Alignment with the Planetary Shifts, Part 1

This started off as a self-written piece for my Facebook page and then interweaved with channelling from the angelics so I am including it here.

I wanted to write a little something for you all to take stock of how far we have come and where we are up to in this spiritual journey we call life. 

There is so much information out there and for any newly awakened souls, I know it can be so very confusing.

The basics of what anyone walking a spiritual path needs to know right know, through my eyes, are these:

At the present time, our earth is going through huge energetic shifts as it moves into the fifth dimension. This does not mean the earth will necessarily look different, but for those who walk into the fifth dimension along with it, it will certainly feel different, as will your experience of interactions with the rest of humanity. Your life as you have known it has mostly been in the third dimension, which is the dimension of duality, polarisation and material concerns. The fifth dimension is the dimension of unity, unconditional love and miracle frequency, where manifestation of true and pure heart’s desires is much faster and the veil between ourselves and higher wisdom is much more transparent.

If you are awakening to your spiritual self at the present time, it’s likely to look somewhat like chaos, as old aspects of your life which no longer serve you are challenged and purified from your life, ultimately transforming it for the better. If you have been on a spiritual path for some time, you may be experiencing new and greater challenges than ever before at this time which may be linked with karmic healing of past traumas, or may be more linked with having to walk forward on faith alone into the reality of your dreams – with no physical evidence to speak of, and just the faith, trust and courage of your own heart.

I am hearing a lot about many spiritual shift dates coming up and what they boil down to is the lunations of the next few months – the new moons and the full moons. There are many pages out there which post astrology reports and vibe reports which can help you with the character and the lesson behind each individual one if you are interested. I particularly recommend Elizabeth Peru and Carrie Turcotte’s The Embassy of Light on Facebook, and The Leo King on YouTube. The key thing is to know that when the new moons and the full moons come around, you will feel a heart pull more so than ever before. You may see surges of spiritual or mystical experiences (such as lucid dreams, angel or spirit world visits to your dreams, synchronicities which are uncanny coincidences that feel like more, or brand new opportunities or events) unfolding in your life around these times. Some of them may feel challenging, others miraculous.

To keep moving forward on your path, try to make a spiritual focus on those days (see below for dates). Whether you spend extra time in prayer or meditation, spend time in nature, spend some time on spiritual reading, creative activities, doing magical rituals, receiving healing, or making wishes or cosmic orders on those dates, make sure you give thanks for the spiritual shifts which are keeping you moving forward in alignment with your highest destiny. Open your heart to the truth and the flow of these miraculous times, and gateways will open up in your life. It’s a good daily practice to thank your guides and angels for showing you how best you can be of service that day, and particularly on these key dates of spiritual shifting. Then keep alert for opportunities to do something, anything, that will make a difference – whether that is service to yourself, such as time to rest and relax or book a healing session; service to your loved ones, such as quality time with your children or partner or an old friend; or service to humanity, such as donating time or money to a good cause or taking part in a group meditation or earth healing ritual. You will be directed to the highest activities for your soul if you are open to whatever comes!

I know, my loves, that for some of you out there, the first half of 2015 will have felt like a constant battle, and maybe even some of the time before that. Every time one obstacle is cleared, another presents, or every time you heal from one trauma, another blow comes, or things are simply not shifting from a situation in which you feel trapped. This is part of the chaos I mentioned earlier and if you are newly awakened to spirituality or if you are very deeply on your spiritual path, these events are occurring to reveal further to you the truth of who you really are: not ‘just’ the earthly incarnation of you who walks the planet at the present time but the higher truth of your soul – its countless lifetimes, lessons, and gifts; its origins in other realms from the faery kingdom to the angelic to the galactic homes of the starpeople. If you feel stuck it may be that you are resisting such opportunities, or it may simply be that there is a lot of earthly ‘stuff’ to clear before the truth can be revealed. If you are on the rollercoaster, it is the stripping away of many layers of you to reveal that core truth.

This is so that as you align with the fifth dimensional energies you will be able to step into your being fully and completely, bringing the magnificence, beauty and grace of your soul into harmonious and joyful alignment with your current earthly body. In so doing, humanity as a whole will truly bring heaven to earth. This is part of the Divine plan, the Divine will and the evolution of all of humanity. You are called now to surrender to this plan and allow the truth of your soul to shine, to be, and to fully emanate from your being, anchoring light and love on your planet. Make it known to your angels and guides that this is what you intend, and it will be so. Walk with faith and trust in this, and the dreams of your heart will manifest more rapidly than ever before. You cannot get it wrong, so there is no need to worry. If you veer off the path, as long as you keep making this your intention, your team of spiritual guides will steer you right, and you will know from your heart resonance when you are truly on the path of light.

The best things you can do for yourself at this time are:

Slow. It. Down. Take more time than ever before to rest, relax, take time off, make quality time for your loved ones AND YOURSELF, and devote some time to your spiritual growth.

Drink more water. This is a purifying time and you will purify your body and soul faster if you are keeping the flow of your body as it should be. Water is grounding as well as cleansing, and if you bless the water you drink as well, will bring magical blessings your way.

Make change. To align yourself with the energy of change and show that you are not resisting it, therefore making your path clearer and easier, it’s simple – change things. The key thing here is to change things in accordance with your highest good and the highest good of all, the Divine plan.

To change things in accordance with the highest good, make those changes reflect healthier choices. More time to meditate, walk, run, exercise, sit in the sun, read, bathe, rest, spend quality time with interesting people on the same wavelength, learn new things, connect with your angels and guides, pray, count your blessings, write, create, spend time in nature, cook and eat healthy foods. Consider whether anything old that is no longer serving you needs to leave your life to make room for the things that really feed your body and soul. If you feel you cannot change such things, ask your angels and guides for help.

Ask for guidance, signs and synchronicities to show you the way on a daily basis. Your angels and guides are always there, but can only intervene in your life in alignment with your free will. Seconds of your time in the morning to ask for their direction can change the course of your whole day.

Silverla StMichael with Archangels Gabriel, Metatron, Azrael and Jeremiel and all of my angels and guides: Thank you all my Angels and Guides for your support, help, guidance, direction and the blessings you bring to my life, from deep in my heart. Xxx.

** KEY INFO **

Upcoming lunations which correspond with spiritual shifts:
July 16th – New Moon
July 31st – Full Moon (Blue Moon)
August 14th – New Moon
August 29th – Full Moon
September 13th – New Moon (Solar Eclipse)
September 28th – Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse)
October 13th – New Moon

New moons traditionally are particularly good for cleansing, purifying, releasing and setting new intentions.

Full moons traditionally are particularly good for divination and the manifestation of wishes.

Both have magical energies. When coupled with other significant factors, such as the Blue Moon (three lunations in one month), Solar or Lunar Eclipses, they are particularly powerful.

If you are really struggling with either feeling stuck or with ‘the rollercoaster’ my upcoming Real-Life Miracles Workshop is being written and developed with you in mind. We will be working with the miracle angels and Ascended Masters to anchor miracle frequency. The workshop is £6.50 GBP and there is pinned information on my page wall – please PM the page for more details.

If you resonate with me and would like to book a channelled reading or some 1:1 coaching for your spiritual development, information is available on my website and you can arrange by emailing me at



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