Spiritual Journalling 101

I have been an advocate of journalling for a while now as part of a daily spiritual practice and it usually features as part of the recommended homework during my workshops. My own spiritual path stretches back to my teenage years, but I took up journalling in earnest in 2015 in response to the sheer amount of lucid dreams I was experiencing at the time. I needed a way to record them so that they weren’t forgotten and so I had plenty of time and space to meditate on their meanings and messages. I am now on my fifth volume and I have found it to be such a powerful tool. (As I post this WordPress has saved a draft at 1:51:55pm and I just wanted to give you the number synch – I guess that is double confirmation that journalling is a powerful process!)

In case you’re not familiar with it, journalling is a process of recording your spiritual experience on paper. I prefer a physical notebook or writing book. This may just be me, but I feel there is magick even in selecting a special book for the purpose, in dedicating it with some beautiful words or a poem inside, and in recording and interpreting your experience in your own handwriting. The act of writing in itself is a cathartic and transformative process. Once your thoughts and feelings are there in black-and-white (or whatever colour you choose to write them in), the interpretations and inspirations you have accepted and received from your experience and your guidance are there forever, recorded and manifested into physical reality.  Some people prefer to keep an online journal, or record their experiences in a Word document, and as long as you still find there is purpose and power in it that way, there is nothing wrong with that.

What is a journal and what should I keep in it?

At the very basic level, a journal is a record of your thoughts, feelings, ideas, inspirations and experiences. Spiritual guidance often comes in fleeting moments. People may experience signs from above that repeat 3 times or more, such as words, quotes, songs or numbers, and these are easily forgotten if not recorded somewhere. Sometimes hunches, ideas and inspirations for future goals and dreams come in quiet moments and are in danger of being sidelined, postponed, procrastinated against or forgotten if not recorded in physical reality. Guidance from readings, too, may be forgotten if kept in isolation from the rest of your spiritual experience or if not recorded at all. Readings from an experienced and talented spiritual reader may have far-reaching predictions and guidance from future situations, so it is important to keep them to hand, and to look back at them from time to time to see what has manifested and in what way. It is good to record meditation experiences, too, as sometimes you will see a vivid symbol, word, image, colour or receive an impression of some guidance during meditation. Other times, you may be following a guided visualisation and your imagination will take over and show you other scenes playing out. These may be significant for future guidance or in revealing something about your past lives.

And then there are, of course, dreams. Dreams are a wide area in their own right which I plan on covering completely in a separate 101 piece. However to give a basic summary, if your vibration is often raised and you regularly access fourth and fifth dimensional states, you are likely to have a number of types of dream which are significant and useful as guidance. You may receive symbolic dreams, for which dream dictionaries can be useful for interpretation, or you may be shown symbols relevant and particular to your own path which you begin to recognise as an omen for positive things happening in a specific strand of your path. For example, if you are meant to heal, you may see a caduceus when you are being called to branch out or take your healing abilities to the next level. You may have particularly vivid dreams, where you are immersed in long narratives, entire scenes of action or see very striking images such as light language (or Angelic script or fire letters), writing or symbols in the sky, or unforgettable events such as a tidal wave. These can be glimpses into our soul’s fourth, fifth (and beyond) dimensional experience or into our past lives – and if a past life or parallel existence in a higher dimension is showing up in your dreams, then it has some significant information or experience for you at your current juncture. Also in the realm of vivid dreams are prophetic dreams which are glimpses into the future. They are not always an exact literal projection of what will happen but they give you an indication. Finally there are lucid dreams – dreams where you become consciously aware you are dreaming and can have some element of control in where you go, what you do or who you visit. Often there is very limited time remaining in the dream at the point you become lucid, but you are reaching into the fifth dimension at that point where manifestation is instantaneous, so a carefully directed intention can take you where you want to go at speed. The best thing to do with this is set intentions for your lucid dreams during waking hours, which trains your subconscious mind to carry them out for you when the opportunity arises.

Dreams and all the other forms of guidance are often fragmented. Our glimpses into our soul’s rich tapestry of life and our higher dimensional experience are often brief and piecemeal. It’s like trying to put together the world’s greatest jigsaw puzzle, working out what they mean. For this reason we will often have repeated signs and synchronicities, repeated guidance that comes at least three times in quick succession and maybe more, and recurring dreams, when our higher self is trying to reveal something important to us. We may not recall every little piece, every time we have had an experience. The more you get into the habit of journalling what you do remember after a dream, a meditation, or any kind of spiritual or mystical experience where you have been lifted out of conscious awareness and into an expanded state of consciousness, the more quickly you will assemble your puzzle pieces. Your life’s path is a series of puzzles within puzzles within puzzles. Once you solve one part, it is like being given a key to unlock the next room or the next gate and the next puzzle, which will take you even higher in your ascension and evolution. A journal is, essentially, a powerful tool for solving the puzzle.

Be aware that a profound spiritual experience can strike at any time. People often have strange, otherworldly, paranormal encounters or shifts in consciousness or perception when visiting sacred sites or beautiful places in nature, for example. They are characterised often by epiphanies, a-ha moments, strong hunches, strong or new emotions, fresh ideas, solutions out of the blue to dilemmas and problems, or changes in perspective, how you feel about yourself or how you feel about situations in your life. Similar moments can also occur out of the depths of despair at times of trauma and crisis, because this too shifts your perception quite markedly and suddenly and different things seem to take on larger proportions and greater importance, while other things you may often waste time fretting about pale into insignificance. Do be discerning, however, about “guidance” you receive at times when your vibration is lower, because you can also get false information from darker energies or entities at those times. The key thing is, if you are going to keep a journal, keep it close at hand. Travel with it, take it with you wherever you can, or have a notebook that you carry with you and a larger journal to transfer anything of significance into.

Why should I keep a journal?

As if having a tool that can help you solve the puzzle that is your life’s path isn’t enough – there are other benefits to keeping a spiritual journal. Since it is a collection of your higher dimensional experiences, your glimpses and fragments of guidance from beyond this physical life, it is a way of getting to know your own mind and your own soul. I have found that during the time I have kept my journal in earnest, there has been more profound spiritual growth, more leaps forward, more changes and transformations in the path. If you look back from time to time and read parts of your journal, you will notice themes in your dreams, guidance and experiences and how they have changed and shifted over time, and this is a beautiful indicator of the growth and evolution you have been through during that period. As spiritual growth often happens and unfolds in subtle ways it can be very hard to see at the time, and people will often think they are stuck when in truth they are not. One such example comes from the recording of my vivid dreams. At one time I was having recurrent dreams, though there were many variations to them, of there being walls, windows or barriers present between myself and my twin flame. When these dreams began, I would often be the one trying to break them down and he wouldn’t even see me. As they progressed, he would try to help me, call to me through the walls and windows, and eventually the barriers diminished until they were small enough to leap over and he did exactly that.  This led to a time of intense healing work in the higher dimensions when our souls were always together.

It’s also true to say that keeping a spiritual journal can show progress (or not) and where you’re at in terms of your path, process and manifestation of any particular aspects of it. The example above showed progress in my twin flame path and manifestation of breaking down dualities towards sacred union. Often, when you are trying to manifest something “big”, such as a high-profile or important career, your sacred union, a significant move to a completely new place, a collaborative mission that could change the world or certainly part of it, a once-in-a-lifetime trip, or a large amount of abundance to do the things you dream of doing, the road is fraught with challenges because those things take so much orchestration to finally manifest in physical reality. So much has to happen at blueprint level first, which occurs in the fourth and fifth dimension. The more you track your glimpses of this level of your experience, the more progress you will see and believe me, this really helps to keep your faith strong if you have a long-term manifestation where you know it will be a long haul to achieving it. Because you may be piecing together your puzzles faster in the meantime, I believe that journalling can also help to accelerate such paths, and the overall path to ascension itself simultaneously.

To aid recall of higher dimensional experience, it is very important to record them as soon as possible following the experience. I am thinking particularly of dreams but it is true for any fleeting moment of expanded consciousness really. Even vivid images can fade in waking reality if we do not repeat (and in so doing, reinforce) them in our conscious mind straight away. Keeping your journal handy and a pen close by really helps with this. It also helps not to worry or become anxious about missing details or not remembering it all. It can help to record it from the last thing you remember and work backwards, especially with dreams. It may be easier to record the most striking images, symbols or words first in the case of a vision or meditative experience. Even recalling some of the message is better to recalling none of it, and any bits you have missed are highly likely to be repeated in further guidance. The more often you journal your higher dimensional and spiritual experiences, the more you train your brain to recall them. Over time, the desire to recall will become part of its default setting and you will feel compelled to pick up your pen at the appropriate times. I often find these days that in recording a small snippet of a dream my conscious brain has hung onto, a stream of other details and scenes from the dream will come back into conscious awareness literally as I write it down in my journal. Sometimes interpretations even channel in at the same time and can be recorded, though this comes with practice and experience. Your higher self will also see your conscious efforts and help and support you to recall and record your guidance. It can take a bit of work and effort at the beginning to re-wire pathways in your psyche, but you will reach a point where it begins to feel more fun and more second nature.

Anyone who practices magick will also know that writing, handwriting in particular, can be a form of magick when done with love and pure intentions. It is an act of bringing something through from the mental, emotional and spiritual states into the physical state of being, and can therefore support manifestation work. You may wish, therefore, to write out specific intentions (sometimes called cosmic orders) in your journal for your major dreams and goals. You can even choose to write in specific pens or specific colours to vibrationally match the intentions you are setting – for example, an intention to heal could be written in green, an intention for self-love could be written in pink, or an intention to expand spiritual awareness or gifts could be written in purple. I even renew my intentions and make a point of writing a new, clearer, up-to-date and often shortened or concise version if I start a new journal and the manifestation is still in progress. I also use my journal for shorter-term intentions, such as the intentions I set for my lucid dreams and any intentions I set for any particular events, workshops or projects I am working on. I’m sure it’s not all about the journal, but those shorter-term intentions definitely manifest. Affirmations can also be listed out in your journal on a regular basis, or recorded once to read repeatedly. I have done this with numerous affirmations and prayers including one of my favourites – I AM a magnet for miracles! – until they have become so much a part of my psyche that I know them off by heart and can recite them whenever I feel to without needing to read them. Because writing in itself is an alchemical process, bringing thought into physical form, it can additionally be a good way to conduct self-help exercises you may be given to do by a spiritual reader or you may feel inspired to do from a book you are reading. Journals can also be used as a way to “deliver” a message, question or letter to your angels, your higher self, God or the universe (however you perceive all-that-is or the source of your higher guidance at any given time). I do often find that when I write such a message or letter – which have been varying lengths and for varying purposes – I will receive an answer, or begin to receive pieces of answers, through my dreams, signs and synchronicities – which I then of course record as well. In this way, your journal can support and underpin your daily spiritual practice and as it becomes a force of habit, its power only amplifies.

It’s very true to say that the more guidance and experience you acknowledge, give thanks for and record, the more unfolds, the more blessings and guidance you are given. There is a snowball effect that definitely takes place with spiritual growth, receiving guidance or any form of manifestation. I have certainly found that when I am in the habit of journalling, using prayers and affirmations, meditation and/or yoga, daily, more energy shifts and there is more forward movement in my path evidenced in ideas, blessings and glimpses of my higher dimensional experience shown to me in dreams and meditation. As a case in point, this is definitely true for dreaming. The more of your dreams you record, the more you remember, the more vividly you remember, and the more frequently you remember. Our souls are multidimensional and they traverse the higher planes every moment, every day, whether we consciously bring that recall through or not. If you’re curious about what you are doing, achieving and orchestrating as a soul, as your higher self, journalling is not only a way to keep track of it but also to ensure that you will be consciously aware of more of it. This can even reveal more of your higher purpose and the mission work you are meant to bring through to your physical daily reality, as it will often “shadow” what you do in the higher dimensions. In the higher dimensions, I know I do a lot of teaching, guiding, loving others as a form of healing, inspiring young or more newly awakened people, questing for higher truths, and “battling” darker forces in order to break down the dualities and illusions they perpetuate. I would say this has created a template for what I spend a lot of my spare time doing in physical reality too.

Be aware that with your spiritual path and with your manifestations alike, when things have been orchestrated in the higher planes there comes a time where opportunities will finally present to take things forward in physical reality. You will often feel a sense of urgency around any nudges, hunches or guidance to take any action in physical reality. It often requires a leap of faith or a great deal of courage to take these steps but they are part of your manifestation and growth process and as such, it is important that you try. Your journal will help you chart each strand of your path until you can almost see those peaks coming where physical action needs to be taken, and you can steady, strengthen, steel and prepare yourself for it, ensuring that you take that action from the highest parts of you and using your highest qualities of courage and faith in that moment. It gives you a layer of grounding and protection and a very physical power to create in this way. Sometimes, often closely following these surges of energy where an action has been taken, I will sit with my journal and take stock and just list all the blessings I am grateful for, which will include dreams, parts and pieces of guidance, help and unexpected blessings I have received from my soul sisters, friends and family, and opportunities I have been presented with to take any one strand of my path to the next level (because they are all interwoven and taking any one strand to the next level has an energetic pull for all the other strands too). Listing gratitudes, or counting blessings, is part of the magick because it creates energy to kick-start and power-up the next chapter of your path, your story, your quest. This is also an acceleration tool.

You can even stick in snippets from newspapers, magazines, natural objects you find in your path such as feathers, or drawings related to your spiritual path that you have been given, gifted or found along the way. Your journal is a diverse tool. It’s a collection of knowledge and wisdom that empowers and helps you walk your own unique and individual path. When I first started journalling, I did a lot more sticking in of spells, rituals, pieces of wisdom, spiritual knowledge, etc, written by other people. However, now, it really is comprised of all my own internal guidance and when I read any section of it back it brings me a great deal of clarity and helps me to see how far I have come as a soul, no matter what the current physical situation may be.  If you are going to start a journal, just let it grow and evolve according to your own intuitions and ideas. There really is no right or wrong and, just like our paths, every journal will be unique and different. It also doesn’t have to be perfect! I had made false starts with journals prior to embarking on the practice properly in 2015 and a lot of the reason they had tailed off was because I disliked them being scrawly or scruffy, as they often were especially when writing down dreams as quickly as I could in the middle of the night so I could get back to sleep! Perfection was a hurdle I had to get over and realise that, just like me, the journal was always a work in progress, and beautiful in its own right, in its own way.

Starting a journal for the first time

If you would like to keep a physical journal, I would strongly recommend allowing a little time to search for a beautiful book that feels good to you. I prefer to use hardback notebooks and often ones with a spiritual image or message. These can be found in spiritual stores, bookshops and stationery shops. I’m sure you can find them online too, but mine have come to me as gifts or literally just crossed my paths in stores and I’ve had the foresight to buy them ready as my next journal. You could even customise your book by drawing, writing, stencilling or sticking extra bits on to enhance its beauty, bring in other spiritual associations, and therefore amplify its power as you experience it.

I would start the journal with a dedication. I often record the date the journal was started and start with a blessing, prayer, poem, letter to my angels / higher self / God / the universe, or listing out affirmations – whatever is the most appropriate at the time and whatever I feel in my soul to do. I will often present this page very neatly and include doodles or drawings or symbols as well as the words. Symbols can be included by choice for their power, and often sacred geometric shapes and patterns serve well for this, such as stars for spiritual power, hearts for healing and love, infinity symbols for twin flame path, or flowers for healing, growth and connection with nature.

Many people say that to instil a habit you have to consciously choose to do an activity regularly for at least two weeks. Journalling can only be a powerful tool if you use it consistently, if you write in your journal and read it back regularly, and if you record every experience you recall. I would recommend that for the first two weeks of your journalling journey you find something to journal every day. There are some beautiful exercises in many spiritual books which you could use for this purpose, or you could use it to write out daily affirmations, set intentions, or pose questions to your guides. That way, you have something to journal for even if you do not happen to have any significant mystical or spiritual experiences during that time period. Be prepared that you may sometimes need to journal at inconvenient times – for example, if you wake from a dream in which you have connected with angels or a loved one in spirit and woken from it in the middle of the night – the very fact you have woken from it is often a nudge from your higher self to journal it. It can take time and patience with yourself to force this a little at first, but not to be cross or frustrated with yourself if you do have that odd experience of thinking “I’m so tired, I just want to go back to sleep, I will remember the dream in the morning” – and then, of course, you don’t. Once you start to see how much your journal helps you in navigating your path, you are more likely to make the choice to journal everything significant whether it is a convenient time or not.

Starting the practice alongside a support group can also help. I am happy to facilitate a journalling group on Facebook, starting this summer, if people want to connect with other people starting up the practice. It can even be a forum for sharing dreams and experiences and gaining other people’s insight and perspective on them, which can enhance your interpretation and often give you the next piece of your puzzle. Please contact me via my Facebook page if you are interested.

Similar to practices like yoga and meditation, I believe the benefits and effects of journalling in your spiritual path begin to reveal themselves in small ways after a number of weeks, and in larger and more significant ways after several months, so it is one of those practices where you really need to give it a sustained try to see its true capacity for personal empowerment and growth. The more short-term benefit is that journalling in itself is a meditative and creative act and raises your vibration. The more you engage in meditative and creative activities that raise your vibration, the more your consciousness will be able to expand and the more open you will be to experiencing the higher dimensions in your conscious awareness. You are likely to begin noticing shifts in consciousness, improvements to concentration, a greater sense of purpose, a greater balance, peace or equilibrium within, and a sharper awareness of how it feels when your consciousness expands beyond the third dimension, relatively quickly. At the other end of the spectrum, over time and beyond even the benefits listed above, if you have a “sleeping” capacity for channelling or automatic writing, this may be triggered and begin to manifest in waking reality as a result of regular journalling.

If you are drawn to journalling as a new challenge, a new creative method of expression, or as a spiritual tool to help you “read” what is happening across all levels of your multidimensional experience, then along with it, I wish you greater insight, greater awareness, beautiful spiritual experiences and the answers to all your deepest and innermost questions as a result of the practice. Certainly it has helped me, and been a huge part of my spiritual path during recent years, when I have been at my most awakened, most amplified and most accelerated state of growth, clarity, empowerment and enlightenment to date.

Copyright Silverla StMichael July 2017