Walking In Faith

Dear ones, I was channelling angel messages for people this morning, on the hallowed day of Christmas Eve, 2016, as part of my midwinter event; and messages began to come through which are relevant for all of humanity, and certainly in particular for those who are angels incarnated and walking the earth, otherwise known as earth angels, the “ground crew”, or the warriors of light. This is a message of hope, joy and great promise and I deliver it to you with love this magical Christmas Eve.

Walk in faith, dear, shining spirits, our brothers and sisters on earth; walk in faith. We realise that is easier said than done while physically incarnated on the planet earth, but we bring to you the assurance that it is becoming easier, it is becoming more possible now as the frequencies and levels of light on your planet are changing and shifting. You have held faith so long in the emergence of higher dimensional realities on planet earth, in the possibility of earth ascending, in the possibility of heaven on earth being created, and in the possibility of humanity being healed and resonating at last to the frequency of unconditional love, the unity consciousness you have so long striven for. We know it has been long, longer than we had planned, in fact, and your capacity for faith, love and trust in those of us who remained in the angelic realm to overlight your progress has been unshakeable. We honour you for this, dear ones, and gently applaud your bright, beaming lights woven in an intricate web around the etheric levels of your planet at this time.

We did not mean for it to be so long, so arduous or so hard for you; please know this, our precious soul family. We knew it would be a formidable task, as did you when you agreed to take your places on the earth plane to assist with this considerable project. What we did not anticipate was the amount of resistance from people and whole places still sleeping spiritually or aligned with darker energies. There have been cosmic curveballs cast into the mix in waves this earth year, which we know you have felt and experienced as chaos and confusion. We thank you, magnificent and wise beings, for staying so steady in your light and holding the energy of peace, stillness and serenity in the midst of the storm. In your dreams and meditations, we briefed the highest parts of you on what was occurring in the higher realms and yet for many of you it would have thrown you off-track so tremendously to make you consciously aware, that until now it has not been quite the time to reveal it to you. Those of you who have felt delayed or discouraged in achieving your goals or awaiting the outcomes of your divinely-orchestrated desires and manifestations, this has been down to our engagement in events as they arose. Please know that even this has been divinely orchestrated and planned, and it was always meant to be unexpected, for that has been the only way of purging and clearing old, negative or dark templates. Our growing, shared, collective light radiating around the planet and even out into the cosmos has placed opposing forces in a corner so that they have exposed their tactics in a way they did not mean to reveal, and this can now be transmuted. Many of you who, at soul level, for you are angels, archangels and ascended masters walking the earth in a human body, have been engaged with us in these great waves of healing, light and transformation, will feel soul tired and rocked to your very core. We are grateful for you standing with us and we are humbled by your capacity to ride the storm with us, and yet still continue spreading light and love in your earthly existence. We always knew you were the most powerful souls amongst us; we never knew quite how powerful until we saw your resplendence in action.

And yes, even now you may feel almost as though you are on a plateau; unmoving, still, and unable to shift forward. You feel like nothing is happening towards your dreams, and you even wonder whether your dreams are false programmes, or false ideas and inspirations, things never meant to be, simply because the synchronicities towards their manifestation have dried up, you don’t receive the signs any more, and there has been no physical evidence of movement towards them for many months, while simultaneously there has been a global sense of chaos and change. You see, on the physical plane level, you are all in a holding-pattern; you are all, seemingly, exactly where you were before these times of turbulence ensued, because, dear ones, you have been preoccupied. Your energy has been taken up, you key angelics on earth and all of your soul-kin, in laying foundations and acting as anchor-points for an ever-growing and unprecedented grid of light on a larger scale than we originally expected. This grid of light is iridescent and radiant; its energy is capable of bringing great miracles and great relief to you and your planet. While much of your (and our) soul energy has been directed at this task, at this great architecture and expression of your infinite capacity for unconditional love, our energy has not therefore been directed at developing your blueprints for manifestation in your own personal lives, long since dreamed, visualised and created in your and our hearts for your highest good. Yet these, too, are important – because what brings you greater joy and harmony in your lives also radiates out and creates ripples of miracle frequency in the cosmos at large; these, too, are important because you are intended to be inspirational to others in your mastery of living in the new templates and energies of earth; these, too, are important because they are building-blocks for the heaven on earth you will, ultimately and eventually, create.

What has already been achieved is freedom, a sense of freedom which will underpin everything else to follow. Feed not the fear, because you will see the blow-out and the repercussions of securing this freedom in the cycle of time to follow, the resistance and the backlash against it, and the breakthroughs we have made. Understand that this has already occurred at an energetic level and will occur in physical reality on earth, but you will see echoes of what we have been through at soul level in the physical reality first. Take this as a sign that the time of true miracles is coming and be strong in your hearts. Know that love has prevailed and that all you have dreamed and desired – in truth, all of your destiny as it belongs to you, because dear ones, dreams, desires and inspirations are planted in your hearts by God to show you what is meant for you – is coming. Be unwavering in your strength and your faith in this, our promise to you our angelic brethren on earth. As the great web of light, woven with magical love, comes to completion, the human angelic energy will once again be free to pour into their own individual creations and manifestations, and the resultant joy will ripple out creating even more love, light and harmony for all on earth.

So many of you have questioned your mission, especially those of you quite recently awakened to the truth of who you are at soul level, of why you are where you are on planet earth at this time, and how you make a difference. Bright ones, the answer was in front of you all along; it truly was. You are already living, breathing, walking your mission. You question what you should be doing and look for signs and clues, but your mission is not like an earthly job, which you do to create the abundance you need for a comfortable life. Your mission simply is; you are your mission; and just by being here on earth, just by being, at this time, you are already on your mission. Many of the tasks your soul has contracted to do via agreements before your birth here are completed at soul level and in the higher dimensions; indeed, everything, generally, is created at blueprint level, in the realms of the imagination and the desires of the higher heart, and then gently showers down as seeds of light, dream-stars if you will, into your physical reality. At times you see glimpses of your mission-work in dreams, just as you see glimpses of your future or meet up with other beings with whom you have soul connections, and these glimpses are gifts from us to light your path and keep you on the right track; each one divinely timed and planned for optimum effect as your journey unfolds. Often, you do not know the full extent of what your soul is working on in the etheric levels. If there is something you are meant to do in physical reality, it is often a follow-up or a resultant ripple divinely inspired after the work done on the higher planes; occasionally we will inspire you to consciously send energy into a high-level working. You need not worry about this or fear you are missing the signals: when you are meant to know, you will know. We will assure this; this is our role as your co-creators anchored still in the higher frequencies. Your role is to be connected with the energy of earth and the energy of humanity to bring all our work to bear in the physical realm. Your role is to believe in miracles and know that all these things are possible. Yes, your role is to walk in faith.

There is no “secret” that needs to be revealed or discovered at this point; or, if there is, it is not one sole piece of wisdom or one sole inspiration which gives you your life’s directive, or one sole occurrence in your life or moment you have been waiting for. It is a feeling, a frequency, one which many of you are open to and becoming willing to uphold on earth at this time; a frequency brought through from higher dimensions, which is the fullness, beauty and luminescence of true unconditional love, the true power of the heart; and as you open yourself to higher-dimensional activations you will feel it more and more and begin to understand that it builds, dear ones; it builds each time you receive a higher activation and eventually, it ought to be that those who walk the earth will be able to hold in their human bodies the capacity to feel the full force of this frequency. This is the source of all creation and the answer beyond all answers. This is God, and it is you, and it is us, and it is inspiration, and it is creation, and it is light, and it is love, and it is all things; for we are not just interconnected, dear children of the angels, but we are all one heart, beating in rhythm with the universe, singing in harmony with the heavens, and loving with the fierceness of the holy fire and the abandon of the wildest forces of nature. This power lies within you, and it grows. That is the only purpose you will ever need.

Be blessed with the knowledge of the greatness and yet gentleness, softness, peacefulness of your soul this winter time, our friends, our family, our selves reflected on earth. It will carry you forward and love will reign again. Walk in faith; love will reign again.

Channelled by Silverla StMichael from Silverla in archangelic and goddess aspect and all the Angels of Light.

With thanks to the soul sisters whose readings brought in the seeds of this transmission; wishing great blessings on your hearts for the part you played in this.