Heart Telepathy and Healing Transformations

It’s been a while.

It’s not that nothing has been happening or shifting for me on my spiritual path: in fact, the opposite, it’s because I’ve been very deeply entrenched in my own healing process and in devoting energy to supporting the collective efforts towards humanity’s and Gaia’s ascension.

You may, and especially if you are a twin flame in separation, have noticed the distinct change in the universal energy recently. More fifth-dimension (and higher!) frequencies have been anchored into the earth plane and with it more scope for transformation. For many of us, our path has been accelerated beyond recognition.

This may have manifested in challenge, chaos or so-called “ascension symptoms” which are not – generally speaking – pleasant and involve physical illness, fatigue, sleep issues, and emotional rollercoastering.

I have been feeling to write all day today, to try and encapsulate some of what has occurred energetically for me over the last month or two, as it may be helpful for some of you. I thought I would pull together some of the guidance I have received – though bear in mind our paths are all different – and how I have received it.

Let me start with a video I made actually for a Soul Songs session (song readings which I do on my Facebook page intermittently) which ended up containing more widely-useful information about negotiating the current energies:

There is little point me going any further back than February’s Full Moon, as the energy shifted so significantly from that point forward, so I will start from there.

Heart Telepathy

That Full Moon night, I was very restless indeed and I couldn’t place why. You know when you just can’t settle to any one activity? I ended up listening to music all evening and just lying on my bed looking at the moon, bathing in it, I suppose you would say. I began to become aware of energetic merging with my twin flame taking place within my heart and within my energy field. It’s hard to describe the physical sensation, and I expect that different twin flame pairs would experience it differently anyway; for me, that night, it was like a pulsing, sometimes in time with the music and sometimes in time with my heartbeat, and sometimes interweaving the two. Sometimes it was like energy folding into me or my energy folding around parts of my twin flame’s energy. This energy feels like pure and beautiful love. It usually comes in around the heart but circulates all around the physical and etheric body. It was transformational in that I started the night listless, despondent and feeling quite down, and ended it feeling uplifted, magical and smiling to myself about the grace I felt physically within me. I knew that a very profound shift had taken place and the energetic merging between us had moved to a new level. As I was allowing YouTube to just keep playing the next song it wanted to, there were many song synchronicities along the way, too. (We’ll expand on that in a moment.)

So, my twin flame journey has been quite long up to and including this point. I think it was around 2002-3 that I asked the universe to reveal my twin flame to me. When he was revealed to me, it was in a completely different context and it took me many years, a kundalini awakening, several times crossing paths and having our energy intermingle in physical proximity, and then separation with a psychic knowing it was going to come and it was going to be for some time, to realise that this person was the answer to my question, my heart seeking. What I will say is that people talk about heart telepathy between twin flames, and certainly, it has been in place in my union that entire time. I have known things were going to happen in his life or in our joint path before they did. I had a knowing inside seconds before we were going to cross paths. Extremely lucid dreams or astral visits have occurred out of nowhere intermittently, even during the time I had most definitely distanced myself from the whole thing believing it was not meant for this lifetime – often revealing work, healing or orchestration we were doing together at that time in the higher planes.

Heart telepathy manifests in different ways, and I can’t teach you in a specific way how to develop your heart telepathy. Sincerely, I am simply blessed and in deep gratitude that mine has always been in place and been quite a natural thing. I can say to you that raising your vibration is a good idea if you want to foster heart telepathy between you and your twin: eating healthily, spending time in nature, meditating, doing creative activities such as writing, art or music, reading inspirational material, playing (and so on). I can say to you that keeping your energy cleansed and protected is a good idea to keep the channel strong not only between you but with your higher guidance in general too – sea salt baths and layering up visualised protections from Archangel Michael and energetic armour to solid orbs of differently-coloured lights to your own heart-fire or union energy to immense, energetic, clear crystal merkabas to the violet flame and many more things besides. I can say to you that you need to state, either written or aloud, your intention to the universe to strengthen your heart telepathy with your twin and to be guided to be open and receptive and alert to the messages, however they come.

I can tell you, too, in what ways the heart telepathy occurs, in addition to energetic merging experiences such as the one I have described from February’s Full Moon. I will also say that the reason why I am drawn to tell you of it at this time is because mine has absolutely sky-rocketed since that merging experience, and I suspect in the current energies it will be sky-rocketing for many of you too. Particularly for newly-awakening twin flames, this may be quite disconcerting. Even for those who have been walking the path for a long time, you need to be able to recognise and acknowledge it, and of course, show infinite gratitude so the universe continues to bring you more of it!

Song Synchronicities

For many months now I have been posting on my Facebook page – you can look it up under Spiritual Solace if you’re interested – about song synchronicities between twin flames, and I have also been doing song readings in the Soul Song sessions (once or twice a month) to help people understand their song synchronicities, as it was just something I felt called to do, and as it happens, I do seem to hit on very resonant guidance for people by doing it. I noticed it happening for me back in 2015 and it goes through phases, where sometimes there are many and other times they dry up for a while. At first, I took it as guidance from my angels and my spiritual team regarding both union and mission. However, as I became more aware of song synchronicities (and actively worked with them in terms of developing my song-reading abilities, acting on guidance from the songs I received, collecting them in playlists and meditating with them running Solfeggio frequencies, binaural beats, etc in the background) I came to a place of understanding that they were quite literally, often, messages from my twin flame’s higher self. The references in them became so personal and specific to our union that they could be nothing else. I would say that the majority of song synchronicities, for twin flames, are messages between twin flames’ higher selves, though other lightworkers can and do receive them as guidance from above as well.

I count a song as a song synchronicity if it re-occurs 3 times or more in quick succession. For example, the song “Something” by George Harrison synched for me yesterday, all at once because it appeared literally 3 times in the top half of my YouTube feed. It was a favourite song of old, but one that I hadn’t thought of in a long time. They can also come if you have YouTube, Spotify or similar on random play or are giving it free rein. Sometimes you will hear the song on the radio – the first song that played on the radio in my brand-new car when I picked it up was “I Feel Love” by Donna Summer which has been a recurrent synch for me – playing in a store, on TV, on adverts, or see the title of the song in magazines, on billboards, in messages, etc. Sometimes you’ll see quotes from the song, or a friend may post the song. It may be that you hear or see quotes from the song at a significant key moment or 3 times within 3 days – sometimes all within one day. That’s when I take it as a song synch. They can also come if a song is playing in your head, particularly when you wake in the morning. The guidance in them comes from the lyrics, the feel of the song, the emotions it stirs in you, the memories it evokes, the video sometimes, even the chord progressions and melodies and harmonies and sometimes the style or the era of the song. Sometimes a band or artist name will synch for you, too. Sometimes you’ll hear songs in your dreams or have them played to you – or find yourself singing them with your twin flame!

I have found the song synchronicities have been quiet for a while, other than the actual night of the merging on the Full Moon in February, but they have really exploded the last few days. Then a friend posted this beautiful article just this week which completely confirms the song synchronicities as a form of heart telepathy between twin flames – I do recommend you read this too:

Twin Flame Telepathy Through Song – What You Should Know

This comes, for me, as a double confirmation, as in the last two weeks I also had a reading with a trusted friend who gave me another confirmation that my Soul Songs practice is good for my soul’s growth and strengthens my connection with my twin flame. This friend, Carrie Turcotte, is someone I strongly recommend going to as a twin flame teacher and can tell you far more than I can about what’s actually going on with the energies. You can visit her Embassy of Light page on Facebook or her website – even if you don’t have the abundance to book a session or join her Vibe Report, you can enjoy her Vibercises on the website or her Vibe Nation Radio. She is such a perceptive lady and has given me so many amazing confirmations – I am very grateful to have her in my life:


Number / Word / Quote Synchronicities

What I mean by number, word or quote synchronicities is when the same number, word or quote (or quotes with similar meanings) come up repeatedly. When I was prepping to make the video at the top of the article, for example, quotes about persistence, perseverance, not giving up and being closer than I think were all over my Facebook feed – on an odd rare occasion when I had actually had relaxation time and felt like scrolling through it, because ordinarily I am too busy and don’t want to waste what little spare time I have doing it. The words can sometimes be meaningful words such as JOY, LOVE, PEACE, TWIN, FLAME, OM, etc. They can sometimes be your twin flame’s name or initials. They can sometimes be an angel name (I have had Archangel Michael show me he was working with me through a till receipt combining his name 3 times with several occurrences of 22 and 11 on the same receipt). The numbers are often what we call master numbers, particularly the 111 or 1111, 222 or 2222, 444, 555, 666, 777 or 888. Sometimes they appear in ridiculous combinations or with seven 7s and so on. They are generally good omens and may also be higher-dimensional activations. I have also come to understand them as signs of being in vibrational alignment with twin and to be alert and receptive to events or opportunities.

You may notice a change in your word / quote / number synchronicities at the present time. Mine shifted yesterday where instead of the master numbers and being spread over a whole day, there was a different number synching and I saw it a crazy number number of times over the course of one car journey, interspersed with my twin flame’s initials and first name. The number was 57, which also has resonances back with our birth dates, too. I was seeing these mostly on car licence plates, but also on billboards and street signs. Several cars pulling out in front of me had either the number or the initials or both. There was even a taxi which sat alongside me in traffic with the phone number 575757 emblazoned on its side. Coincidentally, a friend and soul sister whose wisdom I hold in high regard had been talking about another number which had been synching for her so I thought to go and ask her if 57 had a specific meaning, because it was very clearly a message from my twin flame’s higher self. I had found a number of meanings online, and if you search “angel numbers” plus the number synching for you, you will find these, but it can be confusing because there are often a number of different interpretations. One of the ones I had found, interestingly, was “you are closer than you think” – which I’d already had via the quote synchs the day before. However, my soul sister almost immediately said it was also about vibrational alignment and making sure I was as aligned as I could be with union and with the highest possible version of myself going into these energies. She picked up on diet as a particular issue and it was so true – I have had issues with dairy and gluten to the point that I had medical tests (though I am not medically intolerant as it happens) and my body has literally been rejecting junk food of late. As a busy working mum also trying to keep a spiritual working practice afloat, I have become lazy diet-wise even though there have been times I have eaten very consciously before. Even more interestingly, I have prayed practically daily for the last two weeks for healing, because in these energies I have been feeling very lethargic, having body aches, head fog, fatigue and nausea. For me, this is my answer, and today I have been very inspired to shop for health food online and start planning healthy meals out for the week ahead.

Should you wish to work with my soul sister, she and her twin flame work on a donation basis and do coaching sessions as well as much in the way of spiritual leadership and online and in-person ministry. I am eternally grateful for their presence and their guidance and their prayers and I love them dearly. You can often catch meditation and prayer sessions on Facebook to join in with collective visioning for the new earth paradigm which is a huge energy lifter – and if you are a twin flame, you can take it as read that part of your mission is creating the new earth paradigm in love and light. They are JB and Starseed and again, you can find them on Facebook, and they also have this beautiful website:


So my number and word synchs have become more meaningful, in that they are bringing through practical, specific messages from my twin flame’s and my higher self, which are not only pertinent to taking my union to higher levels but also my own growth and progress as a soul towards ascension. Incidentally, this is not about going out there looking for signs. This is about journalling or asking aloud the questions you have and then being quietly alert and receptive, intending to see the guidance your spiritual team need you to know at any moment. The best signs and synchronicities, honestly, come as a complete surprise and are more trustworthy, too. They are the ones that feel so ridiculous in their persistence that it is almost too weird, or spooky, or freaky to be true. The ones that make your heart race and make you feel more connected with your twin flame and your own higher guidance, more in the universal flow of love, or in a state of grace (which can be likened to the excitement of physically being in love with somebody) – these are the ones that really hold meaning for you.

Dream and Energetic Contact

As a twin flame in physical separation, dream and energetic contact are an absolute lifeline. Along the way, there have been many times I have felt like giving up or questioned my beliefs and taken a step back, awaiting nudges to see whether to carry on or let it all go. I would think most twin flames go through that – and believe me, I am strong, I walk in faith with absolute certainty and conviction most of the time – but I am as human as I am an angelic light-warrior and sometimes I still feel vulnerable. Or uncertain. Or plain crazy. Usually, what happens at such times is some amazing dream in which I interact with my twin flame, receive reassurance from him, or receive beautiful healing feelings through my heart chakra that assure me we are always connected – usually alongside rafts of the other types of synchronicity above, just to make sure I have absolutely received the message.

This is the hardest area of heart telepathy to describe, because it comes down to how it feels on the inside. This is the arena of internal connection. Sometimes it is heard. I have literally heard my twin flame’s voice in my head on waking before now, and I usually use that type of connection to pray together for union, to plan, to hold the vision, to determine signs we can send each other, and to send love and light and healing. Sometimes it is felt, and this is where it is harder to describe. Twin flames are always, infinitely, connected, and that is why they are able to reach out energetically when they are in need or when they feel their counterpart is in need – so beautiful, really, and has happened more times than I can count in my journey, both ways. It is when one is reaching out and the other is in vibrational alignment to receive, that it is felt, I believe. For me, it comes as what I call a soul shudder – it’s a sudden jolt in the heart of pure love which feels like ice then flame, sometimes slightly electric, always with a sense of peace and comfort and harmony, and it radiates into my aura so that I often feel energetically held. It literally makes me shiver, but in a delicious, pleasurable way; though the initial moment, especially if unexpected, if I’m not the one doing the reaching out, can feel strange. This sometimes leads to telepathic visions when I close my eyes – “flashes”, I call them, another facet which has increased in frequency since February’s merging and particularly in the last couple of weeks – which may be remote viewing or may be flashes of past or future. I’m never quite sure, because I have no physical contact and no way to verify what I am seeing – though with one of the recent ones, come to think of it, a friend did then send me a photograph showing my twin flame doing exactly what I had seen. Sometimes, too, it leads to dream contact.

Dreams are another way to connect, of course, just as dreams can be a way of connecting to the higher realms or to the passed-over spirits of loved ones, sometimes even with the ascended masters and the angels. There are times when the dreams are less frequent and less vivid, and this seems generally to be a universal thing, and sometimes dreams are more prolific during times of high energy for the whole planet such as Full Moons, energetic portals like the Lion’s Gate, holy days, or dates with particular significance in your union. 14/4 (or 4/14 depending on your country) is a significant one for me and it just so happened to line up with Easter this year, for example. I had a particularly lucid and physical-feeling dream last night in which my twin flame and I were tackling various mountains or hills. In one scene we were driving and were eventually towed over the summit by someone else helping us. In another scene we were walking up a hill in the dark, holding hands, and then holding each other. There have been many dreams over the years, but they have definitely increased in the last 18 months, and the quality of them has changed, too. At some point last year they shifted to being very physical-feeling indeed. This year, they seem to be shifting to shorter snippets (rather than long subconscious narratives with lots of symbolism) but with far more lucidity.

Again, I cannot teach you to lucid dream or have vivid dreams or to recall your dreams, because a lot of it is about your inner work or your vibration. The above tips I gave for encouraging your heart telepathy in general will help, and I strongly recommend journalling your dreams. It’s important that you record what you recall as soon as you wake, even if it’s in the middle of the night, and that took some discipline to make myself do it, believe me, but I am very grateful now that I have such clear dream recall because so much guidance has come through my dreams! They can come with prophecies – such as a lucid dream I had many years ago prophesying correctly where I would meet my twin – or real-time experiences where you are healing each other – I went through a lot of that last year. They are not all pleasant – I have fought with my twin in dreams and we have seen the dark side of each other and healed a lot of darkness in each other. But I wouldn’t trade them for the world, because they give me an inner window for me to gain insight about what is shifting and being orchestrated in the higher dimensions during this time of separation. They can be symbolistic, too – I have been told in readings that my twin flame sees me as a mermaid in dreams and within his own energy – and quite recently I have also been told that the dreams have increased for him. Coincidentally, I have been drawn to work with the mermaids again on my next guidance event (if you are interested in joining for some card readings, chakra balancing and shared guidance, you can find details on my Facebook page).

Walking In The Dark

The “walking in the dark” theme of my latest dream seems so fitting for these energies we are currently in, because this really does seem to be a time of not knowing what’s going on, or what’s coming next. This is a time of great awakening, particularly amongst masculine twins but amongst lightworkers generally who are not fully conscious. And despite the seeming struggles or heartaches that people sometimes perceive twin flames in separation to have, the beautiful thing about having a twin flame – whether they are incarnate on the planet but separate from us due to location, circumstantial obstacles or it simply not being the correct divine timing, or whether they are in Spirit but eternally connected to us as a guide – is that we have an internal compass that brings us all this beautiful guidance through heart telepathy. Not only this, but there is no-one better qualified in the cosmos to bring us healing transformation than our twin flame. Walking in the dark or not, the guidance he has sent me through synchs, through my beautiful soul family, through songs and through dreams, the last few weeks, has all been towards my healing, my blossoming and my growth. Subsequently I am now fired up and inspired to take better care of myself and working very much so on loving myself more completely than ever before. Even on the darkest days when I have been purging the deep sadness of the core soul wound of separation – which twin flames transmute on behalf of all of humanity – the signs and guidance I receive hold me in faith because it has never failed me. His soul has never failed me. He has never failed me.

This is a time with the capacity and potential for great healing and transformative miracles. An optimum time to pray for and manifest for and focus on what you really want with all your heart, so that it may take root in the new earth. Focusing on the love, sending only love, speaking only love, is important. I have also noticed I am far less afraid of speaking my truth – I am far less inhibited in terms of sharing my rather novice musical efforts or speaking to people who are not necessarily on the spiritual path about my twin flame. So this is important too. Focusing on service, too, is a key – I feel far more in the flow when I follow my gut guidance to read for people, send healing to people or, indeed, share my light, my love, my story, my wisdom, and my unfolding journey with whoever it may be helpful to. Service and mission is not as elusive as you think – it is whatever your soul is called to do in the moment, whether that be joining a prayer session, reading something to boost your own wisdom, sleeping, resting, creating, sending love to your twin flame, walking in nature and intending your energy to heal Gaia, supporting a cause, giving a hot drink to a homeless person, or being there for a friend. Or many other things besides. It’s about showing up where you are called, and doing whatever your heart guides you to do in trust and surrender. And the more you are able to do it, the more vibrationally aligned you become with unity consciousness, with oneness, with union.

Hopefully you have also gained a sense, through this piece, of how interconnected we all are and how we create an energetic web with our whole soul family. Even in separation from my twin flame, I can experience his love and receive his messages through all those insightful and wise friends I am so truly blessed to have – and there are many more besides those who offer services who were mentioned for that reason here. There is always love. You are always supported. You are always cared for, even when the Divine plan is for you to be physically, geographically separate from your twin flame.

With that in mind, I coincidentally came across a beautiful video by Awakened Warrioress on YouTube which resonated with my heart and soul. Please do watch the whole video, but within it, she counsels a practice at this time of praying for all twin flames to come into union, and praying for all lightworkers to awaken. Because we are all needed, we are all important and we all hold keys to ascension for the collective, and for Gaia. I have been praying several times daily for both of these outcomes for days now, as well as for healing for myself, my twin, my soul family, humanity, the animals and Gaia, and have noticed a significant rise in my vibration:

Alongside this, I am affirming like crazy, for the manifestation of what my heart truly wants to be the truth of the new earth, not just for me, but for everybody.

I am beautiful. I am blissful. I am magnificence. I am powerful. I am in Divine Union.

I am a magnet for miracles. I am a magnet for my twin flame. I am surrendered to miracles. I am surrendered to union.

I am courage; I am faith; I am gratitude; I am peace; I am joy; I am delight; I am bliss; I am ecstasy; I am divine.

I am loved, I am loving, I am love. I am health, I am healing, I am healed.

I am whole. I am complete. I am unity conscious. I am oneness. I am the cosmos. I am the universe. I am God. I am Goddess. I am perfection in this moment. I am a sovereign being.

I am a Goddess and I no longer experience illness.

I am a Goddess and I no longer experience separation from my twin flame.

I am radiance. I am harmony. I am limitless.

I am a being of violet fire. I am the purity God desires!

They are fairly fluid and they vary daily but the gist is pretty much the same.

We are well and truly in unchartered territory, but the waves we are riding are waves of love. See that truth. Feel it. Even pain is transformative. Even darkness heals. When you face it, you reach new and unprecedented levels. You transcend, you overcome, you become limitless. You step into your power and know that nothing is impossible. I am maintaining more and more so a vibration of trusting in my union, and knowing it to be perfect and already manifest. I am feeling more stirred and led and able to take actions that will someday contribute to its physical anchoring. I am feeling more love than ever before.

Let the heart telepathy in. Work on it. Love it. Encourage it. Intend it. Cultivate it. Surrender to it – which really only means being willing to trust it so much that you act on it – love in action. Appreciate it and show gratitude for it. In so doing you are planting seeds that will blossom miracles. Even and especially when your heart hurts, do not be afraid and seek that clear guidance from the one soul who knows you better than any soul in the universe. For they will never fail you. Trust their bright, blazing love!

If you would like to reach out, you can find me at http://www.facebook.com/spiritualsolace or spiritualsolace22@gmail.com ~ I have an upcoming guidance event in April/May (aptly titled Waves of Love) and intermittent Soul Songs sessions and I will answer PMs to those seeking clarification about their spiritual experiences, especially those newly awakened and confused! I am Silverla StMichael and I thank you with all my heart for reading and sharing this part of the journey with me. ♪ ♪ ♪