Information is my own knowledge in my own words, checked against and supplemented by Melody’s Love Is In The Earth – A Kaleidoscope of Crystals.

Malachite is the stone for physical healing. It is a vibrant green colour – the colour of Archangel Raphael’s healing ray – striated with bands of various shades. I have always found it to be a fairly aggressive stone energetically, but this gives it the ability to draw out miasmas – energetic imperfections – from the energy field and aura. I feel it is best worked with by holding it in the receiving hand rather than placing it directly on any chakra, and incrementally – ie start by holding it for a short time and build up. Its colour signature also resonates with the heart chakra which governs the heart, lungs and skin and the shoulder blade area. If you are aiming for healing in these particular areas it is best used in tandem with a strong pink stone such as rose quartz.

Malachite is a water soluble crystal and should be cleansed in other ways – fire cleansing works well. Malachite should also NOT be used in any crystal elixir. It is one of a number of stones which can be carried on the person for aura protection. It can encourage practicality, steadfastness and loyalty and helps to shift obstacles towards a goal. Malachite is also an excellent stone to use if you wish to develop your own healing abilities, work with Archangel Raphael or receive guidance on your healing path. It may be worth recording your dreams when working with malachite as it can provoke vivid symbolic dreaming, presenting you with snapshots of what you need to heal further.

Copyright Silverla StMichael January 2013


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