Close-up of natural free-form turquoise

Information is in my own words checked against and supplemented by Melody’s “Love Is In The Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals”.

The striking colour of turquoise has long made it a desirable stone and it is known for having been a sacred stone to ancient civilisations including the Ancient Egyptians, who would fashion lucky scarab beetle amulets using this stone; the Native Americans, who used it in Shamanistic rituals to bring rain; and the Mayans and Aztecs, who inset turquoise in all manner of treasures including jewellery for their priests and rulers and ceremonial serpent knives. It is, indeed, associated with the Aztec warrior god Quetzalcoatl, a mystical half-bird half-serpent creature, and can be carried as a stone of strength, courage and protection. Due to these associations, turquoise is a good mineral to meditate with if you wish to access past life memories or tap into the wisdom of the universal consciousness – it is an unlikely record-keeper, particularly of the secrets held by the ancients.

For this reason in rather more modern times it has developed associations with the Archangel Michael, angelic and Divine protection, so it is an angel stone which can bring connection to the angelic realm and Archangels in particular. In colour healing terms, it resonates with the throat chakra, and can help the wearer or owner speak their own truth, communicate their needs to others, clarify their dreams, wishes, intentions and goals for them to be stated to the Universe. It can also aid communication within relationships or in a public speaking situation, as well as healing physical imbalances of the throat and, perhaps surprisingly, the skin. For healing purposes, it works best when incorporated into a crystal elixir. Turquoise pendants are also particularly useful for work with the throat chakra, and it is also a generally lucky stone to wear. Turquoise is a good talisman for anyone who wishes to write, sing, make music, channel, act, speak or perform on stage, or try automatic writing – it is a confidence-booster as well as amplifying communications. Unlike many of the other throat chakra stones, turquoise can also develop clairaudience and help you become a better and more patient listener – a much-prized quality in the fast-paced modern world. Equally it can attract the right person to be your listening ear into your life.

Make sure when purchasing turquoise that you are buying the original and not a cheaper imitation. Howlite looks very similar and has some of the same properties but is not as powerful as turquoise and does not possess the same links to ancient civilsations and arcane wisdom. Turquerenite looks even more similar and is even similarly named, and would look pretty for cheap and cheerful jewellery but cannot be worked with for the same purposes as turquoise. Turquoise has a particular vibrant colour and sheen that neither of these two quite match – if you are even somewhat clairsentient you may also be able to discern its energy is far more powerful – almost like a pulsating forcefield of energy around its amorphous form. Turquoise can be cleansed using any method including water cleansing, which is particularly effective with this stone due to its association with rain dancing.

~ Copyright Silverla StMichael, March 2013 ~


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