Thinking Outside The Mirror

2016 has truly been an epic year of shifting energies, which I find particularly interesting given that it’s almost exactly 10 years since I met my twin flame in the physical, in the sense that I always knew this would be a momentous year, but until I lived it I never knew why and I certainly never predicted the magnitude; the worldwide changes and turbulence which have left no soul untouched.

Of late I have noticed quite a number of twin flames I know (and 100% “feel” them to be true twin flames) including twin flame guides and teachers, falling by the wayside, so to speak. At first I did wonder if maybe they had reached a higher level than I and somehow transcended the desire to unify with their twin flame from the vantage point of a higher perspective. I wondered if I too would “outgrow” the twin flame path, and opened my heart to the possibility of this being truth, especially since in many ways that truth would actually open up a far easier path for me. However, considering the signs and synchronicities I still receive, the elevations, activations and upgrades I have experienced lately, and the symbolic, vivid or lucid dreams and souped-up crystal-clear guidance I am now receiving on a regular basis, I am feeling more that that perspective is simply not “for me”. They have shifted, and been able to move forward as a result of it, but it’s not the direction my soul is directing me to shift in.

The path has certainly been tough, for many of us, that is for sure. I totally understand some people wanting to shift to a different path or an alternative focus in their mission, in order to keep their vibration high and take things to the next level spiritually. All our journeys as souls are unique, and I am pretty sure some people are “meant” to shift to a different focus, too. However, I am also wondering whether there are some twin flames out there, and in particular twin flames who are newly awakening spiritually, who are being affected by this shifting and at times conflicting guidance, when they are not meant to leave the path of twin flame, when they are meant to stay this course for their mission, or ultimately come into physical union with their twin flame.

It is for those people that I feel drawn to post my own shifting perspective today. And as with all things, if you have been drawn to read it, then likely there is something within it that is most definitely “for you”.

I have never been more sure that I am meant to stay on this path. There is a sense of having come so far and it would be such a terrible shame to give up now. There is a sense too that this is the trajectory which will continue to keep taking me to new heights dimensionally, with my spiritual gifts and mission, and enable me to complete all the work I was meant to do this lifetime on this planet. The growth and acceleration I have experienced have been quite staggering. Out of this path has come, for me, ever higher dimensional activations, an upgraded sense of clarity, amplified channelling, dreamwork, astral projection, clairaudience and claircognizance; the development of my spiritual gift of reading songs that have come to people as synchronicities; and the courage to push myself to be seen, to be heard, and to take risks that beforehand I would never have dreamed of daring to do. There is also a sense of my angels and guides celebrating how far I have come, and what is still to come for me on this trajectory. I will not be wavering from my path.

There is no sense in lying and saying that I have never doubted. I have had terribly low moments of doubting that my twin flame is, actually, my twin flame (despite the ridiculous synchronicities and dream-meetings and confirmations in readings I am eternally grateful to have experienced); or of doubting that we were meant to reunite in this lifetime (that particular low moment spanned years during which I was pretty much on a plateau, spiritually stuck); or that I actually had the strength and faith to carry on. I have had those moments of longing, of missing, of just wanting the physical union here and now; and the moments of sheer confusion and frustration over the paradox of having to keep the faith and hold the vision while simultaneously surrendering to the highest good and the will of God, even if that doesn’t match the vision. (Incidentally if anyone reading has come upon the same paradox, the key to walking the tightrope with that one is to get into the heart – by doing things you love or thinking of times you felt the purest and most unconditional love – and feel your way.)

What I have learned this year is that many of those doubts, many of the lower emotions, many of the “lost”, “dazed” and “confused” feelings (if not all), derive from the ego – an ages-old defence mechanism designed to protect me from pain in any of its guises, including emotional pain. It’s the ego that discourages us from believing in our dreams and whispers to us in the dead of the night “you’re not good enough” or “forget it – it’s impossible”. At this stage in our spiritual ascension, the ego is pretty outmoded and holds us back to some extent; while I am grateful to it for its protection over the centuries, the millennia, that stack up to all of my lifetimes here on earth, I am seeking now to release and transcend it to whatever extent I am able to while still in a human body. The pure self, the higher self, the core, the soul, the heart-space, the essence of me is the small but steady voice that whispers in the moonlight, the starlight, the sunlight, in the reflection of the rainbow, in the still-beating heart: “All is possible. You are free. You are loved. And you can have all of your heart’s desires and more. Don’t give up.” All the best aspects of me, that propel me forward and lift me up into a higher and more loving version of myself.

And as I move ever onwards into that higher and more loving version of myself, a very clear perspective is emerging on my twin flame union, and I invite you now to look at your own situation from that same perspective. I may not be in physical union, or even have physical contact with my twin flame; my journey may have been long (which I knew at pretty much every stage it would be, and expressed this in different ways as a knowing that I was “playing the long game” – not that it’s a game) and still not at a culmination or resolution – YET. I am, nonetheless, in a sacred union. I count myself as very lucky and very blessed and very appreciative that I am a twin flame – that I have a twin flame incarnate on earth at the same time as me.

Since I was a child I knew I had a higher spiritual purpose: I heard angels singing at the age of four; I saw “fire letters” on my bedroom wall at the age of eight; I had my first flying dream at the age of eleven (and they never stopped); I had people like my wonderful dad (now in heaven) and mum who understood what was happening and could affirm that I wasn’t crazy and explain some of the phenomena; through a series of coincidences I fell into studying religion and philosophy at college; I had dreams of angels, viewing my akashic record, and recalls of past lives occurring most of my adult life. By the time the awareness I had a twin flame happened, I was already deeply entrenched on my spiritual path. The coincidences and experiences amplified from there on in, and I am sure if my twin flame wasn’t incarnate on earth simultaneous to myself, that would not have been the case. My path would not have been accelerated and I would not be at the point I am at now spiritually, accessing up to the ninth dimension as far as I know (maybe higher), channelling guidance, being able to help and offer comfort and guidance that is proved accurate repeatedly for people, experiencing heart expansion and the joy and peace that comes with it to such a great degree. Quite possibly, if we had been next-door neighbours and come into union in our earlier years, all of this wouldn’t have happened, either. At the very least, there is clearly a purpose to us being stationed at different grid-points and doing so much accelerated work to clear templates and transform paradigms on this planet. (As an aside, many of you are doing similar work unknowingly, especially if you have experienced great challenges and traumas in your lifetime. Some of it is done in dream-time in the higher dimensions and the giveaway is usually that you are still tired on waking after a really deep sleep!)

Not only that, I get a great deal of comfort, as well as balancing, stabilising and steadying energy, directly from my twin flame union. Since discovering my twin flame, I have always deeply felt the connection; other people around me have even expressed that they can tangibly feel that energetic connection. There have been many times when hearing his voice or just thinking of him has raised my vibration so swiftly that I have felt a shuddering of the soul, like a rising thunder, or a jolt of electricity, but carrying with it only the purest love and light. The only thing I can liken it to is the feeling I get of sudden peace and warmth in my heart when I call on Archangel Michael for help. It’s not the same feeling, because one is distinctive to my soul connection and one is distinctive to Archangel Michael, but it’s my only comparable experience in this lifetime. There have been many dreams in which my twin flame was holding me, comforting me, planning out how we would cross paths in physical reality, singing to me, or literally walking me out of a dangerous or toxic situation, or standing with me on some sort of higher dimensional battlefield. Dreams being fairly spontaneous, I trust the experiences I get in higher dimensional, vivid or lucid dreams, not to mention the fact that I am left with that beautiful feeling of comfort, closeness, sweetness, peace and pure joy from having shared those experiences with my beloved.

Considering that connection has been there for me since embarking on the twin flame path – since I first asked the question “Do I have a twin flame? And if I do, can I please be shown who he is?” before promptly forgetting I ever asked for quite a number of years until I was deep, deep into a soul connection I couldn’t explain and was looking for answers and THEN remembered – I trust that it will always be there for me, because I will never not be aware of my twin flame path again in this incarnation. Even when I decided it was not meant  for this lifetime and effectively “ran” for years, the dreams still came intermittently, and left me with that beautiful feeling of connection for days on end, perhaps even more amplified than they are now they have become more commonplace due to conscious connection and conscious raising of vibrations. So in the higher dimensions, my twin flame is always there for me. His higher self is running the twin flame programme just like mine is. We both have a lot of work to do while we are here, so it’s hard to say when physical union will occur, whether it will even be this lifetime, but in a way, it no longer matters. I am never alone, because my equal and opposite counterpart, my exact vibrational match, is within me and intertwined with me and there for me always energetically, and I receive such beautiful visions, confirmations and glimpses of this from the higher dimensions; so much so at this point, that it’s impossible to not believe, to not KNOW this as truth.

And because we are mirrors, I know also that this truth is gradually filtering into his conscious awareness, and I trust that he too receives the glimpses, to the extent he invites and is open to and needs them, in his dreams, guidance, visions, synchronicities, and so on, and feels the comfort and the love that I get to experience from these higher dimensional encounters. This is a constant. To have a guaranteed constant is to be in a state of safety, security, abundance, stability and balance. To have a guaranteed constant is to be assured of the highest possible outcome. To have a guaranteed constant is to know my place and my purpose in this universe and understand that I – like you – have a key, important part to play. To have a guaranteed constant so filled with love and light and comfort and all the other wonderful and extreme emotions I count myself as fortunate to have experienced, is to know levels and heights of love and heart expansion that I don’t believe is all that commonplace to experience. I know that we will come back to one physically, because we are already one, endlessly and eternally interlinked, in every other dimension, on every other level.

And not only all this, but with the higher dimensional merging that has taken place and the repeated assurances of help from his higher aspect, from my angels and guides, from the higher realms, I feel my soul essence amplified and magnified. They say that the whole is more than the sum of its parts and this is true in my experience. Since consciously connecting with my twin flame as part of my regular spiritual practice, my sense of power, authenticity, courage, creativity, and ability to stand in my truth is NOT just doubled. It is exponentially multiplied to the power of infinity.

Yes, I truly feel that. I trust that he feels that too. We may not always experience everything at the exact same moment, but what I believe is that we experience it when we reach the exact same vibrational state. There have been times when he has been more expanded in consciousness than I and times when I have been more expanded in consciousness than he; we have not yet reached the balance point, otherwise known as the point of convergence or the zero point or the point of union. But I feel the balancing. I love him for everything he is and the path he has walked and his infinite courage and strength and his higher aspect’s determination, devotion and constant outpouring of love; I could repeat all the words but it is unnecessary to do so, so I will simply say I love myself for the exact same reasons, for everything I am, because we are made of and express the same; two rays of the same vibration, amplified to a degree that ensures our combined light radiates for the highest good of all.

I also know that all it takes is a heartbeat. One split second of opportunity, of convergence, is all that stands between my beloved and I and our full physical reunion. I have seen everything change in a heartbeat several times in my life and even experienced a foreshadowing experience of reunion itself earlier this year. All a miracle really is, is the point of shift; the point of jumping into a new timeline; the point of culmination; the point of colliding with destiny. It’s a moment. That’s all. A red-letter moment that changes the course of everything that follows. And they happen, and they exist. Frequently, when viewed at a collective planetary level. And they happen, and they exist for every one of us at least a few times in a lifetime, and more depending on the acceleration and trajectory of our path. And in that knowing is an excitement and a confidence and an anticipation and an expectation – a pure vibration carrying with it the blueprint of the moment my heart dreams of – that cannot be repressed. It’s literally unstoppable. And that energetic snowball is echoed in signs and synchronicities and the very physical, tangible feeling of shifting in the ethers. You only have to tune into it – tune into yourself – to see it.

The greater transformative miracle is not the point of physical reunion; the greater miracle is the raw and exquisite and rare beauty of such pure, unconditional, fire-breathing love. I will never stop thanking God and thanking my twin flame and thanking MYSELF for the experience of this love. My life is peppered with magic, revelation, power and peace because of it. And as for the love, it’s present in everything, even in my darkest moments it is there as a blanket of comfort and a knowing that everything will be ok in the end, and (it’s a cliché but it’s true) if it’s not ok, it’s not the end.

This is why I have every intention of staying on the path. If it wasn’t the right path, I wouldn’t still be so intensely inspired and living in joy and personal power walking it.

Just maybe if you resonate with these words and can see what I’m saying from this perspective, you’re meant to continue walking the twin flame path too.

Written with so much love and intending that every person reading it absorbs some of my heart-fire and uses it to amplify their own personal power and magic…Silverla. Xxx.