Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Point

Information is entirely in my own words from my own knowledge on this one.

Clear quartz, for me, is the stone of stones, the ultimate crystal, and an absolute must-have in any collection. It is the master healer, and can act as a blank canvas in place of any other crystal. I prefer the points to tumblestones as they are so versatile and can be used for so many different purposes.

Clear quartz is abundant and found naturally included in many rocks and composite minerals. It is possible to find it in its natural state yourself in some areas including riverbeds. Its diamond-like beauty and universal healing power have caused it to be made available in the form of tumblestones, points, wands, spheres (crystal balls), merkabas, platonic solids, chakra stars, pendulums and all manner of other geometric shapes including hearts. The clearer the clear quartz in a wand or spiritual tool, the more powerful that particular tool is said to be. Having 4 clear quartz points in your armoury is very useful – they can be used individually to programme them with specific wishes, carried individually for protection, used to create a web of light for protection while meditating or for healing, or placed in the corners of any room or home for protection from outside forces. Crystals must be cleansed before and between each use – quartz is a hard stone and straightforward water cleansing is appropriate.

To expand on two of the uses above:
– To programme a cleansed clear quartz, hold it to your heart and mentally state your wish 3 times. I tend to see a pinprick of light in the quartz when it takes on the programme. Make sure your wish is made from a place of good intentions and not to compromise anyone’s free will – I usually end any wish with “this or something better for the highest good of all concerned”. The quartz MUST be cleansed thoroughly when the wish comes true or you decide to adapt it, to de-programme it.
– To create a web of light around you when in seated position, place 2 cleansed clear quartz pointing at the soles of your feet, and 1 behind you in line with your crown chakra. For healing, the clear quartz behind you must point away from you to drain away negative energy. For meditation, it must point in to act as a conduit for white light energy to enter your crown from the Divine.

Clear quartz is the stone used in “crystal radios” and as such we know scientifically that it can act as a transmitter, hence its use in the above ways for healing, magick and spiritual development. As a master healer it can be applied on any chakra or used for chakra balancing with one clear quartz placed on each. Specifically, it brings clarity, can activate the crown chakra, buoy your faith in a healing crisis, ease headaches or sinus problems, help when looking for the answer to a problem or dilemma, boost mental faculties in the face of exams, interviews, or doing any form of work, and can also channel your prayers to the universe. Working with clear quartz for any purpose will organically boost your spiritual development and vibration. Clear quartz is associated with Archangel Michael as well as the God/Divine/Source energy itself, such is its potency.

-When storing or displaying your clear quartz tools, NEVER have any points pointing where someone will sit or lie. When its energy is fired inadvertently it can have a detrimental affect such as causing nightmares, confusion, or hyperactivity. Face points outward from a room or pointing up.-

~ Copyright Silverla StMichael, February 2013 ~


2 thoughts on “Clear Quartz

    • Hi Megha

      Yes, you can. You need to cleanse your clear quartz first, if you have not done so already. Clear quartz can be cleansed simply under running water, and yes, a tap will do.

      Once this is done, to programme it, hold it to your heart and tell the crystal what you wish for it to manifest. Generally speaking, the less specifics you give, the quicker and easier it is for the universe to respond and for your wish to manifest. Remember if your wish involves specific opportunities or people, it may clash with other people’s wishes or free will, which could delay manifestation or cause your wishes to cancel each other’s out.

      Angel blessings, Silverla. Xxx.

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