Archangel Sandalphon

Who is Archangel Sandalphon?

Archangel Sandalphon is the angel of music and prayer. He has a very down-to-earth energy which makes him an excellent archangel to call upon to bring your dreams, wishes and prayers into earthly manifestation. You can think of him if you will as a bridge to Heaven, transporting our heartfelt pleas and praises to the Divine. He is also associated with nature and animals, and works on helping people become more self-loving in the sense of being gentle, patient and kind to themselves. The meaning of his name is manifold: it may derive from the Hebrew word for wheel, and other interpretations have been “co-brother” and “he who wears sandals before God”. Essentially, I believe he is a messenger who can bring himself closer in vibration to those of us entrenched in early existence than many angels can.

How to work with Archangel Sandalphon:

While most archangels are attracted easily by invocation (repeating their name 3 times), I have always found Sandalphon appears when engaged in earthly creative pursuits. He will draw close when you are tending to nature because he himself is a guardian of the earth and all its life – for example, gardening, conservation work, caring for animals or appreciating a nature walk. He will also draw close if you are engaged in a creative act, especially writing, composing poetry, or making music. It is said that he loves to be present when a congregation is singing praises. If you call upon him when writing poetry, he may even stream some of his own angelic poetry through you and every time I have channelled Archangel Sandalphon, he has spoken in rhyme and somewhat cryptically, though I believe he can also channel wisdom through art and other forms of writing. The mineral fulgurite – otherwise known as prayer pipe – is a good stone to work with if you wish to invoke the assistance of Archangel Sandalphon. He is also attracted to the earthy, cleansing, purifying and grounding scents of patchouli, sage and, perhaps unsurprisingly, sandalwood.


How does Archangel Sandalphon respond?

(or what signs to look out for)

As already mentioned, he will often send a message through a creative medium: poetry, writing, art or inspirations for your own little green patch. Sandalphon’s presence is felt as a gentle energy at one’s side, standing shoulder to shoulder as equals – not some lofty or awe-striking spirit. I would think that most people’s experience of Sandalphon’s intervention is the feeling of being uplifted, in harmony and unity and oneness, in the sharing of the human experience, when singing in a group such as a congregation, choir, or sing-along. When you truly experience interconnectedness, the chances are he is in the vicinity, inspiring that experience. Additionally, Sandalphon is extremely good at putting people in your path at exactly the right time to move you forward with your current questions – the very wheel-turner of synchronicity, indeed.

What else should you know about Archangel Sandalphon?

The meaning of “co-brother” which is one possible explanation of his name derives from the fact that he is thought to be the brother of Archangel Metatron – the only two archangels who are thought to have had a human incarnation, in Sandalphon’s case as the prophet Elijah. He also has a reputation for being the tallest archangel, which is interesting given that he has such a humble, loving and down-to-earth presence. Perhaps we should call him the Gentle Giant. He is somewhat of an underdog, not being the most commonly called upon archangel by a long chalk, and yet he can offer more practical help and on a faster timescale than many of the archangels, and perhaps indeed this is because he is more attuned energetically to the human vibration. When you have a dream and all else has failed in your striving to manifest it, I would say, turn to Archangel Sandalphon, for he is often able to balance a situation with a touch of his heart and set it on the path to success.

~ Copyright Silverla StMichael January 2013 ~


49 thoughts on “Archangel Sandalphon

  1. You are very accurate with your archangel sandalphon knowledge. Its very refreshing that someone could care enough to get to know him more. Rather than the paraphrazed summaries found in books. Thank you

    • Hello Keith and thank you for your comment. I am not aware of Sandalphon being incarnated in human form at the current time. However I do think this is something that is possible, especially given the energetic shifts that seem to be occurring at this point in humanity’s evolution, and the fact that Sandalphon is thought to have incarnated before.

      • We are reincarnated on the earth many times. Do you think Elijah has been reincarnated since his earlier presence on the earth or even today? If so what would that individual’s relationship to Sandalphon be?

      • I have never really thought about the question Keith, but it’s interesting. It’s certainly possible. Many mystics believe, for example, that St Germain was also once incarnated as Merlin, and if past lives exist, it stands to reason that the ascended masters have had more than one physical incarnation. I have no idea whether Elijah has since reincarnated again. I’m fairly sure Sandalphon is not incarnate at present as I work with him quite regularly and feel he is back in the angelic realm. You could try meditating on the question if you are really interested to know. Were it to happen, or if it has happened in the past, that individual would BE Sandalphon. Or rather, that individual’s higher self would BE Sandalphon. They would be one and the same at the soul level.

  2. Hi, my question is can i take the name Sandalphon when I become baptised and confirmed into the Catholic Church. Is he recognized as a patron saint?

    • Hi Stephanie, thanks for your comment. I am not familiar with the rules and guidelines on what names you can take when you are baptised and confirmed into the Catholic church – I would have thought you need to check that with your priest.

      I have never heard of Sandalphon being referred to as a saint or St Sandalphon, in the way Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael sometimes are. He is a patron, however, of musicians and artists.

      There is also the possibility, if you wish to name yourself after Sandalphon, of taking his earthly name from his incarnation as the prophet Elijah.

      Many blessings and I’m sure your soul will lead you to the right decision for you! – Silverla. Xxx.

  3. Thank you for that insightful description of Archangel Sandalphon. Throughout my life I have had messages sent to me through music, usually through periods of deep distress, but also happier times. I believe this is Archangel Sandalphon at work. Could you tell me, if possible, what crystal or gemstone Archangel Sandalphon is associated with.
    Bright Blessings

    • Hi Bec

      I don’t know if there is an ‘official’ linked gemstone and different mystics would probably tell you different things anyway.

      For me, the best mineral for connecting with Sandalphon is fulgurite. It is also known as prayer pipe and can be used as a means of delivering your prayers to heaven.

      May you be blessed! Silverla. Xxx.

  4. I need to talk to someone. Someone that was shining like a bright light ,has entered into my body . NO LIE can someone just talk to me and let me know what is going on. I found items it led me to. Need a advisor please help

    • Hi Mark

      Sorry it has been a few days since your post – I don’t check this blog daily but you can reach me daily at my Facebook page or by email – for future reference, or if you still need to talk to someone about this.

      If you are not experiencing any negative feelings or events following this happening, I would not be overly worried. The being you describe sounds like an angel, but it could also have been a vision of your higher self entering your physical body. You are not crazy and these sorts of experiences are beginning to happen more and more to awakening beings at this time, because the earth plane is moving into the fifth dimension and our frequencies are being raised.

      May you be blessed! Silverla. Xxx.

      • hi i have picked up sandalphon on my spirit box,i have on recording saying his name and also saying my full name,this was about 2 years ago while i was talking with spirits in a brewery i work at,while i was on my break,he is definately exist.

  5. Hello again… Sandalphon is another angel I don’t readily work with but after reading this blog, will begin to. I too get many messages in music and I didn’t realize they were from Sandalphon. I have called upond St. Cecilia. Perhaps she and Sandalphon work closely together. I’ve been trying to get the courage up to move to another state 800 miles away. (from NY to Tenn). I know without a doubt this is my spiritual calling to go there yet it’s taking me so long to get there. I’m not sure if it’s my fears holding me back or if the divine timing isn’t quite right yet. Perhaps I should ask Sandalphon for a message. Currently Gabriel is my guide and he’s come to me. Is is ok to work with both angels?
    Thanks for your insight.
    BTW.. I see your birthday is May 30…that’s my brother’s birthday and a good friends. Mine is October 7… I believe Gabriel led me to you today as I googled his name and your blog came up…

    Good to know there are others who are experiencing the same things I am….

    Love and Light to you


    • Hello again Tara

      I don’t believe in coincidence, just synchronicity. So I’m sure you were meant to find this blog and to contact me. 😉

      Thank you for sharing your beautiful stories and messages of hope about working with Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Sandalphon. It’s really quite miraculous the things they can bring about in our lives just from simply asking them to intervene.

      Yes, it is fine to work with two or even more angels at any one time. I am currently working with Archangels Michael and Orion on a daily basis and some days, Archangel Raphael as well.

      Many blessings from Silverla. Xxx.

  6. Great blessings Beloveds! Your praises are always heard, with thy flame of your Threefold Flame; know there Beloveds you will have an everlasting Union with all that is. Keep your hearts open and, know you’re always protected within thy Beloved Mother Gaia and I, for we give with hands open to all the children of the father/mother God.
    I AM Sandalphon

  7. Well I’m so positively influenced from today… just took a thought of the recent teaching of Archangel Sandalphon from my dad into searching it to the internet….and what do I find………you guys I feel so blessed, yes there is no such thing as co-incidence, but may I ask if …since sandalphon works through embracing music and artistry, which genres and crafts would he much appeal to….and is he always there?

    • Thank you for your comment and many blessings to you. I’m glad you have found your life touched by Archangel Sandalphon. He has a lovely gentle energy and is very healing and cathartic to work with. Any form of musical or artistic endeavour will attract his help and support. He will also bring guidance through while you’re in the creative “zone”, whether you’re drawing, painting, sculpting, singing, dancing or playing an instrument.

      Archangels are always present and they are multidimensional and therefore able to help any number of people all at the same time. Remember that other than a life-or-death situation, they will usually not intervene unless we specifically request their help and guidance. You can request help from Archangel Sandalphon by name or simply call on all the angels and the best angel for the situation will come through.

  8. Sandalphon has been guiding and helping me recently. A dear and trusted friend graciously offered to do some reiki work on me and I believe that session is what opened me to this blessing.
    At the beginning of the session, she asked if there was a certain area that I felt a special need for healing. I asked her to focus on my solar plexus as I have had chronic problems in that area for a very long time. As she did so, I received a visual image of the chariot tarot card for a split second in my mind’s eye.
    I didn’t think much of it at the time, I simply made note of it and moved on. The next morning, the word Sandalphon (I didn’t know it was a name at this point) was repeating over and over in my head. My curiosity piqued, I searched Sandalphon on the internet to discover it not only to be the name of an archangel, but to be the former prophet Elijah, who was transfigured into heaven in a flaming CHARIOT! With further research, I found the chariot card to be linked to the solar plexus chakra!
    I have been blessed since then with a creative burst in the form of artistic expression. I believe it may actually have been channeled from Sandalphon himself . Fittingly, my most recent “creation” is a mixed media guitar ( hard to discribe). I am so honored to be co creator with the angel of music!
    I know that we have more work to do together, and I am looking forward to his help in healing my relationship with my piscean, musician son!

    • Hello Hazelrah – Thank you for sharing, so much. I love all the synchronicities that AA Sandalphon used to show you he was working with you. I love AA Sandalphon and have worked with him on many occasions. Your guitar creation sounds amazing – I’d be very interested to hear more about it. I feel very drawn to your name – it reminds me (and may be a reference to, I guess) of one of my favourite books, Watership Down. Your post is a synchronicity for me too, as I used to sing and play guitar but have become very “rusty” and lacking confidence with it since I had my kids and the angels (Sandalphon included, I am sure) nudge me repeatedly to play more regularly again. I also have a strong soul connection with a musician I love who happens to be Piscean too (and have been thinking of him a lot lately) which has catalysed a lot on my own spiritual journey. So your post is full of angelic calling cards and reminders for me. Thank you so much for sharing! I pray that all will be healed between yourself and your son and am sure more wonderful things will come of your work with Sandalphon. Many, many angel blessings to you. Silverla. Xxx.

      • Hello Silverla! Thank you so much for your kind reply to my post! I appreciate the opportunity to share my experience, and am thrilled that you were blessed by it. The synchronization continues to unfold in what has become a wonderful advenventure for me in working with Sandalphon.
        Thank you also for your interest in my artpeice. It was a lot of fun to work on, though I must admit I hardly feel I was part of the process at all. It was like putting a puzzle together in a way. It is a child’s size acoustic guitar that is embellished with vintage costume jewelry. I am calling it “Daisy Bridge” because of a chain of daisies that I placed, well, on the bridge. (I then discovered that Sandalphon weaves our prayers into a chain of flowers to carry them to heaven) . There were several such “coincidences” that happened while making it. I was working on it one day, and looked up to find a caduceus had somehow found its way into the design! I was not at all concieous of it til after it was done. That is another reason I feel it may have been channeled.
        Yes, my name is a Watership Down reference, one of my favorites as well!
        I, too, would encourage you to continue with your music! I believe music is healing, for the musician his/herself, for the listener, and for everything the vibration of the music touches! The world needs more music.
        Thanks for your prayers for healing, I believe they were heard, and that the work has already begun. And I offer my prayers and blessings to you!

      • The guitar sounds beautiful. I would love to see it sometime. Another amazing coincidence with the daisy chain there; Sandalphon certainly does seem to like working through coincidences! The caduceus is a healing symbol, too (I’m sure you know this already) and associated with Archangel Raphael – so another confirmation for you that the healing you’re praying for will manifest. I asked Archangel Sandalphon to assist me in various areas of my life right after I read and replied to your original post – I have already had some major guidance regarding my twin flame connection in my dreams and some assistance with other issues in my life. Definitely, the world needs more music. I lack confidence as I struggle with feeling I am “good enough” to do anything major with it, even though I have performed in choirs and bands and been well received. I need to keep working on it and I promise that I will. Thank you for your prayers. You have a beautiful vibe and I’m so glad we connected. I’m glad to hear that you feel there has already been a difference and I will continue to keep you in my prayers. Have a wonderful Christmas! Xxx.

    • Incidentally, I too have had chronic issues in the solar plexus and sacral areas and maybe your post is also a nudge to work with Sandalphon again myself. Thank you again! Silverla. Xxx.

  9. Hi again. I appreciate your letting me know of the connection between the caduceus and Raphael. I’m developing an interest in learning about how the angels communicate with us(I suspect they use symbols often) since first connecting with the angelic realm a short time ago. My experience with Sandalphon was the first time I’ve ever been conciousely aware of having angels around me. (Now I feel like a kid in a candy store)
    It’s good to know that you are continuing to receive help and guidance from the angelic! Thanks for sharing that with me, and best wishes with your twin flame!
    I understand what you’re saying about having the confidence to perform your music. I have a friend who plays guitar and was gifted with a beautiful singing voice that hardly anyone has ever heard due to her shyness. I think she’s aware that she has the ability to heal with her music, but just can’t seem to get over the stumbling block of that kind of anxiety. Maybe someday.
    I’m glad that I was able to connect with you too! Thank you. Our communication has felt like meeting a new friend! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate having an outlet to share my “otherworldly” experience. (Most people would just think I’m crazy)
    Many blessings and Merry Christmas to you!

    • Oh, I hear you. It’s always great to find someone else on the same frequency who “gets it”. And yes, I feel almost like I know you, just from our brief conversation so far. Who knows, our souls may know each other from past lives! Regarding symbols, yes, I feel the angels often communicate with us in signs, symbols, images, pictures, codes, rather than giving us direct answers to our questions or prayers. Many of these I think are “read” and understood by the subconscious first, and seep in eventually to our conscious awareness. Have you ever seen the Enochian alphabet? These are specific symbols also sometimes known as angelic script. I sometimes see it scribed on the wall in the dead of night, in red letters, which a teacher once told me are “fire letters”. I think these are downloads because channelled information or strong intuitions will usually come to me in the course of time afterwards. I pray that your friend will develop the courage to do more with her musical gifts, too, and thank you for all your positive thoughts and wishes. If you ever want to discuss any experiences in more depth or just reach out for more of a chat, my email is – many Christmas blessings to you and yours, too. Silverla. Xxx.

  10. Hello again. Sorry for the delayed reply, I’ve been busy caring for a sick relative. I hadn’t heard of the enochian alphabet, very interesting. I’ll be looking into it when time permits.Thanks for giving me your email, I would love to discuss some things more in depth with you! I’m looking forward to continuing our conversation. I’ll email soon!

  11. I have healing angel cards I use. Last night I drew a card of Archangel Sandolphon and I had not heard of him but after reading your information it is very clear to me why I drew his card and the answer I was given thank you.

    • Wonderful double confirmation for you there that Archangel Sandalphon is working with you. Many blessings, Sally. Thanks for sharing. S. Xxx.

  12. So grateful to have been led to his blog! Inhad not heard of this angel until yesterday as I strolled through a store. As i walked past a display of pendants, I reached out for Sandolphon and immediately began to cry. I had to make it part of my life. I am now just learning about angels. I work with animals regularly, and continue to look for ways to extend my connection with them to facilitate healing. I feel blessed to have found him. 🤗

  13. Hi thanks for the awesome information. I am a musician and lately I have been encounting a lot of ideas sent to me regarding music which I have put into action. So is it possible that Arcangel Sandalphon is manifesting in my life without me knowing as I wasn’t aware of his existence. But I was doing research and heard of metatron and also remember a wise teacher told me that angel will help me on my path If so how do I thank
    the manifesting entity in my life.

    • Hi Nicolas – yes, it is entirely possible! I have heard musicians in interviews talking about connections with the angels or channelling their music from above. All you need to do to thank your spiritual “team” is say thank you – literally! They will hear you. Gratitude is a state of being and attracts further miracles and blessings. Much love. Xxx.

  14. Gratitude for the information you have provided.. the posts here assure me even more of what I am experiencing.. this is my first encounter with an archangel, having been raised and born a hindu. The floodgates opened up for me after I connected with my twin flame who is on another continent via a dream.. and angels and masters have been droppign their calling cards and I am all over the place picking them up, so thankful for any guidance! ❤

    I realised a lifelong connection with the Buddhist Goddess Guanyin recently and right after that somehow Sandalphon is upon me! Do they work together / would ot be possible that Sandalphon shares the energy of the masculine-feminine Buddhist Guanyin / Avalokiteswara? Also I'm trying to find out if Sandalphon has a connection with crows.. what creatures are associated with him etc. and whether he has a feminine counterpart – is Shekinah that?

    Thank you and much love!!

    • Hello Lakshmi – Blessings on your journey! My article gave everything I knew about Sandalphon. It may be possible that some higher beings share or have a similar energy, as some are archetypal and given different names by different traditions, and some simply hold similar vibrations to each other. I looked up online to find out if Sandalphon is considered to have a feminine counterpart and indeed a number of sites list her as The Shekinah. Silverla. Xxx.

  15. I share the same type of energy, turquoise crystal. I’ve gotten many names, in the study of myself. All correspond. My aura is also massive, 50ft radius and others feel it when i walk in a room. People also tell me the truth almost supernaturally. I also have no bridge between my root chakra and the rest. No L5 part of my spine, a friend of mine killed himself recently had been missing for weeks. His dad said as soon as they offered up prayers, 3hours later someone randomly found his body in the middle of no where in the deep woods. I had asked him to be escorted to his proper place. During his dads speech at his funerial my presence gave him comfort, think he had seen it in it’s bright glowing light. I ran my eyes through google image and they come up as the sky, nature and my captured energy on camera showed up as an entire cosmos. I suppose I’m very close to him if not him. My great grandfathers name was Enoch his son was Elijah. I was also born under the halebopp comet that out shined the sun 7x over.

    • I strongly believe there are many people on earth related to the known angels and carrying out some of their work here on the earth plane. Some may even be earthly incarnations of known angels. Thank you for your testimony! Blessings ❤

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