In this section of my blog, I will be posting direct channellings from my higher self, my guides and the Archangels.

I have posted a few previous channellings in various places on the Internet before, but I do not feel drawn to re-share them here for now – this may change of course and I may post them as retrospectives. However, as humanity is going through different shifts and level-ups at an extremely swift pace at the present time, it may be the case that ‘old’ information is no longer relevant.

I would also say at the outset that I do not profess to be an ‘expert’ in any way, shape or form. I am a girl with a passion for writing and for spiritual development, who has walked a spiritual path since her teenage years and is now approaching mid-life. Previous channellings I have shared with other spiritually-minded people have been received well and resonated with them. One in particular I remember, someone even sent me a message via the admin of the site I posted it on, because they did not want to join but they had so resonated with my information they wished to personally contact me and tell me so. My advice to any reader of my work is that you read, enjoy, examine, consider the information from your heart centre, and then take and integrate what resonates with YOU.

For anyone who is unsure what the process of channelling is, or what a channel is:

Channelling is the process of bringing through and recording information from the higher realms. In many cases this is from the channel’s higher self or a specific Divine being they are attuned to, such as an Archangel, Archaeia (archangelic female counterpart), Ascended Master, deity, saint, personal guide, or guardian angel. Every channel’s process is different – some prefer to speak (for example into a voice recorder) then transcribe the information; some prefer to write longhand; some prefer to type. A channelling will usually begin either by consciously asking a question, during meditation, or when seeking guidance – for example performing a reading or divination ritual. There are also channels of music and artwork which are Divinely inspired. It is usually characterised by writing or speaking in a different style or manner to one’s own; writing or speaking completely new and different ideas to anything previously known or learned; or writing or speaking at a faster pace than usual (I type much faster when I am channelling – sometimes I can’t keep up with what I am hearing!).

A channel is simply the vessel through which the channelling is brought to the earth plane – the person doing the channelling. Channels may have a variety of developed spiritual skills, gifts or talents. For example, someone who channels artwork may be particularly clairvoyant – they may have the gift of seeing beyond what can be seen with the physical eyes, whether they see spirit, angels, auras or energies. Someone who channels music or information may be clairaudient – they have the gift of hearing beyond what can be heard with the physical ears – usually snippets of tunes, words, phrases or even whole songs or sentences. Any channel may also be claircognizant – they have the gift of knowing beyond the knowledge already known and held on earth – or of bringing through new spiritual information or esoteric secrets through ‘downloads’ from the other realms. Or clairsentient – they have the gift of feeling beyond the physical plane – they pick up, sense, and tangibly experience other energies and emotions impressed upon them telepathically, or from spirit, the angels, or beings of the other realms.

Personally, so that you know before you read any of my channelling work, I am primarily claircognizant and clairaudient. Mostly, what I receive is downloaded. The way I experience it is usually in the form of a major healing or mystical experience which will have a real physical effect upon me. For example, I have seen ‘fire letters’ which are like an angelic code, and most recently I have had that angelic fire poured into my being, which I felt as a very real experience although it was coming into my etheric, rather than physical, body. Sometimes, I will receive a word, phrase, or even a few sentences run together very quickly, via my inner hearing or clairaudience. When this happens, I actually hear a voice. This is NOT a scary experience, like ‘voices in my head’, I hasten to add; the voices are friendly and familiar! This often comes from my higher self or from Archangel Michael, and it is a form of telepathy, so the voices are not like physical voices at all. They have a quality and a tone and a resonance to them, but it is more energetic, like an echo of their vibration reaching my being and touching my soul.

I am developing the other clairs now, too, as evidenced in my angelic artwork: I will include an initial example of that here, and will include more attached to channellings or in the Archangel Directory in the future.

All my articles and channellings are highly personal experiences and as such I claim sole copyright. However, I am more than happy for readers to re-blog or share links to articles and channellings on Facebook or Twitter, as I would like the information to reach as many interested people as possible!

Namaste and many blessings to you!

~ Copyright © Silverla StMichael 2015 ~


Three Archangels, by Silverla StMichael 2013

L-R: Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Michael, two romance angels and Archangel Chamuel



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