Archangel Metatron

Who is Archangel Metatron?

Archangel Metatron is also known as the Angel of Ascension. Some sources claim he is the highest of the Archangels, though I think in reality it is more the case that he facilitates incarnate humans experiencing the highest vibrations possible. He is a wonderful Archangel to call upon, therefore, for help with spiritual development and learning. He is also known as the Archangel who watches over indigo and crystal souls, and sensitive children in general, helping them channel their sensitivities for good and without fear. He is one of only two Archangels – the other being Archangel Sandalphon – who is thought to have had a human incarnation on earth, as the Biblical prophet and scribe, Enoch. This association with writing and wisdom means that he can be a great ally for writers, especially those seeking to spread, clarify and present spiritual truths. The meaning of his name is disputed between mystics, though of all those I have read the one I feel resonates best is “He who works from behind the Throne” (of God). This fits with his status as the Archangel who can bring humankind to the highest possible vibration. He is sometimes known as Lord Metatron.

How to work with Archangel Metatron

Archangel Metatron is associated with the Kabbala, the Tree of Life and sacred geometric shapes – none more so than the so-called “Metatron cube” or, as I prefer, “Metatron star” – the 3D merkaba or Star of David, otherwise known as the ascension vehicle. His healing is sent in the form of the vibration of these sacred geometric shapes entering your system at your crown chakra and flowing through all chakras for perfect balance. When you ask Metatron for his healing or to raise your spiritual vibration, this is what he will essentially do, so it can help to visualise a shape you resonate with travelling through your chakras, but is not essential. You can ask for healing of one chakra or all chakras. Remember you have chakras beyond the seven basic ones we know the most about – the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown – so asking for healing of all chakras can lead to intense spiritual experiences. You can also meditate with or carry one of the sacred geometric shapes to assimilate its energy and Metatron’s healing. Sacred geometric shapes include the platonic solids or basic building blocks of life – the cube, tetrahedron, octrahedron, icosahedron and dodecahedron – but also others including the sphere, pyramid, and 3D heart and cross forms.

Platonic solids wand in clear quartz with sphere at base – octahedron, icosahedron, cube, tetrahedron, dodecahedron.

Merkaba or “Metatron’s star” or “ascension vehicle” in clear quartz.

Automatic writing is another way to work with Archangel Metatron to access his high spiritual wisdom, as he engages with writers and will channel inspirations through them. You can sit before a notepad and pen or a computer and ask Archangel Metatron for his messages, or ask him specific questions. Then write whatever comes. It does take some practice and it may help to work with sacred geometric shapes simultaneously to align with his energy while you are practising this skill, or use Archangel Metatron / Angel of Ascension spray which can be obtained from a number of makers and retailers online. A cluster of clear quartz, celestite and/or apophyllite may also help with this process. You can also ask him for help with writing in general.

How does Archangel Metatron respond?
(or what signs to look out for)

This is an interesting one, because how you perceive Metatron’s response will depend a lot on your own awareness, the attention you pay to your intuition, and your current spiritual vibration. If you don’t trust your intuition or don’t tend to get gut “feelings” or “hunches”, you will almost certainly perceive little at the time of asking for help. If you’re new to working with angels you may not spot his signs as readily as you would with Archangel Michael or Archangel Sandalphon, for example, who seem more inclined to respond in earthly ways. However, you will, steadily and gradually, see an improvement in the arena of life you have asked for his help with…a small step at a time, initially, and then you may notice a “snowball” effect or a sudden leap. If you are more developed spiritually, you may perceive sensations at the time, for example tingling, warmth or breezes in the chakra areas, or a sense of peace in the heart centre, or an absolute knowing that your call has been heard. You may experience an incredible influx of energy, or alternatively feel like hibernating and introspecting, because Metatron has asked you to look inside for your answers.

You know you’ve had a “calling card” from Metatron if you’ve had a very unusual, unexpected answer to something you’ve been asking for his help with. He likes to think outside the box, that’s for sure – and he can shift energy on the blueprint level with such powerful force that sometimes something you’ve asked for help with will manifest all at once and it can be quite a shock! His other signature response is a cryptic clue towards your goal: a minor opportunity, meeting a contact who could potentially be a help but you’re not quite sure how, spotting a tool or crystal you resonate with and know you “have to have” – I have had this happen twice, with my selenite shard and my platonic solids wand. Sometimes, he prompts earth angels – caring friends or family or sometimes complete strangers – to bring you a gift. This is always the sort of gift you receive just at the right time, something that’s perfect for your growth just then, and often out of the blue – at the subtle level, the gift is from Archangel Metatron as well as from the sender.

Metatron can also call to you with the well-known 11:11 sign. Many people worldwide have experienced repetitive sightings of the number 11:11 on clocks, tickets, etc. 11:11 is the most powerful of master numbers, is known as a DNA activation code for the ascension process, and also “The Gates of Metatron”. You know you are awakening if you begin to see 11:11 over and over again. It will usually then stop for a time, but recur whenever you are making a large leap forward spiritually. It is lucky to see 11:11, and some people thank Metatron, the angels in general, God or the universe, and/or send up a prayer or make a wish when they see it. You do not need to have asked for Metatron’s help to see it, though it can be one of his “signs”. More often than not, Metatron calls people with this sign when they are beginning to be ready for awakening to their true spiritual nature. Metatron can also appear in dreams particularly to crystal and indigo souls during the childhood, usually in human form as a kindly friend, confidant and teacher.

For more on the 11:11 visit Coincidence and 11:11 or The NVisible: Solara and the 11:11.

What else should you know about Archangel Metatron?

Archangel Metatron can call to you out of the blue, without you ever having asked him for help. However he is equally willing to give help and healing to anyone who approaches him – he asks me to tell people not to be put off by his branding as the highest of Archangels, and to remember that he has walked the earth and has much empathy and interest in us humans so he is by no means one of the elusive Archangels. Actually, when you get to know him, he has a very interesting personality and often seems slightly amused at the human thought process, our actions and decisions. He also seems to enjoy using human sayings, cliches and street talk when putting across ideas to us – he is very in tune with the earthly zeitgeist of the day. He can see the bigger picture, and he knows that we often sweat the small stuff while missing the really important stuff. The more we can be consciously aware and show gratitude for the really important stuff in our lives, the closer we are to ascension.

Be aware that if you are called to research Metatron further, you will notice there is disagreement surrounding whether he incarnated as a human, probably due to the widespread belief that angels are on a completely separate path of evolution to humans and the two cannot cross over. However, channellings I have had in the past suggest that in exceptional cases there are instances where angels can incarnate in human form, and humans can become angels-in-training – and with the vibrational shifts on earth just now, this phenomena becomes increasingly possible. The way he puts it to me is that he has walked the earth, though whether that fits with our understanding of “incarnation” is another matter. This is one of the fascinations for me about Metatron: there is always another mystery to solve, and he is not at all keen on divulging all of the information in one fell swoop – he seems to drop in an extra bit of information incrementally as he perceives you are ready for it. Therefore I would encourage you that if you feel drawn to working with Metatron on your spiritual development, you make a commitment to this and follow it through, developing that relationship over the long-term. Otherwise, you may well miss the complete picture or the final piece of the puzzle.

I recommend the Crystalinks page on Metatron for further reading, which also has visual representations of the Metatron cube.

~ Copyright Silverla StMichael, March 2013 ~

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  1. Hello,a few weeks ago I was taking a nap and when I woke up there was a green shaped figure spinning in the corner of my room.Then it seemed that the energy came out of the shape towards me(like string)it got smaller and smaller the just vanished.What can I do with it?Thank you would really appreciate some advice

    • Hello Isela and thank you for your comment. I am sorry for the delay in replying. I wasn’t posting for a while as I was quite stuck spiritually myself. I have not had a similar experience, but green always makes me think of Archangel Raphael first and foremost, the healing angel. You could try asking Archangel Raphael for healing or to show you how you can be of service as a healer in your dreams, meditations and intuitions. It would also be an experience that might have brought you angelic healing or simply been a catalystic experience for opening up your spiritual sight. Had you been praying for healing, to see an angel or for a miracle of some sort at the time? Perhaps your prayer was answered. Blessings to you, Namaste.

    • I read most of the comments and I thought I will share my experience.I don’t know if anyone else has experience but I feel archangel Mighty Metatron in rushy energy.I get very itchy in my Wright side of the face and throat. As soon as I get aware of it it stops. Beautiful sign, I can’t miss it.

      • How wonderful that you have experienced the energies of Archangel Metatron, for he is powerful indeed.

    • Hello im cody , and yeah, you know, we know , though we can’t really distinguish it , but there is a move ment happening, but to self proclaim is flat deceit to ones own , it’s like it teaches and takes you to coincidences , that intertwine, and only makes sence to you , when asked upon or when you start question the whole idea of “life” , you know ,how things are ,from idealist dreams , to the American dream , or personal ,but or an agony of having to pretend , but everyone wants the same thing , food and a home , and people to share it with , to learn and prosper in not just a chosen career but everything , see I , like many always thought , ” I’m the chosen , but really we all are , and if you no understand then your no part , like did we de -evolve , is it our dumbdown cerebellum, our clogged pineal or simply when you work and sleep 16 hours a day your instincts are gone , other 8 hours is family food and so on, that’s why it’s important to have alone time ,keep in touch with that tingly feeling between your eyes, the one when you had your first kiss ……, when you loose self consciousness or stop worring bout other opinions ,and kinda accept everything , you start to notice things. Like body language , you know whats gonna happen or what did , even if some one wants to convince you your wrong , like anything … but Ma’am Where I’m lost is, …. ; ___ and mybad but this simple reply has now turned into a rant that I’ve been holding back ; far to long , Bear with me I have a point I think , ….. But I’m lost cause I don’t social media , I don’t tweet, lol shit this is the most I’ve ever typed on my phone , but the amount of people coming out ,- sleep and dream stuff , mental geometry, third eye , latte da da, tha ideas of everything the whole awakening idea . all the people who deni or resist , all who accept there’s another force acting , and those who just don’t know, it’s all for the end result , see I used to preach it to my aquantances that ,free you’re mind and you’ll realize , lol like literally stop careing about everything ,once in a dream when i was a wee lad a man told me that in order to find , you have to realize , but to realize , perhaps free yourelf , 8 years ago I joined willow international to start a career in kinesiology and explained how I thought we could unlock more the mind but stupid little things , things I used to preach, my theories over time all have been but a million I told you sos, and i guees they thought i was joking when i said i thought telekini is possible , like l was going through these sleep episode s , and as I said you’ll either know or never know , but when you wake up and your body is asleep still, but your mind is awake , well folks are confused ,sleep paralysis is a natural occurring thing for everyone , so you don’t act out your dreams , but people who sleepwalk or sleep eat or pee they’re bed as children, well is that not a sign something is wack with that part of the brain , and or people who say they leave they’re body,as an outta body … lol they wish , and wish so hard they dream it .then there’s , Lucid dreams and all’s that is is to be aware , now usually when you realize that you’ll pop outta it n wake up but always try to stay calm , it’s like the dream world is a broadband that we all sign into ,, but then I could tell it’s different, so I called it paralyptic sleep,… rocking that for about a year, before I had designed the left right theories of using both hands equal to try to center your focus, we all have a primary eye that we look out and simply stirring drink or brushing teeth with opposite then dominant side will unlock your mind a wee bit more , so all a sudden it was on a show called mind games , another big I told you so to my surrounding peeps .see I’m not the only one realizing this at this time in our existence , when there are great advances in technology simular ideas pop up all over the world like over night with no communication , genius’do thinks alike ,
      Well between some old coins and ideas of greater beings and a helpful book called dictionary of Angels and fallen angels and the half of internet community lost in this shit , I just afraid I missed my opportunity to establish , and not for the money or not even to be known , I have to sum it up what’s the purpose , will the enlightened rise to power , is the other fucks gonna be taken by the deceitful, “rapture ” or will the find common ground and understand that ones or the other , and in history , let’s just sum it up with gillotines lots of gillotines

      But back to my idea paralyptic sleep. After saying I made that up for about a year , rocking all personal ideas , see I absolutely hate outside influence , I hate other people’s “what ifs” and God forbid I ever consider…. philosophy . Lol but my philosophy was mine and I thought I made it up , well one day in a bad ass old dictionary I decided to look up paralysis and I had found the word paralytic, I made up paralyPtic unaware, the actual word . It means ability of self paralysis or like to be able to meditate into a state of mind , or whatever , see everything I’ve ever done to fall asleep turns out are from of induced meditation, which I can’t or never tried besides to sleep , like I said I don’t have much let’s say schooling , like I graduated high school bit had always been kicked out for being outspoken and nobody can tell me how to do, even then trying to establish a “cult or following , and I did , for the Burrells have always been leaders. .
      , …….n they think I’m loosing it , , ALL THAT SHOULD BE COMMON SENCE , But it’s a type of person , a almost lost but not person , like when you have an outta body experience and wake up before your back inside , your spirit is lost and the spirit needs do wander , for its what comes back with the knowledge , I’m not a religious person but I’m not stupid either , and Jesus may have been a real dude , but mart wasn’t a virgin :/ , anyways what I’m saying is my facts arnt present nor solid and never have i completed on theory or whatever ,but starting with dream stuff to predicting things to knowing when your buddy is about to text or what songs gonna be next on the station , when you look at someone and they immediately look back cause they feel it or how you just know that, the object of desire isn’t an object but a common mystery of why , my wanders alone through towns and hills and a feeling that draws me to a certain place or parking lot lol, collided me with objects , pendants , old religious medallions , lol I’ve always found since I was little . bits of knowledge here and there come with each object I want to see the purpose , I wasn’t always like , this , it comes and goes with the spirit, but I’ve acquired the pendant of metatron, and that’s how I got to here… pointless ,… NO , I need to present the idea to the masses , whether or not you agree , there’s different types of people on earth, and you can examine they’re home development to categorize, the lefties , the rights and centered, the definition of they’re eyebrows and concave or length of cortex, you’ve prolly heard , – if you feel like your ment for something bigger – or always been a leader , or always prospered but with nothing to do with it , I have to play dumb ,like my parents have had it with me , people think I am looking it but at the same time there are just as many that think they’re the only ones trippin cause they’re uninformed , so they keep it quiet it’s a simple question , do you wake and your body doesn’t, do you panic and loose your breath or does the jolt lift you the first time or second , or have you ever rode it out , trying to move uses all energy and well you k ow if you know
      it’s scary , whatever the ” energy” is , if we may be light children or whatever, isnt indigo like a weed lol or light workes , or my fave, KINGS OF THE CARNIVAL OF CREATION , FOR WE CARYY THE ECHOES OF ALL FALLEN . we all Knew it before we read aboot it and before it was popular, see I’m tripping because THROUGHOUT my insane theories , and dumb ideas and coincidences, I WONDERED HOW TO PRESENT IT TO THE WORLD , my homies dont get it but ive lost a bunch trying to sticl to ideas , , and at this point like it says you grab the picture and run or see it and run I’ve been given the pendant of Lord Metatron n really you know, it’s like everything happens for a reason , there’s people who are awakening , and there’s people who will listen and people who call us crazy but they’s just scared , like dimmu borgir says in cataclysm children , let them fear what you know , anyways bla bla bla were the ones who’s supposed save the world , …. for say
      … But yee were everywhere , don’t loose your instinct , and forbid any who call you wrong for the will of others has affected my own , and , Awakening …. since 2010, ya know it’s like you have to either miss the picture or piece of the puzzle , and blend in with the rest , or absorb it and try not to be look crazy, but we all seen the crap on you tube we all know that there’s something more , incarnated we are , simple we are not , nor are we against anyone’s personal beliefs , and to really explain any part you must accept all parts and if someone can’t agree then there the problem , there can’t be a God, there can’t be a name for it , there can’t be distinguished groups or ranks and there definitely can’t be a leader , it’s common sense and morals that can solve problems , where to get anywhere today you can’t have morals you gotta make your own, -codisius the great

      • Thanks for sharing Cody. I might have to re-read a few times to absorb everything you have to say. Blessings. Xxx.

  2. This is really interesting. Last night I had a dream that I was playing with shapes like the puzzle little kids have that they put shapes in. At the same time I just kept getting the name Metatron repeated over and over to me. I woke up not long after this and thought I need to write that name down as I had no Idea what it meant. What are your thoughts on this. Exciting 🙂

    • Well, Metatron is linked with the sacred geometric shapes which in themselves are healing frequencies. The main ones are the tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, icosahedron, dodecahedron and the 3D merkaba. Some people also include the sphere. This could be a sign that Metatron is working with you for healing, and/or you need to consciously work with Metatron for your healing and spiritual development. You can do this merely by asking, or meditating and asking Archangel Metatron for guidance. He is the angel of ascension and therefore helps us with our spiritual growth towards becoming enlightened beings. He is also associated with the master number 11:11 so I wonder whether you have seen a lot of that number recently?

      • I have now just found your reply after nearly 2 years! lol. I was amazed by your reply as I see the number 11 all the time, but was unaware that it was linked to metatron 🙂 Thank you for your reply.

  3. Hi there, thanks for your article. I recently discovered that I am a crystal person & that my dad was an indigo scout when he was on earth. This morning I dreamt that Metatron’s cube came towards me & hit me a few times, every time it got closer & it me I heard a loud noise like thunder in both ears. Then after a few times I heard myself make a strange grunting noise like it awakened something but it sounded like a deep mans voice & not my own. Do you have any advice about what that could mean? Thank you, love & light x

    • The loud noise like thunder I would equate with developing clairaudience. The deep man’s voice could be a guide or an angel of yours – possibly even Archangel Metatron himself. Perhaps you could meditate on it – it sounds exciting. Just to be sure of spiritual protection, you could call Archangel Michael in before you try. Blessings and good luck! Xxx.

  4. Hi
    approximately 6 weeks after becoming spiritually awakened I had a dream where a man in an electric blue robe came to me. his robe had a gold pentagram inside a circle and the same pentagram shape floating above his head. He said I am sent to you. I am 1 of 13. Then a woman dressed in all white stepped forward and said I am 2 of 13. I believe the man to be metatron. your thoughts ??

    • Hi Corey
      What a profound experience – thank you for sharing!
      I have always associated electric blue with Archangel Michael. Also, he is seen by many as the ‘leader’ of the Archangels so if he described himself as 1 of 13 this would suggest Michael to me, too. However, if your intuition was extremely strong that it was Archangel Metatron, that doesn’t mean you are wrong. I am only talking about what I would think from my own experiences.
      The woman in white could be one of many Goddess or Divine Feminine energies. If the angel was indeed Archangel Michael I would be inclined to think this was the Archaeia Faith, his female Divine Counterpart / Twin Flame. If you are sure the angel was Archangel Metatron, it may well be the Archaeia Sophia / Lady Constance, Metatron’s female counterpart.
      Go with your own intuition, always, because it was your experience and you will know the energy better than anyone. You could always try asking for a sign or answer in your dream indicating which Archangel visited you. They may have more guidance for you yet, too.
      Blessings from Silverla. Xxx.

      • Thank you for replying,
        The geometric shape hovering above his head was what I felt was his cube.
        Now I had never known anything about angels etc before this dream. I have since sought guidance on who the woman in white was I feel that her name was a name shekinah. I am unsure of who this is.

        I had another dream just a couple of nights ago where I was shown another symbol this symbol is the spiral that signifies the golden ratio or phi ratio.
        It was on a cup which I was offered and I drank from it, then a female took the cup and drank from it also.
        Things are happening so fast

  5. Thank you for your very informative blog. I am just now realizing that I have a relationship with Lord Metatron, and have had one for many years. Years ago I was meditating on a mandala of the merkaba which I had drawn in a mandala workshop. I began to hear spiritual truths, and wrote down what I heard–sitting, listening and writing for two months. I had the makings of a book which I finished editing 13 years later. It’s called The Light Within–Living as Your Higher Self. A few days ago, I found a message about my ‘calling’ which I received from Lord Metatron when I started channeling the book. Now I can see that at the time I was not ready to fully receive what he told me about my life’s purpose. I used to see flashes of light in my morning meditations for many years while editing the book. I have read recently that that is one way to recognize his presence. I am truly excited as I put all the pieces of my puzzle together, and thank you and others for the wonderful descriptions of and channelings from this wonderful spiritual presence.

    • What a beautiful post – thanks for sharing and many blessings on your continued journey with Metatron. He is an amazing Archangel indeed! S. Xxx.

    • Oh wow (iami108) – you sound exactly like me and my experience years ago, but I still have not come clear with mine OR not finished the book that i started. I have a book I began about 17 years ago and then I have a very short story of one of my experiences (which I will share here if you would like to read it.)
      This ALL is so very interesting to me. I know that I have gifts, but I have NOT known HOW to go about really knowing for SURE what/which gifts that i have OR how to go about getting on with my purpose here.
      I just seem to “stumble” across this website tonight…and I am just “wow” feeling by reading everything.
      here is the short story of one of my experiences-
      ***When I was very young, I stood behind a door and overheard my Grandpa, who was a very wise man in God, tell my mama to pray for wisdom and understanding. At that very moment I knelt down and folded my tiny hands together, clutching and praying from the depths of my heart for God to give me wisdom and understanding of everything. Little did I know to ask for specific wisdom and understanding. But I would need all the wisdom and understanding I could get, because I went on to experience many hardships and a lot of sexual abuse as a child. I was hurt so badly and deeply inside, and I felt I had no one to go to for help. I was very withdrawn as a child. No one knew about the abuse. But God has given me so many gifts through the years, which I in fact thought that everyone else could do all these things just the same as myself. These gifts which I am very thankful for include premonitions (seeing things happening before they happen), out of body experiences (floating and traveling outside of physical body), empathy for others (literally feeling what another person is feeling), extra sensory perception (hearing and knowing the thoughts of others) and much, much more than I had ever really realized until something happened to me in 1995.
      On June fifth of that year, I arose as usual around five a.m. and read my Bible for a while. Then I sat quietly and meditated upon what I had read. I prayed, and I heard that still small voice whisper say; “Go lie on the bed.” I ignored it at first, but ten minutes later it came again. “Go lie on the bed.” I still ignored it, being obstinate minded and arguing with it, “But I’m not sleepy.” Then the voice came stronger. “Go lie on the bed!” This time I didn’t question. I just got up from my chair and went to my bed, noticing on the clock that it was ten minutes after nine. I lay there continuing to pray from my heart for God to show me my purpose in life. I was going through a difficult depression and was at a point in my life that I felt no real purpose for being here. I hoped God would show me my purpose, though I didn’t expect I deserved an answer. After fifteen minutes or so, I closed my eyes and just became silent.
      Suddenly I felt and heard an electrical vibration pulsating all through my body. Then I realized I could not open my eyes, and I started to become fearful. I struggled to let go and although I could feel my mouth moving, I could not seem to get any aloud words spoken! As the struggle continued I knew that I was in spirit and the struggle was with a clear energy form, although it was clear, I could see it and feel it. It was so much stronger than myself and I wrestled with it to get loose. Finally after what seemed to me a lengthy stretch of time, I was able to get the words out; “Oh God help me!” and just then a gentle voice communicated to me, “There is no fear here.” I felt a total letting go of my whole being at that moment, as if my physical self had nothing to do with me. Then I looked, and I saw my body lying on the bed. I turned from it and walked through my house, seeing everything just as it is normally. But then I found myself standing before what appeared to be a most crystal clear waterfall I could ever imagine. It was a wall, a veil of moving, flowing energy and I was pulled straight through it to the other side where I saw a magnificent tree. I was told, not by a voice, but by some total communication that; “This is the The Tree of Life. There are many different kinds of Life Phyllis.”
      I do not think that I could ever fully describe this tree, but to try; It was ever-changing, constantly and continually changing without ever stopping. The leaves were changing in constancy with every color and shade of green that can ever be imagined and they were renewing and changing and renewing over and over so full of life! I have since tried to draw and paint the tree, but even though I am an artist, I have not been able to recapture what I have seen onto the canvas. I even tried mixing different shades and textures of paint after paint for color matches, all to no avail.
      My attention was then drawn to my right, and I heard a newborn baby crying. I didn’t see it, but I knew the baby was me. Then my attention went to the left of the tree. There lay a grown Lion, just sitting calmly. I was not told anything about the Lion, and for some reason I did not ask about it.
      Suddenly I gasped for breath and became conscious and aware there lying on my bed again. The time on the clock was ten minutes after nine. I understood that there is no time in the spiritual plane. Time is man-made for man’s convenience, not God’s.
      After this experience, I carried such a love and joy inside of me everywhere I went. I had been totally rejuvenated! The depression had been lifted off of me, being left with a feeling of total love that I had never felt before, for myself and others and all of life!
      Two days later, I lay across the bed in the middle of the afternoon, praying once again, as it was nothing out of my usual day to be praying mid-afternoon. Suddenly I felt and heard the most awesome electrical vibrations pulsating all through my physical body. I tried to open my eyes but could not. This time there was no fear, and I just let go. I went into a place where it was very dark. Then I heard applause, the great applause of thousands and thousands and thousands! I was told to go deeper, and I felt myself shift upwards and then pull deeper into the applause. Oh! Oh! I saw it was coming from the most beautiful children! Oh the love! I can still feel it so strongly!
      Next my attention was drawn to my own hands out in front of me. From my elbows down they were lit up with a glowing fluorescent blue light. I felt my physical mouth moving, and I heard a strong, masculine voice speaking through me. “I am the Lord Thy God. I am with thee. Thou art in me, and I am in thee. Thou shalt have no other Gods before me, for I am a jealous God. You are my child. You are blessed with healing in your hands. Now go and do My Work!”
      I suddenly my physical self gasped for breath and became awake on my bed. I was totally overwhelmed with a rejuvenation I had not felt before!!! I had known God was real all my life, but I never comprehended His realness inside of me until then. For weeks after these experiences I walked around with a feeling of lightness and with unspeakable joy in my heart. People I met would comment that something was different about me and would ask what happened to me. They said I had a glow about me that was different than before.
      Now, at times when I put my hands on a person and pray, they tell me that my hands get very warm, even hot to some, while others say they feel a tingling sensation, though I do not feel anything myself. I only ask for God to use me as His tool and to heal whatever needs healing in the person according to His will. And He does it. All of the Glory is, as always, to God, our creator.
      I have come to believe that God allowed me to go through such a diversity of things, situations and circumstances, both physically and mental and emotionally, as a child on through adulthood so that I would be able to help some of His other children. I have very deep and loving compassion for those who suffer, especially the little children. As I continue my journey in Him as He leads me, it is my deepest Prayer that God‘s Love be with you as never before so that you too may experience His real and divine Love in all Truth.
      I do not share this part of my life with others. In fact, only share this with very few people.

      • Thank you ..💙 I share very similar situations in your life that made me think of what I’ve been through and the reason for going through pain is so we can help others..

  6. On Archangel Michael I had a vision come to me whilst I was awake,
    It was an archangel holding a Sword in his right hand and nothing in his left. He had a gold head band with some ancient looking symbols. also he had a gold belt. there was a very bright gold light emanating from him, this light was creating a very loud sound. The sword he had was brilliant Chrome and white/silver light came from it. Where the blade met the handle was a gold hand guard which had the same symbols as his head band. There was 3 ranks of men in front of him and they all had knelt down on one knee. They were grouped in 3 different colour robes. one group/rank wore blue, the next was in white and the last was in orange. Any thoughts

  7. Hello.
    I want to ask about something: I’v been having dreams which are very vivid, yet I can’t remember anything that happened as soon as I wake up. There’s a lot more to it than just that so if you want to know more contact me. Anyway, what confuses me the most is the part that repeats itself. The only part that i can remember is the part that comes at the end of each dream. I find myself in a very vast, never-ending white room, and on the floor the pattern of Metatron’s Cube is printed in black with all the centers of every circle in it connected with the others, and I am standing in the middle of it. Just like that, the dream ends. And I always wake up feeling agitated and confused, a lot of feelings and emotions all at once and its overwhelming in a way. There’s more to the dreams but I wanted to skip the details and ask about the last part. What do you think?

    • Hi John

      That sounds like such a powerful dream. I understand your frustration because I too have been having dreams which at the time are quite lucid, and I wake up in the night excited about the meaning behind them, but by morning the meaning has been lost and my recall has faded. My current understanding of this is that our higher selves understand and take on board the significance of such astral journeys and interactions, and can and will reveal them if we need the information during waking consciousness. I am happy to discuss your dreams further with you if you ever feel like telling me more details – you can email me at

      Regarding the ending of your dreams – Metatron’s Cube is a healing symbol and it sounds to me like you are receiving Metatronic healing on the astral plane. I have just made a new post on the blog which is all about the earth plane moving into the fifth dimension at this time and my very human experience of that. It seems to me like you are being prepared and balanced and healed so that the transition is smooth for you. Perhaps you have a more integral mission than you think in terms of leading the way into fifth dimensional consciousness, or will in the future. Your agitation and confusion may be part frustration from losing the meaning of your dreams, and part you integrating and assimilating the healing. Metatron’s healing is very high frequency and it may also be bringing up old emotions, feelings, traumas, patterns etc for you to release. The act of the healing within the dream itself will be doing that for you, however if you are finding it too uncomfortable you can ask the angels to hold off for a while. I usually find if I do this, they do give me some time and then resume, or find another way that is more comfortable for me.

      May you be blessed! Silverla. Xxx.

  8. HI, what i understood recently is that we’re All Already Masters and Angels, we are just in the process to Integrate that now instead of looking for mystery to solve and seeking for spiritual development…

    May You Be Blessed,


    • May you be blessed too, Eric!

      Yes, we all have that capacity within, I agree. Every soul’s journey to become the highest emanation of self is different and this blog is my recording of my own journey and the beautiful twists and turns it takes.

  9. Hi…I had a dream in June 2015. I was taking a nap and had a dream of being in my childhood home and received a phone call n it said the angels need you so I started walking towards the bathroom and we stood in front of the mirror. I saw a tall built guy on my left and and one behind me looking in the mirror at me. I felt like they were metatron and Michael. (Side note: I work with tarot and had just started to learn about it more) anyway metatron looked at me and said “listen up he has something important to tell you” and then I looked in the mirror and Michael grabbed me from behind and wrapped his arms around me and I collapsed onto the counter crying, him never letting go and I woke up from my dream sobbing and saying no don’t make me wake up yet. Because that embrace felt like nothing I’ve ever felt…even though I was crying I felt the most comfort and care I have ever felt in my life. BTW I’m saying these angels because in the dream I just had this feeling…like a knowing it was those 2 angels. So thought I’d share that with yall. Hope you enjoy.a many blessings to you

    • Hi Lisa

      Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story. I just wanted to say, that many “dreams” like this are not “just dreams” but very real visitations by the angels.

      It sounds to me like you have a powerful connection with Archangel Michael – and Archangel Metatron is working with many at the present time to help them awaken further, as our planet is ascending and shifting up in frequency.

      Please do stay in touch!

      Angel blessings, Silverla. Xxx.

  10. Last night I had a dream of a woman that made beautiful jewelry. I was wearing a necklace made of red jewels, (redder than any red I have ever seen). She said that Metatron helps her design her jewelry. I felt as though the jewels on the necklace I was wearing were significant to a particular star system. Then this woman showed me people passing by, and her spirit behind them, then her infusing these people. On an earthly level these people never knew of the infusion, although it slightly changed them for the rest of their life on this earth, even slightly changing their physical appearance. However they were aware on a spiritual level that this had taken place and it elevated their vibrational energy.
    Any thoughts on this?? I had never dreamed of Metatron before and am vaguely familiar with this energy. . .

    • Hi Jennifer

      My thought is that the woman you dreamed of is a version of you. Your higher self, perhaps, or a past or future incarnation of you. I did wonder if the dream was in fact guidance from Metatron about you starting to make your own spiritual jewellery in this life. Her way of touching people in a way that slightly changes them may be a way of showing you that you do that (or could do that) to people – elevating or raising their vibration so they are closer to their true self and closer to the angels.

      When I read your words ‘particular star system’ it was Sirius that came to mind.

      Archangel Metatron is very active in assisting with awakenings and human ascension at this time of planetary vibrational shifts. He also seems to be gathering and calling out his soul family to fulfil their spiritual missions as Archangel Michael did many years before. You could be one of them. Exciting times!

      Angel blessings, Silverla. Xxx.

      • Thank you for your response and wisdom.. . . I will meditate and explore my recent contact with Metatron
        With Love & Light

  11. I know this is not a forum for or about drugs or anything but after reading so many comments about what this forum is about i have something on my mind i absolutely need to get off. I am also in no means trying to say anyone should do this. Nobody should try this ! Which is also why i would prefer to remain anonymous… A few months ago in me and a friend of mine got our hands on some DMT which for the people that don’t know what that is i will give a quick explanation : It’s naturally produced by our own bodies, said to be released when we die and in our dreams and also exists in basically any life form. it’s abundant among plants and easy to extract. Back to my story, at one point during the time i was out i saw Three beings appear but it was so bright in this place that i was that they just seemed shiny silver beings to me. They told me a bunch of things that i wish i could remember but i sadly don’t, but as i was listening to them i saw Metatron’s cube shining bright behind them! At the time i didn’t even know what a Metatron’s cube was or who Metatron was which is something i only recently discovered ! The only thing i clearly remember from that experience was the three beings saying ” Don’t Document Us ” right before i woke up again! More recently again before i figured out who Meatron was i started to have dreams about completely random stuff and every now and then i would see Metatron’s cube And that’s when i made the connection about what i saw during my ” Trip “. What could that mean ?

    • Hello and thank you for sharing.

      It’s true that drugs can and have been used to achieve higher states of consciousness and I am aware of this. However I (and many spiritual teachers) do not advocate this since it is an artificial high that can be addictive and harmful to the body – and also, speaking on an energetic level, accessing the other realms in this way leaves you spiritually unprotected and open to being contacted by darker spirits or forces during or after your experience. Happily in your case, you encountered Archangel Metatron who is undoubtedly a being of light!

      Your higher self will remember those words that you don’t. Our soul can carry out parts of our mission without our conscious awareness. As your experiences with Metatron have repeated I would say that you are being called by Metatron to awaken and ask your angels and guides to reveal your spiritual mission – and it is as simple as just asking, either out loud, mentally or by writing it down. Metatron is the Angel of Ascension and you may have a spiritual purpose in assisting others or the planet to ascend.

      Are you journaling your dreams and day flashes? You may find if you do that the guidance becomes more prolific and frequent as you are putting out the message to the universe that you’re taking it seriously.


      Silverla. Xxx.

      • I have attended some sacred ceremonies in an amazing healing retreat in the forest in Costa Rica. The Shaman there who has many years of experience and lovingly brews his own sacred Ayahuasca tea. It does contain DMT and takes you to a dimension which I like to refer to as Heaven on Earth. It is not a drug and is not addictive. One of Mother Ayahuasca’s specialties is actually helping people get rid of addictions of all types. She also helps us to delete childhood programming that no longer serves us well so we can live happier and rise up spiritually. It brings on a beautiful feeling of Oneness in all living beings including the plants and trees, and fills people with Creator love which we are all made of. I am not advising everyone to rush out and try it. You will be invited somehow and will know if it is your time for that type of healing. Those who do try it should only do so in a very safe environment in the care of a trusted and experienced Shaman. I wanted to share the positive side of the sacred plant medicines containing DMT as they do have a respected place on this earth and have healed many people for thousands of years.

    • PS. Regarding the “Don’t Document Us” – perhaps a message that what the silver beings said to you, much of humanity is not yet ready for. That may be why you cannot recall what they said. Xxx.

  12. I’m someone who has only in the last year really started to open myself up to spirituality and learning self mastery. I feel as though I could really benefit from working with Metatron however I am unsure about how to go about this in meditation, as in what I need to visualise or what to say. I am not sure that I am yet in-tune enough for automatic writing but I’ll give it a go. I’ve had two healings in the last 7 months and have been told on both occasions that my chakras a pretty in balance (except for maybe in my third eye) so I don’t think its necessary to approach Metatron in that way. I hope this makes sense. I guess I’m mostly seeking assistance in my learning and direction. I hope this makes sense!

    • Hello Bree

      The simplest way to work with the angels is to call on them when we sit down in meditation – any meditation, just to music or a guided meditation – or when we are walking or sitting alone surrounded by nature. Sometimes you will experience a vision or a message at the time, but mostly the actual meditation is when we attune to their energy and they connect in with our thoughts, dreams and current questions, and the guidance comes later in the form of dreams, day flashes, being guided to an article/quote/book/documentary/song, or signs and synchronicities (repeating events, words, images, symbols, animals, numbers or opportunities).

      There are some specific Archangel Metatron meditations on YouTube on Melanie Beckler’s AskAngels channel which I have found to be very high-vibrational and helpful.

      You can also connect with Archangel Metatron in meditation or contemplation time by holding a crystal merkaba.


      Silverla. Xxx.

  13. I am so Thankful and appreciate you having me here, If you feel to talk with me, please contact me on the facebook messenger as: Phyliss Mangrum

    • Hi Phyllis

      You are very welcome here and if you are on Facebook, you may also want to connect via my Spiritual Solace page.

      I am not going to approve your other message as I don’t want to publish your phone number, I always think phone numbers and street addresses are best shared in PMs with people you have got to know and trust over time.


      Silverla. Xxx.

  14. Dear Silverla,

    It has been very amazing to find this interesting information about Archangel Metatron but I would like to ask a question.
    I use to talk with my higher self, I hear his tips but this summer I was walking by one street of my town and suddenly I heard a voice that told me:
    “Look this number”. I lifted my head and I saw the number 27 in a digital thermometer, it was 27 degrees. But I heard again the voice: “This is his age…”
    I understood immediately that the voice referred to my Twin Flame but I don´t know if it is his age, because He is so far and I did not see him since one year ago.
    Is it possible that this voice was Archangel Metatron? I believe that He has been very near of me because I like writing and I use to “meditate” the automatic writing. Thanks in advance for your reply. Natalia

    • Hi Natalia

      It could have been Archangel Metatron, or any higher guide or angel, though there is nothing characteristic there to determine, really.

      It could equally have been your own higher self giving you a nudge about your twin flame.

      Blessings, Silverla. Xxx.

  15. I heard someone mention metatron. I looked it up on my phone. What is all this? I am a Christian and don’t know what this site is talking about. How do you know you are not being deceived by the devil? We are humans and have no way to know for sure if we call on some kind of spirit that it is really for good or evil. Where did all this come from? If you decide to answer, thanks for explaining.

    • Hi Jim – I am sure that the beings I communicate with are angels and ascended masters because I have seen them in my dreams, where they have introduced themselves by name and presented with an appearance I would recognise, particularly Archangels Michael and Gabriel, and Jesus. I have also seen Archangel Michael twice with my waking eyes, as a being of blue light. All of these beings bring with them a feeling of deep peace and love. They have appeared and helped me, either visibly or through feeling them in my heart, at some of the toughest times in my life and when I have needed help, comfort or protection. Some angels and ascended masters are named in the Bible and other religious texts such as the Koran; others have been introduced to us by channels and psychics in more recent years. Archangel Metatron is one of those more recently known angels and is the Angel of Ascension, who is helping humanity raise their vibration and enter higher frequencies. Most (reputable and sensible) channels and psychics who work with angels and ascended masters invoke layers of spiritual protection before doing any kind of spiritual work at all, no matter how simple, and many, including myself, invoke such protection daily even if not engaging in spiritual activity. Protections mostly involve visualisations of energies or light symbols such as the violet flame, shields or orbs of solid light. If you want to know more about protections, just ask. An easy way to distinguish if you are working with beings of light or dark is that light beings only ever bring feelings, messages, inspirations and directives that emanate peace, joy and love. I have never had an angel or ascended master tell me or encourage me to do something that would harm myself or anyone else, and in fact anything I have ever done or any message I have ever passed on from them has always been life-affirming, uplifting and very helpful for the recipient. Channels, incidentally, do not contact spirits, in the sense of deceased people – that is the job and the skill of a medium. So that you know, I consider myself interfaith with my biggest religious influences being Christianity and Paganism. I uphold and live Christian values and I work with Jesus (by which I mean engage with him in meditations and prayer) regularly. I hope this is helpful to you in some way. Blessings, Silverla. Xxx.

  16. I am a lightworker and sage. I have been channeling and practiceing ascension and self- mastery for 8 years now. Because I’m 34 years old now and in the younger years of my life I practiced merkabah meditation as explained in one of Bob Frissells books then about 8 years ago I went to my 3rd eye and when I did so I then closed my 2 eyes and silently told this guy named Jeff Andrews that i wish to open it onto him and that I want God to take his soul and place it on my eyeballs due to the fact that I’m gay, want a son, yet I know I will never have one! The next night he came to me (within my psyche) and told me that he wants me to “study the kabbalah because im going to go through it” thats when I closed my eyes and saw my spirit-soul etched through Metatron’s cube ( my Merkabah vehicle) mirroring me and speaking to me! The first thing it said to me was I am at the 72 gridline going off; you are at the south wall. The Merkaba is geometrical and crystaline in nature. It represents the platonic solids and the etheric flow of DNA through the human crystaline energy field. Well, I have a rare blood type I have O- blood, which I found out recently is Rhosis negative blood, this may by one of the reasons why I’m a channel and why i’m connected to several of the Nephilim .
    I like Soriel.
    I absoutely love Ishmael.
    I channel light geographicaly.

  17. A couple days ago after being prompted by a friend I decided to try to communicate with my Angels and an Angel came and snatched me up. He said “Finally! NOW I can take you to heaven!” and as we were ascending with the sensation of flying rapidly upward my human consciousness was sent into a dream state while the rest of me went somewhere else. The next day when I meditated and looked up to where my 3rd eye is located I was shocked to see a royal purple spherical shape with royal purple lines inside creating a geometric pattern of what seemed to be twinkling lights. I had no idea what it was, but filed it in my memory. Last night I had a Reiki session and when the healers were done they told me an Angel named Metatron had come along with an Angel named Raphael. I knew nothing about either of them so I Googled it and found this article and now that shape from the other day makes sense. Any way we could correspond about his? I need some guidance

    • Hi Joaquin – I have no objection to being contacted by email – – though please be aware this is not my day job, I don’t get paid for it, and I do have to prioritise my day job, kids and self-care. I am happy to chat, of course, I just ask for patience in terms of timescales for replies especially if the chat is quite involved. I’m glad the articles helped in some way. Blessings, Silverla. Xxx.

  18. Question about a dream I had about 15 years ago which I have never forgotten. A shape appeared to me, which was in the configuration of a cross. the individual pieces were jewel-like and separate. In the dream there were no voices. I viewed the pieces from several vantage points, as if I was viewing them on a CAD computer screen. Then the pieces aligned, and sort of hummed and joined together on the same plane. And I was filled with a feeling of peace and understanding. I can’t effectively communicate what was said, because there were no words. But I was flooded with a feeling of understanding of peace and acceptance; the message (much more plainly put than the feelings transmitted by the dream) was that all things happen for a reason, a reason well beyond my understanding, but the “waves” I felt from the object filled me with understanding that cannot be verbalized. At the time, I assumed that this was my brain trying to comfort me about the recent unexpected death of a loved one. And I have tried for a long time to write it off as just that. But I cannot forget it, and the sense of peace it provided my in the dream and days after.

    • Hello Gracie – What a beautiful dream. My feeling with this dream was it is connected with the energy of Jesus and he may have been reaching out to you, bringing you hope and healing. There are many layers of meaning with it – as you had recently experienced the death of a loved one, it was likely partly a reminder that love transcends death and that love never dies. Jesus himself was resurrected, and how pertinent I am picking this message up on the eve of Easter Sunday, the celebration of the resurrection. You were also being shown that you would be healed, in time, that your pieces would be put back together and you would feel peace again, at a time when it would have been challenging for you to imagine it. However, my first and overriding thought was that you have a twin flame out there, and partly this symbolism of the cross being put together is showing you parts of your soul being put together. You can look into twin flames further on the internet if you haven’t heard of it before – the teachers I particularly resonate with are Carrie Turcotte (The Embassy of Light / Facebook and her own website), JB and Starseed (Facebook / YouTube), Twin Flame Healers Jill & Remi (Facebook, YouTube and their own website), and Patricia McNeilly (YouTube and her website Twin Flames Merge). This may have been a message from your loved one, showing you that real true love is still out there for you, and not to lose hope. Jesus and Mary Magdalene are intricately connected with twin flames too and assisting with the shifting relationship templates on the planet. This information is likely very important for your path right now given that you were drawn to contact me at this time. Xxx.

    • Hi Gayle – sorry for the delay. That’s great – there is some good information about Archangel Metatron in books such as Diana Cooper’s A New Light On Angels, Kyle Gray’s Angel Prayers and Doreen Virtue’s Angel Medicine. However, you may also like to try meditating and asking him to come to you to reveal what it is YOU need to know about working with him. He has been working with me of late and much of it is felt / processed in the body rather than understood by the conscious mind. Blessings. Xxx.

  19. hello. i am in need of assistance. i wish to directly contact Metatron and need a way in which to do so quickly and effectively. i must speak with him, it is imperative. if you can help me, please let me know. thank you.

    • Hi Austin – Sorry for the delay. I don’t check this blog daily as I do have a day job as well as this work. There is no one specific failsafe way of contacting an archangel so far as I know. I invoke them using their names spoken out loud or written and then speak or write what I want to tell or ask them. “Replies” can come in many ways from physical help from a variety of sources, to repeating words or quotes or songs, to dreams, to visions.

  20. Talia are you ok?
    Nods yes.
    Are you seeing things?
    Nods yes.
    Me too.
    The thing (female? Angel?) says something I can’t make out. Something like, “Metratron is nine (or nigh) – – – -” … the dashes at the end are syllables. Like Metratron is nine and the shields out. But that of course wasn’t it. But the first word might have been and.

    I know nothing about angels and do not consider myself a religious person. I rarely have dreams that feel important in any way. I just awoke from a dream and that felt profound enough I just spent over an hour so far looking online for information. In my dream, someone or something, seemingly female I think, but I felt like was an angel, was near my daughter, maybe holding her. I asked my daughter if she was ok? I don’t recall but I think she nodded or maybe didn’t respond but seemed like she was aware of something strange.
    I asked, “Are you seeing things?” My daughter nodded yes. I said “Me too.”
    The thing (female? Angel?) says something I can’t make out, but it wasn’t a female voice. Something like, “Metratron is nine (or nigh) – – – -” … the dashes at the end are syllables. Maybe something like, “Metratron is nine and the blank blank”. But that of course wasn’t it. But the first word after “Metatron is nine” (or Metatron is nigh) might have been “and”. I asked what do you want me to do. But as I asked, the being was repeating the words which I didn’t hear again, maybe because I was talking. I think I woke up at that point.
    My daughter is 13 but in the dream seemed a little younger maybe. When she was 3 years old, she drew (she was always advanced and artistic) something like a girl with a line coming up to something else, and said it is a rope to protect her while she is in the Bye-she (or something like that). I asked what is that? She said it’s the place where she goes to get her middle eye back. I don’t know if it’s related but just another thing that stood out. Suggestions?

    • This sounds like an amazing and very vivid dream. Thank you for sharing it. The quality of it suggests to me a true archangelic visitation. I am feeling “nigh” more than “nine” and the rest of the sentence could be something Metatron has asked you and/or your daughter’s soul to do. If you don’t have conscious recall of the end of the sentence, I wouldn’t worry, because your soul will know, and it’s your soul that needs to know, to carry out Metatron’s wishes. You may get further snippets of whatever is taking place in other dreams, so it is worth recording all your dreams at the current time. Did you discuss the dream with your daughter at all, to see if she dreamed anything similar? It may be worth doing, if she is open to such conversations, as she may have different snippets to you that you can piece together. I haven’t heard of the Bye-she or anything like it but it’s possible that it’s a place or state in the higher dimensions which she visits in her sleep state. I imagine the line is a representation of the silver cord that connects our soul to our bodies while we are sleeping and accessing higher dimensions. For your daughter, it could be a place related to a past life and there may be a connection there with Ancient Egypt. One or both of you may be soul family to Archangel Metatron which is why he may be calling on you now, to assist with the process of ascension for Gaia and all of humanity. I would love to know how the dreams progress. Much love, Silverla. Xxx.

  21. I’m going through some sort of depressed moments because of my chronic nerve pain. One time, I was alone and started crying to God… why do other people can see or talk to Him… why the angels are not responding when I’m asking for signs… I was so morose and I’ve been looking for some sort of emotional support. Last night, I had a dream. I dreamt that Archangel Metatron was with me. I asked him to show himself to people around me as they are thinking I am crazy talking to myself. He did show himself. I was happy in my dreams that I finally see an archangel. He was wearing the usual clothes of an angel and I just know he is Archangel Metatron. I am not really familiar with Archangel Metatron. This is the first time I dreamt of him. When I woke up, I straightaway googled Archangel Metatron as I do not know that much about Him. I was once told that I have been spiritually awakened and working my way to ascension which, to be honest, I am not really aware. I started to think that Archangel Metatron has been with me all along, although I am always calling on Archangel Michael. I would appreciate your thoughts about my dream. Thank you.

    • I believe dreams like this are real visitations in the higher planes rather than “just” dreams. And to dream of a particular angel this way is likely to mean that angel wants to work with you. Xxx.

  22. Hi. I am so delighted to have found your blog. You are so knowledgeable and your answers are very helpful and informative. Love, love and love your blog. Thank you for sharing such wonderful information with us.

    Last year I was going through a spiritual awakening, but didn’t know it until months later. First of all, I started seeing 11:11 constantly for almost 2 years prior to the awakening. Afterwards, I was awaken almost every night by something or someone and was shown the following:

    A lit up golden rotating Merkaba Star, the earth grid, flashes of light of different colors, the flower of life, a star that had like 7 or 8 points with symbols (which I touched and felt like jello), a multiverse (lots of bubbles) and also felt like if someone had placed a long thin hand on my back (it felt like if it was healing me) and when I looked I saw a very tall (7 or 8 feet high) angel like figure in a silvery white robe standing next to my bed. I am almost certain that it was Archangel Metatron or perhaps an Ascended Master.

    I researched the internet looking for answers and didn’t find anything. One day I was looking for answers, and pulled Metatron’s oracle card. When I read the meaning, I understood what had happened to me. Can you give me more information in regards to what I was shown? Thank you.

    • It was Metatron for sure. Metatron is associated with the Merkaba and all of sacred geometry. His healing is often given via this modality. I believe in the dream he was healing you but probably also tweaking your energy field and taking you to even higher states of vibration and ascension. Did anything else happen since? Silverla. Xxx.

  23. I have been feeling very driven to learn more about what we are all doing here and have been studying all kinds of religious material.

    Last night when I fell asleep, my wife said I woke up and yelled 314!!!

    Apparently their are many ties to the 314 number one of them being here. Any insights?

    • Numbers are definitely interesting especially when they come up repeatedly. I’ve never encountered the number 314 before, when you look it up online this comes up: Angel Number 314 Meaning The attributes related to angel number 314 are in place for you to achieve what you have set out to do. This is to tell you that your guardian spirits are working overtime to ensure that you accomplish your dreams and desires. Which may have some personal meaning for you. S. Xxx.

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