Synchronicity, Serendipity and Energetic Shifts

A truly amazing and very unexpected experience manifested last night, and I feel guided to share it, but I was unsure where to place it, as it ties in with several aspects of my spiritual path, some of which I usually include in the pages sections. However, I think the main message for others here is about trust, faith, healing, and how to follow synchronicities to the next step on the path; therefore, I am sharing it as a regular post and hoping it will reach those it is meant to resonate with.

For the last week or so, very little has happened on my spiritual path. I am no stranger to plateaus – sometimes they can go on for months, even years. Still, because so much has happened for me recently, the lack of forward movement made me feel a little flat.

I am currently reading Angel Prayers by Kyle Gray which is a wonderful book, very pleasant to read and easy to understand, yet showing the subtle difference in the ways prayer can be worded. The main idea is to word the prayers positively, and as if you are giving thanks for what has already happened, rather than placing your desired manifestations in the future, which can, conversely, just attract more waiting for a desired future. I thoroughly recommend this book for anyone, no matter where you are in your spiritual journey. Kyle Gray has a unique talent in reaching a great number of souls all with one fell swoop, I feel, and if you have been drawn to read this blog entry today then it may be as relevant for you as it currently is for me.

The book inspired me to say a number of positive prayers of that nature, including asking for a miracle to help me return fully to peace and joy in my heart; and to write in my new spiritual journal / Book of Shadows about my intentions for a daily practice first thing in the morning, also involving using positively worded prayer and starting the day with gratitude, too. It also drew my attention to an archangel who has only recently come into the human/angel sphere of interaction, Archangel Orion, as I had drawn his card out of Kyle’s corresponding Angel Prayers oracle deck on the previous day. I felt drawn to working with this magical archangel.

Most evenings, I spend some time listening to music, watching spiritual information on YouTube, and perhaps doing a guided meditation or two. Last night I had chosen to listen to a little series of spiritual information videos about energy shifts occurring and how to anchor and harmonise them in the human body. While doing this, I closed my eyes, and it became almost a meditative experience, though I had not particularly intended this. This was when Archangel Orion came in – it was first an awareness, then a feeling, then an image of an angel’s face and shoulders, his face half turned into the shadow and half into the light, creating mysterious patterns and symbols in his energy field. This is a very similar look to the oracle card, too. He didn’t speak exactly, because archangels tend to convey ideas telepathically. But the answer came, somehow, “I am your miracle.”

This was followed by him touching my heart and the top of my crown chakra, which I felt as a physical sensation. There was then a popping or bursting open sensation which was very sudden, in the area around the back of and above my crown chakra. I am not sure if another chakra was being activated, cleared or healed. With this I saw two superimposed golden rings which had multi-coloured little lights laced periodically through them. I have heard of a chakra within the twelve-chakra system near the base of the skull and I wondered if it was to do with that, but I still don’t know for sure.


I realised I hadn’t heard half of the information, but I didn’t think it mattered – I felt my prayer had been answered by this angelic healing and presence. I didn’t realise, though, straight away, that it had caused a huge internal shift. An internal, or astral, or telepathic conversation began to unfold in my head – however you wish to label it – with the spirit of my twin flame. I began to doubt that there was anything to it, telling myself it was just my imagination. Discernment is, after all, important. The conversation continued to unfold regardless. The responses just “came”. It was all about trust and further awakenings, forward movement on the path; I am not going to share the exact details. I was still browsing Facebook and YouTube at the time, and I saw a series of master numbers that seemed significant – 222, 555, 2225, then 2252, then 2522. (Master numbers, or angel numbers, can appear on clocks, posts, receipts, video/audio counters, etc). That very specific pattern was significant, I am sure. Not only are master numbers activation codes, they are synchronistic signs as well. The 222, for me, is all about soul connections, universal love and the twin flame reunion; the 555 is all about fifth dimensional healing, awareness and connection with the angelic. I still felt the presence of Archangel Orion too.

You would think this was enough in terms of signs of shifts and movements and serendipity and miracles and healing…but shortly after I saw the final number in the sequence, the 2522 (I did not see 5222, but I am interested to see if it manifests after the fact as a sort of ‘full stop’), I began to feel incredibly hot. I am talking about blazing and sudden heat, felt first at the crown chakra and coming down through my whole system, flooding my being. I could not carry on with what I was doing, and I had to stop and take deep breaths; my heart raced. When I surrendered myself to the fire within, it seemed to pass. This was not something medical – I was not ill, I was conscious the whole time, I was very aware that it was more of a spiritual experience, and yet it took me quite by surprise. Talking to a friend in the aftermath, who also has psychic abilities, she felt it was a “download” from this archangel. Well, we shall certainly see, in the days and weeks to come. I have had “downloads” of information from the angelic realm before, in other forms, often seeing what I call fire letters, blazed into the roof or the wall or the ether of the room I am in when the experience comes. The information then comes through in channelled chunks in the months to follow. Rather than fire letters exterior to me, this time, the fire came straight into my soul. I am definitely interested to see what intuitions, knowledge, claircognizance and developments come next. I am not sure Archangel Orion is quite done with me yet, either.


In the process of working through a lot of cleansing and clearing of old templates at the moment, I had rambling dreams following the experience that may have been even more flushing out of old self-limiting beliefs and patterns. I long for lucidity to come back to my dreams, but last night I was simply exhausted and glad to find I slept like a log.

I wanted to share this from a number of angles, really. I hope if you were drawn to read this, you are inspired and have enjoyed reading about the experience in itself. I also hope you “get” the morals or the lessons behind it. Firstly, that miracles can come in a variety of ways. I am not sure what I was expecting when I asked for a healing miracle. However, I am very happy with the result, though it really caught me off guard! Secondly, that when we pray with an open mind, an open heart and positive wording and intentions, synchronicity does unfold. Thirdly, that synchronicity is a series of events…it snowballs. This is the confirmation that you are indeed being sent signs or given experiences by the universe for your highest good; the confirmation that it is real, though it may be experienced primarily in the etheric and astral realms. Physical coincidences such as the drawing of an oracle card or the presentation of master numbers usually come in repetitions of at least three, and confirm that the metaphysical, meditative experience they are accompanying are true, real and very significant. Finally, the angels are swift. When we ask for their help, it comes and it comes fast, whether we are prepared for it or not. Remember, too, that they see from a higher perspective – no matter what our conscious brains are thinking and creating, they can see if there are other possibilities, even better outcomes, or ways of answering our prayer that we hadn’t even conceived of. It’s the same with wishes, intentions and cosmic orders, too – calling in our angel guides really elevates the process and the outcome can even exceed our expectation.

Why not try it today? Chances are, if you’ve been drawn to read this post, there is meaning in it for you, too. That’s what serendipity is all about! Chancing upon the information or inspiration you need in any particular moment. In fact, it could even be the case that for some of you out there reading this, this is actually your answer, reply or solution to a prayer or wish already made.

Try saying a positive prayer about something you truly wish to manifest for you right now. Make sure it’s a positive intention that won’t affect anyone else adversely, and doesn’t compromise another person’s free will. So, for example, if you wish for a financial boost, remember the universe is abundant, there is plenty for everyone, and you will not be taking away from anyone else in asking for help with your cash flow. As another example, if you wish for a new relationship, try not to name a specific person, but ask for a wonderful and loving relationship that is for your highest good. If you are not sure what to ask for, do what I did and simply ask for a miracle, but tie it in to a feeling – for example, a miracle that will fill my heart with love, joy, bliss, abundance, courage, strength, happiness, peace, harmony, or any other positive quality you desire. Word it as if it has already happened, for example: “Thank you, Angels, for bringing me my miracle, which fills my heart now with peace and joy.” Then, trust that the angels and the universe are working on it, and let go. Don’t be surprised when something completely unexpected, but related to your intention, happens, either later that day or in a short space of time – but remember, intend to be open to an answer in whatever form it takes, and remember that you may not even have thought of that possible answer yet. Angels truly do work in mysterious ways.

~ Copyright Silverla StMichael 2015 ~

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DAD 222 and Other Signs!

I am going to try and get in the discipline of writing at least one new post or page per week, and this week has not disappointed in terms of inspiration for a post this weekend.

I talk a lot about speaking to your angels and guides to request help with specific areas of your life; I also talk a lot about watching for the ‘signs’ they give you afterwards which act as guiding lights to nudge you the next small step forward on your path. It’s the same principle with prayer; after praying, the answers from the Universe, Source or God – however you call the supreme LOVE energy of All-That-Is – come in similar subtle ways, which humans in their third dimensional consciousness are not always geared up to notice or receive. I have had many people come to me over the years and say their angels, or God, have not listened to their prayers and requests, when this is not the case. Some requests take some time to process, and signs are sent in the meantime. A case in point happened this weekend which can help me illustrate this.

So much is coming through and happening for me, spiritually speaking, at the moment. This has been the case since the reported energy shifts of Winter Solstice 2014 – very rapid acceleration for me and a number of friends who have, like me, been on a spiritual path for a long time and are now operating more at fourth and fifth dimensional levels in their ability to notice, see, hear, know and feel new ideas, knowledge and truth. I have particularly received a lot of information regarding my soul connections, past lives and nudges towards healing and cleansing, balancing and clearing, then more healing and cleansing. As are many spiritual folk at this time, I am stripping away layers and layers of old templates, patterning, and beliefs which no longer serve me. It is a somewhat rocky road, though I am grateful to be negotiating it, as I know it is for my highest good and for the highest good of all souls who are connected with me. Nevertheless, I need support, reassurance and the odd thumbs-up from someone, somewhere, to make the road that little bit smoother…as we all do, whatever shape and form our current path is taking.

Thursday was the 22nd of the month, which is usually a high power date for me. One or two interesting and blissful things occurred in meditation for me that night, though I was really expecting something a little more concrete in terms of a sign from the Universe and some guidance for my path going ahead that I knew I was still missing, from recent readings and intuitions by myself and some of those people I call my soul sisters. One thing I have been struggling with is being clear about my path, because clarity is a vibration I feel has not been present in my life for some time. My struggle here is that I was raised Christian and feel a strong affinity with Christ still (in fact I do work with Christ as an Ascended Master), yet I am pulled repeatedly to the Pagan path, the path of reverence for nature, magic, awe, wonder and personal responsibility. Hence, for a number of years, I have thought of myself as Interfaith and this is how I have labelled myself and all the spiritual work I have done.

I had a trip out yesterday to a wonderful place I love to go. It is called Bygone Times and is something of a second-hand emporium of treasures. I have found unusual toys and out-of-print books for my children there, as well as many spiritual tools and books, including crystals. I also simply love its energy. The mill building it sits inside is reputed to be haunted, though the energy there is calm and loving; I am not fearful of it at all, even in the darkest and chilliest corners. I feel the veil is thin there, so it’s somewhat easier to connect in with my spiritual guidance and have a dialogue with my guides in my mind whilst I am there. If anyone in the North-West England region would like to visit, it’s in Eccleston in Chorley and has a website so you can easily find directions. In any case, on this occasion I had just fancied going for awhile, and opportunity arose this weekend childcare-wise. I didn’t have a shopping list in mind, but I felt it was going to be a good day, and I felt there was a purpose to going. I had been drawn to an amethyst diffuser there on my previous visit and, since I had had a lot of expense at the time I decided not to buy it, to wait and see if it was still there the next time and think about acquiring it then.

The first sign came on the way – I took a wrong turn, which I had never done before and this led me to a yard where numerous vehicles were parked. The one directly in front of me as I did a three-point turn to right myself read, DAD 222. Now my Dad passed over to spirit in 2010, and from time to time he has sent me signs to show he still watches over me and guides me. One of the common ones is the tune I chose for his funeral, Pachelbel’s Canon in D. For me, this was a clear and blatant sign from him. I had been looking for guidance, and he was showing me that he was going to guide me to an answer on that particular day. 222 is one of the master numbers – I happen to see them a lot, as do many people, and the 222 is the most common one for me, which also links to self-love and the heart chakra, soulmates and twin flames, the paradox of duality and unity consciousness. In case you, too, see master numbers (which you can see in double, triple or quadrupal digits, on clocks, registration numbers, receipt or ticket numbers, and many other places), here is a brief list of their meanings as I discern them to be at this time. This is not exhaustive and other websites may tell you different meanings, so think about what resonates for you.

Basic Master Number Listing

11, 111 or 11:11 – The Gates of Metatron. Ascension and spiritual growth. DNA activation code for spiritual awakening. A nudge towards unity consciousness. A nudge towards working with angels. A good omen.

22, 222 or 22:22 – Opening, healing, balancing of the heart chakra and higher heart chakra. A nudge towards self-love and self-care. The path of love, soul connections, important nudges on the path regarding soulmates and twin flames. Resolving the paradox of duality and unity consciousness.

33 or 333 – Grounding, earthing, balancing. Anchored in third dimensional reality. A call to earth healing.

44 or 444 – Fourth dimensional activation. The opening of higher chakras. An angel number and a sign that your abilities to tune in and listen to your angels and guides are strengthening. A sign that answers are coming to you in your dreams.

55 or 555 – Fifth dimensional activation. Development of the ‘clairs’ – clairvoyance (sight), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling), claircognizance (knowing), clairalience (smelling), and development of other gifts and talents such as mediumship, channelling and psychic ablities. A connection with spirit or a sign from a loved one in spirit.

66 or 666 – NOT an ‘evil’ number. I see this as a healing number, a number of completion of cycles and balance. Balance as in that between light and dark or love and fear. Awareness that we need both the dark and the light to become whole; we need both love and fear to learn and grow as souls. Conquering fear and moving more into a state of love. Magick afoot.

77 or 777 – The number of the seventh dimension or ‘seventh heaven’ where angels naturally reside. Going higher spiritually – reaching a pinnacle you have never yet reached in terms of spiritual understanding. A major achievement in life. A spiritual thumbs-up. Great luck, fortune and serendipity – a sign to look out for snowballing synchronicities and coincidences.

88 or 888 – A number of abundance, flow, financial luck, prosperity. This is also linked to the infinity symbol. A reminder that our soul never dies and that love is forever. A nudge to look into past lives and the ‘wider’ life of the soul, including its source. Better times are coming.

99 or 999 (or 911) – Again, NOT a bad omen, as I once thought it was earlier in my path due to its association with the emergency services. It CAN indicate a major happening in life, which could be positive OR negative – remember in fact every experience has both, because every experience is a learning and growth experience. It is also an ascension signal, a sign that the soul is close to finding full balance, truth, harmony and peace.

In recent years, the ‘mixed’ master numbers have also started appearing to people on a spiritual path; these include 10:10, 12:12, 21:21, 22:20, 22:02, 22:12, and other variants. These are signs of multidimensional activations up to and including the twelfth chakra and the twelve dimensions. They are often signs to look out for the signs, or that your prayers are being heard, or that your endeavours towards spiritual growth are going well; encouragement from those in the higher realms. They are likely to have specific meanings as individual numbers, which I am still puzzling out from my own experience.

______________________________________________________ xxx

Now after that little aside, back to my story. So, as I walked around this place, the first thing I did was asked to handle the amethyst diffuser. An amazing peace emanated from it. I already had a rose quartz diffuser and a clear quartz diffuser, acquired some years ago and gifts from my parents when Dad was still alive. This diffuser feels like it completes the set; it feels like a key, or a missing piece. I knew this was mine and I had to claim it. (I will post more about diffusers and their use another time for anyone who’s interested.)


In the afternoon, the spiritual energies rose up a notch. Song lyrics were the main thing, absolutely packed full of messages about reuniting, unity, unconditional love in general: this won’t make sense to you but they are confirmation to me that I’m on the right path. I also kept seeing the word LOVE and the word DREAM and related quotes. This in itself is not unusual; there is a lot of artwork for the home and quite a lot of spiritual and esoteric items packed into the place. I discovered a new stall which was not there on my previous visit, which sold a lot of magical and spiritual items, many of them quite Pagan-specific altar pieces. A beautiful angel statue with gold-glittered wings holding a heart against her heart drew me straight away; even though I had not been planning on collecting a basketful of items, I was grateful that abundance is with me at this time in my life and I could pick her up and take her home. It felt like she was just waiting there for me.


I was also drawn to a number of Anne Stokes artwork items and in particular a journal with a faery picture. I have been extremely drawn to faeries of late without knowing why. One of my soul sisters, who has been helping me figure out my next step, has been talking to me about my path and about keeping a book of shadows or similar. Now I have done this before, in the past, but have not put anything in it for a number of years, because as I previously explained I could never reconcile my deep affinity with Christ with my more Pagan-based beliefs and rituals. Being drawn to this journal seemed like a sign to start a new one. Then I realised: I am being guided to set up a new altar; I am collecting altar pieces.

Like other practices, keeping a spiritual altar is something that I have let go to some extent since having my daughter. There has not seemed to be enough space in the house somehow and while I have kept all my spiritual tools, crystals, oracle cards and the like safe and cared for them, they have been kept in a few places randomly around the bedrooms, and not concentrated in one area. Now keeping a spiritual altar, I feel, is quite important if you have a daily practice. Many people like to do their daily spiritual practice, be it prayer, devotion, meditation, rituals, or spells, in a set place which is concentrated with spiritual energy. In our house, fitting everything in at present can be a bit of a jigsaw puzzle, and I haven’t always been able to do that, because I have often had altars in the smallest of the upstairs rooms where there isn’t a lot of room to set things out, have a computer or CD player set up, and so on. However, it is still important, because that altar is an anchor, a grounding tool. It grounds the spiritual energy which is emanated through that daily practice, and the transmitting tools, in particular crystals, laid out on it, also send out the energy very clearly and powerfully to those people or places or the earth itself, which you intend it for. I have been doing a new daily practice since Christmas time, which I will discuss in detail another time, without having had an altar to anchor, store, transmit and amplify the energies. As a result, I have had burnout – I have literally ‘crashed and burned’ – several times, and even been physically ill while trying to process healing energies.

By way of confirmation, straight after I had that sudden intuition that I was there to gather the final few missing pieces for my new and wonderful altar, I noticed a flurry of items bearing the word Dad or Daddy. A spiritual enthusiastic nod from my father in spirit. Yes, you got it! That’s what I want you to do. I also very much saw the items as gifts, from those who guide me in the spiritual dimensions; yes, I paid for them, but they had already been chosen for me; they had been placed directly in my path for me to discover. A little later, I also found a deck of oracle cards I had never before really thought about acquiring; intrigued by all the signs and synchronicities of the day, I pulled a few cards for myself and the same messages were coming out: Heart chakra, Healing, Listen, Reward yourself, Time of change, Love. I hadn’t meant to buy these cards, but it felt right to do so.

Even after I got home, it transpired that on one of my busiest nights of the week in the world of mummy-hood, there was time for me to experiment, play and set up my altar. It was meant for me; it was there to anchor and transmit energies generated in my spiritual practice; missing pieces had been found; it is set up almost as a soul key for growth, both of myself and of others with a soul connection to me. It is set up for miracles. And furthermore, it has acted as confirmation that some of those Pagan practices I was doing once before were right for me; that it is ok to mix my metaphors, so to speak, and resonate with parts of Christianity as well as follow my Pagan heart. And this all came about because of the signs – song lyrics, repeating words, words drawn on oracle cards, master numbers, inner guidance, spotting items I am drawn to – and the fact that I was alert to them, so I noticed them and I listened.

There are other forms of signs, too – feathers; ‘pennies from heaven'; smells, images or items which remind us of a particular person in the physical or on the spirit side of life; names; messages that stick in mind or that resonate deeply from TV, films, books; repeated messages or timely messages seen on the internet and social media; hunches, intuitions; dreams; timely advice from other people. If it is true Divine guidance, it will be positive, it will resonate in your heart (it feels like your heart is filled with love, warmth, joy, bliss or peace and you will be cheering or saying YES most emphatically in your mind), and if you miss it the first time, it will come again. And again. And again. Until you’ve got it, or until the message changes.

Whatever your current question is, keep it in your heart each morning. Pray to God, Source, Universe – whichever you feel comfortable with – or ask your angels, guides, or loved ones in spirit – and ask them to show you signs and guidance, to help in whatever way is best for your highest good with that particular question. You need to specifically ask for help with each individual question or concern – this is the only way they may intervene, due to the laws of free will. And then be alert, be watchful, be mindful, be observant. Try not to dash around at the usual pace of modern day living. Take things slow and really notice things around you. Then you will see the signs, and you will know you are being listened to, you are being answered, you are being guided, you are being assisted, and YOU ARE LOVED. Every one of us matter; all of our journeys are important; every time one of us moves forward on our path, we all grow and reach higher spiritually; because WE ARE ALL ONE.

Angel blessings, love and light, dear ones. For daily inspirations and to participate in a welcoming, spiritual and interfaith community please do come and see us at the Spiritual Solace Facebook page. If you would like to book a reading with me, please visit my website at or email me at

Have a great week filled with love, blessings, miracles and the answers your seek. Silverla StMichael.

~ Copyright Silverla StMichael 2015 ~

2015: A Year of Heart Expansion?

I did consider starting a brand new blog for 2015. This one has been left for a long time, mostly because I had reached a plateau in my spiritual development. Nothing was moving, growing or happening in this area of my life, and maybe I needed that. Maybe I needed to focus on more mundane matters, on work and family and friends.

This last week between Christmas and New Year, I have had something of a breakthrough. Quite synchronistically, a string of events have occurred that have opened and expanded my heart further than ever. I am finding myself needing outlets for the outpouring of love for humanity that has followed. I have been in service spiritually for a number of years, but I find my priorities changing, my focus and direction changing, my purpose and mission sharper than ever before.

I have done a lot of clearing work, followed by a lot of rest and recuperation from that, and I have begun a daily practice of devotions, spiritual clearing exercises and meditations as well as changing my attitude to caring for myself in terms of diet and releasing addictions, including perpetual perfectionism and workaholism.

I think that’s partly why I have decided to stick with this blog. I understand now things don’t have to be perfect. Everything is just a process of growth and expansion, of growing into love – because the creative force in our universe, however you describe it, IS the vibration of love. Everything is ONE, so although I still love and am grateful for my angels I realise I am one and the same, I am interconnected, and the wisdom comes from a mixture of them and you and me and all-that-is when I channel messages for people. I feel myself vibrating higher than ever. I have the clarity I have sought for years.

I also didn’t want to let it go because I can see from comments on some of the old pages that people have found things on here useful. I will get around to replying to the comments, though some of you may have found your answers elsewhere now. I will not be deleting any of the old categories or pages, though as the flow in my life is taking a different course now I may not add to them, and I may create new ones as my wisdom and my ability to express it grows.

The catalyst for this is primarily a second twin flame awakening…more on that story in itself another time. However as everything is Divinely timed, it is of course also catalysed by the universal energies at this time. 2015 is being heralded as a key year for soul growth, for expansion, for twin flame reunions, for healing, and for fulfilling more of our purpose, mission and destiny. I won’t go into the numerological aspects of that, as there is plenty out there on the internet about it. I’m focusing on the feeling of it. For me, it is the year of the heart’s journey; a year of heart expansion, like never before.

Whatever has gone before in your life, it is never too late to do an about-turn and take a road less travelled – perhaps the road you have always feared but longed to take. It starts within you, and it starts with clearing and healing, and THAT in turn starts with listening to your heart, and following repetitive signs and synchronicities that show up in your life, in the form of videos, TV shows, books, quotes, people, opportunities, learning, etc. Life has a magical flow and a way of drawing your attention to things meant for you.

So Namaste Dear Ones and I wish you peace, love, joy, growth and healing in 2015.

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Love Poems – A Retrospective

22nd February has long been a power date for me. Coming right after Valentine’s Day, it seems a good day to express love to the universe. Countless types of love are expressed within the confines of these three verses – soulmate love, twin flame love, unconditional love, romantic love, forever love, passionate love, past life love, requited and unrequited love, fate, destiny, desire, hope, hopelessness, surrender, power. But above all else, love is love, and that is all, and love, as the song goes, is all we need.


He’s the reason I smile while I’m waking up
With his sweet words from the night before
In my heart; and in my mind, continued dreams
Roll on, and my spirit can soar.

He’s the warmth deep within, and my tingling skin
Speaks how I never wanted anyone so much
As him; Nothing else matters when I am in
His arms. He had me at the very first touch.

He’s the feeling I really could be beautiful,
That I matter, and that I am free
To choose my dreams, my destiny and my path
Knowing he would still walk with me.

He’s the protection I needed to bring real peace
To my heart, and quiet my chaos of fears;
The inspiration to be a better person, and cease
Doubting myself. And so the mist clears.

He’s the thought that brings hope when a hard day
Comes, and the song in my soul that grows;
I love that this man I admire and adore
Cares right back, and makes damn sure it shows.

But more than all this – he adds light to my light
And it blazes fierce when we’re apart.
He is the man who holds me close each night
Whether in his arms, or in his heart.


By the fire, crackling with warmth

We kept each other cool

Hands locking in the soft breeze

Eyes woven in a timeless pattern

Gentle for each other, dark lace

In another place.


Intelligent, your eyes spoke for your soul

You were nobody’s fool

Pretty words of love for infinity

Your thoughts raced ahead in time

Strong with a heart that knew no fear

In another year.


Beautiful moments, enclosed in the smoky air

Where music and silence rule

Fretful fingers wove flowers in my hair

As tender as the touch of the wind

Blazing love bled me like a knife

In another life.



No sonnet to hold the magic of feeling,
A trembling tenderness in my soul delights –
A shadowing sonnet to reflect the lights,
The beauty, the beauty, of ever believing.
No sadness to spoil the depth of compassion,
A freedom so simple, though love lives still –
A flyaway sonnet to soar with the thrill,
The release, the escape, of all love and all passion.
No days and no years could cut its throat,
A timeless emotion that cannot know never,
That can never quite give enough.
No cymbals for us with one splendid note –
A tambourine sonnet for you, forever
For the soft steady shake of this love.

~ Copyright Silverla StMichael ~

A Smorgasbord of Shells…

Who says that holiday souvenirs had to be boring?

Having been away to Wales this last week – with short spiritual journeys aplenty which I will write about separately – I collected quite a number of unusual shells at Portmeirion and Shell Island in Harlech.

As I had been looking to refresh my spiritual altar areas for a while, I decided to go to the local car boot sale this morning to look for receptacles in which to display the shells, and I was not disappointed…Just thought I’d quickly share to show it is possible to create beautiful memory-triggering things for your home with very little.


Pink plates were 50p for the two because of a chip in the centre of the larger plate, obviously not visible because of the shells and the smaller plate. Animal print candles were 50p for the set. Shells were obviously free!


Gold lotus bowl with stones inscribed with Chinese characters included was also 50p due to a chip on one edge which is now not visible behind the shells and which could easily be repaired with a small amount of gold paint or a good quality gold paint pen.

I have my creative moments. This was one of my better ones. ;)

More to come soon on why beachcombing is good for the soul, fae and folklore, and a sentimental journey around Welsh castle country.

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Walking Meditations

If you are anything like me, you may sincerely wish to develop yourself spiritually but have little time to set aside on a daily basis for earnest meditation. I know that when I get chance to sit down and meditate in the usual sense of the word, which is not daily, I am either too tired, or know there is too much else needing to be done, to be in the headspace to do it properly. I either fall asleep, or am distracted and have to stop and do some of the things nagging at my mind.

For some time now, part of my daily practice has involved trying to take a walk. This is about a number of things: connecting with nature, getting fresh air and a change of scene for myself and my baby daughter, and getting a modest amount of gentle exercise. I have been pondering on how I could incorporate meditation into my life more regularly, and my answer to that question, which came via pure intuition, turned out to be to combine it with that daily walk.

There is something rhythmic and automatic about walking. When I walk I am inevitably thinking about other things; however, as the walk itself has a practical purpose, whether I am taking my daughter to the park or popping to the shop for groceries, I am not distracted by thoughts of “other things I should be doing” from my to-do list – usually, I am ruminating on my current questions, ideas or plans.


I began to experiment with turning the walk into a meditation. I am lucky where I live in that there are lots of tree-lined paths and paths that cut through fields or still-green wasteland, or maintained parkland. However you could potentially do this anywhere – even in cities there are green spots, trees, beautiful architecture, and interesting sights to see which are all part of creation whether natural or man-made. Personally I find that by focusing on trees, flowers, grass, sky and the wildlife I see enjoying them, I am becoming present in the now, and clear ideas and answers sometimes come to mind; at other times, I am filled with more peace and calm, more assurance that I am on the right path.


I start the walk with gratitudes for the day and asking questions of my angels and guides which are current. I then “let go” of that to the higher beings and focus on appreciating nature. Where answers are forthcoming, they come in a myriad of ways and it really is a daily miracle. I may see a particular animal, for example a bee or a butterfly, a cat or a bird, whose “medicine” has a message for me. I may hear or feel a gentle breeze and be assured that my angels are listening and will bring me an answer at a later time. Sometimes it comes as an intuition, directly into my thoughts but of a voice other than mine. If I have negativity to release, I will point my fingers out and send it towards the green plants, as they are able to transmute it back to pure white light energy, just as they transmute carbon dioxide back to oxygen. Once I begin to drift out of that “tuned-in” state, I finish the walk with I AM affirmations, which relate to whichever qualities I need to tap into that day.


In this way, this method is flexible and responsive to what I need right here, right now. There are many variations you could apply to suit your own needs – you may prefer to start and end with a prayer. You may wish to take a camera or notebook to record signs or inspiring scenes you encounter. You may prefer to mix up the order in which I do things. You may wish to include fiats (short sharp requests to angels or saints) or decrees (powerful statements of creation to the universe). You may wish to listen to spiritual or classical music or a spoken meditation on an iPod as you walk. Mix it up – it doesn’t matter. This is one form of meditation you can make your own. It can also be done in any weather with appropriate clothing. The only thing I would caution against is becoming so involved in your thoughts that you don’t pay attention to road safety. I am lucky in that the places I tend to walk there are few roads. But you can stay safe by simply coming to full awareness of what you are physically doing when there is need to cross a road. Because with a walking meditation it is mindful at all times and your eyes are open, so there is not the same risk of falling asleep or “drifting”.

I have found since starting to do this that synchronicity has been more at work in my life, leading me to people, places, situations and messages that are literally “clues” to questions I have had in my mind. I am also finding that the experience is incremental, and with each practice it becomes more powerful. This week during a walking meditation, at a moment of real peace and calm where baby had fallen asleep in her pushchair and I was sitting and resting surrounded by trees, ducks, water, grass and birds, I felt fully in touch with my angels and guides. I put the question out there whether any of them had a message for my “Angel Message of the Day” over on the FB page, and had an immediate impression of the Ascended Master Lord Sananda (Jesus) in my mind’s eye followed by a short but beautiful message that simply “came”. I repeated it back to him and then back to myself in my mind to ensure I would not forget before reaching home and my laptop (I did not forget). I also received healing and felt him working on my crown chakra. An experience I will never forget.


So if you are, like me, one of those people who finds traditional meditation very hard to commit to in practice, this may be something you wish to consider. I find that doing this at least 2-3 times per week makes a real difference in my life.

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Pictures, also taken by Silverla StMichael in 2009, are of Pennington Flash Country Park in Lancashire – just one place local to me which is abundant in greenery and wildlife.

Ground and Cleanse, Centre and Protect

For those of us who are involved in spiritual work on a daily or near daily basis, the basics are so important, and yet so easily forgotten.

I have recently had to re-think my practice of daily grounding, cleansing and protecting because I simply was not staying grounded when doing my channelling and reading work. It is so important for your own health and energy levels, because working on a spiritual level without doing these basic things can mean your energy is drained, your head becomes too in the clouds and your practice unpractical, your aura and energy body is attacked by negativity or needy people or entities attracted to your light. If you feel you constantly have health niggles, run out of energy, feel down, under attack from clients or have started to resent your work, the chances are you simply need to re-think your practice of these spiritual basics.

I wanted to offer a round-up of the practices that have worked for me in the past as I have worked at different levels, and the practices that work for me now. If you think of it in terms of the higher vibrations you are working with, the more potential dangers there are, when you “step up” psychically or spiritually, you also need to “step up” your grounding and protection rituals.


If you are working on yourself through prayer, meditation, or practising blossoming spiritual gifts, you need to put in place some basic grounding, cleansing and protection. This will keep you rooted in earthly reality and avoid physical burnout or energy drain, as well as ensuring you are regularly addressing any negative energies so they do not “build up” in your energy field.

For grounding, visualise tree roots going down deep, deep into the core of the earth. Take a little time to do this in the morning with the soles of your feet firmly touching the floor – barefoot is even better. Keep grounded throughout the day by drinking plenty of water, and after any spiritual activity, if you feel a little “floaty” re-do the visualisation or rub your ankles and feet to re-anchor yourself in earthly reality.

For cleansing, you can visualise rainbow, white, or golden lights showering over you, or entering your system at your crown chakra and working their way down. This is doubly effective when done in the shower as you have the physical and spiritual cleansing of the water mirroring the energetic healing lights. This is best done at the start of the day and then again at the end when you return to your home and shut out the wider world where you may have picked up negative energies.

For protection, you can call on Archangel Michael and/or visualise a layer of protection around yourself. Some people favour a solid gold orb encapsulating your aura and energy field as well as your body. Others think of it as a forcefield, or a bodysuit they zip up and down. Personally I prefer to visualise a silver suit of armour which is to do with a past life vision; gold would also be suitable. This needs to be done at least every time you do some sort of spiritual activity – it is most effective done daily.


When you begin sharing your light and giving readings, healing, or spiritual advice to other people within your circle, a subtle step-up is required. The way Archangel Gabriel has me understand this is that if you are interacting with people on a spiritual level, you are far more susceptible to picking up on their own emotions and spiritual energies, including the negative ones. At this level, centering is also advisable, since people can sometimes literally “throw you off balance” with strong energies. This is where I went wrong at one point and when I needed to step things up again, because this practice was not in place I still felt drained of energy and vulnerable.

As well as using the methods above on a daily basis, for centering, you need to close your eyes and focus your attention on your centre. You can visualise your heart centre, and for a lot of us this may be the easiest, as we have the sacred shape of the heart to focus on to and easily understand where this is in terms of our body. Visualise white light surrounding that area and continue to focus on it for a few minutes. Alternatively you can focus on your third eye (the very centre of your forehead and just a little above your eyebrows) to centre yourself, or hold a balancing and centering crystal such as citrine or amber.


When you cast your net wider and want to reach more people in the world with the spiritual gifts you offer, perhaps when you reach the point of having a web presence, leading a class or workshop, or offering paid services, you are literally at the level of spreading your light on earth. Your actions are going to cause you to come into contact with a greater variety of people rather than people within your circle, whose energies you are somewhat acclimatised to. You may also be consorting with higher beings or energies, spirit, or your higher self more frequently, which means your grounding needs to be more like a very firm anchoring. At this level it is essential to have a daily practice before entering the arena or the workspace where you may come into energetic contact with potential clients. Otherwise, and I speak from experience, burnout will follow, and your abilities may be shaded or compromised as a result.

The way I have found I can anchor myself is by combining grounding practices to make them stronger and longer-lasting. I try to take a walk each day somewhere amongst greenery. If possible, I will also stand barefoot and let my feet touch the earth or grass. I find that focusing on the firmament of our planet anchors me to it far more strongly and tangibly than simply visualising. If for any reason I am unable to take a walk or sit in the garden on a particular day, however, I will do the root visualisation described above while holding a grounding crystal. I will also place a grounding crystal on the table while reading or channelling. Grounding crystals and minerals include but are not limited to: shaman stones, boji stones, lingam stones, smokey quartz, hematite, black tourmaline, black obsidian, pyrite, fulgurite, garnet, ruby and red jasper. You may need to experiment with how different stones make you feel to know which is the right grounding stone for you, and generally speaking, black, brown or red crystals are suitable for this purpose as they strengthen the base or root chakra.

The protection also needs to be stronger. The way I see it is this. If I am to be a spiritual warrior I need to armour myself. There are negative energies and entities out there. I do not know when I log on each day if I am going to get a reading request from someone who is unknowingly harbouring negative energies or attracting negative entities, and there is always a possibility that they will be attracted to my light and latch on to me. Therefore, before I begin any work and even on non-working days, I ask for spiritual protection from Archangel Michael, my angels and guides. I back this up by visualising my silver suit of armour AND a solid gold angelic orb around my aura. If I have less time, I verbally request to invoke “the golden shield”. The angels know what you mean by that term and will protect you. You can also carry protective crystals or minerals, which include smokey quartz, hematite, black tourmaline, black obsidian, pyrite, garnet, ruby, clear quartz, rose quartz (protects the heart), malachite, moldavite, citrine, amber and amethyst. Again, it is not “one size fits all” and you may need to experiment. If unsure, amethyst is the most widely used stone for protection and favoured by a lot of people.

I hope this is helpful, and leave you with two questions:

– Which level of grounding and protection do you need right now?

– What have you done about it today?

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