Holding the Vision – Insights on 5D Manifestation

Channelled via Silverla StMichael, 2015. This channelling unfolded after asking an earnest question of the universe: How can we let go of the details of a manifestation and yet act consciously to manifest our desires into the physical? It initially came through a part of my higher self which identified itself as ‘The Goddess Within’; later in the channelling I could see in my third eye – and feel – the presence of Archangel Michael and Archangel Orion. This may be part of the ‘download’ received from Archangel Orion which I blogged about previously.

As with any channelling, please focus yourself into your heart centre while reading, and integrate what resonates with YOU as truth. My truth may not be exactly the same as yours, as we all have different perspectives. This also may not be new information for everyone, particularly other channels, mediums or psychics.  Asides from my conscious self are shown in italics and inside square brackets. Namaste, many blessings to you, enjoy. ~ Silverla.


Remember we see things from the earth perspective. The universe, our higher selves, can see so much more. All things are possible. [Though it is always important not to compromise another’s free will with our manifestations. For this reason, with ANY manifestation, I always add two caveats: I allow for something better to come if the Universe is willing to present it, and I allow for the highest good of everyone else as well as myself. The phrase I use is ‘This or something better now manifests for the highest good of all. And so it is!’] It is the same principle with any manifestation where you cannot conceive of the ‘right’ outcome. Your higher self can.

[My guidance has long been telling me to daydream about the best possible outcome I desire…not about the details of how, when, who or where. Leave the practical side to synchronicity. Perhaps there’s another way for it to ‘feel’ real? Rather than conjuring up details in daydreams, or visualisations?]

Focus on the key moments and how they feel…physically, because that is how to ground it in physical reality, as well as emotionally. Decide what you desire, and ensure that you wish for it to happen in a way that is for the highest good of all. Set that intention, put love into it and visualise key moments and feelings. Then, take physical action on opportunities that do come up.

Furthermore, as the earth plane shifts into higher consciousness and humanity becomes ever more responsible for its own path, its own choosing and its own co-creations, striving for the following would help your manifestation to materialise more swiftly and more purely – meaning that its materialisation is closer to your original ideal than ever before, especially in the sense of how it feels to you – even if it manifests in an unexpected way.

Decide that you are fearless in manifesting your pure desire motivated by LOVE. Let go of any and all fears surrounding the manifestation. Break them away, one by one. As they come up, bless them, hold them in the light, surrender them to the angels and God, and let go. This is especially applicable to those who have fears about the process or about how their life will change as a result of the manifestation, or to create space for the manifestation. Many people hold a manifestation intention in their heart for years, but it cannot materialise because they have not cleared away blocks in their life to make space for the manifestation to unfold.

Align with your higher self while visualising the manifestation. This will ensure your intentions are pure but it also creates a stronger etheric blueprint, which leads to a purer manifestation. This can simply be done by intention – though the stronger the intention, the better the effect. You can also call upon your angels and guides to hold the vision with you. Invite them into your visualisation, projection and manifestation. They may add subtle threads to it from their higher perspective, which you may or may not sense. Look upon it as a threading together of the intentions of you and your whole spiritual team who love you – a threading together of love, of souls or beings, and of your future in this incarnation. After all, humanity is able to hold a higher vibration when working in a team, when joining together with other souls to create.

Refrain from visualising or projecting onto the future when you are in a state of fear. If you find yourself in fear, instead take it as a prompt to be in the now, be in the moment, focus on the fear, feel it fully, bless it, and then ask for it to be transmuted into light. Every time you find yourself in fear is a healing opportunity. Try, try, try not to manifest or project anything concerning your future trajectory while you are in such a state.

Keep your words about your manifestation positive. [This is not new to me but I was reminded of it, and as with other parts of the channelling, the words just ‘came’.] Instead of talking about ‘what ifs’ or ‘buts’ or ‘will I be able to’ or ‘will I be ok’, talk only positively about the desire you are trying to manifest. ‘I truly want this’, ‘This is my heart’s desire’, ‘I know all will be well’, ‘I know this or something better will manifest for my highest good.’ This is not about affirmations; this is about catching yourself if you are saying something negative about your manifestation, and replacing it with something positive…even if you do not believe it at first. Practice it enough, you will believe it. Practice it enough, it will become second nature.

It is not that the negative thoughts stop your manifestation, but they slow it down, and they confuse it, too; so it may not manifest exactly as you wished because of the confusions or the lack of clarity. Try and keep it above the earthly third-dimensional vibration by keeping it all positive, all love-based. This is especially important if you are writing it down, and this has become increasingly a mode of communication with modern social media. Remember, even when you are talking to a friend via a messenger system, you are still putting it out there into the ether, in black and white, forever.

One way of transmuting any fear is to focus your attention on that part of the body where you feel the fear as an ache, a pain, unease, discomfort, or weakness. Be consciously aware, and try to think why it is stored there in that part of your body. Is there an earlier life or a past life experience that has lodged it there? Is it related to a fight-or-flight response originating in that body part? If an intuition comes up, acknowledge it. Visualise that body part – that specific spot where you can feel the physical, tangible feeling of the fear or anxiety, however it presents – bathed in white, healing light. Bless the fear for protecting you until you were ready to face it, and for teaching you the lessons it has. Then, acknowledge that it no longer serves you; give it back to the universe.


It all comes back to love. Loving yourself, knowing that you are worthy of that love, knowing that you deserve that which you desire. Because you do: you are awe-inspiring, you are magnificent, you are beautiful; you are LOVE. Even in the imperfect state of living within a third-dimensional [moving now into fourth-dimensional] reality, in the physical world, you have to see that your imperfection is perfect. It is perfectly as it should be; it is you manifesting in the physical. At the core level, you are still perfect. The discord between the core love level of you and the physical level of you brings up imperfections, but these imperfections are not only beautiful battle-scars; they catalogue lessons learned and inspire you to further learn and grow; they are part of your DNA codes and your unique energy signature. Loving them, blessing them, and then transmuting them by bathing them in white light and giving them back to the universe is what ultimately heals you…what ultimately frees you.

All fears and anxieties have taught you something. But they have no place in your perfect future; it’s time to begin the work of releasing them, piece by piece, lovingly, and with grace.

Be aware too that as you ascend, as you co-create more of your magical desired reality into being in harmony with the unfolding universe, some of the feelings may scare you, feel overwhelming, or consuming. Deep fourth to fifth dimensional love – which you may feel when in a state of grace, such as the love for a child, pet, or someone with whom you share a soul connection; the state of oneness achieved through prayer, meditation or solitude; or the high-vibrational creative state such as birth, writing, music, art, sculpture, dance or exercise – encapsulating raw love, passion, truth, beauty, joy and unity with All-That-Is, can feel soul-searingly intense. Integrating these powerful feelings is important, and the key is [incremental] exposure. So do keep exposing yourself to the feeling, while staying grounded and protected.

Sometimes this is experienced during visualisation of the desires you wish to manifest, as being really into your visualisation, seeing it vividly, holding a sustained vision, and feeling it to the deepest core of your being – and then, suddenly, negative thoughts kicking in from nowhere. Go back to the previous step of the visualisation where it still felt good, re-visualise it and leave it there for the time being; hold that moment in your third-eye vision. Another day, you could go back and try to move on from there, though with gentleness, grace, and understanding that your soul will expand in Divine timing to contain more of the higher-frequency love and that this should not be forced. Perhaps see it slightly differently; go into it with the intention of a positive outcome. When the feelings become strong and intense, stay in that moment of the visualisation and allow yourself to really feel it, fill up with it, consciously anchor it into your soul. The next time you feel it, it should feel easier, more in flow, more natural and more peaceful. Let it wash over you, instead of pushing it away, resisting it, or consciously trying to ‘pull it in’. Sometimes these feelings may be related to a fear, too, in which case the fear should be worked on too, outside of the visualisation.

Remember with visualisation and manifestation it is generally done on the etheric level. On the etheric level, you are not constrained by time and space. You can slow or speed up time in your visualisation, in order to focus on the key moments and run past the ‘details’ that do not matter, because from your earthly perspective you cannot see them clearly. This is why you can also freeze time in a key moment, effectively, ‘pause’ the manifestation visualisation on a moment that feels good. When you think about your memories – this life and past lives – you do not remember or recall your soul’s past, timeline or reality as a linear stream of events. You recall the key moments. The key moments are the moments in which you feel LOVE at its purest level. Divine LOVE. The moments in which everything was in alignment, you were fully present in the moment and focused on your creation, focused on your LOVE. If memory stores work in this way, and integrate to form and become who we are through what we have learned, what we have experienced, how we have grown; so manifestation can come into being more rapidly if you work your manifestations this way. This is why focusing on the key moments is so important.

The etheric level, too, can be a very real, very intense, very vivid reality – and the more vividly you can see and experience a key moment on the etheric level, the quicker, and more purely – matching your original manifestation intention – you can attract it into the physical energy field and manifest it in your life.

Consider this: past key moments can be integrated by re-living them in the etheric, and integration = wholeness. And so, future key moments can be integrated by pre-living them in the etheric, and integration = wholeness. Completion. Creation of your manifested desire.

Reality creation, or co-creation, works the same in all directions of ‘time’. Because the LOVE in your heart works the same in all directions of ‘time’.

~ Copyright © Silverla StMichael 2015 ~

Images chosen from Pixabay for their resonance.

Channelled from ‘The Goddess Within’ with Archangel Michael and Archangel Orion in attendance.


I truly hope this is helpful to some of you. I offer a variety of channelled readings, and if you are drawn to work with me further you can read about these services on my website at: http://spiritualsolace.webeden.co.uk

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