New Possibilities With The Angels

New Possibilities With The Angels
A webinar which will be available from 6th December 2015, entry £4.50 payable by PayPal.

This webinar will primarily be delivered via video, which you will only be able to view by invitation. There will be a link to my Angelic Attunement meditation video as well, and a handout from the webinar recording the key points which participants will receive by email. Q & A will be available throughout the month of December once you have watched the webinar.

Originally this was going to be like an “Angels 101” type lesson; however, my guides have now changed my brief and this webinar will be equally relevant to people who have or have not worked with angels before. This is because the recent energetic shifts have changed the game, and new possibilities are becoming available now for working closer than ever before with our friends, the angels. Many more people will, with practice, be able to connect with angels in lucid dreams and meditations, and most people will see instantaneous or swifter-than-ever results of requesting angelic assistance.

The webinar will cover:
– What angels are, how they might present to you or be experienced and the names and roles of the key Archangels
– How to connect with angels in the new paradigm
– How to work with angels on your spiritual development or other aspects of your life in the new paradigm
– How to work alongside angels on your own spiritual purpose and destiny, co-creating new possibilities for all beings on earth
– How to tell if you are an angelic being (incarnated angel or elemental, for example) and how this may benefit you in your life
– Up-to-the-minute channelled guidance from the angels specifically intended for the webinar participants regarding the coming months.

Please PM Spiritual Solace or email to enquire about joining.