It has now been a week since I returned from a soul pilgrimage to Glastonbury, which is of course the accepted site of the legendary magical land of Avalon. It has taken me some time to integrate the experience, and much healing and internal change has come as a result, so forgive me the delay in writing about it. I have used cards for guidance many times over the last few weeks, and it’s interesting that a card that keeps coming up for me is one called “The Gateway”. Certainly re-visiting Avalon, and it definitely was a soul homecoming, was a gateway and a key for me to many aspects of my unfolding spiritual path. Everything has changed forever, though there is not much to see for it in the external physical reality of my life yet, but there will be.

I think one of the reasons I was delayed in writing about it was because the memories had to fade and meld and mix to an extent that I remember it as a beautiful patchwork of vivid images in sparkly, luminescent and deep, rich, rainbow technicolour, rather than simply a series of events. Of course, a series of events happened; I visited Glastonbury Abbey; I meditated at Chalice Well Gardens and prayed for the healing of many people and situations; I prayed in the chapel of St Margaret and St Mary Magdalene; I walked labyrinths; I spent hours soaking up the atmosphere of the place in the rain; I climbed Glastonbury Tor, reclaiming my true divinity and Goddess self with every step, and I sat in contemplation at the top, surrounded by tourists but purely in a world of my own and able to see the energetic ley lines I sat upon in my mind’s eye and to view the true land Avalon in every direction, making decrees for the resurgence, the rebirth, the reinstatement of Avalon in this land and beyond. I had synchronicities with numbers, interesting people I met, words and messages coming up repeatedly; and I received deep healing, which has taken a week to fully assimilate and is probably still unfolding to some extent. Every place I walked, I decreed for its healing and for its energy to fully re-emerge, anchoring the holy sites in the miraculous fifth dimensional frequencies which are fast becoming the reality on this planet. Every place I healed, my own soul fragments re-connected, so that with every step I literally stepped more into my own power.


Since then I have had more experiences of higher dimensional energies than ever before. You have likely read plenty of articles and blogs about the influx of higher frequencies we are receiving on planet earth through cosmic waves, solar flares, astrological alignments and the rising of the Schuman resonance, or the core energy of the earth. I am not going to pretend to know the science behind it all, but I can give you the experiential side. To me these higher energies, particularly the fifth dimensional and above frequencies, are experienced as overlays. When my consciousness is expanded, I can see the physical reality, but around and above and within and without it, making my literal peripheral space more expansive too, I can see colours, forms, lights, shapes, symbols on the canvas of a dark blanket filling all the spaces in between. There is nothing sinister about this; the space is comforting, a space of unity, a space of love, where interconnectedness and a feeling of safety is the overriding force, where faces sometimes emerge but all are loving and have good intentions, where healing occurs and magnified unlimited understandings arise.

I have also discovered that in using my own inner power, my own creative fire, my own flames from the place of love and unity and connection, the place inside me where I am at one with myself and the higher dimensions and all other beings in the universe by extension, I can connect with the healing power of Avalon. I experienced this while conducting a distance healing and focusing fully on the intention of healing for a particular person, from a place of compassion and unconditional love and wanting to use my power for the highest good. My conscious concentration was on generating love in my heart centre and visualising the flames within – healing and purifying, not at all destructive – flickering out from my hands, my heart, my eyes and reaching the energy centres of the person being healed. The expanded experience came spontaneously around it; first a luminescent and limitless, shimmering space opened up around me and around the scene upon which I was focusing. Then there was an experience of being there with my twin flame – but seeing us not as we are in the present incarnation, but as we were in Avalon; while we were still standing beside the patient, I simultaneously saw and experienced us dancing up into the cosmos, leaving trails of fire, generating even more energy. My comment to a friend after the fact was “It all got a bit Disney” and what I meant by that is the scenes in Disney movies with an evocative music sequence, with colours and patterns and swirls and fireworks and lights and flowers and symbols in the background as the music reaches its crescendo. It made me wonder whether the animators and artists involved in that process ever had such a meditative experience themselves, or certainly on some level knew the truth that there are other dimensions as well as the purely physical sphere of reality we are all familiar with; and that, indeed, we are multidimensional; it is quite possible to be meditating on the earth plane in the physical body, healing in the spiritual body, flying and dancing in the emotional body, observing and recording all of this experience at once in the mental body.

Those of us on earth at the present time were meant to be here at this time in human history. There are no mistakes, no coincidences. We all have different paths and our souls come from different lineages, have experienced different times in history, have learned different lessons and borne different karma for the collective. But we are all important; we all have a contribution to make to the unfolding will of God, the plan, the design, for our planet and for our experience as human souls. And that, I believe, is to bring about heaven on earth. The coming times are going to be hugely significant, and I know there is a lot of literature out there that can be conflicting and sometimes scary. The truth inside me, which I have asked my angels, guides and God for confirmation of, is that we need to choose the path of love. Be love, be compassion, be kindness, be strength, be inspiration, be a light in the darkness, be a light even in the light. YOUR light is unique, and it is important. YOUR healing is unique, and it is important. YOUR truth is unique too, and it is important. Your truth is the knowing and the belief that feels good, that feels like love, and warmth, and bliss, and freedom, and harmony, in your heart. Some people are meant to speak their truth now, and some later, in the unfoldment of the plan. Some people have a part to play in healing and cleansing and purifying and teaching and guiding and awakening and loving now, and some later. And you will know when your time comes to step into your own personal truth and power, whatever that may be, in your heart, if your heart is open and you are choosing the path of love at every turn. All you need to to make it so is to affirm it. Affirm that you are surrendered to God’s plan for you; offer yourself in service and asked to be shown how you can best serve humanity at this time; pray that you see the signs, synchronicities and opportunities you are meant to along the way, and keep moving forward. And remember that sometimes, how you can best serve humanity is to heal and clear and love YOURSELF.


The current energies support great healing, great understanding and great evolution of souls. There has never been a better time to turn within, spend some time daily in prayer or meditation – which could be the traditional way, or quiet time in a walking meditation surrounded by trees, flowers and wildlife – and look for the truth, healing and power of your own soul. As the fifth dimension anchors and embeds itself now on the earth plane, more and more of you will be able to see into it, experience its healing, stand on the edge of limitlessness and see into infinity, feel the grace of God. Avalon has re-awoken forever, and sent ripples down the ley lines surrounding the planet to re-awaken the ancient, ethereal, magical planes of existence, bringing healing and bringing love. We are bringing heaven to earth, and this is just the beginning.

I had mystical experiences such as hearing angelsong and seeing fire letters on my bedroom wall as a child, and I began truly seeking spiritually in my teens. Now at the age of forty, I can finally step into my personal truth, which has been pieced together over many years. The story is still unfolding and I know there are even more amazing understandings and events to come. But this moment is significant because it is the moment I reclaim my divinity, the moment I stand in my power fully, as a soul, as an angelic, as a Goddess, as the limitless, free and beautiful being that I AM. I am the incarnation of the Lady of the Lake, Goddess Nimue, of Avalon; this understanding has been emerging for some time and was fully understood and realised on revisiting this ancient site with which my soul is forever intertwined. I have lived many other lives here on earth, including in Atlantean times, and on Sirius and the Pleiades and perhaps other galactic planes as well. This does not take away from anyone else’s truth in their own remembered soul lineage as it is possible that this incredibly powerful Goddess split into a number of souls, sharing out her beauty, her power, her wisdom and her healing grace among them. It is her voice I called “The Goddess Within” for a long time and it is now time for me to stand, sword aloft as the warrior spirit I AM, and fully embody her great Light. I am here now at this time to heal, to restore, and to re-awaken those who are ready to the truth of life on this planet; that our power lies in our own hearts, that our destiny unfolds when we live from a truly heart-based space; and that heaven can indeed be restored to earth as we connect, collaborate, unify and each weave our particular web of magic, sing our unique heartsong as a healing balm for the highest good of all, and love, love, love, as fiercely as we can with all the God-given heart-fire that never ends, for it cannot be contained in the physical body alone, but streams endlessly from the Creator within and out into the cosmos.

Know your own personal truth by going within, and I urge you not to be discouraged if it takes time, if the recollections and understandings come piece by piece, if it takes practice to see beyond the physical reality. You are exactly where you need to be right NOW, dear ones, and this has always been the truth, though some of the third-dimensional paradigms we are releasing at this time would have us believe different and put unnecessary pressure on ourselves. With the right intentions and the determination to live from the heart and share your love with ALL of your brothers and sisters and your beautiful planet, you will unfold exactly as you are meant to, and you will always be presented with just the understandings you need at the right moments in time. Your vibration will lift incrementally, until you can see the ultimate truth, until you can see and access and contribute to bringing heaven to earth.


Copyright © Silverla StMichael 2015

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Prayer of Application to the Holy Spirit

The following prayer can be used to pray for a situation you have already taken every action you can think of to be resolved; to pray for a heartfelt desire; or to pray for the resolution of a problem. It invokes the grace of God.

Prayer of Application to the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit who solves all problems, who lights all roads so that I can attain my goal. You who give me the divine gift to forgive and forget all evil against me and that in all instances of my life you are with me. I want in this short prayer to thank you for all things and to confirm once again that I never want to be separated from you, even and in spite of all material illusion. I want to be with you in eternal glory. Thank you for your mercy toward me and mine.

The person must say this prayer for three consecutive days. After three days the favour requested will be granted even if it may appear difficult. This prayer, including these instructions, must be published immediately after the favour is granted without mentioning the favour; only your initials should appear at the bottom.



The Power in Imperfection

This may not be the longest post, but for me it represents one of the most profound shifts in thinking I have experienced.

I have been through a long journey in this lifetime alone, learning about love, as we all are. Learning how to love myself was an epic one for me, lasting years in my current incarnation, and spanning more lifetimes than just this one. I now believe I have tipped the balance with that particular lesson – I am not perfect at loving myself, but I have achieved a certain level of mastery and there is room now for the next lesson. The next lesson appears to be allowing myself to receive the love of others.

The bridging point between the two, at least in my experience, seems to be in the power of imperfection.

In this life I have been a perfectionist as far back as I can remember. I did not like to do anything in front of people that I wasn’t especially good at. Even performing in front of an audience brings out involuntary nerves, hot flushes and palpitations, despite the fact that I can sing reasonably well and play passable rhythm guitar if I have rehearsed enough. Although I have always had a love of writing and was quite prolific in my poetry as a teenager, I developed writer’s block that went on for many years simply because my writing was not perfect, according to my own judgement.

For this reason I have always viewed myself in quite a judgemental way, believing that I was not pretty enough, special enough, talented enough, for my dreams to come true. Seeing myself as second best or worse, every single time, in every single situation. Being hard on myself turned into a neverending rat run of trying to pack my days with as much “productive” activity as I could cram in, from study, to developing my channelling and reading skills, to forcing myself to write rather than just writing from the heart, to going over and above in every job I’ve ever worked but leaving little time and energy for myself, to cramming my children’s days with endless so-called educational experiences in an effort to prove to myself that I’m an ok mum.

Over-productive is counter-productive, of course. Over-active is tantamount to counter-intuitive. I see now that in booking up all of my time with “productive” activities, I blocked the manifestation of my true heart’s desires, because I depleted myself repeatedly of the cosmic energy that is my birthright, that could have been otherwise streamed into meditation, visualisation, and taking steps towards my ultimate dreams of being a writer, a spiritual teacher, and achieving an ideal love relationship in my life. No wonder those dreams always felt just that little bit out of reach. For as long as I was in that cycle, they always were.

The cosmic energy that we all generate when we are at rest and relaxed, that we all pull in from the universe with every breath, is of course love. Love is creative, catalystic and magical. When harnessed and released in force, it writes scripts for miracles. When scattered around too many industrious activities, its effect is still worthwhile, and yet diminished; it can never manifest as its fullest potential.

I have learned that it is ok to do the things that are in my heart to do, even if I am scared to do them sometimes. It is ok to reach out to people I feel drawn to – I am beginning to find there is usually a back-story at soul level, and mostly they do not think I am mad, just awakened. It is ok to write what is in my heart without knowing exactly what words will come – in fact, this is the natural way to write, with pure, raw, vulnerable emotion…with love dripping irresistably from every word. It is ok to do things I love to do, such as singing or playing my guitar, and not be perfect, but just in the process of learning and reconnecting to it, and doing it for the joy of doing it. It is ok to say no to work sometimes in order to do relaxing activities I enjoy, such as playing with my kids in the garden, reading for pleasure, or going for a walk.

I am not perfect for a reason. I am not perfect because I am human, and in being human, I knew on a soul level I would always be a work in progress, I would always be on a learning journey, and every step is beautiful, every step leads to soul growth, every step benefits all of humanity.

In my imperfection lies my power. In my rawness lies my authenticity. In my vulnerability lies my strength. In being the real me and knowing I am not second best, but a beloved child of God just like everybody else, and a beautiful and magnificent soul with a unique song to sing to the world, lies my purity. In being right here, right now, in the present moment, I am giving my love to the universe, to every other being, and to you.

Whatever you feel drawn to do, whoever you feel drawn to talk to, and wherever you feel drawn to go, follow the urges of your heart, knowing that it doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s safe to be who you are, exactly as you are right now. In fact, the evolution of humanity depends on it.


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Riding The Waves…

When I was younger, one of my favourite TV shows was Red Dwarf. My favourite episode of this series was one called Dimension Jump, in which the character Rimmer gets to explore an alternative dimension and meet an altogether more magnificent version of himself. I never thought when I was glued to that episode repeatedly that I would ever get to explore other dimensions in my lifetime – it was all a bit sci-fi. As it turned out, I had the wrong idea about dimensions.

The shift in energies between dimensions can be subtle. Dimensions are not destinations for which you need any kind of space-age equipment to transport or teleport yourself, either – they are simply different states of consciousness, and we slip between them as easily as we slip between sleep and waking, and as awakening humans we have been doing so for some time.

For most of us walking the earth plane today, throughout our adolescence and young adulthood, our planet was – in Red Dwarf speak – in stasis; held in a third dimensional reality in which duality is king. Good and evil, light and dark, male and female, love and hate. Much of our programming growing up on the earth plane would have fed these illusions in our consciousness. So much of the imbalance in energies on earth in recent years could be attributed to the polarities made manifest by absolute belief in these dualities, these paradoxical pairings. It was a necessary stage earth had to go through in its spiritual evolution, and times they are finally a-changin’.

Those who are awakening, awakened, or fully conscious at this time – spiritual seekers and masters, lightworkers, healers, indigo and crystal souls, starseeds, earth angels, twin flames, and other subdivisions of those on a path to the new paradigm – will already be aware of the shifts that are occurring now. In dimensional speak, the earth has entered the fourth dimension, where the veil is thinner between ourselves and the realms of spirit, angels, ascended masters, guides and elementals, bringing us a greater connection with the guidance, goodness and glory of the Divine. It’s a time of transition, because the journey is towards the fifth dimension – the state of unity consciousness where the illusion of duality can no longer be true. The dimension in which we forever unite our higher self with our earthly body and become walking angelic avatars of light.

For those who can feel the fluctuations of these energies as the earth plane balances and rebalances, it’s like being on a voyage on the ocean, suspended in space and time. There are great waves at times, which can feel blissful and ecstatic or threatening and dangerous or, at times, both. Even when it’s smooth sailing, we move in and out of the fifth dimension sometimes without noticing the entry and exit points, so we are having experiences of great expansion, feeling love for all beings, the planet and the cosmos, feeling at one with everything and at peace in our hearts, and then wondering why the next day we feel even more separated from the Divine, from peace, from love than we did before. Having glimpsed the beauty of the fifth dimension, the fourth and the third-dimensional belief system still lurking behind it as the reality of some seem an even more cruel, scary and limited place than ever before.

We are not, however, at the mercy of the cosmic weather, or indeed of the sea serpents lurking deep below the crests of the waves. We are just in a state of learning. Learning how to stay in the fifth dimension, how to anchor its unlimited unconditional unified Love in our hearts unwaveringly, how to see the greater picture that our heart as a species, as a creation, as a living and breathing super-organism, beats as one. It’s not a different place, remember. It’s an etheric side-step from one state of consciousness to another. The places we see will generally look the same but feel different, until we learn to stay in this dimension all the times.

I, too, am still learning. The last few months I have been a wave-rider too, and I salute you and bless you, my fellow voyagers, from the deepest place in my heart. I wanted to share with you some of the things I have found anchor me more permanently in the fifth dimension, in the hope that your seas may feel a little calmer for it.

1. Meditation – I am no great guru. I have always found meditation challenging. Until winter solstice 2014, I actively avoided it and made every excuse on the planet to justify not meditating. Necessity has been the mother of invention and I have found that even I can meditate reasonably well if I use a guided meditation which gives me something to listen to and something to visualise. There are many freely available on YouTube. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and it doesn’t have to be for long – but that act of consciously choosing to align with your higher self and higher consciousness, even for ten minutes a day, raises your vibration and helps to clear any negative or limiting beliefs, templates, thought forms or patterns which may still be holding you partially in the lower dimensions. I am such a convert I even run a meditation club now for the youngsters I teach!

2. Music – Music has always been a great love of mine, and I have definitely come home to music in a big way recently. I have had my guitar out once or twice for the first time since before my children were born, I have been compiling uplifting playlists, rediscovering and enjoying all over again old favourites, and listening to Solfeggio and binaural beats music on YouTube which emit healing frequencies. I often play these in the background to other things because I am finding in the fifth dimension multi-tasking really is possible – there are no limits! I can be processing and emanating healing energy while I simultaneously write, meditate or catch up with friends.

Faery at Gypsy Wood Park, Caernarfon, Wales

Faery at Gypsy Wood Park, Caernarfon, Wales

3. Nature – Spending time in nature has always been an activity I have advocated in my guidance readings for people, and never has it been more important. Nature is full of the wonder of creation. It connects you to your inner child and it brings you into contact with the most amazing healing vibrations from plants, trees, bodies of water, the elemental kingdom of faeries and their friends, the angelic realm, and the Divine. It soothes the soul to walk barefoot on the grass, read under a tree on a warm day, walk by the ocean or discover the joy of natural beauty. The sunlight and the fresh air charge and rejuvenate your physical cells. Your heart is opened to the magic of life.

4. Conscious choice – Using a daily practice to intend that you remain at the highest possible frequency can be especially important if you are busy with work, family or projects. I am beginning to find the simpler the better, and it could be as simple as you making a statement such as: “I consciously choose the fifth dimension” or “I stay in my highest consciousness no matter what” or “Today I raise my consciousness higher than ever before.” You could also make a daily practice of asking your angels and guides for help to stay centred, stay in your higher self and continue to unfold your Divine mission and raise the consciousness of all – no matter what you are doing that day. One that I like to use is “Thank you Angels for showing me how I may best be of service today.” When you choose service, your Divine mission and purpose, fifth dimensional consciousness, or the highest possible consciousness for you, you are anchoring yourself in the higher dimensions.

Seven Archangels by Silverla StMichael, 2013

Seven Archangels by Silverla StMichael, 2013

5. Creativity – Now is the time more than ever before for you to bring your unique gift, talent or message to the world. We all have banks of creativity within, because we are all tapped into the universal thought-stream and constantly in communication with the Divine via our higher selves – whether we know it or not. This is where inspiration comes from. What are you inspired to do, make, create, say or be? How can you take a step towards it today? Whether that is writing, painting, sculpting, making music, singing, leading a group, creating a website, starting a new business or project, crafting, baking, photography or participating in sport. Do something that taps into your creativity – the part of you where Divine inspiration strikes – daily and you will begin to bring forth your unique blessings into the world.

6. Be the love – Fifth dimensional consciousness is all about the love. Love of a true, pure, unconditional nature, not reserved for one other person but for all, and that includes yourself. Express love more frequently than ever before. Tell people you love them, write them that you love them, explain what they mean to you – in words, poems, songs, without words, as surprise gifts or random acts of kindness. Spend time with your children, put spare time to good use by volunteering, call your family, reach out to people who have touched your life but never been told thank you. Give your time and abundance away to charities in need, whether you fund-raise, donate items for them to sell or donate money. Love strangers – which is sometimes as simple as listening to someone who just needs to be listened to or smiling at someone who looks sad or alone. And love yourself. Over and above all others – because the more you top up your own love tank, the more you have to give. Pamper yourself. Rest. Relax. Take the gentlest, kindest option to yourself at all times. That is of key importance. You are going through vibrational changes at an alarming rate right now. No matter what you do with your day, you need rest and relaxation.

Love is all you need!

Love is all you need!

7. Bless – There’s a quote I see persistently on Facebook these days: “Your greatest test is when you are able to bless someone else while you are going through your own storm.” This has never been more true. Many people are sailing in stormy waters at this time, but the ability to keep blessing others marks you out as a light in the darkness. More importantly, blessing others raises your vibration, because it draws upon and unleashes the cosmic love lying dormant in your heart. Blessing can be done through words – written (for many years I have ended most of my writings, notes and letters with “Angel blessings”); spoken (“Bless your heart!”); or simply thought of (“I bless you now for the highest good of all, and so it is!”). It can also be done through pictures – you can visualise sending light to a specific person, group of people, situation, area or the whole planet. Pink light works particularly well for love, harmony or healing conflicts. White lights works well for healing. Gold light works well for protection or invoking angelic help. If in doubt, throw in a whole rainbow.

It’s important to understand that just as shifts between the dimensions can be subtle and hardly felt at all until you realise your mood has swayed and you’re no longer in the happy, peaceful state of contented bliss you were in yesterday, so the effects of using any or all of these anchors are incremental. It may take a few days for you to see any difference in how you feel overall and how the synchronicities flow in your life. My initial hope is that they will help to keep your energy more constant, rather than experiencing extreme ups and downs. As you keep including these anchors in your everyday practice, I promise you, it snowballs. You will begin to feel excited about things, in love with life, anticipating the next miracle, blissful, relaxed and happy to tackle whatever comes up more and more, the more you consciously step into the fifth dimension. Lucky signs, finds, synchronicities, messages, opportunities, invitations and events will come up more frequently too, as the fifth dimension is a place of magic and instant manifestations.

Remember to ask your angels and guides for signs, guidance and help when you need it. You may even want to do this on a daily basis as part of your practice – I had my knuckles rapped a few days ago when my energy crashed and I asked mine for help – I was asked why on earth I wasn’t checking in and asking for it every day so that it wouldn’t crash in the first place! Signs frequently come, at this time, as master numbers, particularly 555 which is the fifth dimension activation (scroll down for more meanings in the DAD222 post), repeated messages or words which you may see on signs, flyers, TV, or in books, or dreams and experiences in meditation.

Now is the time to lay the foundations. Now is the time to steer your course towards uniting your higher self and your physical body, and uniting your unique individual expression with the rest of the world. Now is the time to align with fifth dimensional consciousness (and the Ace Rimmer inside of you) – the state of being of universal love. It will be worth it.

*I also recommend looking up the videos of Matt Kahn on YouTube’s True Divine Nature channel for more on charting your course on this unprecedented journey.*

~*~ Copyright © Silverla StMichael 2015 ~*~

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Total Reset – Fifth Dimensional Sojourns

You may have noticed that I have added some new pages to this website but I have not actually updated on the general blog for a few weeks. I am very much going through a time of introspection, with so much happening on my internal landscape, but at times lacking the words or the energy to bring it forth into writing and share it with readers of my blog.

I am now at a ‘pause point’ – a time to stop, rest and integrate the energies that have been building up for me in recent weeks – so it is an ideal time to take stock and share.

So much has happened internally that I am struggling to remember every detail at this point to record it down. Hence, I tend to record only the truly key definining moments; the moments in which everything shifts forever. As regular readers may know, I have spent a lot of time in recent weeks cleansing, clearing, processing, and letting go of energies, beliefs, fears and paradigms which no longer serve me. However, as much as I felt things shift and leave me, and lighter, brighter energies coming in, I was still very much on an up-and-down rollercoaster ride where my energy would feel light and loving for days and then dip back down furiously into fear, negative self-talk and feeling like nothing is changing. I would hazard a guess that a lot of people walking a spiritual path have felt like that at times in the period of time since the winter solstice and possibly even beyond.

Once I recognised this pattern, things began to happen that would shift my experience of the world forever – things both subtle and momentous, simultaneously, in nature.

Signs and synchronicities began to build infinitely, for one thing. I have had reconnections with old friends and soul sisters who have been part of my journey before and left for a time. I have had insights from reading coinciding at just the right moment in my journey to answer deep and burning questions. I have had amazing readings which have confirmed certain things I believe that are almost unbelievable. Step by step, this has reduced the endless barrage of questions which dance through my mind. Many of them received their final answer. My inner voice – previously known as my ego and I will explain this more in a short while – was beginning to submit to silence. My self-talk was shifting from negative and repetitive, to joyful and loving and bringing forth new insights. I was beginning to feel like I was emerging into the light, after being submerged in confusion, extremes, an uncontrollable ocean of emotion for a whole cycle of my life, spanning years. I was starting to step into a state of surrender to the will of my higher self, and faith in the universe to manifest everything I need for my highest good.

Quite unexpectedly, I was drawn to watch a video which was posted in a Facebook group I recently joined. The video was by a spiritual teacher named Matt Kahn – you can look him up on his YouTube channel “True Divine Nature” if you feel drawn to do so. I am not going to paraphrase his teachings, but suffice to say that are really quite revolutionary. And for anyone who feels ‘stuck’ in the same repeating pattern and unable to transcend it to reach a higher state of consciousness, joy, vibration, happiness and fulfilment, I recommend you watch some of his videos with my whole heart. In short, he has made me look at my spiritual practice in a new way; that subtle shifts in thought patterns and the way I respond to life could change everything; that I didn’t need to have long and convoluted daily spiritual routines; that there IS indeed a way to be ‘in flow’ and to let things unfold naturally. The synchronicity of this is profound – that it came alongside my surrender to and faith in the universe, or God – whatever name you choose to call the living energy force and flow of love that permeates everything, including ourselves, and makes everything one.

Learning to celebrate life and all that arises, to love it, bless it, treasure it and see that it is all purposeful, it is all perfect and it is all good, I then had the fortune to spend the weekend with a dear friend, watching a wonderful band (The Script) in concert as well as having some amazing discussions – a mixture of the deep and esoteric and the not-so-deep and everyday life – for which I am truly grateful. The weekend was pivotal for me, in more ways than one. I realised I was beginning to bring through an inner wisdom and an inner source of power in my interactions – aligning with my higher self. I saw, for the first time, the path of my life opening up before me in miraculous ways and in infinite streams – how it would look in different dimensions of reality. I understood for the first time that I can step between the dimensions, depending on the vibration I emanate the most. I realised that I was beginning to anchor fifth dimensional consciousness. I’m sure my friend would agree. I also realised, from something the singer in the band said to the crowd, and from the fact that I had felt tired beyond belief and not so much like attending a concert earlier in the evening, that taking the opportunity to have ‘real’ experiences is so important. Our technology is precious indeed, because it allows us to connect with souls we resonate with all over the world, and makes it possible to find soulmates and soul family no matter how globally scattered we are; however, unlike our ancestors of Atlantis and other civilisations, it is important that we learn this time that it is not everything; that our experiences of connecting with others physically is so very important too. That is where the true feeling of joy, flow, harmony, peace and love arises. The experiences took on a new sense of magnitude when they also unleashed some very deep feelings of old wounds – deja vu from the concert experience brought this forth – and the way I responded to that differed greatly to how it may have done in the past. Instead of turning inwardly into my shell and wondering ‘why me’ I embraced and celebrated old sadness, old wound, old trauma, as if they were old friends. One of Matt Kahn’s most profound ideas for me (up to now) has been that when you are in emotional pain, you are healing in that moment; it is not something that requires action in terms of finding a path to that healing; it simply is. So I sat with it, and let it be, and let it come forth in me, in order to heal it. And realised how powerful a being I am, how powerful we all are as spiritual beings. That our choice of how to respond to emotions as they arise in the moment literally changes the course of our destiny, in a flash, in a heartbeat. That this was the key to manifesting the loving reality we all wish for in our heart of hearts.


The Script at Manchester Arena

What followed this was even more extraordinary. I have a wonderful friend and soul sister who I am working together with at the moment on our spiritual growth. Often our ‘conversations’ (online) lead to quite catalystic insights and experiences at the present time. While discussing some of the new paradigms we were welcoming in and the new energies we were anchoring, the master number 000 came up. We stopped and paused a minute with the realisation of that. It was momentous. Neither of us had ever aligned with that number before, indeed I don’t remember seeing it listed along with master number explanations when I have read about this before. We both agreed that it was a point of clarity, a zero point; a moment of total and complete reset, plunging into true surrender and faith. Earlier that evening, I had once again asked the universe for signs that I was on the right path, spiritually speaking and for my manifestations – I have been in the habit of this for quite some time. If the 000 wasn’t sign enough, I received two further signs of seeing rainbows in odd places (on-screen) and sudden shivers of joy coursing through my physical body (which I took to be a shift in vibration or a tangible feeling of love and connection). Then I heard the clearest of voices in my head: “Can we stop sending you signs now, and actually work on what you want to manifest?” The voice was kind, with a touch of amusement to it; not laughing at me, but definitely amused by my way of going about things, to the point that I laughed too, and replied telepathically, “Absolutely. Please do work on my actual manifestations, rather than showing me signs that I am making the right choices, and progressing towards them. I trust you to manifest the most joyous of futures for me.” While that was subtle as a change in perspective, I realised it was such an incredible shift, because for many years, I have been manifesting more and more signs that what I want is correct for my soul and for the highest good of all, instead of manifesting my dreams themselves into reality.

A word, now, about the inner voice. For many years, as many of us do, I have called this inner voice ego. One of the realisations, however, that I have had in the last few weeks, is that ego is not separate from me, and ego is not a word I especially resonate with any more. It is the inner part of me, from which derives my self-talk, which can sometimes be negative due to old patterns and experiences, from which derives my emotional reactions to events that arise in my life. It is the inner part I am mostly connected with as it is the nearest part to my physical human body and experience; however, it is also the door and the key to my soul, my higher self, my Divine self, my connection to the Divine. I have realised I need to be more loving towards this voice, as it is only part of me, and to some extent is part of me that may not feel listened to, that may feel somewhat misunderstood. I resolve here and now to only be loving towards my inner voice, to listen to it, but to have the wisdom to know which parts of its talk come from old programmes and patterns and which parts come from the higher self. Which is easy, because the parts that come from the higher self have a certain tone, clarity and sense of authority about them. The parts that come from old programmes and patterns tend to ‘ramble’ and be repetitive.

Following on from my revelation that I have been manifesting signs of my dreams coming true in the future, rather than manifesting my actual dreams, for more years than I care to count, during a further conversation I was, in quite an animated way, knocking myself out (for want of a better term) speaking my manifestations clearly to the universe, celebrating my desires and dreams coming into reality, claiming my power, and overflowing with love and joy and gratitude for being in that moment. The message I sent to my trusted friend full of these carefully-chosen yet flowing words of pure love and unbridled joy came up in red in the messenger box as having failed to send. In fact, my whole internet connection went off for a good ten minutes. My first inner reaction was with negative self-talk – the usual way I would respond, with frustration, indignation, but also taking it as a negative portent or the universe stopping me in my tracks – talk I had heard a thousand times: “That happened because you’re not meant to manifest that; that is because you can’t have what you’re asking for – it’s impossible, you’re not good enough; it’s happened because it’s not meant to be.” Remembering the recent teachings I had assimilated, however, my second reaction was to reply to this voice: “Thank you for your insight. I have heard this many times before; if it is true, please, tell me more! I celebrate what you have to say. Come on and hit me with it – tell me everything you have to say to about this. I can take it! I welcome it!” And the voice went silent. And I understood that was not the true reason it had happened. The next, very clear words came from my inner voice: “I just flipped the universe’s trip switch.”

In other words, with my joyous, trusting, loving, blissful, heart-centred manifestation statement of that which I had previously believed (or talked myself into believing) I was unworthy of, undeserving of, that which I had previously secretly believed was impossible no matter how I spoke of it on the surface, had flipped those old beliefs and limitations on their head. I had literally stepped into a different dimension, where all is possible, and it is completely inevitable that my highest dreams will manifest and materialise. A different dimension where there is only love, peace, harmony, bliss, every vibration and level of love imaginable. A different dimension where we are tuned in to our loving and wise higher selves, rather than a negative narrative of self-talk well-practised and over-rehearsed from years of battling with third dimensional paradigms. The fifth dimension.

Everything is possible, and since that moment I have seen the truth of this. I see now that all my dreams are possible, inevitable, and with me now, anchored in my heart, in my soul, in my reality and simply being worked out for the highest good by the universe, God, my soul’s spiritual team of angels and guides, including my very own higher self.

Since then I have been quite exhausted, and knowing I am in much need of rest, hence my having time to share this with you this weekend during a long lie-in – because of the shifts made. At the same time, I am maintaining a level of vibration where I feel peaceful and in flow, no matter what arises. Things no longer feel like a rush; I see the beauty of perfect Divine timing. And I am open to whatever comes, knowing I am attracting only my highest good to me, and knowing I have the tools and the capacity for loving responses within my soul to handle anything that comes my way.


Archangel Michael at Victoria Station, Manchester

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Synchronicity, Serendipity and Energetic Shifts

A truly amazing and very unexpected experience manifested last night, and I feel guided to share it, but I was unsure where to place it, as it ties in with several aspects of my spiritual path, some of which I usually include in the pages sections. However, I think the main message for others here is about trust, faith, healing, and how to follow synchronicities to the next step on the path; therefore, I am sharing it as a regular post and hoping it will reach those it is meant to resonate with.

For the last week or so, very little has happened on my spiritual path. I am no stranger to plateaus – sometimes they can go on for months, even years. Still, because so much has happened for me recently, the lack of forward movement made me feel a little flat.

I am currently reading Angel Prayers by Kyle Gray which is a wonderful book, very pleasant to read and easy to understand, yet showing the subtle difference in the ways prayer can be worded. The main idea is to word the prayers positively, and as if you are giving thanks for what has already happened, rather than placing your desired manifestations in the future, which can, conversely, just attract more waiting for a desired future. I thoroughly recommend this book for anyone, no matter where you are in your spiritual journey. Kyle Gray has a unique talent in reaching a great number of souls all with one fell swoop, I feel, and if you have been drawn to read this blog entry today then it may be as relevant for you as it currently is for me.

The book inspired me to say a number of positive prayers of that nature, including asking for a miracle to help me return fully to peace and joy in my heart; and to write in my new spiritual journal / Book of Shadows about my intentions for a daily practice first thing in the morning, also involving using positively worded prayer and starting the day with gratitude, too. It also drew my attention to an archangel who has only recently come into the human/angel sphere of interaction, Archangel Orion, as I had drawn his card out of Kyle’s corresponding Angel Prayers oracle deck on the previous day. I felt drawn to working with this magical archangel.

Most evenings, I spend some time listening to music, watching spiritual information on YouTube, and perhaps doing a guided meditation or two. Last night I had chosen to listen to a little series of spiritual information videos about energy shifts occurring and how to anchor and harmonise them in the human body. While doing this, I closed my eyes, and it became almost a meditative experience, though I had not particularly intended this. This was when Archangel Orion came in – it was first an awareness, then a feeling, then an image of an angel’s face and shoulders, his face half turned into the shadow and half into the light, creating mysterious patterns and symbols in his energy field. This is a very similar look to the oracle card, too. He didn’t speak exactly, because archangels tend to convey ideas telepathically. But the answer came, somehow, “I am your miracle.”

This was followed by him touching my heart and the top of my crown chakra, which I felt as a physical sensation. There was then a popping or bursting open sensation which was very sudden, in the area around the back of and above my crown chakra. I am not sure if another chakra was being activated, cleared or healed. With this I saw two superimposed golden rings which had multi-coloured little lights laced periodically through them. I have heard of a chakra within the twelve-chakra system near the base of the skull and I wondered if it was to do with that, but I still don’t know for sure.


I realised I hadn’t heard half of the information, but I didn’t think it mattered – I felt my prayer had been answered by this angelic healing and presence. I didn’t realise, though, straight away, that it had caused a huge internal shift. An internal, or astral, or telepathic conversation began to unfold in my head – however you wish to label it – with the spirit of my twin flame. I began to doubt that there was anything to it, telling myself it was just my imagination. Discernment is, after all, important. The conversation continued to unfold regardless. The responses just “came”. It was all about trust and further awakenings, forward movement on the path; I am not going to share the exact details. I was still browsing Facebook and YouTube at the time, and I saw a series of master numbers that seemed significant – 222, 555, 2225, then 2252, then 2522. (Master numbers, or angel numbers, can appear on clocks, posts, receipts, video/audio counters, etc). That very specific pattern was significant, I am sure. Not only are master numbers activation codes, they are synchronistic signs as well. The 222, for me, is all about soul connections, universal love and the twin flame reunion; the 555 is all about fifth dimensional healing, awareness and connection with the angelic. I still felt the presence of Archangel Orion too.

You would think this was enough in terms of signs of shifts and movements and serendipity and miracles and healing…but shortly after I saw the final number in the sequence, the 2522 (I did not see 5222, but I am interested to see if it manifests after the fact as a sort of ‘full stop’), I began to feel incredibly hot. I am talking about blazing and sudden heat, felt first at the crown chakra and coming down through my whole system, flooding my being. I could not carry on with what I was doing, and I had to stop and take deep breaths; my heart raced. When I surrendered myself to the fire within, it seemed to pass. This was not something medical – I was not ill, I was conscious the whole time, I was very aware that it was more of a spiritual experience, and yet it took me quite by surprise. Talking to a friend in the aftermath, who also has psychic abilities, she felt it was a “download” from this archangel. Well, we shall certainly see, in the days and weeks to come. I have had “downloads” of information from the angelic realm before, in other forms, often seeing what I call fire letters, blazed into the roof or the wall or the ether of the room I am in when the experience comes. The information then comes through in channelled chunks in the months to follow. Rather than fire letters exterior to me, this time, the fire came straight into my soul. I am definitely interested to see what intuitions, knowledge, claircognizance and developments come next. I am not sure Archangel Orion is quite done with me yet, either.


In the process of working through a lot of cleansing and clearing of old templates at the moment, I had rambling dreams following the experience that may have been even more flushing out of old self-limiting beliefs and patterns. I long for lucidity to come back to my dreams, but last night I was simply exhausted and glad to find I slept like a log.

I wanted to share this from a number of angles, really. I hope if you were drawn to read this, you are inspired and have enjoyed reading about the experience in itself. I also hope you “get” the morals or the lessons behind it. Firstly, that miracles can come in a variety of ways. I am not sure what I was expecting when I asked for a healing miracle. However, I am very happy with the result, though it really caught me off guard! Secondly, that when we pray with an open mind, an open heart and positive wording and intentions, synchronicity does unfold. Thirdly, that synchronicity is a series of events…it snowballs. This is the confirmation that you are indeed being sent signs or given experiences by the universe for your highest good; the confirmation that it is real, though it may be experienced primarily in the etheric and astral realms. Physical coincidences such as the drawing of an oracle card or the presentation of master numbers usually come in repetitions of at least three, and confirm that the metaphysical, meditative experience they are accompanying are true, real and very significant. Finally, the angels are swift. When we ask for their help, it comes and it comes fast, whether we are prepared for it or not. Remember, too, that they see from a higher perspective – no matter what our conscious brains are thinking and creating, they can see if there are other possibilities, even better outcomes, or ways of answering our prayer that we hadn’t even conceived of. It’s the same with wishes, intentions and cosmic orders, too – calling in our angel guides really elevates the process and the outcome can even exceed our expectation.

Why not try it today? Chances are, if you’ve been drawn to read this post, there is meaning in it for you, too. That’s what serendipity is all about! Chancing upon the information or inspiration you need in any particular moment. In fact, it could even be the case that for some of you out there reading this, this is actually your answer, reply or solution to a prayer or wish already made.

Try saying a positive prayer about something you truly wish to manifest for you right now. Make sure it’s a positive intention that won’t affect anyone else adversely, and doesn’t compromise another person’s free will. So, for example, if you wish for a financial boost, remember the universe is abundant, there is plenty for everyone, and you will not be taking away from anyone else in asking for help with your cash flow. As another example, if you wish for a new relationship, try not to name a specific person, but ask for a wonderful and loving relationship that is for your highest good. If you are not sure what to ask for, do what I did and simply ask for a miracle, but tie it in to a feeling – for example, a miracle that will fill my heart with love, joy, bliss, abundance, courage, strength, happiness, peace, harmony, or any other positive quality you desire. Word it as if it has already happened, for example: “Thank you, Angels, for bringing me my miracle, which fills my heart now with peace and joy.” Then, trust that the angels and the universe are working on it, and let go. Don’t be surprised when something completely unexpected, but related to your intention, happens, either later that day or in a short space of time – but remember, intend to be open to an answer in whatever form it takes, and remember that you may not even have thought of that possible answer yet. Angels truly do work in mysterious ways.

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DAD 222 and Other Signs!

I am going to try and get in the discipline of writing at least one new post or page per week, and this week has not disappointed in terms of inspiration for a post this weekend.

I talk a lot about speaking to your angels and guides to request help with specific areas of your life; I also talk a lot about watching for the ‘signs’ they give you afterwards which act as guiding lights to nudge you the next small step forward on your path. It’s the same principle with prayer; after praying, the answers from the Universe, Source or God – however you call the supreme LOVE energy of All-That-Is – come in similar subtle ways, which humans in their third dimensional consciousness are not always geared up to notice or receive. I have had many people come to me over the years and say their angels, or God, have not listened to their prayers and requests, when this is not the case. Some requests take some time to process, and signs are sent in the meantime. A case in point happened this weekend which can help me illustrate this.

So much is coming through and happening for me, spiritually speaking, at the moment. This has been the case since the reported energy shifts of Winter Solstice 2014 – very rapid acceleration for me and a number of friends who have, like me, been on a spiritual path for a long time and are now operating more at fourth and fifth dimensional levels in their ability to notice, see, hear, know and feel new ideas, knowledge and truth. I have particularly received a lot of information regarding my soul connections, past lives and nudges towards healing and cleansing, balancing and clearing, then more healing and cleansing. As are many spiritual folk at this time, I am stripping away layers and layers of old templates, patterning, and beliefs which no longer serve me. It is a somewhat rocky road, though I am grateful to be negotiating it, as I know it is for my highest good and for the highest good of all souls who are connected with me. Nevertheless, I need support, reassurance and the odd thumbs-up from someone, somewhere, to make the road that little bit smoother…as we all do, whatever shape and form our current path is taking.

Thursday was the 22nd of the month, which is usually a high power date for me. One or two interesting and blissful things occurred in meditation for me that night, though I was really expecting something a little more concrete in terms of a sign from the Universe and some guidance for my path going ahead that I knew I was still missing, from recent readings and intuitions by myself and some of those people I call my soul sisters. One thing I have been struggling with is being clear about my path, because clarity is a vibration I feel has not been present in my life for some time. My struggle here is that I was raised Christian and feel a strong affinity with Christ still (in fact I do work with Christ as an Ascended Master), yet I am pulled repeatedly to the Pagan path, the path of reverence for nature, magic, awe, wonder and personal responsibility. Hence, for a number of years, I have thought of myself as Interfaith and this is how I have labelled myself and all the spiritual work I have done.

I had a trip out yesterday to a wonderful place I love to go. It is called Bygone Times and is something of a second-hand emporium of treasures. I have found unusual toys and out-of-print books for my children there, as well as many spiritual tools and books, including crystals. I also simply love its energy. The mill building it sits inside is reputed to be haunted, though the energy there is calm and loving; I am not fearful of it at all, even in the darkest and chilliest corners. I feel the veil is thin there, so it’s somewhat easier to connect in with my spiritual guidance and have a dialogue with my guides in my mind whilst I am there. If anyone in the North-West England region would like to visit, it’s in Eccleston in Chorley and has a website so you can easily find directions. In any case, on this occasion I had just fancied going for awhile, and opportunity arose this weekend childcare-wise. I didn’t have a shopping list in mind, but I felt it was going to be a good day, and I felt there was a purpose to going. I had been drawn to an amethyst diffuser there on my previous visit and, since I had had a lot of expense at the time I decided not to buy it, to wait and see if it was still there the next time and think about acquiring it then.

The first sign came on the way – I took a wrong turn, which I had never done before and this led me to a yard where numerous vehicles were parked. The one directly in front of me as I did a three-point turn to right myself read, DAD 222. Now my Dad passed over to spirit in 2010, and from time to time he has sent me signs to show he still watches over me and guides me. One of the common ones is the tune I chose for his funeral, Pachelbel’s Canon in D. For me, this was a clear and blatant sign from him. I had been looking for guidance, and he was showing me that he was going to guide me to an answer on that particular day. 222 is one of the master numbers – I happen to see them a lot, as do many people, and the 222 is the most common one for me, which also links to self-love and the heart chakra, soulmates and twin flames, the paradox of duality and unity consciousness. In case you, too, see master numbers (which you can see in double, triple or quadrupal digits, on clocks, registration numbers, receipt or ticket numbers, and many other places), here is a brief list of their meanings as I discern them to be at this time. This is not exhaustive and other websites may tell you different meanings, so think about what resonates for you.

Basic Master Number Listing

11, 111 or 11:11 – The Gates of Metatron. Ascension and spiritual growth. DNA activation code for spiritual awakening. A nudge towards unity consciousness. A nudge towards working with angels. A good omen.

22, 222 or 22:22 – Opening, healing, balancing of the heart chakra and higher heart chakra. A nudge towards self-love and self-care. The path of love, soul connections, important nudges on the path regarding soulmates and twin flames. Resolving the paradox of duality and unity consciousness.

33 or 333 – Grounding, earthing, balancing. Anchored in third dimensional reality. A call to earth healing.

44 or 444 – Fourth dimensional activation. The opening of higher chakras. An angel number and a sign that your abilities to tune in and listen to your angels and guides are strengthening. A sign that answers are coming to you in your dreams.

55 or 555 – Fifth dimensional activation. Development of the ‘clairs’ – clairvoyance (sight), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling), claircognizance (knowing), clairalience (smelling), and development of other gifts and talents such as mediumship, channelling and psychic ablities. A connection with spirit or a sign from a loved one in spirit.

66 or 666 – NOT an ‘evil’ number. I see this as a healing number, a number of completion of cycles and balance. Balance as in that between light and dark or love and fear. Awareness that we need both the dark and the light to become whole; we need both love and fear to learn and grow as souls. Conquering fear and moving more into a state of love. Magick afoot.

77 or 777 – The number of the seventh dimension or ‘seventh heaven’ where angels naturally reside. Going higher spiritually – reaching a pinnacle you have never yet reached in terms of spiritual understanding. A major achievement in life. A spiritual thumbs-up. Great luck, fortune and serendipity – a sign to look out for snowballing synchronicities and coincidences.

88 or 888 – A number of abundance, flow, financial luck, prosperity. This is also linked to the infinity symbol. A reminder that our soul never dies and that love is forever. A nudge to look into past lives and the ‘wider’ life of the soul, including its source. Better times are coming.

99 or 999 (or 911) – Again, NOT a bad omen, as I once thought it was earlier in my path due to its association with the emergency services. It CAN indicate a major happening in life, which could be positive OR negative – remember in fact every experience has both, because every experience is a learning and growth experience. It is also an ascension signal, a sign that the soul is close to finding full balance, truth, harmony and peace.

In recent years, the ‘mixed’ master numbers have also started appearing to people on a spiritual path; these include 10:10, 12:12, 21:21, 22:20, 22:02, 22:12, and other variants. These are signs of multidimensional activations up to and including the twelfth chakra and the twelve dimensions. They are often signs to look out for the signs, or that your prayers are being heard, or that your endeavours towards spiritual growth are going well; encouragement from those in the higher realms. They are likely to have specific meanings as individual numbers, which I am still puzzling out from my own experience.

______________________________________________________ xxx

Now after that little aside, back to my story. So, as I walked around this place, the first thing I did was asked to handle the amethyst diffuser. An amazing peace emanated from it. I already had a rose quartz diffuser and a clear quartz diffuser, acquired some years ago and gifts from my parents when Dad was still alive. This diffuser feels like it completes the set; it feels like a key, or a missing piece. I knew this was mine and I had to claim it. (I will post more about diffusers and their use another time for anyone who’s interested.)


In the afternoon, the spiritual energies rose up a notch. Song lyrics were the main thing, absolutely packed full of messages about reuniting, unity, unconditional love in general: this won’t make sense to you but they are confirmation to me that I’m on the right path. I also kept seeing the word LOVE and the word DREAM and related quotes. This in itself is not unusual; there is a lot of artwork for the home and quite a lot of spiritual and esoteric items packed into the place. I discovered a new stall which was not there on my previous visit, which sold a lot of magical and spiritual items, many of them quite Pagan-specific altar pieces. A beautiful angel statue with gold-glittered wings holding a heart against her heart drew me straight away; even though I had not been planning on collecting a basketful of items, I was grateful that abundance is with me at this time in my life and I could pick her up and take her home. It felt like she was just waiting there for me.


I was also drawn to a number of Anne Stokes artwork items and in particular a journal with a faery picture. I have been extremely drawn to faeries of late without knowing why. One of my soul sisters, who has been helping me figure out my next step, has been talking to me about my path and about keeping a book of shadows or similar. Now I have done this before, in the past, but have not put anything in it for a number of years, because as I previously explained I could never reconcile my deep affinity with Christ with my more Pagan-based beliefs and rituals. Being drawn to this journal seemed like a sign to start a new one. Then I realised: I am being guided to set up a new altar; I am collecting altar pieces.

Like other practices, keeping a spiritual altar is something that I have let go to some extent since having my daughter. There has not seemed to be enough space in the house somehow and while I have kept all my spiritual tools, crystals, oracle cards and the like safe and cared for them, they have been kept in a few places randomly around the bedrooms, and not concentrated in one area. Now keeping a spiritual altar, I feel, is quite important if you have a daily practice. Many people like to do their daily spiritual practice, be it prayer, devotion, meditation, rituals, or spells, in a set place which is concentrated with spiritual energy. In our house, fitting everything in at present can be a bit of a jigsaw puzzle, and I haven’t always been able to do that, because I have often had altars in the smallest of the upstairs rooms where there isn’t a lot of room to set things out, have a computer or CD player set up, and so on. However, it is still important, because that altar is an anchor, a grounding tool. It grounds the spiritual energy which is emanated through that daily practice, and the transmitting tools, in particular crystals, laid out on it, also send out the energy very clearly and powerfully to those people or places or the earth itself, which you intend it for. I have been doing a new daily practice since Christmas time, which I will discuss in detail another time, without having had an altar to anchor, store, transmit and amplify the energies. As a result, I have had burnout – I have literally ‘crashed and burned’ – several times, and even been physically ill while trying to process healing energies.

By way of confirmation, straight after I had that sudden intuition that I was there to gather the final few missing pieces for my new and wonderful altar, I noticed a flurry of items bearing the word Dad or Daddy. A spiritual enthusiastic nod from my father in spirit. Yes, you got it! That’s what I want you to do. I also very much saw the items as gifts, from those who guide me in the spiritual dimensions; yes, I paid for them, but they had already been chosen for me; they had been placed directly in my path for me to discover. A little later, I also found a deck of oracle cards I had never before really thought about acquiring; intrigued by all the signs and synchronicities of the day, I pulled a few cards for myself and the same messages were coming out: Heart chakra, Healing, Listen, Reward yourself, Time of change, Love. I hadn’t meant to buy these cards, but it felt right to do so.

Even after I got home, it transpired that on one of my busiest nights of the week in the world of mummy-hood, there was time for me to experiment, play and set up my altar. It was meant for me; it was there to anchor and transmit energies generated in my spiritual practice; missing pieces had been found; it is set up almost as a soul key for growth, both of myself and of others with a soul connection to me. It is set up for miracles. And furthermore, it has acted as confirmation that some of those Pagan practices I was doing once before were right for me; that it is ok to mix my metaphors, so to speak, and resonate with parts of Christianity as well as follow my Pagan heart. And this all came about because of the signs – song lyrics, repeating words, words drawn on oracle cards, master numbers, inner guidance, spotting items I am drawn to – and the fact that I was alert to them, so I noticed them and I listened.

There are other forms of signs, too – feathers; ‘pennies from heaven’; smells, images or items which remind us of a particular person in the physical or on the spirit side of life; names; messages that stick in mind or that resonate deeply from TV, films, books; repeated messages or timely messages seen on the internet and social media; hunches, intuitions; dreams; timely advice from other people. If it is true Divine guidance, it will be positive, it will resonate in your heart (it feels like your heart is filled with love, warmth, joy, bliss or peace and you will be cheering or saying YES most emphatically in your mind), and if you miss it the first time, it will come again. And again. And again. Until you’ve got it, or until the message changes.

Whatever your current question is, keep it in your heart each morning. Pray to God, Source, Universe – whichever you feel comfortable with – or ask your angels, guides, or loved ones in spirit – and ask them to show you signs and guidance, to help in whatever way is best for your highest good with that particular question. You need to specifically ask for help with each individual question or concern – this is the only way they may intervene, due to the laws of free will. And then be alert, be watchful, be mindful, be observant. Try not to dash around at the usual pace of modern day living. Take things slow and really notice things around you. Then you will see the signs, and you will know you are being listened to, you are being answered, you are being guided, you are being assisted, and YOU ARE LOVED. Every one of us matter; all of our journeys are important; every time one of us moves forward on our path, we all grow and reach higher spiritually; because WE ARE ALL ONE.

Angel blessings, love and light, dear ones. For daily inspirations and to participate in a welcoming, spiritual and interfaith community please do come and see us at the Spiritual Solace Facebook page. If you would like to book a reading with me, please visit my website at http://spiritualsolace.webeden.co.uk or email me at spiritualsolace22@gmail.com.

Have a great week filled with love, blessings, miracles and the answers your seek. Silverla StMichael.

~ Copyright Silverla StMichael 2015 ~