September 2015: Believe and Trust

Do you remember who you truly are? 

Now is the time. Huge energy shifts are coming our way throughout the month of September, my dear ones. These are changes for the better; miraculous transformations; moving forward into a space of bringing fifth dimensional possibilities to our third dimensional physical earth. Many of us who have incarnated at this point in time have a contribution to make to this process, though yours may not be intended ‘just yet’; many of you will be lightworkers, starseeds, incarnated elementals or angels or masters. Clues will abound in your present life fascinations, interests, talents and even your physical features. It’s time to remember, and many of you will be seeing snippets of your soul history and your present life mission in your dreams, in meditation or in waking hunches, glimpses, visions, and intuitions. Know their truth and respond. Do not ignore them, or dismiss them as a sign that you are crazy.

Riding the waves of the energy shifts will be tiring, so if you are more physically exhausted than usual, or weary, or fed up and wishing for change, you are not alone. You may also have physical discomforts as your physical body integrates further and further with your energetic bodies and continues its metamorphosis into the fully integrated and realised being of light you actually are. These may manifest as aches, pains, nausea, low-level illness, or exacerbation of symptoms from ongoing physical issues you may have.

You can help yourself to ride these waves by giving up the fight and going with the flow. Instead of resisting change, understand that the shifting energies are positive and transformative; ultimately, they will bring the blessed change you seek in your life so that you may live abundantly, harmoniously and lovingly as a citizen of the new earth, with newfound abilities to manifest your highest dreams and desires so you may live your true purpose and bring the best, the highest, the brightest you to our planet for the highest good of all. Seek rest, and activities that help you feel calm and relaxed, while nurturing your soul with time in nature, reading or listening to inspirational material or music, sea salt baths, and opportunities for healing. And in your rest, seek yourself – your true heart, your true calling, your true divine self and its words of guidance, comfort and inspiration – by allowing your mind to wander into daydreams, ideas, stories you wish to write with the depths of blazing love that lie within.

You are a powerful being and by spending time in your natural, relaxed, harmonious state, you generate more and more of your own cosmic power; the force of love; the greatest and most transformative force in the universe. When you encounter people who need help, whether that be someone in your immediate circle, someone online, someone in the street, someone you recognise and identify as soul family, or someone you feel intense empathy for, go into your heart-space and really feel the amazing fire you keep burning within you. Your heart-fire is unique, transmitting frequencies only you hold, the beauty of your own individual essence, and the collective power of all soul groups, lineages and sacred places for which you in your human incarnated form are an eternal anchor. Use THIS, my dear ones, when you need to help, heal, send love, positive thoughts, or prayers, in addition to offering practical help when you can. Being in service in this way activates your divine mission and purpose and brings you ever closer to your highest destiny.

Believe and trust, beautiful and magnificent beings of light. The time has come to shine out the luminescent colours of who you truly are. And as you dream, discover, and re-integrate each facet of your sacred wholeness, they shine ever brighter and change the world, indeed the universe, for the better. You do make a difference. You are seen, you are radiant, you are great beacons of light. Keep going. You are on the brink of great miracles; to see them unfold before your earthly eyes, all you need do is to keep going, to keep calm and centred, to stay in your truth, to radiate your love, to trust, to believe.

~ Silverla StMichael / Goddess Nimue of Avalon – The Lady of The Lake ~ 

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