Archangel Gabriel

Who is Archangel Gabriel?

Archangel Gabriel is commonly seen as the Archangel in charge of life purpose and destiny. He is one of a small number of angels mentioned in the Bible and also the Qu’ran where he is known as Jib’ril. He brought the message to the Virgin Mary that she was with child and would give birth to the Son of God. His status as a messenger of important tidings is still very much relevant today. If you open your heart and mind you may well hear whispers from Gabriel about your life purpose and where to turn next on your life path. Archangel Gabriel’s aura colour is usually thought of as yellow/gold, and visualising this colour may help to align you with his energy. Gabriel is sometimes spelt Gabrielle. It’s important to remember that angels are androgynous – a perfect balance of male and female. How you experience each angel depends on your energetic need and sometimes on your expectation.

How to work with Archangel Gabriel

You may find that if you request help from the angels in general, through prayer, petition, or writing them a letter, Archangel Gabriel approaches YOU either via a sign or a dream. However if not, you can ask for Gabriel’s help by writing him a letter or an email explaining the situation you wish for help with. You will find Archangel Gabriel most helpful in situations such as preparing for a new course of study or career; making career decisions; solving problems or overcoming obstacles in your job; working out your life’s purpose; and helping you through if you’re feeling at all “lost”, confused or confounded upon your life path. Archangel Gabriel can also assist with inspiration for writers or those who work creatively, and with teaching you to channel information from the angels – this is one reason why writing down your concerns to Gabriel is a good focused way of calling on him. Due to his association with the Virgin Birth, he is also a good angel to call upon with any concerns or requests for spiritual support or strength during pregnancy.

For a quick invocation, in a time of crisis or need or if you are drawing or reading angel cards or attempting to channel information from above, simply repeat Archangel Gabriel’s name three times.

How does Archangel Gabriel respond?
(or what signs to look out for)

An important point here is that Archangel Gabriel will only respond at the appropriate time. He is all about patience and working to the timeline only your higher perspective may understand. You may not receive an answer that day, or even that week, or that year, though this Archangel is so powerful you should have 100% faith that he will “get back to you” as it were.

The most common response is something in writing, so do make a point of reading spiritual material online, in magazines or books you feel drawn to. However, sometimes it could be in your common-or-garden newspaper or even a novel – a quote, inspiration, advertisement or article which absolutely answers your question. You could also try automatic writing – holding a pen in your hand and writing what comes. This will probably take practice to get more accurate answers. Gabriel will also answer in dreams if you are able to have lucid or symbolic dreams (you can make this possibility more likely by working with amethyst, lepidolite or angelite). He tends to appear as a person with a yellow/gold glow and will introduce himself simply as “Gabriel”. He tends to show rather than tell in dreams, taking you to a scene or a place or a person which can reveal your answer or some guidance.

His answer may be cryptic, or may only answer you in part. Again, this is about what you’re ready to know at any one time, and about you receiving your whole answer at the perfect time. If only some of the answer is revealed, part of your life lesson may be to figure some of it out yourself, or unseen factors or events may need to resolve first, or you may need to develop spiritually to a further extent before you will be ready to receive the full answer. However, Gabriel is indeed a guiding light, who can show you the way. Instead of being frustrated at not getting a full and immediate answer, be grateful that you have been given the appropriate guidance at this time, and act on it.

What else should you know about Archangel Gabriel?

Archangel Gabriel’s energy is very potent. For a beginner to the spiritual path, make sure you ground yourself before working with him, using grounding crystals such as hematite or smoky quartz, visualising roots descending from your feet into the earth, or sipping plenty of water. If you begin to feel spaced out or light-headed during working with Archangel Gabriel, politely ask him to be gentle, or to leave you for a time to assimilate his energy. You can also use Archangel Gabriel aura spray to help you attune to his vibration prior to working with him so that you are not fazed by his energy.

Archangel Gabriel may touch your life first through somebody else whose spiritual vibration is more highly attuned than yours. If you have asked something of Archangel Gabriel, he may, for example, come through in an angel reading for you. My first contact with Archangel Gabriel was through a more evolved lady who was participating on the same archangel workshop as me. We were performing angel healing on one another using a grid of crystals and Archangel Gabriel aura spray. When she was doing my healing, she received the message “joy and fulfilment” to relay to me. This was at a time where my relationship in particular was unhappy and unfulfilling. I believe to this day that Gabriel’s message was to buoy my spirits and let me know joy and fulfilment was on its way. And it was 100% true.

Archangel Gabriel’s feminine counterpart or Archaeia is Hope. If you are female, you may prefer to petition Hope rather than, or as well as, Gabriel – her energy is slightly more elusive but slightly less overwhelming! Archangel Gabriel’s name means “God is my strength”. He is also one of the principal angels assisting with the 2012 energy shifts so if you’re at all worried about those it could be helpful to ask him for reassurance.

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71 thoughts on “Archangel Gabriel

  1. Beautiful description of Gabriel. I did not know anything about Gabriel besides him/her being an Archangel.

    He came today, and now your post has clarified why.

    Thank you so much.

    • Hello Andrea and thank you for your comment. You are welcome. I am aware that sometimes what I am guided to post or write is for somebody else’s higher good, rather than my own. Blessings to you and Namaste.

      • Hi Debbie, what sort of information are you looking for? Naming your children after angels in itself, I don’t believe attracts negative forces to them. However, people who are of a high vibration and radiating a lot of light into the universe do sometimes attract negative forces/energies who/which feel a pull to the light. As long as good levels of spiritual protection are in place this can be well managed. It could be argued that to have an angelic name is one level of protection in itself. Both my children have angel names. In terms of meaning, Michael means “who is like God” and Gabriel means “God is my strength”. I hope this helps. Silverla. Xxx.

    • Hello Loren and thank you for your comment. Sorry for the delay in replying, I have not posted in some time due to feeling stuck spiritually myself. The key thing here is persistence. To communicate with any angel, you need to ask them, but you need to understand that it may not come straight away; patience may be needed. In the meantime, work on raising your vibration to the highest spiritual state possible which makes it easier for angels to approach you. In my experience Gabriel often appears in dreams, just looking like a regular man or woman, but will identify his or herself as Gabriel and will lead you to places or people that hold a message for you. Many blessings and Namaste.

      • Fourtune teller me my angel is archangel Gabriel so I search it she says what ever you want you have to pray and says his name so I search and I saw these amazing note I enjoy that I will write on my note book every night is it possible where can I find his medalium or neck lace or some thing even his picture for my purse . Thanks

  2. Thankyou so much for writing this. I have been unable to write or think creatively to be able to complete a content writing assignment I could get paid for. I really need that money. Also, I have written and abandoned many stories mid way and just cant seem to pick them up again. I feel blocked. Could you perhaps suggest how best I can ask for Assistance? I have been asking but am unable to understand if I am getting any messages.Thankyou!

    • Hello Sangeeta and thank you for your comment. Sorry for the delay, I have not been posting for some time as have felt quite stuck spiritually myself. It seems I might be too late to help you for the particular assignment you had when you commented, but still I will reply in case it helps in the future. I know exactly what you mean about feeling blocked. I too have always had it in me to write but never really done anything of that nature for money, or beyond blog articles or course materials. I think the blocks come from issues and traumas that require healing. You could try asking yourself how you feel at those times when you are blocked. Or just look generally at any negative emotions or energies you experience. Focus on those aspects of yourself, and write about those! Pour out those feelings onto paper to release them and ask for them to be transmuted back to light and love. Keeping a journal is a good way to open the floodgates and help you trust your own intuition more. Good luck with your path as a writer! Namaste.

      • Hello, I am really sorry for the disturbance but I have some questions. A few days ago I asked Archangel Gabriel for his assistance for something that has been bothering me the past few months. I have co-operated with Archangel Michael and the day I asked his help he came and visited me in a dream. Ever since then he sends signs that he’s here with me as well other than my own personal angels. I wanted to ask why Gabriel hasn’t send any sign, is he more difficult to approach comparing to the other Archangels or he simply doesn’t think it’s the right time to do so. How can I know that he’s working on my request? I keep praying and asking for guidance despite that, I just don’t understand why he hasn’t showed a sign yet. I had lovely co-operations with other Archangels but Gabriel seems difficult to approach.

      • Hi Paraskevi, and thank you for your comment.

        It is true to say that the different archangels do have quite different energies and personalities. Archangel Michael’s assistance is often extremely swift and extremely clear and easy to recognise. Any of the other Archangels, in comparison, may respond in more subtle ways or in a slightly different timeline. I currently believe this is because Archangel Michael is simply more aligned with humanity, more accustomed to our vibration. He has taken a personal interest in humanity throughout our history – he understands our concept of time more, and he can access our dimension more readily, hence his speed and the very physical, practical, tangible nature of his help and assistance.

        Archangel Gabriel is perhaps the most diametrically opposed to that mode of assistance. It is not that Archangel Gabriel will not help us, and indeed Archangel Gabriel has a most beautiful, loving and compassionate energy. He is a gentle angel who infinitely loves us, but he will only intercede and be party to things that are for our highest good. He is extremely closely aligned with the Divine, and the Divine in us. I have found in my journey that working with Gabriel is easier if he approaches you, rather than you approaching him. On these occasions, messages from Gabriel feel very truth-aligned, very momentous, very powerful, and yet the most gentle, loving (though sometimes subversive) messages you will ever receive. However, we can indeed ask Gabriel for help – but it will be given in true Divine timing, at the time that is right for your soul’s highest good, in the way that is right for your soul’s highest good. And this may not match up with your human understanding of time. You may wish to re-frame your question or your request for assistance, ending it with the caveat “This or something better now manifests for my highest good and the highest good of all” or “I surrender this situation to you, Gabriel, for you to resolve in accordance with my highest good.” You may find you get a swifter and more noticeable response, though you should still allow for him to take more time than Michael.

        Incidentally, I use ‘he’ for convenience, though angels are truly androgynous – neither male nor female – and indeed many people report that they experience Archangel Gabriel as more of a feminine than a masculine energy. I don’t, hence the use of the word ‘he’.

        Gabriel’s method of communication is, more often than not, showing you something in a dream, whether it be a solution, a reason why something has not happened yet, or a premonition of how the situation will resolve. Many dreams like this are answers from Gabriel. He also directs people to writing – quotes, articles or books – which hold their answer, or a piece of information that can move you forward. He has on a couple of occasions personally appeared in my dreams. Just be aware that he may appear as an angel or as a regular person introducing himself/herself as Gabriel. You will need to be extra-alert to notice and integrate signs or messages from Archangel Gabriel, as his energy and his way is so subtle.

        Many blessings and I hope this helps. Silverla. Xxx.

  3. What angel shows themselves as a in back and I can’t see the face ? Is this a good angel ? You state Gabriel is subtle so is this Gabriel that my sister and I have seen.. ?

    • I have had several encounters with Gabriel! He is all about patience and timing. The first encounter was a dream of flying. I didn’t understand the dream till I was around 11 years Old. I was pushed across a room when a tornado blew in a large Tree limb. By the time I got to the otherside of the room. I was sage. He appeared in a dream when I was 14 and was told That I would have a daughter and her Name would Be Megan. She would have some problème at birth but everthing would Be okay! She was Born 2 months early at 2 pounds 14 ounces. She Is now 24 and doing well. Today, He has sent signs and I know He Is near when I feel the warmth of his light and has a flock of bords follow him. Just have patience. He Is very talk and I have seen him on camera film. Just need to have faith.

    • Hi Tina – is this an angel with a black cloak who hides his face? If you ask him to show you his face and he does so, this is likely to be Archangel Orion. It is only fairly recently that Archangel Orion has been accessible for humans to work with, and there is an air of mystery about him. He is the miracle angel and if you ask him to work with you, amazing things may well occur in your life. He is, indeed, a good angel. I have worked with him extensively – he kind of adopted me quite recently – and am already seeing changes in my life. Kyle Gray writes about this wonderful Archangel in his books and oracle cards.

      If he will not show you his face, I would ask 3 times in the name of love and light for him to reveal his identity. If you ever feel that the presence is unfriendly or threatening, call upon Archangel Michael for protection and to take the presence away from you.

    • Hi Teresa

      Thank you! You have given me an idea for a future post, as this is the sort of question other people might also want the answer to.

      I would do something with the letter that represents delivering it to the angelic realm. With a physical letter, you could bury it in the earth, you could burn it (I would recommend putting it in a fireproof dish to do so and never leave a naked flame unattended of course), or you could even put it in a bottle or container and float it on the ocean.

      You can also write the angels an email – the act of clicking send is much easier than any of the above and has the same effect of symbolically delivering it to the angelic realm. I have made up angelic email addresses before, but I do welcome people to send emails to their angels to my email address – – with the subject line Letter To My Angel Please Do Not Read. I bless those emails and intend them on to the angels and then delete them – again, with that click I intend that they are delivered to the angelic realm. This ensures that no-one else will get hold of your email and read it accidentally so it is entirely between you and your angel.

      May you be blessed! Silverla. Xxx.

      • Can you help me this girl lives with me she says she’s ark angel Gabriel and is married to Michael she dose have some mental issues I think its evil spirits tricking her could this be possible please check out her website supernatural paranormal on face book let me know what you think if possible thank you God bless

      • Hi Beth

        So far as I know Archangel Gabriel is not currently incarnate in a body.

        Anything is possible but it’s usually best not to “feed” the darkness by projecting negative scenarios.

        As you live with this girl you can help her energetically in a couple of ways; make sure your home is protected energetically, by calling in Archangel Michael and any other angels you feel to call on, regularly, and placing clear quartz points or a small dish of sea/rock salt in the four corners on the lowest floor, and cleansing the energy regularly using smudge, incense or by playing angelic music. Green plants around the house will transmute negative energies and crystals placed around your home will also transmute as well as lifting the vibrations of the space. Amethyst and clear quartz are particularly useful for a situation such as this. You can also visualise her being bathed in beautiful white-gold light and additionally you can ask Archangel Michael and Gabriel to help her see the truth and live in her true power.

        There are many messages to reply to on here and I don’t have an awful lot of free time, so I apologise if I don’t get around to looking at her Facebook page.

        Blessings, Silverla. Xxx.

  4. Hello,

    The last 2 months I see everywhere the name Gabriel or Gabrielle. It is really weird isn’t it? Does the archangel try to tell me something? How can I find out?

    In addition, when I was a little girl (about 4 yrs old) a man with long hair sat in my bed but I felt threatened. He was like a shadow in the dark. I couldn’t see his face I still am not sure if this was a dream. What was this all about?

    • Hi Constantina

      Archangel Gabriel may just be trying to get your attention to show he is helping you at the time. There may not necessarily be a message. You could, however, ask for any message to come through in your dreams, or see if there is a persistent message coming to you right now in words or pictures. Messages from angels tend to be repeated until we are ready to hear and act on them. It is possible too to have an angel reading done by a channel or psychic to see if anything comes through that way. There are many readers out there – I do channelled readings (prices etc at and you can contact me at to arrange.

      I am not sure who the man with long hair was. A medium is the best person to ask such a question. It could have been a spirit, or a dream. It may not mean anything at all. If you ever feel threatened, I would recommend you call on Archangel Michael for protection.

      May you be blessed! Silverla. Xxx.

  5. I wonder if anyone can translate a dream I had..I had a dream of an angel .this angle was of pure light I held my hand up the the angle the angle started to lift me up into the sky . but I then pulled my hand away from the angle then walk away..

    • Hi Susan

      I am not particularly a dream reader, though the universe seems to think I am as is sending me lots of people who need to discuss a dream right now! 😉

      Maybe others who read can add to this too, but this is my humble intepretation. This sounds like a lucid dream in which you received an angel visitation, likely your guardian angel, or an Archangel who currently seeks to work with you. The angel may have had things to show you and hence wanted to take you on a journey. I have had many such dreams where I have flown with angels. If it was the first time this happened to you, you may have been scared of doing this and therefore pulled your astral self back into your body, symbolised in your dream as the walking away. If an angelic being comes to you in your dreams, you need not be afraid. If you want to go with the angel next time, intend that you will do so – programme yourself to do so in waking time. If you would rather the angel brought you your message in a different way, tell the angels so, either aloud, in your head or in a letter. I did this after my first channelling experience in which I was being given clairaudient communications but it was like a cacophony and quite scary. I assured them I wanted their guidance, but in another way for the time being please, and they awakened instead my claircognizant abilities. Don’t worry that you’ve missed an important message, because anything that is meant for us the universe will present to us again and again until we accept.

      May you be blessed! Silverla. Xxx.

    • Hi Susan

      I was reading your comment and from what i gathered the angel was trying to enlighten you to a higher spirituality and cleanse your aura “spirit”

      Blessed be,

  6. For the past 2 days ive had a vision of arch angel gabriel and then last night sitting outside looking at the stars i see a ball of flame coming down from the sky slowly and go behind some trees and then i lost sight of it and then 5 min later i look back up and see a sparkling light shinning like a star in the distance and presence and a huge calming feeling came over me which brought me to full awareness!!! I keep staring at the sparking light knowing its something and still feeling unbelieveably calm i hear a voice ask me a question “what do you need most right now” and i replied excuse me please speak again and it asks again and explains stare at the light and repeat what u need most so i did till i had the feeling like i was heard!! And no other speaking was heard but i still felt calm and embaced!!! Can anyone please try to explain this to me about what happened?
    Thank you
    Blessed be

    • Thank you, Tim, for sharing such an amazing experience!

      I would say you have had a direct encounter with a higher being. It could well be an angel – indeed Archangel Gabriel if you have had visions of him beforehand – or another higher being such as one of the Ascended Masters.

      At this time on earth the frequencies are changing and the planet is ascending into a higher vibrational reality. So the ‘distance’ energetically between ourselves and the higher beings is being considerably reduced. I would expect many more people to begin having experiences like yours, more frequently, as these changes ensue.

      May you always be blessed, and I’m sure with the angels by your side you will be!
      Silverla. Xxx.

  7. I saw many times the name Gabriel within the last 4 months. I entered a classroom in my conservatory and inside there were drums labelled Gabriel. Spotify made me a list with songs that suited me and there was one named Gabriel. My teacher sent me a prayer written by a priest named Gabriel too. And many other examples.

    As I am currently unemployed and with no boyfriend I started wondering if a miracle could finallyhappen. It didn’t. But…

    2 years ago my boyfriend broke up with me. He suffered from panic attacks which made our life difficult. He was visiting a therapist who (I found out after visiting her too) was not a therapist.
    She did not have any diploma in an apparent place at her office. I could not find her registered on the Internet as a theurapist. She hadn’t written her name at the doorbell of her office but her father’s. While I went there she was unprofessional and tried to turn me against my ex. She even told me at one of our breakups that we would be better if we found other people.

    She used a method her father had created who had a PhD at the Sorbonne University. I looked for his thesis but he didn’t study psychology but a completely different field.

    My ex still didn’t even try to take the train or travel away from his family because of the panic attacks.

    He became cold and was angry at me. Especially after every session with his “theurapist”. I was walking on eggshells.

    We finally broke up. I talked to him very badly after so much patience. I was in deep pain. Apart from the break up, I had people whom I considered as friends who flirted me soon after the breakup. I stopped talking to them.

    I really suffered the last 2 years because of unemployment but what really hurt me was this.
    After reading a million articles, I found one who talked about people who will continue to suffer from panic attacks for the rest of their lives because of an experience my ex had. That their brain has somehow changed because of it.
    Maybe it was Gabriel’s sign to help me let it go. I still love him and miss him as he had a lot of rare qualities but I wouldn’t never be happy in a situation like this.

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Constantina , August 13, 2015 at 1:59 am REPLY

    • Hello Constantina

      Thank you for sharing your story. Sometimes miracles are subtle – sometimes miracles are the quiet whispers of guidance and the unfolding of events in your life for the highest good. Archangel Gabriel’s interventions are often subtle and quiet, but nonetheless quite miraculously powerful and profound. Maybe Gabriel’s presence continue to bless you in your life.

      Silverla. Xxx.

  8. Hi I am Konstantina. I am looking for a job it’s been a year and a half in suffering Greece.
    I travelled to a Greek island to work in a jewellery shop; the shelter was provided. An employee was supposed to pick me up and show me my home when I arrived. It was around midnight but he didn’t come nor did he answer my phone calls.

    I asked for help to Archangels Gabriel, Michael and a Greek Saint for lost objects named Fanourios. I was so afraid and I had nowhere to sleep. I was in a village with nothing but houses and a 5star super expensive hotel.

    After seeing me desperate, a girl I had met in the bus invited me at her home to sleep at night. I felt relieved.
    In the morning, her roommate offered me a small bible to protect me. I left their home and as I was waiting at the bus station I saw a sign. The church and protector of the village was Saint Taksiarchis (a Greek name for the Archangels).

    Soon after, I arrived at the jewellery shop but I figured out that I was lied: The salary was lower, I had no day-off at all and the home they offered me was a mess, dirty with cockroaches. The work was from 9am to 2pm and from 7pm to 11:30pm on a daily basis. No bus to go back home when I finished work at night and the boss told me to do autostop!!! Financial crisis. That’s what it is… Behind the glamorous Greek islands.
    Second sign: Inside the shop I worked, there was a picture of Saint Taksiarchis too… I stayed there less than a week and got back to Athens.

    I still am jobless. It’s as if someone has put a spell on me. Before I am to sign a contact they do not hire me. Or they tell me, a day after telling me that I will get hired (before I even work): “Sorry, we found someone else for the job”. I have asked so many times to God and my angels for help but it is as if no one listens to me. What is going on? I am about to lose my faith. Maybe nothing exists and it’s all in our fantasy. I don’t know…
    I also am very sad for the Syrians. We have the greatest amount of them here. Many people help them. (For example a baker gives them every day bread for free and he is not rich, or people offer food and clothes) Some others are harming them (for example they sell them water overpriced just because). Why God doesn’t protect them? Thank for listening.

  9. Hi Konstantina, i’m sorry for what you are going through my suggestion would be to meditate and try to become one with nature and ask Pān for guidence you will be heard. I can help you if you would like to email me

    Blessed be Konstantina

  10. Hello…. I found this blog by googling Archangel Gabriel….. He has recently approached me and is giving me frequent messages every day. I have usually worked with other angels (Michael, Raguel, Raphael among others) but not really Gabriel. I’m going through a rough patch with communications in general and some work related issues. Ever since Gabriel appeared a few days ago, everything is being magically smoothed out. I find it very interesting that you state above Gabriel prefers to approach us. It’s as if I found a new best friend and very grateful for his presence. I just wanted to let you know and thanks for providing us with your knowledge. I hope that Konstantina (writer above) finds solace through my new friend as I am. Just when I was about to hit rock bottom, Gabriel appeared and has given me new faith and hope.

    Blessed Be

  11. Hi I was just reading this I know angels are real and true I talk to them all the time. I also talk to gabriel he comes and visits me all the time we have some good convos all the time he is lovely in every single way And also cheeky in a good way tho he as shown me his self and he is Beautiful 😉 x

  12. This article came as I always looking for the meaning of my dream, last night I dreamt that I was in some sort of coliseum and people were telling me that I was wrong for working with gemstones and cards…like a “religious” intervention kind of thing, at first I felt scare because it was as if they were judging me, then all the sudden I felt empowered and firmly told them ” what I do is in the name of God” and there came this light from above in the center of the coliseum, it became a person silhouette with AMAZING wings and he said “I’m archangel Gabriel, I’m with her” meaning he was with me, he told my “judges” that he was with me and the feeling I got from it was indescribable…I’m assuming this is a good omen. I have been working with Jophiel since June and now I will start with my new guardian Gabriel!!! Namaste 😇

    • What a powerful experience! I love it! Thank you for sharing. Of course it’s a good omen, and Gabriel is a powerful Archangel to work with. Many blessings, Silverla. Xxx.

  13. I would like to share an experience I recently had. Please bear with me as its lengthy but I don’t want to leave out any details that may be important.


    I awoke in the early am hours and was getting myself back to sleep by asking St Michael to protect from anything not here for my greater good (as usual) and then asking my own Angels to let me feel their presence. It was almost a meditative state. I’d been struggling heavily with work frustration and feeling overwhelmed.

    I dreamed at some point that I was in a room and on a wooden chair was a bowl with water. I looked into it, put my hands in it…my face and then went astral. I was happy it was happening. Had conscious thought as to try and control it but decided not to and just see where it went. My body traveled along a landscape that was unknown but I could hear voices and among them the name “Gabriel” was repeated several times. I had no preconceived notion or understanding of this.

    I came back to the room and out of the astral state but was not awake as is the norm. There were two dark skinned men there. One of them said, “it took you a long time”. I asked if they had been where I was. They had been traveling as well but on different paths. I asked where and the same one who spoke before described a landscape. He asked me what happened. I told him about Gabriel. He said to me… “Oh Gabriel is very powerful.”

    Then I woke up. Upon researching Gabriel I found that he brings messages in dreams. That he comes in response for help…brings messages from God, is associated with water, can bring to you your spiritual purpose when it is time.

    I do not not know the message…only that the support is there. I am amazed by it.

    • Hi Theresa

      What a beautiful share. Thank you.

      I feel the message of your “dream” – for really it sounds like much more of a soul meeting than “just” a dream – is quite a simple one. Archangel Gabriel is the angel of purpose and destiny, and it sounds to me like you are arriving at a crossroads point in your life, where you will be able to choose a new direction, step further into your power and fulfil your spiritual destiny more fully than ever before.

      The men who met you at this point are likely soulmates who are acting as guides to you in this incarnation. We incarnate together with soulmates in some lifetimes, and in others, act as spirit guides to each other.

      Keep in touch!

      Angel blessings, Silverla. Xxx.

  14. Thank you so much for posting this! I am a bisexual psychic medium who has finally come to terms with the fact that I am genderqueer or genderfluid, and I love reading about how the angels are similar in terms of gender.

    • Hi Laurier

      Thank you for sharing! Yes, indeed, the angels are androgynous.

      In terms of evolving as souls here on planet earth, part of transcending the old relationship templates is the ongoing lesson of balancing masculine and feminine within us. Taking that perspective, it could even be that people who identify as bisexual, transgender or similar are further on with that lesson than many of us are (or that they have a particular mission to open humanity’s eyes and minds to the full spectrum of possibilities)! I thought you might find that perspective interesting too.

      Angel blessings, Silverla. Xxx.

  15. Laser night, in a dream, Archangel Gabriel and Lord Ganesha were holding something up between them, but they were both looking at me with big happy smiles, and Lord Ganesha winked at me! I don’t know what they were holding up, just that they wanted to show it to me. Sure wish I had clue as to what this was about!

    • Hi Andrea

      I know it’s frustrating when there are things that feel important in a dream and you can’t recall that one particular snippet!
      It happens to me, too. However, I do believe that our higher self takes those messages on board – and it may possibly be that it is something that can be understood better by the higher self than the conscious mind. We do not need to consciously know everything our soul knows – it runs parts of our mission in dreamtime in the fifth dimension without our conscious recall. Lucid dreams are now glimpses into this multidimensional existence of ours.


      Silverla. Xxx.

    • Hello – I’m not sure what you mean. If you mean emailing Archangel Gabriel, yes, this is one way of communicating with him, in the sense that you can write out all of your thoughts and feelings and ask his guidance on particular questions. I have used this strategy before to communicate with angels. As it is the act of pressing “send” that delivers the message, you can send such emails to a made-up email address; to your own alternative email address if you have more than one; or if you wish you can send it to my email with the subject line TO ARCHANGEL GABRIEL (I will not read but just bless the message, intend it on to AA Gabriel and delete it).

      Of course, it’s important to understand that you will not literally get an emailed reply from Archangel Gabriel. You are likely instead to receive your answers in the many myriad ways the angels use: in your dreams, in day flashes, through the advice of others, articles/quotes/books/documentaries/songs you are drawn to, signs and synchronicities, etc. If you want a literal written message back you could sit in meditation with a pen yourself and try automatic writing – just putting pen to paper and writing whatever comes to mind. It does take some practice and you may have to make a few attempts. Otherwise you could approach an angel intuitive and pay for a reading, though most cannot guarantee which angel will come through. I am taking a break from readings due to personal circumstances right now but will post on my Facebook page when I am taking bookings again.

      I hope this helps.


      Silverla. Xxx.

  16. Archangel Gabriel, Patron Saint of postal workers, saved my sister from death when she was hit by a car delivering mail. He appeared as a man, and then a woman and lifted my sister from underneath her armpits to preventing her from being crushed by the car. She miraculously suffered no broken bones and was able to walk away from the crash. I just needed to share her story to let all believers know that Gabriel is on this planet helping all of us and doing His work. We are so grateful my sister was saved and feel extraordinarily blessed.

    • Many, many blessings dear Julie for this beautiful story.

      I love how Archangel Gabriel showed both of his/her facets as he appears to some (including me) as male and to others as female. He reveals that the true nature of angels is androgynous – a perfect balance of masculine and feminine.

      Thank you for your testimony. You are absolutely right, Gabriel is present with us and helping us all at this time in human history.

      God bless you and your sister. Xxx.

  17. I have called upon arch angel Gabriel and with my new child, I’ve not been able to channel, as I was working on that when I became pregnant.. I really would like to get back on track with this and need the angels in my life more than ever right now.. I’m so glad I was directed to this page and have learned quite a bit as well as feeling a sense of relief by knowing where to start.. I am a ♑ and feel that I am highly intuitive, but have a hard time letting them in and I need to more than ever.. Again, thank you so much! ~namaste

    • Hi Lindsey

      I think it’s quite normal for spiritual skills or gifts to be kind of paused while you are pregnant and nursing a new baby. This happened to me, too. So much of your energy needs to go into the baby and helping yourself recover, after all.

      We all have times when we are making more spiritual progress or progressing at an accelerated rate, and times where it feels like we’re on a plateau. It’s all part of the Divine plan and in Divine timing I’m sure your path will begin to unfold again.

      Blessings, Silverla. Xxx.

  18. I sent an email to you. But forgot to include Archangel Gabriel name and Archangel Chaumel, in the title. But their names is listed in the email. I need help with a broken communication problem. I’m trying to communicate, but hardly no replies. It’s complicated. Thanks if you can give me advice.

    • Hi Ashley

      I did see your email and blessed it and sent it on energetically to the Archangels.

      From their higher perspective they are likely to be in a far better place to help you than I can. I’m sending love to your situation, however I don’t do readings through this page.

      I do song readings fortnightly on my Facebook page, Spiritual Solace. The next one will be Tuesday 29th November and the request thread will go up on Sunday 27th November. If you still have a question then, you just need a current favourite song link to post which is how I read people’s energy best.

      I am also doing a Midwinter Magick event on Facebook as part of which I will do some brief readings for the participants. Again details are on my Facebook page as well as a pinned game in which 3 people will win a free ticket.

      Blessings, Silverla. Xxx.

  19. I had a dream when I was younger that I was falling into darkness then beautiful radiant wings n a hand reached out, i said Gabriel let me fall, then he answered back, you haven’t fallen yet now get up! N i woke up sitting straight up. This has been over 15 yrs. I have made recent changes in my life…i was driving n a young man was walking, i picked him up to give him a ride. I introduced myself. N he said, my ne is Gabriel. I couldn’t even respond. N i haven’t seen the young man in my local grocery store since that day.

    • Hi Su Jong

      What beautiful experiences – clearly you have a special connection with Archangel Gabriel, and what a wonderful blessing it must be to know that!

      Blessings, Silverla. Xxx.

  20. Hi. I’ve not talked about this with anyone, but it has been bothering me for some time. A little background, I am a female, but my name means Daniel, god is my judge. I have grown up religious, but I am not familiar nor have I ever been very familiar with Gabriel the angel. I have never seen pictures of him and I have never really believed in prophecy, etc. With that said though, I have had clear prophetic dreams throughout my life that I have not told anyone about because I can’t understand or explain why I have them. I also can’t predict them. Recently, I had a dream though that I could not forget. A little background about my dreams, I have never dreamed of certain people in my life even though I’m closest to them. I didn’t dream of my grandmother until she was dead even though she was like my mother. My grandfather, who is a preacher and chaplain told me of one encounter where God spoke through him and he never understood it. He told me once and we’ve never talked about it again. He’s been my father figure and I never dream about him. In my life I have also never dreamed of God, Jesus, or anything religious. My dream: It was day time. I was sitting in a glass sky scraper I have never seen before. I was sitting next to my grandfather and son, we were looking at shoes. Everything was so clear and easy to remember. Outside of the window I saw a ball of flames bigger than a home, smash into a home we could see in the distance through the glass windows. I thought, comet? But then it started raining fire everywhere. I looked at my grandfather calmly and asked him if this was really the end? He looked at me in return, calmly and said, this is really it. This is the end. We walked outside. The streets were dark and empty, no people. Everything was on fire. The only thing that could be heard was the fire and screams. As I was walking through the empty streets peering into what felt like empty sadness, I turned and saw an angel. He was beautiful. He had blonde hair and he was radiating light. I felt like I knew him. He was writing names down on a scroll. I asked him if it was the end, he said it was and he said Jesus was coming. Then I woke up. When I woke up, I knew the angel’s name was Gabriel even though I didn’t know how I knew so I researched and I know now that is who I saw. I’m sure of it. I do not understand these things, so if you can make any sense of this I would greatly appreciate it. I still feel very confused about it and it has left me with some of the strangest feelings. Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Danielle

      I have had similar dreams with the fireballs or things raining down from the sky, as well as other comparable scenes that could be interpreted as Armageddon. I have also seen the glass skyscraper. There was one very strange dream in which people were literally floating up to the sky, too.

      Something that’s important to consider is that most of our dreams take place in a different dimension other than the physical reality, mostly in the fourth dimension and on occasion now, the higher dimensions (fifth and sixth dimensional tend to feel very physical). When they are clear and easy to remember like this, they usually have symbolic meaning.

      I am not an expert in dream interpretation though I feel it’s something I am meant to do and learning to do, as many people are drawn to ask me dream questions.

      For me these dreams are about the ascension of humanity collectively and the planet earth itself.

      Since 2012, the earth has been going through incremental energetic shifts, raising its vibration into the fourth and fifth dimensions at a more physical level; the Schumann resonance has even altered. Some of these have been quite dramatic and lots of physical, emotional, etc chaos has manifested which is a reflection of the healing, change and transformation taking place. There are many lightworkers and earth angels, as well as angels and higher beings, working together at this time to uphold the vibrations of the earth and assist in these shifts taking place for the highest good of all. If your dream occurred between then and now, it’s likely this that you are picking up on and getting a glimpse of – the chaos before the dawning of the new earth.

      I would also suggest that if you’re glimpsing things like this, you may have a part to play. Indeed, your higher self may already be assisting in dream time, whether or not you consciously remember it. You could always ask Archangel Gabriel for more information and if there’s anything he needs you to do. Angels’ answers come in many different ways, including dreams and synchronicities (repeated numbers, messages, images, symbols, words etc).

      Remember fire = transformation and transmutation and is not necessarily a negative force.

      I believe the glass skyscraper is a kind of meeting place for souls on the ascension path. If you, your grandfather and your son were there together, you are likely all quite high-vibrational souls.

      I only check this page intermittently so if you want to discuss further you may be better contacting me by email,

      Blessings, Silverla. Xxx.

  21. Hi,
    Archangel Gabriel came to me in a dream. He told me that I was going to have a baby girl and that I must name her Katherine. He then went on to show me what she was going to be like by using a tree. He said that she will be strong, (showing me the tree) flexible (bending the tree) and kind.
    I am not sure what this all means. Are you able to help translate this dream or is it literally what he says?

    • Hi Angie

      This sounds like a very literal dream.

      I’m not actually a dream interpreter (though people keep contacting me with dreams so maybe I am meant to be, ultimately!) and I can’t think of any other interpretations for this dream.

      Archangel Gabriel has a close connection with bringing little ones over from the other side to incarnating…I’d be very interested to hear if this does actually come to pass.

      Blessings, Silverla. Xxx.

  22. I have seen things Thai happened in my life before they happened like my grandmother’s death i saw when and how I have seen vision like that since I was very young. Now when I walk I ask questions voice my sadness and I hear the answers in my thoughts they are as clear as the sun. The whole time I kept seeing the name Gabriel but it’s about loniness giving up on love hearing he loves you but is afraid the words to text come out without my trying. He has not come to me about a job money but if peace

    • It sounds like you are clairaudient and receive your guidance from the angels in clear words and messages. An amazing gift to have. And the more you act on the guidance and show your gratitude for it as you do by sharing your experience and thanking them for their insights, the more it amplifies. I am not fully sure what you mean in the last sentence or two of your message, so if you would like a response to that, please explain further / rephrase. Many blessings, honey. Silverla. Xxx.

  23. Hi,
    Request you to make me understand more on these..
    I prayed to Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Raphael yesterday before going to sleep for natural conception and delivery of a cute baby boy and i remember dozing off…felt light headed during my sleep
    After i woke up was refreshed and felted revived with amazing energy that i started writing about my sufferings post marriage as a daughter-in-law and also about 5 friends of mine who are also suffering as daughters-in-law…the whole day i was sooo inspired to write about the problems we women faced…

    today again i prayed to Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Raphael for natural conception and dozed off to sleep…what i remember my dream also i am uttering the prayers to the angels for natural conception and delivery of a baby boy and i feel enormous flow of wind inside from windows..could feel the strong winds and the gushing sound of winds and simultaneously i hear running water tap from the tap…
    while all this is happening i was coming out of sleep..felt like my right hand was lifting on its own without my conscious efforts to do so and i felt like m gasping for breath and huge amount of energy around me…
    i just woke up and my throat was dry…

    from then on, if it is an afternoon nap, i pray to the archangels for conception and go to sleep phone rings…not least 2-3 different calls.

    Request you to help me understand the messages from the angels if any..Please…

    • It sounds like you’re having amazing experiences. I’m not a dream reader as such but it sounds to me like they are acknowledging your prayer. Likely they want you to have faith that they are going to assist you with your manifestation. I often wake up with a dry throat following a lucid dream, I am not sure why that is but it happens for me too, so it does also sound to me like you are lucid dreaming (having conscious control of some part of your dreams and/or being aware in the dream that you are dreaming). Blessings. Xxx.

  24. Oh Gabriel! How i wish to kiss you back with physical lips as you kissed me many years ago. I would wish this more than anything, and although we have had quite the adventure, surviving the labratory(to save stubborn me) and rewriting our contracts when flying out of the furnace(again to save stubborn me), i want you in a human sort of way. But like you have expressed in your teaching… our vibrations are not the best aligned for such wishes. So I’ve decided i am going to place myself on a list for wings. Yes that is right i will try and serve with love by following the upward path to joy abundance and happiness! And ultimately love! I knew i have trouble asking of angelic assistants to help stubborn me, but I honestly want to stand beside you one day be it this life or the next. I love you and it’s great to see many others love you too!

    Sorry i just could not reframe from writing a little something for Gabriel.

      • Hello Silverla, I left a message on September 10, 2017 for Gabriel. And well it is bizarre- I really believe it true. However I felt my belief was silly.. and I am only writing back now three years later. But before I go on- I want to say thank you so much for the heart! As an creative it really spoke to me more than words!

        Now I had my last manic episode in 2016. Gabriel has never left my side. And together he got me through.. he saved my life and my sanity! And yes I was one extremely caught in the 2012 shadow/shift. I am now doing very well, am being sensible, and am being more healthy, aware, and putting my creativity to good use and production. I don’t want to fall victim to mania anymore. We did that. And we’ve been there. But with every tower moment leaves a chance to fly. So I close the door on Gabriel up in the tower. I love you – always will, but I am not ready to fly yet and may not be for a very long time- and beautiful wings are kind of heavy. Still from up above he smiles with mischief as a big fat coyote tear falls from his eye. I cry too(even in reality), as I acknowledge that my last lesson on flying just took place hours ago on the day of the leap. I just can’t do it Gabriel. I don’t want to suffer.. I am taurus and I want to feel Safe. So dear beloved, I shut the book and declare you fictional. Yet his thought also seems to talk no matter what door is shut. Only he surprises me this time to say. The leap year is gone. They’ll never have you. Your safe. Though we both smile, and looking down upon your face- I know that doesn’t mean your not rael. ❤️💙

  25. Ive been praying, asking for a sign, and today one of my friends who is psychic/can communicate with angels said she got a short messege for me. That i have many angels around me and that gabriel has been working with me. That i keep looking for a sign and that this was it. (I always lucid dream btw)

    I then found this article, it just all makes sence and is coming together.

  26. Wow! I just found out who my Archangel is today and as I browse your article about her I really feel her cause I prayed to her for me to have a “genuine happiness”. I just tried it cause I don’t really believe, in my mind I was just telling her that “I don’t know what’s my purporse and I don’t really know”. After I said that I suddenly felt dizzy and I felt like a rock is on my head it just felt heavy, then I read what you said tell her to go easy.. you won’t believe what I felt after!!!! It felt like the big rock of energy on my head was lifted slowly. I really felt it and I am crying. I can’t believe this!

  27. Hi Silverla
    Many many thanks to you.
    June 29th 2017 I wrote to you requesting for help and you told me that the angels want to help me…
    Yes they did❤❤❤
    I prayed for I have come back to tell you that what you said was right..the angels helped me.
    Many many many thanks to you❤❤❤❤❤

  28. Hi ❤
    I just 'happened' upon your post 😉
    I had a very deep soul journey hypnosis today and I was with my group of souls when I realised we were part of a larger entity that we were delegates from. I am not very well informed of angels and arch angels and my awakening happened quite recently. Well, I kept hearing the name Gabriel, Gabriel, Gabriel… and was a bit confused. Then I saw that we were a part of the energy of a large golden energy with a golden shining crystalline light radiating from the heart centre. I am absolutely in goosebump shivers reading about Gabriel now, his golden copper light and what he stands for. I am completely mind blown and very touched. A lot of theme otherwise revolved about the divine feminine powers and embodying strength in my physical form in order to balance out the masculine and feminine energies on earth. So I guess I should remember the strength of Gabriel and embody it in my female form.

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