Semi-Written Stories and Silly Signs

Much has been happening on the etheric level for me lately in terms of my journey as a twin flame (and my ascension journey in general). There is no sense listing every single meditation, every single sign and every single telepathic contact I receive in guidance; it is of no help to most of you as it is personal to me. However, I would like to share one or two things which have emerged in the last few weeks and which may be of help to others walking the twin flame path, no matter where you stand on it at this moment in time.

The first thing I wanted to talk about was the clearing process which is accepted by most as a prerequisite for twin flame reunion, ascension to fifth dimensional consciousness or achieving enlightenment – wherever your long and winding spiritual path currently happens to be taking you. I have done extensive work on this aspect of my spiritual development of late, since energies shifted around winter solstice 2014, through various clearing exercises, meditations, angel and crystal healing, and simply facing old emotions and patterns as they arise, blessing them and inviting them to be at their fullest expression so that I may heal and release them. I have worked through negative self-thought and self-talk; old emotional traumas from this life, from childhood and teen-dom, which blazed trails into my adult life; old primal wounds from previous lifetimes which carried a lot of stored pain and expectation of loss and separation. Additionally, I have worked on physical healing, trying to find dietary and natural means to ease symptoms of my current life conditions, trying to take more rest and relaxation time and avoid stress, and trying to take more care with my appearance, creating a ‘feel-good’ energy and sense of wellbeing in my life. This may sound arrogant, and I don’t mean it to, but I thought I had worked through pretty much everything I needed to, and because I was beginning to have fifth-dimensional experiences – seeing people on the astral plane in dreams and meditations; tangible physical feelings during spiritual healing sessions; telepathy with others on occasion and developing clairvoyance, which had not previously been part of my skill set; a deeper connection with the angels and other higher beings including elementals and ascended masters – I surmised that that part of my spiritual healing was done, and I could forget about it.

However, I had a dream in which I saw once again a lot of people I had once ‘almost’ had a relationship with; and I won’t say I had forgotten about them, deep down I hadn’t, but because they weren’t part of my usual pattern and negative self-talk spiral about people not finding me attractive, I had certainly buried them. These were people who had sought a romantic connection with me but I had thought of them more as friends because I didn’t have those sorts of feelings for them, or people with whom I’d had a very short-lived third-dimensional relationship which had fallen apart against my or their wishes because they or I felt they could not commit at that time, because one of our hearts was already, energetically, taken. The phrase I was given for these brief encounters in the dream, presumably from my guides or my own higher self, was ‘semi-written stories’; people with whom, had the timing been different, I might have had a more prevalent relationship or friendship or soul connection which would have led to past life memories, life changing and lessons in growth. The interesting thing is that I had a realisation, within and after the dream, that they were being healed within the dream. Often, when things – people, situations, relationships, etc – come up for healing, we tend to have an assumption that we have to go away and heal them. We have to do something, in order to heal them for good. I no longer believe this is the case. I believe that in these things arising in our thoughts, meditations, dreams or feelings, THAT is the process of healing. All we need do is notice it, recognise it, welcome it, really allow the feelings associated with it, bless it and let it move through us. The actual process is quite a natural one. Furthermore, I also received the realisation that it does not matter that the stories were never fully written. They were played out in other ways, with other soulmates, instead. What is meant for us, always comes. We need not worry that we took the ‘wrong’ path at any point in the process – we did not. All paths lead to healing, and all paths lead forward, ultimately, though some are quicker or easier or more of a rollercoaster ride or more challenging than others.

Equally, I am not saying that it’s not good to have energy healing, to work with crystals, or ask angels for healing. I do all of these things, because they make me feel good – clear, refreshed, and refocused, a lot of the time. These modalities are particularly good for shifting real residual negative energies and patterns, which might have become such a part of our lives that we would have to notice and welcome and feel and bless them millions of times to eventually clear them out. They are also good as an energy top-up and also a catalyst for bringing deeply buried negative feelings to the surface of our emotions in order to be healed and cleansed, if nothing is forthcoming naturally. I have also had the realisation alongside this that spiritual plateaus – those times, as I’m sure most of you will recognise, when nothing happens spiritually, no major aha moments or leaps forward in spiritual understanding, no shifts in energy, no healing, no increase or strengthening of spiritual skills and in short this can be quite a boring period in your life – which I have previously thought of as being ‘normal’, are actually periods where there is quite a lot of profoundly stuck energy or old patterns in the energy field which for whatever reason are not arising to the surface for healing. When these times occur in the future, I resolve to seek some form of alternative healing, meditate more, work with my crystals, ask my angels, spend time in nature and put time aside for rest, relaxation and creative pursuits – the very things which seem to catalyse more ‘old stuff’ to rise to the surface for my attention.


So what has all this got to do with my twin flame, or indeed anybody’s twin flame? The journey towards ultimate reunion and service to humanity in the form of your joint Divine mission, is a journey of healing. We need to be cleansed and cleared and vibrating at a high frequency of love and harmony before reunion can begin to occur on first the etheric, then the physical, plane. I do not believe we need to be perfect, as in a fully enlightened being, but I do believe there is a need to reach a certain state of consciousness, a certain level of understanding, and a pure enough emanation of love, the ultimate healing force in this universe.

For me, much has occurred on the etheric plane in terms of meditative visions, feeling the psychic connection between myself and my twin flame, and feeling their physical presence on occasion. I celebrate how far I have come in order to achieve that sense of love and connection on the etheric plane, and I know that the rest – reunion in physical reality – is only a matter of time, space and universal alignment. I am now working on surrendering it fully and completely to the Divine will, knowing that I will be perfectly provided for, that I am valued in the cosmos, and that the magic is already under way. Archangel Orion – a great miracle angel – and Mother Mary – are coming through prolifically and repeatedly in meditations, in things I see coincidentally on the internet, and when I draw oracle cards. So I am receiving huge assurances, and I have complete faith and trust that all is well, all is as it should be, and I am right where I need to be at this point on the path. I am doing okay, more than okay, and accelerating my journey towards ascension at the same time – and that’s really all any of us ever want to know.

While I gave my angels and guides permission not to send me any further signs and instead to focus on manifesting my actual dreams and desires in physical reality – a couple of weeks ago (see my blog post Total Reset – Fifth Dimensional Sojourns), signs have still been coming at times, often of a different, more personal, lighter and laughter-filled type of vibration. And I wonder if these signs are coming directly from my twin flame’s higher self – or from my own higher self perhaps. There is definitely a sense of humour attached! This is the second part I wanted to mention to readers, because I am sure there are many people out there who pray for various things to occur in their lives, from financial abundance to true love to miracle healings to better homes or jobs to achieving spiritual mastery, and who often feel frustrated or ignored that their prayers don’t seem to ‘work’ and nothing ever seems to happen. A lot of the time, I personally believe, it is because they don’t notice the signs they are given that change is on its way! Many signs are quite subtle, quite mundane, and as easy to miss as they are to spot. We all know about the classic signs of feathers, found money or seeing repetitive words or names which mean something to you, but signs from your higher self, your twin flame, or a spirit guide or deceased relative who have once been incarnate, are far more likely to be down-to-earth and, often, intended to make you smile or laugh. The energy of smiling and laughter is so light and love-filled, so it’s an instant way of giving you a boost and shifting you dimensionally if you are stuck in a spiral of negative self-talk.

One of the interesting things about the signs I have received in the last 2 weeks is that they have often come in tandem. So, while one is presenting and I’m thinking in my head “Is that a message for me?” a second one – often a master number – will present simultaneously. Then I KNOW for certain that it’s a message for me. (Here’s a classic one: as I typed that last sentence, I noticed my word count was 1666. Anything with double, triple or more numbers is counted as a master number, and no, 666 isn’t a bad omen, but that’s another post for another day, perhaps.) So one thing that happened, for example, was I heard a song lyric that seemed pertinent to this aspect of my spiritual journey. It was a song I had not heard for years. The song in itself made me stop and think, “Oh, I think this is a message, but I’m not sure. Is it just my ego thinking it’s a message, seeing a sign where no sign is there?” And in the next instant, a taxi drove past which had the master number 8888 printed on its side. Within moments, another driver pulled out in front of me whose registration plate had the number 777 in it! These are all higher-dimensional activations and very pertinent to twin flames, earth angels or anyone on a journey towards ascension, and signs that things are moving, changing, transforming in the unseen levels, even if it may not appear that way on the surface.

Things got particularly silly one night when I really wasn’t sure what to do with myself. My energy was not negative in any way – but it was pretty flat. I was very tired, not looking forward to my week because it involved a lot of late stays at work and I was tired to begin with; I felt in some ways, too, that my ‘stream’ of magical occurrences was dissipating somewhat; as I have had so much happen spiritually speaking since winter solstice I really did feel that dip in energy quite profoundly. I did a couple of short meditations, because that always has a tendency of making me feel better, and then I was aimlessly channel-surfing on the TV, and idly selected a programme that I could take or leave, but because I didn’t know what I wanted to do I got sucked into it. Firstly on the programme they happened to show the place where I crossed paths with my twin flame a number of years ago. It was a blast from the past and quite a jolt energetically. It brought back all the feelings of love and miracle frequency from that moment, and reminded me that that moment is still with both myself and my twin flame, and part of me is forever in his presence from that connection. It brought back happy memories of me touching his life with a gift and thanking him for everything he had already brought to mine, and happy memories of great times with great friends, too. Not too much later, in the same programme, after some physical feelings of connection though it is purely etheric at this moment in time, the presenter of the show wore a disguise to play a little trick on a friend. By this point, I was chatting to a friend on the internet and only half-watching, but I happened to look over at that moment. I did a complete double-take because the disguise he wore, involving wigs, glasses and a hat, made him look the absolute double of my twin flame. After the initial shock, that particular sign really made me laugh! And the fact that the two signs had come in tandem, or within minutes of each other – again – was double confirmation for me that I was meant to see it; it was meant to lift me up; it was meant to make me smile. Just little things that buoy my faith through the journey to reunion – we all need them – there’s no shame in that.

It really is interesting that my signs have changed pattern, too. Previously signs on my spiritual journey tended to come in repetitions of three, and I associate that and have long taught others that that indicates an angelic sign, a guiding light from your guardian angel or the archangels to show you the next move to make. Now they come in couplings of two – which is part of what makes me feel things have moved on, these signs are from a different and more grounded source, and they are particular to the twin flame part of my multidimensional journey.


I have been planning to write this entry since I had the dream about semi-written stories. However, had I composed this page straight away, I would then have missed out the other things that happened in between. And I think it’s important that I coupled them together into one transmission, one teaching. The two go hand in hand.

There have been others – I saw the master numbers 22 22 22 (again, on the side of a taxi) and 555 (again, on the registration of a car) within seconds of each other at the retail park earlier today. I have never had a string of six twos before and every time I see a master number I have never seen before, I know within that this means things are still moving forward, that I am doing the right things to keep the ball rolling and keep the transformational energies topped up. I have also seen – three times in the same day, one on its own and two much later and within seconds of each other – a particular advertisement which mentions the name of my twin flame in such a way that I know it is about love, togetherness and reunion.

So dare I tell you to be alert for signs that may come in surprising ways? It stands to reason that if you are working on transformation in your life, your signs that guide and light your path will change up along the way. Watch out on your TV, radio, old CDs, listen to those gut feelings and intuitions, look at road signs, vehicles, other people when you’re out and about, things you notice in gardens, on buildings, or even inside a shop – flyers and billboards, for example! Be mindful when you’re reading a magazine, what comes through your mail, and parts that stand out to you in books. Notice if a number of people tell you the same piece of advice, or pay you the same compliment. Notice what animals cross your path, as they may also have a meaning for you. If you see an advertisement or receive an invitation for a particular event or service twice or three times or even more in quick succession, pay attention.


Whatever path you are on, whether you are seeking to manifest twin flame reunion or simply the love frequency in your life, higher vibrations and greater spiritual awareness for you, or more happiness and joy in your life and the life of all of humanity; whatever your goal might be, I am starting to learn that a key to manifestation is holding the vibration of love and joy in your heart, because it is transformative, creative, and above all else, magical. We shift interdimensionally on a daily basis, sometimes very much entrenched in third-dimensional reality when we’re bogged down with jobs, chores or unpleasant tasks; sometimes in a higher state of awareness but feeling vulnerable or emotional because feelings are arising in us that require some mindfulness and healing; sometimes full of joy and full of absolute belief, faith and trust that the universe will provide not only our needs but our dreams and desires to us in the best possible way, the most perfect Divine timing and for the highest good of all. Spotting signs can give us that lift sometimes that projects us into that timeline of perfect faith, harmony and love and the more we can stay in that vibration, the quicker our dreams will blossom and manifest. Being aware and mindful of things that arise for healing, allowing the feeling and blessing the fact it has come up to be released, also projects us into that timeline. I am starting to feel that the secret to manifesting a life of dreams is as simple as stepping into that dimension as often as possible.

Like attracts like, after all, and if we are emanating love, joy, harmony, peace, and the electric energy that comes from beholding magick unfolding before our very eyes, then that is exactly what we are attracting back to us. It has given me food for thought this past week or two, and truly, only sitting down to actually, finally, write this page has brought it all together into a new level of understanding. So with that, I thank you for being there to read it, for reading previous posts and expressing your resonance with them, for sharing this journey with me. We are stronger together. Namaste!

~*~ Copyright © Silverla StMichael 2015 ~*~

(Images chosen from Pixabay for their resonance)

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