Tumbled Amethyst

This is purely my own knowledge in my own words this time.

Amethyst is the first crystal many seekers are drawn to on their journey and with good reason. One of its key properties is that it promotes spiritual development. Working with amethyst brings psychic, auric and physical protection, and an amethyst tumblestone is useful to carry for this person. It can also help develop psychic skills and spiritual understanding, and resonates with the third eye chakra – as this chakra opens, so too does your spiritual sight. It is also an aid to concentration, mental sharpness, and meditation. It can also be a stone of inspiration, facilitating creativity. Available in beautiful cluster, cave and cathedral formations, many people choose amethyst for decorative purposes in the home, perhaps without realising it can also boost their general wellness and vitality, harmony in the home, intuition, and protect the home and all who reside in it from negative energies. Amethyst is also known to protect from harmful emissions from electrical equipment when placed nearby – I have them placed around TVs for this reason.

But amethyst is also one of the master healers – it is an evolved form of quartz which has been subject to processes in the rock cycle which concentrates its energy and causes its beautiful purple hue. Due to its resonance with the third eye chakra, specifically it can help ease the symptoms of sinus problems, flu-like viruses, migraines and headaches and balance the underlying cause energetically. It can also alleviate depression and mental illness, bolster hope and faith, and increase energy levels. It can help with insomnia and sleep disturbance. It is a useful stone to possess for anyone in need of healing on a mental, spiritual or physical level (whereas rose quartz would be the more useful stone for emotional healing). It has a purifying and restorative effect on its earth keeper and also raises their vibration to allow better connection with the spiritual realms. As a hard crystal from the quartz family it is not water soluble, but amethyst is one of a very few self-cleansing crystals which does not need to be regularly cleansed by water or any other means. If you have an amethyst cluster you can, in fact, place other crystals upon it for cleansing. I have always found that amethyst seems to retain its light, calming, energising vibration best with occasional charging however – and there is no better energy than storm energy for this, so place it on the windowsill on stormy nights, especially when there is lightning!

It is also one of a few crystals which is gentle enough to be suitable for healing on children or animals, while still powerful enough to be effective. I believe it is such an evolved stone, and so attuned to the human vibration, it is able to lock in healing within its matrix and release it at the speed and intensity needed by the recipient. However as with all crystals, supervise children or animals carefully due to the choking hazard – or use large clusters which they cannot fit into their mouths! It is, additionally, a wonderful stone to give as a gift to anyone beginning their crystal journey, and I have found of all my pendulums that the amethyst one is the most accurate answering yes/no questions.

~ Copyright Silverla StMichael, February 2013 ~


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