tumultuous events happening around us right now are a product of resistance to change, fear of change. As angelic warriors of light, we are wired to wake up and hold the vision, knowing that the transformation of earth to a higher-dimensional paradigm is essential for the evolution of humanity and our own personal soul growth. The vision is one of unconditional love, unity consciousness and world peace. There are many visionaries working towards this at this time. We can consciously assist our souls with their endeavours by aligning with such causes and with people who also hold the vibration of unconditional love. Support causes that promote peace, harmony, unity, protecting humanity, helping the vulnerable, helping children, helping animals, conserving the planet. Visualise our earth held in beautiful light orbs of electric blue, purple, emerald green, solid gold and crystal-clear white light for protection and healing. Visualise the unification of people in peace and love around the world, however that presents to you. Affirm and pray words of peace, love, harmony, justice, balance and healing for all.

In the human state, it is a constant challenge to keep ourselves out of the energy of fear when it is being projected by others. Grounding and spending time in nature or close to animals will help, as well as regular time to meditate or be introspective with your own thoughts, your own energy. These activities lift our vibration and when we are seeing from a higher perspective we are more likely to see the truth, that unconditional love is real, that it is a limitless force that can create miracles in the universe, and that peace and unity can be a reality, shining through the illusion of chaos. These activities also bring us clarity on our own paths and regarding where we stand in our own beliefs and projections. Many of us are seeing old fears, patterns, templates, or wounds presenting to us in new ways or rising to the surface. Many of us are being presented with unexpected or unforeseen challenges in our individual personal physical realities, too, which are taking up a lot of time and energy. As wise people around me have reminded me lately, such things are happening for a reason, changes within the global changes that have the potential to shift our whole reality and allow space for our deepest heartfelt dreams to manifest. We have prayed for this, we have prepared for this – I know I personally didn’t anticipate the level of chaos that would unleash itself in order to get me to the outcomes I have prayed for, but then, maybe if I had, I wouldn’t have worked on those manifestations and would have instead lived a lesser existence. Many of us are likely in a similar position. It is a healing process, and the challenges are great and varied and tailored to each individual soul to assist integration and growth at this time.

As we ride out the storm with love, we send ripples out into the universe. Ripples of hope for others; ripples of strength and determination and certainty that yes, we do still want the ultimate destiny we have visualised and held the vision for to occur, no matter what it takes to get there; ripples of courage and bravery that yes, we have the resilience and the faith to do this; ripples of vulnerability that yes, we are open to receive the love and assistance of our infinitely abundant universe; ripples of love, for through it all we still love ourselves, our loved ones, our soul family, humanity and our planet and no matter what we still hold all of us in our expansive hearts and the beautiful energy of unconditional love they create. We can and will overcome. This is the message we send to the universe as we ride out the storm with love. Every emotion we experience right now may crack us open a little bit further and allow our light to shine even more. Every challenge we face, even if it’s messy and convoluted to find a solution, may bring us to our knees in surrender a little bit more, allowing us to receive more clarity on the will of God, the divine plan, and allowing us to receive more of the miracles and blessings of the universe. Every delayed manifestation – because many of us are in a time of rebirth and incubation and we may feel like our dreams are on hold – may help us appreciate the positive outcome awaiting us in the end even more when it comes, and may teach us to flow, to be grateful for what we have and to be present in the moment along the way.

All of this is teaching us to be the powerful and magnificent souls we truly are. It is an illusion that we confined by limitations of human creation, whether that be the illusion of time or the echoes of voices in our heads that told us we couldn’t be this, shouldn’t do that or would never achieve our wildest dreams; whether that be that the power lies with the few or that we are helplessly adrift on the tides of life as it takes its most extreme turns yet. Our true power lies in the now and our true power lies in how we respond, where we choose to put our thoughts, our focus, our intentions and our love on a daily basis. Hold the vision, dear ones. Be grateful for love in whatever way it presents to you, thank the universe and be open to receive more. Recognise miracles, however small. See peace, see love, see harmony, see unity, see fairness and equality, truth and justice for all. Believe in your dreams. Consciously choose to put your thoughts in these places, and to act with kindness and love towards yourselves in as many ways as you can. Thought creates reality, intention creates our trajectory and the focus of our hearts anchors our visualisations into our physical reality. Think about the most positive outcomes you can, intend that your dreams for yourself and for the world will and can come true, and focus your heart on love rather than fear, by spending time with yourself and those you love, caring for yourself, being kind to yourself, connecting with the earth and its creatures, and looking for the blessings in every situation.

As a final thought, but nonetheless important, there’s a difference between keeping yourself informed about world events and immersing yourself in fearful thoughts. If you are drawn to read a particular piece of news or it crosses your path you are meant to know. You may be meant to know, in order to pray and send light and hold those affected by the event in love. You may even be involved in a frightening situation yourself because you are meant to shine your light there. Those things that require your light, love and positive attention will find you. It may be helpful to avoid too much time on social media or reading reams of negative news right now. The more you can preserve your vibration and stay in a space of love and light right now, the more you help yourself, the souls you are connected to, humanity and the planet.
Just by being here right now, dear, brave, warrior souls, you are making a difference.

This is a crusade of love and I see you – your courage, your strength, and your magnificent, beautiful souls. You can do this. And a world vibrating with peace, justice, harmony, unconditional love and unity consciousness is worth it. Our trajectories are all different and we will all come off the current rollercoaster of energy at different times, with a new perspective and a new level of light and the ability to once again feel the bliss of the higher dimensions. Worrying about when and how new or better things will come – less frightening times, solutions to challenges, manifestations of dreams – will only prolong the process, because thought creates reality, and this is a form of thinking about lack and fear. Instead, putting our focus in the blessings, the things we can be grateful for, the love we can give and receive, the good we can do, the solutions we can find, the connection we can make to the earth, the beautiful vision we can hold for our physical reality, and the faith we have in our dreams, IN THE PRESENT MOMENT, creates the kind of unconditional love that births miracles.

Silverla StMichael – October 2017

Choosing Unconditional Love Over Fear

Dedicated to John Frusciante

My heart has been pulled this week to thinking about the many losses of famous faces we have seen in recent times, the many RIP messages I have tearfully posted as final marks of respect, appreciation, gratitude and above all, love. When a person puts their music, or art, or performance out into the world, it is my perception that they are sharing a creation of love, that was meant to touch hearts, inspire and uplift, heal and help make sense of this experience we collectively call life on earth. Though we don’t know them personally, it’s a glimpse into their soul and possibly beyond, into humanity’s higher mind. And when we grow to love and appreciate it, a form of unconditional love springs from our heart to theirs and to other souls we go on to share it with. In this way, the musicians, artists, actors, leaders, writers, visionaries and creatives we love come to mean a lot to us.

We are multidimensional beings. I state this as a truth because I don’t just believe it, I know it to be true in my own heart from experiences I have had in meditation and lucid dreams. We do not have to know somebody personally in this physical reality for our soul to connect with their soul. Souls connect through dreams and higher-dimensional experiences all the time. They swap information, messages and experiences, learn lessons together, fight battles together, heal each other, and all of this is given freely because at soul level there are no conditions on our love for each other as fellow human beings. I am willing to bet that many of you out there have experienced dream visitations and meetings with deceased loved ones or ancestors; people you have yet to meet who then become important later in your lives; and, indeed, famous people you feel a strong connection with.

There is a kind of energetic barrier between people who have manifested fame and people who have not, in physical reality, which comes from our perceptions, from an illusion of one state being better than the other. I consider those who manifest fame, essentially, to be strong and determined souls who at soul level wish to share powerful messages and healing energies with large numbers of people rather than just an immediate sphere of influence, though with that comes unique challenges. As someone who has always loved music and attended a lot of concerts, I have also witnessed star-struck hysteria, objectification of artists and treating them in many ways like public property rather than talented and also very human people who deserve to be properly “seen” and respected (in many cases unconditional love turned conditional, expecting something in return), and the resultant fears for artists’ safety, leading to actual physical barriers and security personnel. The core truth is, we are all souls sharing a human experience and we all have purposes, missions and reasons for being here – we all have unique contributions to make to the world.

We are all one – and separation, perceived separation, feeling alone, misunderstood, or unsafe in the world generates the opposite or absence of love, which is fear. This applies to many different situations and walks of life. When given power, fear can silence us from speaking our truths, prevent us from being courageous enough to follow our heart’s dreams and desires or achieve our life’s purpose, and sometimes, dull our passions or taint our talents with self-doubt or the unbearable weight of perceived responsibility to produce ever more, ever better. When actually, it seems to me, all we ever have to do is be ourselves, the most real, loving and authentic version of ourselves we can possibly be. And that is more than enough because no one person has to fix the whole world alone. Together we are mighty. And together we can redirect and shift our focus and our energy wholly onto unconditional love. We all have the capacity to inspire unconditional love in each other and I guarantee you will have inspired it in somebody somewhere, and not even realised, already in your life. Every one of you.

Many of us may have one particular singer, actor, artist, writer or musician who has touched our life, heart or soul more so than any other. For some, they may be a so-called celebrity crush; or somebody whose music or art has spoken to their spirit and touched their soul, bringing them comfort and healing; or someone whose work or whose story has inspired them to be a better person; or someone whose work they love so much they are influenced by it and incorporate elements of it in their own mission; or somebody they feel they have connected with at soul level in dreams, past lives or other dimensions…or any combination of the above. I wonder how many of us have paused for thought recently about how it would be if we were to lose that particular person who has been instrumental in our lives and most likely without knowing it.

There are many musicians, still living and on the other side of life, who I love deeply on a soul level but I do have that one stand-out person who has touched my heart and soul more than any other. That person for me is John Frusciante, who some of you will know is a talented musician and music producer who started out playing arguably legendary guitar for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. And when I was posting my respects to Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington recently, the thought began haunting me about what I would have posted had it been him in their shoes. It made me think about how grateful I am to have made that connection in my life and to have enjoyed his work and his music. I realised that I would have a lot I would want to say, and how sad it would be to say it to the rest of humanity in his absence, rather than while we still share the same planet. With my friends, family and professional contacts I am a demonstrative person, who does not believe in anything being left unsaid (as anyone who has ever received a thank you or special birthday card or message from me will vouch for). And I have reached out to him with little messages of thanks and support before, but they have definitely not been as heartfelt as the gratefulness and unconditional love they have come from – because I have allowed fear to control and constrain them. I have allowed the status quo of that perceived divide between an artist and a fan to silence most of what I would say given the freedom to do so, for fear of other people thinking I was being weird, overstepping boundaries, or becoming obsessive.

Here’s the thing though: it’s only if someone expects something back and conditional love is created that those destructive patterns set in. (And not just between artists and fans, but between ex-partners, or between any two people where one has feelings for the other, or a desire for friendship, that are not necessarily returned in kind.) That does not have to happen. The core of any emotional connection to any other human being, before it is influenced by ego desires and illusory perceptions, is unconditional love. Unconditional love is liberating and free, seeking only ever to express itself and spill out love and light into the world. Unconditional love understands, too, that whatever love is shared and expressed comes back to its source in equal measure, though sometimes from other directions and in surprising ways. Unconditional love trusts that there is a reason for everything, that all is well and that it is always loved in return, because real love only generates ever more love. It is the highest and purest energy in the universe and it can and will heal this world if we would only choose it over fear and the consequent fearful desires to control other people and situations and set ridiculous, non-loving demands – as well as limits – on ourselves. And I also realised that only I can give myself the freedom to choose it, the freedom to say what I really feel, and the freedom to do what I feel in my heart no matter what anybody else thinks about it. We all hold that power within ourselves, and sometimes when we wield it we also inspire other people to unlock that power within themselves too.

Incidentally, this applies to many different situations, too. It could apply to what you would want to say to a family member or friend you have lost touch with and perceive a divide, scared of their anger, bitterness or rejection should you try and reach out. It could apply to someone you have feelings for but are too scared of rejection to say so. It could even apply to a stranger you met somewhere who acted as an earth angel to you and you have gratitude and appreciation and love for them in your heart and no avenue to express it. But there is always an avenue to express the love and gratefulness in your heart, because it is such a powerful force it will always find a way if you allow it to. For me it is often the written word (even if that’s done via an open letter or social media post with the intention that if it’s meant to be it may someday reach the person I wish to reach), for others it may be performing a song, and for others it may be spoken. We also don’t always know the true reasons why we are driven to say or do things to express our love in the world. Life is a wild ride and we never know what’s around the corner. It may not always be meant to reach the person who initially inspired unconditional love in your heart – it may sometimes be that someone else reading or hearing it will be forever touched, inspired, or influenced by your expression, or that someone will be drawn to your open heart, reach out to you and become a lifelong friend. A particular and very relevant quote which echoes this has been haunting me, too: “Aim for the moon – even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” The universe knows what it’s doing when it inspires us to express unconditional love; it’s always a force for transformation, ours or someone else’s. And as we are all intricately connected in the great web of life, surrendering to it in trust must surely always be a good move.

True courage is indeed feeling the fear we are faced with and doing what our heart wants us to do anyway. Not one of us knows which day will be our last, a fact I become more and more consciously aware of as I get older. I still have unfulfilled dreams and wishes and it’s a constant source of frustration that life circumstances dictate I can’t always take any action towards them. But unspoken words, I can do something about, if I choose love over fear. So I am doing what my heart wants me to do and allowing it to express what it wants to say in tribute and gratefulness for the amazing and truly unique musician it now calls its muse and inspiration, John Frusciante, whose beautiful work and whose bright soul have touched my heart more than any other – now, in this present moment, in unconditional love untainted by sadness, grief or loss. I am doing it for me, for the sake of choosing love over fear, for the light and peace it generates, and to demonstrate that it is safe to do so. And if it inspires even one other person to express the love or the truth or the unspoken words in their heart to somebody in this world who has touched their heart and soul who may have felt unreachable to them for whatever reason, I would love to know. I would count it as a real blessing and a testament to the power of unconditional love.

I had always been intensely aware of angelic and spiritual connections from childhood. I have said in posts before that I heard angel-song at the age of four, saw fire letters written on my bedroom wall at the age of eight and had my first out of body experience at the age of eleven. I had also always had a love of music, participating in choirs and ensembles with various instruments from primary school onwards. Somewhere along the way as a teenager, my self-esteem was damaged, part by bullying, part by suffering with acne for much of puberty and part, I am sure, by my reaction to it all and allowing myself to become a victim. So when people told me the things I believed were weird I believed them, and kept quiet about it, even buried it in my own memory to some extent. And when people told me I wasn’t good enough at singing or music – or writing, my other passion — to perform or publish it in front of people, I believed them, and chose more so-called “sensible” routes and options for employment – for a long time I even put them to one side as hobbies. I must add, when I say people, in no way do I mean my own blood family, who always supported me, believed in me, really “saw” me for who I am as a soul. They were my touchstones through those times.

I was in the midst of a deep spiritual re-awakening circa 2003 – coming back to the pull I had always felt to soul work by way of a crystal healing course and an incredible amount of self-healing – when I first discovered John’s music; firstly his considerable contributions to the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ repertoire (which also still deeply touches my soul), and then it didn’t take me too long to become even more drawn to his own individual music. The timing of it, honestly, could not have been more perfect and I suppose this goes a long way to my firm belief in synchronicity over coincidence. There is an incomparable excitement when you first connect with a song or album that touches your soul (I know music lovers will get what I am talking about), and with this particular music I felt it even more intensely – in fact, I perhaps didn’t appreciate that feeling enough at the time, and maybe only truly understand what a positive force that was for me now that he is putting less music out there.

It’s always going to be hard to explain quite why any music touches you that much more than anything before or since, because it’s something that is felt rather than necessarily consciously understood. There were many themes in his music that echoed my own thoughts, feelings and emotions, or gave voice to things I felt with my soul that I had not yet been able to express. Some of them were more about life experiences and brought me healing and peace from past heartaches. Some of them were more spiritual in nature and aligning with my core inner beliefs which I was giving myself permission to re-explore at that time, from the nature of time to the existence of other dimensions to the concept of infinity itself. This music became my absolute go-to music when I was experiencing any sort of negative emotion or internal struggle, and as any spiritual person will know, with deeper awakening often comes the time of the storm, chaos and change, breakdowns in relationships and complete 360-degree plot twists, so there was a lot of anger, sadness, regret, bitterness and anxiety surfacing. The struggles I speak of were mostly over my major life lesson of learning to love who I am and being empowered and strong enough to express myself as that person. They are nothing like the suffering I have witnessed many other people close to me facing in life, and for that I am grateful, but still, they were my struggles, and it is surprisingly hard to alter negative programming instilled in your psyche over a number of years. But every time I listened to John’s music, there was something not only in the lyrics, but in the choices of chord progressions, the unusual harmonies, the haunting melodies, the energy within and between and beyond them, that soothed, comforted, calmed, uplifted, empowered and made me feel more like myself. Something familiar that felt like home. There was maybe something resonant of the divine music I had heard in the small hours of the early morning when I was a child, and maybe something resonant of my own inner core energy. I felt like it amplified me, my vibration. I still do.

The ability to create music with that sort of power, that sort of healing potential, that sort of revelatory capacity, I believe is rare and something to be treasured. It goes far and away beyond talent or musicianship and into the realms of destined life purpose, I am sure. It has been transformative for me – of course, as we all are, I am still a work in progress and life is still ever changing and evolving but that time was a turning-point in me starting to embrace my spiritual path. And because of the love I already had for John’s music and the gratefulness I already felt for him having shared it with the world, when I inevitably connected with other people who loved the Red Hot Chili Peppers and they told me about his strength in overcoming addictions I had nothing but deep admiration for this warrior soul; and when they told me about the way he fearlessly spoke his own spiritual truths in interviews, including communing with spirits and angels and channelling energy, art and wisdom from the higher dimensions, it made me feel far less crazy in my own beliefs, increasingly able to share my own spiritual gifts of channelling energy and messages with others, and determined to help and guide other people emerging onto a spiritual path. I know there are many other people out there who have been deeply inspired and touched by both John’s music and his story; I have read their stories with warmth and gratefulness in my own heart. He may not have set out to be, but he has been an earth angel to many people around the globe and there is so much love out there for him – real, unconditional love.

I will be forever grateful that I was able on several occasions to hear John play live with the band. I have been present at many truly fantastic and once-in-a-lifetime concerts but nothing else has ever compared to the energy I experienced on those nights. The most memorable was perhaps a tiny gig they played at Canvas club in London in 2006 – the atmosphere was very different to a stadium and there was far more of a sense of connection between the audience and the band – it was also the first time I heard some of the songs of that era that have since become part of the soundtrack of my life. Those experiences are some of my most cherished memories because it truly is an experience of pure joy to hear first-hand and in its most raw and authentic expression, music that has become part of your soul. Those experiences also amplified the sense of soul connection I personally felt from how deeply this musician has touched my heart. My ultimate dream since those days has always been to hear John play his own solo music live, which has never yet become a reality. In fact, in the interests of not placing limits, the ultimate dream would be for that to happen as part of a trip to California, where I have been soul-drawn to due to past life memories for some time and which would likely be a once-in-a-lifetime thing for me given that I live in England and have commitments and responsibilities here, as we all do. To speak the truest and most authentic desires of my heart, the even more ultimate and wilder dream would be to be able to play a song or piece of music together with the musician I admire and resonate with more than any other. These seem unlikely dreams now, as he is more focused on other things in life (ever true to himself and his own path and quite rightly so) – but I know my heart will never give up on them – again quite rightly so. Nobody should give up on their dreams while they still have breath in their body. We all have the right to dream.

Going back to childhood, I also had other dreams. I dreamed of inspiring, guiding and teaching other people. I did in fact become a school-teacher and the dream of being a spiritual teacher is ultimately now also coming true as my vibration grows stronger and I attract like-minded souls who can benefit from my past path and experience. As my channel has become clearer with every step towards healing, I have even been guided to intermingle my passion for music with my passion for spirituality by exploring the possibility of reading people’s lives using the songs that mean the most to them. (And wouldn’t I love to give some of my favourite musicians, John included, a song reading! That would be so interesting!) I dreamed of writing, and I am now documenting my spiritual experiences on this blog and getting a lot of positive response from you bright souls out there. I do have ideas for books and am trying to manifest the time and space to write them. Despite change and challenge in relationships, parenthood and career over the years, I feel I am now emerging into my true purpose and fulfilment, and through the whole rollercoaster journey, the inspiration I take from John’s music has been a constant.

And I dreamed of singing or playing a musical instrument. Those I was given opportunity to learn in childhood did not strongly resonate but I always wanted to play guitar and piano. I had already learned some basics on the guitar prior to discovering John’s music and of course the passion for music it re-ignited led me to taking it up again. I seized the opportunity when it arose to revisit study as an adult with the Open University and achieved their Diploma in Music. Though I would never say never, it’s unlikely that I’ll ever play with a band or on stage again now but I can play some rhythm guitar for pleasure and I am now finally learning to play the piano – in my forties and around my work and childcare commitments. These were things that were always in my heart to do that had been sidelined because of lack of self-belief…things that I am now doubly determined to do to the best of my ability for the love of it, for the soaring feeling of mastering a piece and playing it well, for the sense of wellbeing, achievement and yes, that pure joy of live music in the moment and from my heart. It makes such a difference to my inner life, my vibration and my creative force. But it was always going to take a truly inspirational musician to give me that fire back to make music again when my self-confidence had dropped to such a low level, and I was lucky enough to find that inspiration in John. He has influenced my journey just as much as many people in my immediate circle. Just by being the soul he is, he has taught me so much and given me courage to tackle this lifetime’s lessons – including expanding my capacity for true unconditional love. His music has been my comfort and my strength for so long now it is part of my soul. He means the world to me and I honestly cannot imagine a universe without his music – without his energy – in it. I wish him so much happiness, fulfilment, peace and of course, love. And even if he never knows it and regardless of what anybody thinks about it, that remains part of my truth. There will always be unconditional love and gratefulness in my heart for him.

And of course, I am aware he is not perfect; no one of us is. By virtue of the fact that we still inhabit the earth in a human body, we are still growing and learning spiritually, still evolving, works in progress. It is possible to witness somebody’s darkest times and find beauty in the grace and power they reveal when overcoming them – and I have certainly seen the light, strength and courage of a true warrior in John. And as a result I have unshakeable faith in him and his ability to always return to his highest and best self, no matter what twists and turns come along the way and whether or not it fits in with anybody else’s hopes, dreams or projections. Unconditional love is not blind to imperfections. Unconditional love sees a person’s imperfections and loves them anyway, sometimes even loves them more because in the dance between magnificence and imperfection lies a person’s unique energy signature. Unconditional love sees a person at soul level, and honours the magnificent flame of light burning inside them, no matter what is said or done in this physical plane. And every one of us can open our hearts and vibrate with the frequency of unconditional love, through our intention, our passion and our heightened states of emotion.

None of us know what is around the corner, ever. We can make plans and we can keep dreams in our heart, but life, guided by our higher selves and the divine plan, can take very different winding roads to those we see ourselves travelling on. I believe we are infinite in the sense that our souls live on after death and come back time and again on this unfolding spiritual journey towards ascension beyond the physical plane. I believe we are reunited with those we have loved dearly in the higher dimensions, so we can never truly lose each other, and love – real, unconditional love – is more powerful than death itself. I myself still connect with my father, who passed in 2010, through dreams and music I associate with him, as well as other relatives on the other side, spirit guides, living friends and family when in their physical absence, even my children before they were born and yes, indeed, famous people I feel soul connected to, on both sides of the veil. I had dream visitations from both Robin Williams and Alan Rickman after their passing from this life and I have of course connected with John and other living musicians I love in my dreams, too. Some people say they are just dreams. Something in my heart and the recognition of people’s vibrations – how they feel to me when I am in their presence either physically or energetically – tells me that the truth is they are glimpses of our higher dimensional experience, which is playing out even now alongside our earthly life. So I am truly able (and blessed) to understand that separation is an illusion – we are all ultimately connected and none of us are ever really alone.

Still, there is something about telling the souls around you – the souls you share this journey with (time and again in some cases!), the souls that help to shape and grow and define you as the most beautiful and authentic expression of the magnificent light being you truly are – what they mean to you here and now, on the earth plane, in the physical dimension, in this lifetime. Something beautiful, empowering, divine, everlasting and creating magic in its wake with the power of unconditional love expressed through the physical vessel – grounded, made manifest, written in the book of life – the Akashic record – here on planet earth for eternity. I am not saying that John is the one and only person who has helped me heal or lit up my life, the difference being it is easier to express to and thank those friends and loved ones I am in physical or online contact with, and believe me, I have, and I do. I am grateful for all those souls who have touched my heart and shared my journey, my readers included. But this piece of writing is dedicated to him, the musician who is both my muse and my solace, and the one soul in the universe whose unique expression in this lifetime has inspired such growth and transformation in me from so far away.

I wholeheartedly encourage you to express your love, in every way, every day, with everyone you can who has touched your heart, your life and your soul. And if you have someone who means the world to you but you’re not in contact with, for whatever reason, you can still take the present moment – which is all we ever really have to work with and which is the true place of power – to write an open letter expressing your unconditional love for them. And if you do have a musician or famous person who means the world to you, don’t wait, speak it now, while they and you are both still here; speak it fully and authentically, even tag them in it via their social media if you are able. If it’s meant to find them, it will. And if it’s in your heart to do it, there will be a reason for that, either for you, for them, or for someone else you have yet to discover in the next chapter of your story. You never know just what good it will do in the world. My heart is lighter for writing this and I am grateful I was inspired and able to find the courage to do it. I am naturally quite an introspective person who doesn’t like to draw too much attention to my private thoughts and feelings and I am taking a huge leap of faith here posting it. May we all ever grow in our capacity for infinite and unconditional love and in so doing may we find true peace, as individuals, as an interconnected global community of human beings whose default setting is in fact love, not fear – and may we manifest peace fully on this planet we currently call home.

I love you all infinitely, brave warrior souls who walk this earth with me. If you have ever felt guided to do something similar, please consider the gauntlet well and truly thrown down, though with love and with my belief that you are all able to be the best, most beautiful and authentic versions of yourselves and to create magic and miracles with every step you take.

Written with love by Silverla StMichael on 22nd July 2017.