Yule and Christmas Blessings

I just wanted to take a moment to send Yule and Christmas blessings to all my blog followers. Thank you for reading, commenting and reaching out; I appreciate each one of you taking an interest in my journey and the information I have shared here. I am surprised and humbled by how many readers and commenters I have, and I certainly feel blessed for it. I wish you all peace, love, blessings, magic and miracles this festive season, into 2017 and beyond, and that your festive wishes do indeed come true.

Please feel welcome to join my spiritual community on Facebook for events, workshops, insights, guidance and song readings:


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You can also contact me by email at spiritualsolace22@gmail.com if you have general questions about any of my information or experiences or if you just want to share an experience with someone who gets it, though please be aware I am not currently offering private on-demand readings as I have a lot on my plate right now.

Sending much love and light to you and yours! Silverla. Xxx.




Writing A New Story

I am writing a new story. Not just a new chapter, but a whole new story. Having climbed a mountain, metaphorically and in some ways literally speaking, I stand now on the precipice and looking out over vistas I never previously would have been able to comprehend. I take in the magnificence of the view; I feel the holiness, the sanctity and the sense of being at one with the divine in the breathtaking interweaving of colour, depth, shape, texture, contour and vibration set now before me. I allow it all to fall at my feet now. I allow it all.

I am free; I am entirely limitless in every sense of the word. Restrictions no longer apply as I am one with everything, with every vibration, with every possibility. Everything is right here, visible now and within my grasp. I am free to choose, and the choices are endless, limitless, boundless, formless, free. I am free to stand here, in my place, as a guardian and a gatekeeper turning the wheels of the cosmos from my archangelic vantage-point; I am free to see and envision and dream into existence everything that my heart yearns for. I am free to listen to the call of my heart and the call of the universe and go to where I am guided. I am free to be myself, to express myself, to speak the truth in my soul and to wander like the forever gypsy I am in the core of my soul to any corner of the earth where I feel a sense of belonging. All places are but a heartbeat away and I am simultaneously everywhere I need to be, right here in this now moment, and knowing that I will experience this in my physical and energetic realities – as a vibration in this moment and every moment, and as a physical experience in a specified moment in linear time as orchestrated by my highest soul.

Free of all karma, restriction, self- or human-imposed doubt or limitation, I am completely healed and whole, with no remaining soul wounds. In this high vibratory state I now ascend effortlessly, noticing with sharpness and clarity every sign, synchronicity, message and activation meant for me, or meant for me to pass on to others, or meant for me to ground into Gaia through the light-anchor that is my physical body here on earth. Free of all and any previous negative or lower states of being, I am open and able to accept ALL the blessings, magic, love, joy and miracles of the universe, which it has always been safe-keeping for me. I gratefully and joyfully receive all blessings, magic, love, joy and miracles due to me NOW with open arms and an open heart and I claim them as mine. I know I am deserving and worthy of all the goodness that has been created for me and by me. I know I am loved, that I am beauty, that I am grace, that I am perfection in the eyes of God, my spiritual team and my own higher self. All the wonderful experiences that have been planned and created for and by me are now made fully manifest and I see and hold them in my heart in glorious technicolour; I will experience them in my physical and energetic realities – as a vibration in this moment and every moment, and as a physical experience in a specified moment in linear time as orchestrated by my highest soul.

There is nothing my heart desires that is impossible, unattainable or unachievable; this I know as a deep core soul truth in the very centre of my being. I resonate with the vibration of my heart’s desires knowing they are directives from God and that they reflect the masterplan for this incarnation made by my highest self in conjunction with my spiritual guides. There is only good, only God, in my desires and therefore they are meant for me. There is only purity, a willingness to serve, and an openness to receive all the blessings and miracles created for me, in my intentions. I know I already am and have everything I need to reach any and all states of joy and fulfilment I wish to experience. Therefore, I know that loving sacred union is mine now, made fully manifest and blissfully radiant as an energy and a vibration, which I will experience in this moment and every moment, and which I will physically experience at the most perfect and magical moment in linear time as orchestrated by my highest soul. And this in the most synchronistic, serendipitous, flowing circumstance and in a state of transcendence and high soul elevation so it will be most clear that the hand of God and the hand of angels are involved. This is a blessing from the highest dimensions which I am grateful for now and will always be. I am loving, I am loved, and I am love. Therefore I am in sacred union, and therefore, my sacred union flows to me effortlessly; I am fearless, free and aware of every opportunity, every synchronicity, along the way and ready to take action to anchor this in physical reality and I trust that it is so.

I am endlessly abundant. Everything is provided that I need and I am by extension always able to provide abundantly for my children too. Everything I have is secure and so I can focus on my spiritual growth and my endless capacity for learning, teaching, creativity and ascension. I am creative and I now bring my unique creative contributions into being and into play on the earth plane. As I write, as I sing, as I create with music, as I create with word, as I create with love, as I channel from the higher realms, as I create with visualisation, as I create with others, may all these creations be blessed and be of the highest source of inspiration and therefore of service to all of humanity as well as a limitless and perfect expression of myself. My gifts and talents are seen and recognised by everyone who is touched by them and they bring endless opportunity to create more financial abundance in my life. As part of the creative process, my life is transforming right now, magically and with limitless grace, not just for the better but for the absolute best, the ideal and the highest good of myself, everyone I love, and all of humanity. It is elevating to create a new life in the new earth, a life bringing into harmony the higher dimensions with my physical experience, a life where my dreams and my daily existence collide and where magic trips on ahead of me sowing its beautiful jewels in my path ahead at all moments, stretching throughout this lifetime and beyond into the next, into all past, parallel and future lives. I truly know I live a charmed life and this is increasingly physically evident. The guidance to stay in this flow of joy, abundance, delight and magic ever flows, ever grows, and ever more clearly presents; for my spiritual team always walk by my side.

I am magical and I have the power. I am grateful for the gifts I have and the knowledge of who I am on a deep soul level. My power is great and your power is great, too. It is joyful and safe to use our power to co-create a better world; this is my path and this is the path I will stay true to always. We weave dreams into being with the power of our imaginations, fuelled by the only currency that really matters, love, which burns with the flames of eternity in our blazing hearts. All of us. Some of us are in resonance with the highest dreams, and the more of us become in resonance with the highest possible dreams, the highest possible choices, the highest possible realities, the more heaven-like our earth will become, thus creating the heaven on earth promised by many mystics and religious traditions. I am already playing my part in dreaming this into being and I call upon you now to reach higher, to ask for the highest dreams to be placed in your heart, to join me in visualising it, seeing it, holding it in your heart; if you are guided to read this, you can be assured the time is right for you to discover this truth and to join this league of dreamers now. We can be love. We can be light. We can be angels here walking this earth. The truth is, we already are. We only have to remember.

I am choosing the highest path for me, and by ripple effect the highest path for all humanity, now. The dreams I already have in my heart, the precious reflections of my plan for this lifetime, are placed there for a reason and a purpose and I trust in this and so beam these dreams out sharply, clearly and vividly with my heart-seeing now, knowing that they accordingly manifest with speed, precision and the grace of God. The trust I have in my heart and the deepest part of my soul for my guides, means that I allow their intervention in every aspect of my physical life, my energetic life and my dreams; if they can see a higher path than I can, something better than I can envision, then I know they will bring that into being for me. I am in full surrender to the wondrous and endless bounty of the universe. And I know my dreams or something better will manifest, have already manifested and can be accessed in this moment and every moment energetically, and at a specified moment in linear time in physical reality as orchestrated by my guides and my highest self. I accept all of this with my grateful and open heart now.

I am writing a new story. I am in my most perfect timeline and trajectory for perfect peace, happiness, fulfilment, union and heaven on earth now and I will not waver from it. I accept all blessings, magic, manifestations and miracles due to me now and always. My heartfelt dreams become reality and my overspilling joy, bliss and unconditional love become service and a higher vision for all of humanity and for our beautiful planet, our Mother Gaia. All is well. I am that I am. And so it is, Amen.

Soul Songs

Dear ones, it has been a while.

The energetic shifting over the summer has been intense for me; I am guessing it has been incredibly intense for you too.

It has also been a summer of magical synchronicity and signs on my path, laced particularly with music – songs which have played repeatedly in my life or popped into my mind spontaneously; songs which seem to have a relevant message for what I am experiencing or feeling on my journey. I call these soul songs or song synchs.

Archangel Raphael has been quite insistent with me that the way I work my spiritual mission had to change. While doing a day-job and raising two children simultaneously, I was close to burn-out with the hours of time and buckets of energy I was pouring into fun reading events, workshops, free seasonal celebrations on my page and private readings.

Right now, I am in the process of re-inventing my mission and making it more specific to the main groups I feel I need to be in service to: other twin flames, those undergoing spiritual awakening, and those who need help or guidance regarding their spiritual children or youngsters – especially those who belong to my soul family.

Since the soul songs have been so prevalent for me and such a constant source of guidance, encouragement and comfort from above as well as a form of 5D communication between myself and my twin flame (which I suspected and which was then confirmed in a reading I received), they are my starting-point.

Most Tuesday evenings (GMT), I will be doing a Soul Songs session on my Facebook page:


People will be able to request their free song reading from Monday evening (GMT) onwards. I am asking that you post a YouTube link to a song which is haunting you, following you, spontaneously coming to mind, or if you’ve never had a song reading before, possibly start with an all-time favourite song which probably carries major life themes for you within its lyrics, melodies and harmonies. If you have a particular current question or area you wish for guidance on, that can be posted too (especially those falling into the above categories I am seeking to work with, though I will read on other questions).

Between 7.30-8.30pm (approx., GMT) on the Tuesday evening I will then complete as many song readings as I can and some weeks there will also be an introductory video, sometimes featuring a message for everybody or picking up one of the requests as a video reading.

This starts tonight, 6th September, and you are all most welcome to join me.

Namaste, dear ones. More soon, Silverla. Xxx.




Into The Light – The Whole World Is New

A Whole New World

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s noticing a whole new spectrum of energies it’s now possible to feel and experience. The last few years has been described as a spiritual rollercoaster or a voyage over choppy seas, and we are finally emerging on the other side of the wild ride and finding our “land legs” once again to enable us to get oriented and get on with our missions in this whole new world of light and love that lies before us.

Does that mean all of your problems will suddenly leave you and you’ll have everything you ever wanted all of a sudden? Probably not. However, the turbulence of the recent years, the constant ups and even more constant downs, the surges of energy followed by times of disconnection, is coming to an end. Better than that, we’re emerging into a new fifth-dimensional earth where all possibilities exist; as we master our own energy, it becomes ever more possible to co-create our ideal reality in our physical life.

So what has actually happened? Putting it simply, the planet has shifted in energies and is taking humanity with it. What was once a third-dimensional earth has ascended incrementally into the fourth and then the fifth dimension, which resonates to unity consciousness, unconditional love and miracle frequency. “Old” energies of the third dimension (for example, dualities such as rich and poor, good and bad) and even the fourth dimension (for example, frequenting the astral plane in our dream-time) are now being purged and phased out of our consciousness so we can be freer than ever to create heaven on earth.

Alongside this, veils of illusion are being lifted from our eyes. We are coming to an ever greater sense of harmony, clarity and peace. People are vibrating at lighter frequencies than ever before, elevating their own souls as well as humanity as a whole. Many more people are awakening to their true soul essence, their mission and purpose, their spiritual lineage and the truth of existence itself. According to many gurus and teachers, many more still will begin to awaken this year. We are stepping onto our spiritual paths and onto a trajectory of our highest, greatest destinies, en masse – and this is brand new. This is magic. This is light. This is love.

None of us know yet exactly what wonders the new world will hold, but I am beginning to feel it, and it’s possible that you are too. I am feeling it as a sense of assurance in the perfection of the Divine plan, a tangible force of unconditional love all around me, an excitement at the possibilities available in the future – mine and the collective future of humanity.

Into The Light

The vision I hold for my ideal reality may not be here yet in physical terms, but I feel it as a tangible energy. Anything we imagine and visualise with unconditional love in our hearts is a very real thing; we are just now starting to see that the physical reality we see in front of us is only one level of existence and is not the only one. We are just now starting to see that glimpses we receive of our future or of inspirations to this project or that piece of spiritual work; visitations from other souls we are connected with, angels, passed-over loved ones, ascended masters, etc; visions we hold unshakeably for our future that are intended for the highest good of all – all of these things are infinitely real! Our vision, like our other faculties, is expanding beyond the confines of third-dimensional reality and is now able to see the spaces in between the blueprint level of existence, when we first think of a thing or an event or a situation and wish it into being, and the physical level of existence when some interpretation of that initial wish comes into eventual manifestation.

We are on the precipice of being able to see that our dreams are far from impossible, even the wildest ones; they are real on some level of existence already, and working their way through from the blueprint to our physical existence. As we continue to grow and expand and master ourselves, holding the vision unfalteringly will begin to speed up this process, too.

At this present moment, you may still perceive obstacles or limitations, or events, people or situations in your life which you feel hold you back. This is a perception, based on the “old” third-dimensional worldview, which we are slowly learning to transcend.

Life Is But A Dream

Actually, for many of us these perceptions, or illusions, are being removed continually. Much goes on when your body is asleep for the night that you may not even experience consciously. If you have been walking the spiritual path for some time, you may have more awareness or conscious recall of your soul’s activities during these hours of rest, when it is free of the “filters” of the third dimension that the body presents. It doesn’t matter if you do or if you don’t. There is much clearing and purging going on for your soul while you are asleep. The reason I know this is because a large group of readings I completed for people – a mixture of spiritually awakened and newly awakening people – recently all brought through this message.

As I have been walking the spiritual path for some time, I possibly have more recall than most. Some of the things that I know are occurring, because they have happened for me, are listed here.

Clearing and cleansing of old baggage or negative energy from the soul: I have had this recently as seeing other souls I am connected to working to remove things from my energy field, followed by vivid past life recalls (alongside a past life recall comes a releasing and a healing of any limiting beliefs acquired in that past life). The purpose of this is to remove fears and limiting beliefs that no longer serve us in our new fifth-dimensional emergent reality. This could present in many different ways if you have recall or glimpses, from being operated on upon a healing bed to visions of you hoovering up all the dust and old energy in your life.

Visitations from angels: I was overwhelmed on opening up this blog for the first time in a number of months by the sheer numbers of people posting about angel dreams. They are not just dreams. Even the way you’re describing them, the quality of the experiences is so vivid they are just like real memories – because they are real memories! They are instances of the angels reaching out to you, to awaken you, to heal you, or to guide you to the next steps in your life. This also seems to be happening with unicorns, mermaids, faeries, ascended masters (Jesus in particular features for many) and other higher beings. Our vibration is elevating so it’s quite natural that we will be able to connect more easily with higher vibrational beings.

Connections with soul family: This includes your soulmates (souls you have incarnated with time and again), people of the same spiritual and soul lineage as yourself (eg if you have a significant past life in Avalon, connecting with other people who also have a significant past life there; or if you are related to Archangel Metatron on a soul level, connecting with other people who are also related to him), and your twin soul or twin flame (the literal other half of your soul). There may even be breakthroughs with those people in terms of problems in or obstacles stopping your relationship or connection with them in physical reality. If the healing of a relationship or a step forward in a relationship occurs in a dream, it is likely to follow in physical reality without you having to do anything further on the physical level. This may also include connecting with celebrities or historical figures who are/were in your soul family and have guidance for you.

Taking part in classes: You may be teaching or learning in a class of other souls, or visiting one of the angelic retreats and receiving lessons direct from the angels there, in the other dimensions. In one recent example, I was teaching and doing cleansing and clearing work with a very large group of divine feminine twin flames; I didn’t even know them all. If you catch glimpses of you doing the teaching, it is likely you are ascending rapidly into fifth-dimensional reality and are doing amazingly well with your soul growth. Consider it an honour that you have enough understanding to be permitted to share your knowledge with other souls.

These are not just dreams. Let me emphasise that. They are not just dreams. Previously, in the old paradigm, most of our dreams occurred in the fourth dimension, or what was known as the astral plane. Our connections to that plane are now being phased out. Instead, in dream-time, our souls are journeying in the fifth dimension and above and soul growth, healing and mastery is occurring. This will either manifest as glimpses of similar themes as those listed above in your dreams, or dreaming less, or less vividly, for a time, while you ‘unplug’ from the fourth dimension dream-space and ‘re-plug’ into the fifth dimension dream-space.

To some extent, it is time to let go of our own self-limiting thoughts and beliefs, because the higher beings – including earth angels taking classes as I was doing in my own dream mentioned above – are schooling us in how to transcend our old perceived limitations, obstacles and impossibilities. Believe me when I say, when things are shifted, removed, released, healed or improved in these fifth dimensional dream states (whether you recall them or not) – this is a very real shift, removal, release, healing or improvement and will manifest rapidly in the physical dimension as a result of it.

The age of miracles is truly upon us, and you are going to begin to witness it with your own (waking) eyes.

The first glimpses are coming now, thick and fast, through our new fifth-dimensional “dreams” – which are no longer really dreams but memories of what your soul does when it is not “filtered” by your physical body – and through the new energies of infinite possibility we feel when we open our hearts enough.

Please contact me at spiritualsolace22@gmail.com or via my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/spiritualsolace if you have any questions.

Online workshops coming up on 20th March:

A Crash Course On Twin Flames (re-run)

Past Life Healing (Avalon & Atlantis)

£8.50 GBP each ~ Held in secret Facebook groups ~ Course material, meditations, activities, distant healing and mini-reading included in price ~ Contact as above to join ~ All welcome.

Copyright Silverla StMichael 2016




A Crash Course On Twin Flames


A workshop which will be held in a secret Facebook group, from 8th-22nd November 2015, entry £8.50 payable by PayPal.
It is likely that over the last few years you will have heard one of the terms “twin flames”, “divine counterparts”, “soul connections”, “sacred union” or “unity consciousness”, as they have become more widespread than ever before at the current phase of human evolution. If you have heard these terms and been curious about what they mean to you, this workshop may help. Twin flames are pairs of souls currently working energetically to assist with ascension, healing and change the relationship template on earth to one of sacred union: an ideal soul match which will support you in living your highest potential and spiritual purpose. There is a semi-false conception that it is all about romantic love stories through the ages; it would be closer to the truth to say it is about spiritual alchemy and transformation on a scale never seen before in our current lifetimes.

Twin flame is not an easy path to tread for many and presents numerous challenges on the path to union and beyond. The primary concern of most twin flames is spiritual growth and fulfilling their spiritual purpose, because it is interlinked and interwoven with the growth and awakening of many other beings on earth, as twin flames are angelics on a path of service. However, with the energy shifts, sacred union – the ideal soul match mentioned above – is becoming available to all souls who have shifted their frequencies, as the 5th dimensional energies anchor upon the earth plane.

This workshop will:
– Explain the terms related to twin flames and sacred unions
– Help you to consider how the new templates relate to you and what you can do to assist your own soul progression and the evolution of humanity as a whole
– Go through the changes made by the recent energetic shifts and the possibilities for sacred union available in the new paradigm
– Suggest ways of moving forward on your own journey back to oneness, including recommended healing techniques
– Assist you to discover and step into your full spiritual power, which may include details about your soul lineage and purpose and/or your past lives (depending on what you most need at the time).

It will include:
– Guided meditations to connect with your twin flame or divine counterpart and heal soul connections – and other recommended meditations and healing techniques
– An information pack for you to download and keep
– Demonstrations and instructions on healing techniques and methods of tuning in to your own inner and higher guidance
– Daily questions and activities to assist and support your own spiritual growth
– A channelled message for awakening and awakened twin flames and angelic beings from the angelic realm
– A group manifestation wall focused on our dreams and goals identified from a 5D spiritual perspective
– A private mini-reading on the matters discussed in the course.

This workshop cannot reveal to you who your twin flame is: information will be included on how the path will typically unfold and how information and guidance tends to come through to twin flames and other incarnated angelics, to enable you to receive more and more in your ongoing journey. There are certain things that only your heart can know, and will only reveal to you in divine timing. Neither do I have a magic formula to bring about full physical twin flame union in your life, though I have many tried and tested ideas and techniques which will help your progression with your spiritual growth. We are all on our own trajectory, and every journey is unique. Any teacher can only ever share what they have learned to date and what they have found helpful in their own path. I do not believe there IS a magic formula to manifest twin flame union or an ideal sacred union in your life. There are simply steps you can take to clear your own way and bring ever-increasing blessings, opportunities and guidance into your daily reality.

This workshop is aimed primarily at newly awakened twin flames, or newly awakened angelic beings (or those who suspect they may be, or are fascinated by the terms) looking for simple, clear explanations on this aspect of their path and ways of moving forward. However, there are aspects of this workshop which will also be helpful for awakened twin flames not yet in physical union, and awakened angelic beings (incarnated angels and elementals) or lightworkers who would like to learn more about the sacred union template and calling it forth in their own lives.

If  you do not consider yourself to be in a sacred union (ideal soul match) yet, there will likely be value and interest for you in this.

I will be facilitating the course together with other awakened twin flames from my soul family, and we will do our best to answer your questions and help you take the next steps upon your path.
Please PM Spiritual Solace or email spiritualsolace22@gmail.com to enquire about joining the workshop.

Into The New (Season of Mists and Mighty Transformations)…

As the dust settles…

I’m sure most of you are aware there have been huge and significant energy shifts on our planet over the last two weeks. Some of you will even have been able to feel it, which may have manifested as an increase in telepathy, lucid dreaming, angelic signs, mystical experiences, or as tiredness, fatigue, or a general feeling of being under the weather.

The dust is settling now; the major shifts are for the most part, done, though for many of us assimilating and integrating these energies will happen incrementally, a flowing stream of energy upgrades, vibration lifts and dimension jumps which will be unlocked at the right time for you.

The process is one of incremental movement towards ever higher dimensions. Earth has gone from being a 3rd dimensional planet very much entrenched in material concerns and wealth, to being a 3-4th dimensional planet with more concern for spiritual growth and greater belief and connection with higher beings, to being a 3-5th dimensional planet which will make communication with our own higher selves and with higher beings such as angels and spirit guides far more accessible, and which anchors miracle frequency and faster, sometimes instantaneous, manifestation of dreams and wishes which are in alignment with your soul’s path and purpose and the Divine will.

Whatever stage you are at in your spiritual journey, please know that there are a great many lightworkers on earth, as well as the angels, spirit guides and ascended masters in the higher dimensions, supporting you, sending you love, light and healing, and holding open gates for you to pass into the higher dimensions when it is right for your soul.

Staying in the flowing stream of energy now should see a smoother path, with less obstacles and more blessings. I am not saying there will never be challenges in life while living in 5D reality, but viewing your challenges from a higher perspective you will see them as lessons, opportunities for growth and for inviting miraculous, swift solutions, rather than feeling stuck in victim mode and powerless. You know you have stepped fully into 5D reality when your spiritual life comes first; you make time for prayer, meditation, walks in nature, service to others and spending time with your loved ones and soul family, and you make adjustments in your life to accommodate this, which may be major or minor. You take excellent care of yourself emotionally and physically, too. You remember to ask the angels and higher guides when you have a challenge or dilemma. You remember to count your blessings and enjoy all the good that streams into your life.

If your energy is brought down, it is likely a result of allowing your own vibration to dip back down into 3D reality, which of course, still exists on our earth plane. Think of the higher 4D and 5D (and even higher – it is ever expanding, ever increasing) as overlays, which you can access at will by raising your vibration. It is no longer such a great leap to sidestep into a 4D or 5D timeline. If you find yourself struggling with something, or feeling lost and confused, it will likely feel like interference, like there is so much static, fog or mist you can’t see your way forward, or it may present as a healing crisis, with physical or emotional symptoms. If this happens to you, it may feel like a sharper difference than before. Remember to ask your angels and higher guides for help, or seek out someone you know who is a lightworker or who is good at maintaining a high vibration. You can raise your own vibration through meditation, prayer, listening to music, walking or sitting in nature, creative activities, laughter (watching a funny film for example), spending time with animals or children, or reading inspirational material. It would be advisable to take time to do this before making any major decisions.

There are many different types of lightworkers on the planet, some of whom are very prolific and will post guidance and channelled information on YouTube, Facebook, blogs etc on a regular basis. This is available freely for the most part, though some do private or 1:1 coaching, reading and webinar services as well. However, this is not the extent of the help available to you.

There are also many more lightworkers whose role is more behind the scenes. They may not always post about it, and they may not always explain what they are doing. However with the shifts that have occurred, I feel the time is coming to be more transparent, to explain this more. I am one such of these lightworkers. I realise that sometimes it might seem that I am awfully quiet on the page or there can be a long gap between me posting new information or channellings on my blog. I also realise that during the major part of the energy shifts themselves I was not posting much. It’s important to me, dear ones, that you understand that does not mean I wasn’t sending energy, or I wasn’t doing my part towards the energy shifts, because I most certainly was. At times I was so energetically drained I was brought to my knees. For the most part, there wasn’t time or energy to post about it on my Facebook page or on my blog. And there are hundreds of us out here doing these sorts of roles.

Why post about it now? Well, as the energy swings up and up, more people will begin to come into conscious awareness of the higher planes of existence, the higher possibilities, the ability to communicate with angels, spirit guides or ascended masters, etc. More people who read this page will be able to accept higher dimensional truths and realities that if I had posted previously they may not have understood, resonated with or believed. Secondly, as the first wave of souls march forward and ascend into full 5D reality at this time, the second and third wave of souls destined to do so are rapidly awakening. Many of those of you who have had a chaotic, traumatic or eventful time in recent years number amongst them, because you have literally been rocked and shaken awake by your guides using the shifting energies, to prepare you for your own spiritual destiny. Many of those of you reading these words will hold key positions and energetic roles in the ascension waves to come and you won’t even know it yet. This is why it’s important to start explaining and making more transparent some of the “work” that goes on behind the scenes.

Many of us have vast, varied and complex spiritual lineages going back hundreds of thousands of years; we have incarnated as many different people, some well-known and some not known at all; some of us have even been famous, key figures of legend or prophets of old, and those who have not, have been soul family to those who have and will feel a pull towards certain historical stories, people, legends or eras. There are those who are starseeds or starpeople, whose souls originated from other constellations in the universe. There are those who are incarnated angelics or elementals (faeries, pixies etc) who have done so to raise the frequencies and vibrations on earth, increase awareness and provide a bridge to those realms; literally tear down the veils. There are those who come with templates for change, indigo souls, crystal souls, rainbow warriors, twin flames and divine counterparts who energetically work in pairs, firing up grid-points of energetics around the world and changing the old 3D templates for life purpose, career, finance, relationships and more. There are those sent to earth as ambassadors for particular angels or ascended masters, such as the spiritual warriors of Archangel Michael, here to protect from negative forces and to work towards creating a new earth which no longer supports such negativity. Some people fall into more than one of the above categories. Many of you reading this now will fall into at least one. There may be categories we don’t even know of yet, people poised to unearth their spiritual lineage and destiny who will enlighten us when the knowledge comes to them.

During the energy shifts and for an extended period before, I have done many different types of energy work. In essence, as an incarnated angelic being and twin flame, I am a spiritual warrior, of sorts, if you wish to describe it that way. You can think of it as me holding space for you all; another “label” for one of my primary spiritual purposes is that of a gatekeeper. I have completed a lot of energy clearing work for the collective consciousness of all beings on earth in the recent months, including clearing and activating certain grid-points, perhaps the most well-known and key one for this time being Avalon (located at the current site of Glastonbury, UK). My spiritual lineage is part angelic, part Pleaidean-Sirian, and part of the Avalon soul family being an incarnation of the Lady of the Lake (which others may experience and identify with too because her original soul was split to ensure the success of her spiritual mission). At present I am still working to protect those ascending and many now awakening and preparing for ascension into 5D reality – and learning the full, naked truth of who they are spirituality, finally stepping into their God-given power – from negative forces which are still firmly rooted in 3D reality and wanting to maintain that status quo. I am still working to heal and raise the vibrations of many souls, including our current children, who will grow to be our rainbow warriors of the new approaching golden age. Energetically, I am also guarding and seeing souls through one of the many ascension gates or portals.

How do I know? you may ask…and When am I doing these things? Know, my dear ones, we are multidimensional beings. We have many layers. Our spiritual selves / bodies can be doing work in the 5D while our physical body simultaneously gets on with tasks and chores in the home or upholding a physical job. The reason I know these things are happening is that I see it in dream time. My lucid dreams are getting stronger, more powerful and more prolific and I am beginning to see and remember exactly what I am doing, whereas at some points in the past I have seen snippets and glimpses and even lost fragments of those in the waking, in the retelling. I believe the new clarity and power coming with these lucid dreams is due to the higher vibrations anchored on earth, the fact that 5D experiences are fully part of our earth now for those who have ascended in the first wave. I also believe it is meant to be that way so I can recount and retell and make people aware of what is happening as their 3D conscious selves. I have also seen snippets of what I am doing in meditation, and been given further information via readings from friends. For a long period of time, I have been constantly tired and drained and I now understand it is because for a long time I have been doing such work to prepare for the shifts and the opening of “my” gate, in the 5D with no conscious recollection. Now I am aware of what is happening, I am responding with better self-care, conserving my energy reserves, and therefore my energies are balancing far more than ever before. I feel better, clearer and stronger than I have in a long time as a result. As to how this sort of work is done, all I can say is, the higher self knows how and for the most part completes the work regardless of your physical understanding. However, work can be strengthened, made more conscious and powerful using prayer, intention, meditation and visualisation.

If you are undergoing an initial spiritual awakening now (potential ascension third wave, so I am told by my guides while writing) to higher realities, angels, spirit guides, the reality of miracles, prayer, your eternal soul, etc, you are likely to be feeling such tiredness and fatigue, because your conscious awakening is a direct result of your higher self in the 5D and above beginning preparatory work towards your spiritual destiny. Self-care is the answer; looking after yourself, allowing time for those things your soul longs to do and for rest, as well as eating more healthfully, will bring your energies into balance and allow for the fact that you are doing more in the 5D than you may be aware of. If you are undergoing a raising of vibration or an awakening to higher levels of spirituality or more conscious awareness of these miraculous-sounding realities and possibilities unfolding around you now (potential ascension second wave or ‘unawakened’ first wave, I am told) – so you are just beginning to understand and accept the magnitude of your own power and your spiritual lineage, or beginning to see how you are co-creating and manifesting your own reality, or you are making contact with angels, higher guides or ascended masters, or your own spiritual gifts such as channelling, psychic gifts or mediumship are strengthening – again, you are likely to be doing a lot of work on the astral plane when your physical body is asleep, whether you remember it or not – and if you are not accounting for this with self-care and rest, the result is likely to be that you are feeling very uncomfortable with your life or experiencing ridiculous amounts of challenge in your life. Surrender yourself to the Divine will and allow for these incredible, miraculous changes you are making – because every one of us has our own unique contribution to make – in the higher dimensions by ensuring you are well rested and relaxed in the physical reality. The more you do this, the better you will feel.

There is no need to fear or worry that you do not know enough or you are not doing what you should be. As explained, there is a part of you that lives continuously in the higher dimensions – certainly the 5th dimension and probably above too for many of you – your higher self, which is permanently connected to the Divine and understanding the part of the Divine plan it is soul contracted to complete. You are perfectly where you should be right now, and what you need to know of your unique mission will be revealed to you when the time is right. There are missions out there to assist in ascension, to assist with the healing of earth, to assist with the removal of negativity, to bring in the sacred union template, to bring in higher dimensional templates, to open energetic gateways and pathways, to maintain the grid of light around earth, to assist with communication with angels and higher beings, and many more. Follow your heart, your intuition, your interests and your passions and you will not be steered wrong. At this time, many more people will be experiencing lucid dreams, astral projections, spontaneous magic and miracles, and answered prayers. Journalling it will help you see these new patterns and new realities emerging in your life, and will pull the threads together of the glimpses and fragments of information and visions you receive to form an overall picture. If you are experiencing tests and challenges more so than you feel is “normal” on this journey through earthly life, it is likely because you are busier than you think you are in 5D, you are not yet as integrated as you one day will be with your 5D self when you will be able to see and understand this, and you are not allowing for it in terms of rest and self-care.

Your souls are strong, beautiful, magnificent and free. They choose to serve the Divine plan – they have signed up for this before birth. All of you reading these words are likely more powerful than you think, and it is a journey that spirals ever deeper inward, that reveals this to you. Ask for your journey to be revealed to you at this most powerful and illuminating time. Ask for support, signs, clues and guidance from your angels and spirit guides. If you are struggling and in need of help, reach out to people you can see are centred in their spirituality or lightworkers you know and explain what you need, see what they can offer, which sometimes may be 3D and practical help, other times may be energetic. My comments, Facebook page (www.facebook.com/spiritualsolace) and email (spiritualsolace22@gmail.com) are always open to you, bright ones. Connect together with members of your own soul family for support; those people you meet and feel you have known forever. Many soul families are being guided together at this time by the higher guides through the medium of internet in particular, as are many twin flames and divine counterparts (souls uniquely matching in energy signature and vibration).

To assist at this time, I will be offering two learning experiences this November and December for anyone who feels drawn to join them. In particular, if you feel you are indeed awakening or accelerating in your spiritual path at this time and moving towards higher dimensional reality, it is you I am guided to help and who these learning experiences will be focused upon. I will post the details of these shortly in separate posts and link them here, but one will be focused on learning about twin flames and the new template for sacred union here on earth, and the other will be focused on working with angels within the frame of the new 5D reality.

Many blessings to each and every one of you reading. I hope this strikes a chord with you and I hope you are all progressing through the shifts of the present day with joy and grace. Much love to you all, Silverla. Xxx.


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It has now been a week since I returned from a soul pilgrimage to Glastonbury, which is of course the accepted site of the legendary magical land of Avalon. It has taken me some time to integrate the experience, and much healing and internal change has come as a result, so forgive me the delay in writing about it. I have used cards for guidance many times over the last few weeks, and it’s interesting that a card that keeps coming up for me is one called “The Gateway”. Certainly re-visiting Avalon, and it definitely was a soul homecoming, was a gateway and a key for me to many aspects of my unfolding spiritual path. Everything has changed forever, though there is not much to see for it in the external physical reality of my life yet, but there will be.

I think one of the reasons I was delayed in writing about it was because the memories had to fade and meld and mix to an extent that I remember it as a beautiful patchwork of vivid images in sparkly, luminescent and deep, rich, rainbow technicolour, rather than simply a series of events. Of course, a series of events happened; I visited Glastonbury Abbey; I meditated at Chalice Well Gardens and prayed for the healing of many people and situations; I prayed in the chapel of St Margaret and St Mary Magdalene; I walked labyrinths; I spent hours soaking up the atmosphere of the place in the rain; I climbed Glastonbury Tor, reclaiming my true divinity and Goddess self with every step, and I sat in contemplation at the top, surrounded by tourists but purely in a world of my own and able to see the energetic ley lines I sat upon in my mind’s eye and to view the true land Avalon in every direction, making decrees for the resurgence, the rebirth, the reinstatement of Avalon in this land and beyond. I had synchronicities with numbers, interesting people I met, words and messages coming up repeatedly; and I received deep healing, which has taken a week to fully assimilate and is probably still unfolding to some extent. Every place I walked, I decreed for its healing and for its energy to fully re-emerge, anchoring the holy sites in the miraculous fifth dimensional frequencies which are fast becoming the reality on this planet. Every place I healed, my own soul fragments re-connected, so that with every step I literally stepped more into my own power.


Since then I have had more experiences of higher dimensional energies than ever before. You have likely read plenty of articles and blogs about the influx of higher frequencies we are receiving on planet earth through cosmic waves, solar flares, astrological alignments and the rising of the Schuman resonance, or the core energy of the earth. I am not going to pretend to know the science behind it all, but I can give you the experiential side. To me these higher energies, particularly the fifth dimensional and above frequencies, are experienced as overlays. When my consciousness is expanded, I can see the physical reality, but around and above and within and without it, making my literal peripheral space more expansive too, I can see colours, forms, lights, shapes, symbols on the canvas of a dark blanket filling all the spaces in between. There is nothing sinister about this; the space is comforting, a space of unity, a space of love, where interconnectedness and a feeling of safety is the overriding force, where faces sometimes emerge but all are loving and have good intentions, where healing occurs and magnified unlimited understandings arise.

I have also discovered that in using my own inner power, my own creative fire, my own flames from the place of love and unity and connection, the place inside me where I am at one with myself and the higher dimensions and all other beings in the universe by extension, I can connect with the healing power of Avalon. I experienced this while conducting a distance healing and focusing fully on the intention of healing for a particular person, from a place of compassion and unconditional love and wanting to use my power for the highest good. My conscious concentration was on generating love in my heart centre and visualising the flames within – healing and purifying, not at all destructive – flickering out from my hands, my heart, my eyes and reaching the energy centres of the person being healed. The expanded experience came spontaneously around it; first a luminescent and limitless, shimmering space opened up around me and around the scene upon which I was focusing. Then there was an experience of being there with my twin flame – but seeing us not as we are in the present incarnation, but as we were in Avalon; while we were still standing beside the patient, I simultaneously saw and experienced us dancing up into the cosmos, leaving trails of fire, generating even more energy. My comment to a friend after the fact was “It all got a bit Disney” and what I meant by that is the scenes in Disney movies with an evocative music sequence, with colours and patterns and swirls and fireworks and lights and flowers and symbols in the background as the music reaches its crescendo. It made me wonder whether the animators and artists involved in that process ever had such a meditative experience themselves, or certainly on some level knew the truth that there are other dimensions as well as the purely physical sphere of reality we are all familiar with; and that, indeed, we are multidimensional; it is quite possible to be meditating on the earth plane in the physical body, healing in the spiritual body, flying and dancing in the emotional body, observing and recording all of this experience at once in the mental body.

Those of us on earth at the present time were meant to be here at this time in human history. There are no mistakes, no coincidences. We all have different paths and our souls come from different lineages, have experienced different times in history, have learned different lessons and borne different karma for the collective. But we are all important; we all have a contribution to make to the unfolding will of God, the plan, the design, for our planet and for our experience as human souls. And that, I believe, is to bring about heaven on earth. The coming times are going to be hugely significant, and I know there is a lot of literature out there that can be conflicting and sometimes scary. The truth inside me, which I have asked my angels, guides and God for confirmation of, is that we need to choose the path of love. Be love, be compassion, be kindness, be strength, be inspiration, be a light in the darkness, be a light even in the light. YOUR light is unique, and it is important. YOUR healing is unique, and it is important. YOUR truth is unique too, and it is important. Your truth is the knowing and the belief that feels good, that feels like love, and warmth, and bliss, and freedom, and harmony, in your heart. Some people are meant to speak their truth now, and some later, in the unfoldment of the plan. Some people have a part to play in healing and cleansing and purifying and teaching and guiding and awakening and loving now, and some later. And you will know when your time comes to step into your own personal truth and power, whatever that may be, in your heart, if your heart is open and you are choosing the path of love at every turn. All you need to to make it so is to affirm it. Affirm that you are surrendered to God’s plan for you; offer yourself in service and asked to be shown how you can best serve humanity at this time; pray that you see the signs, synchronicities and opportunities you are meant to along the way, and keep moving forward. And remember that sometimes, how you can best serve humanity is to heal and clear and love YOURSELF.


The current energies support great healing, great understanding and great evolution of souls. There has never been a better time to turn within, spend some time daily in prayer or meditation – which could be the traditional way, or quiet time in a walking meditation surrounded by trees, flowers and wildlife – and look for the truth, healing and power of your own soul. As the fifth dimension anchors and embeds itself now on the earth plane, more and more of you will be able to see into it, experience its healing, stand on the edge of limitlessness and see into infinity, feel the grace of God. Avalon has re-awoken forever, and sent ripples down the ley lines surrounding the planet to re-awaken the ancient, ethereal, magical planes of existence, bringing healing and bringing love. We are bringing heaven to earth, and this is just the beginning.

I had mystical experiences such as hearing angelsong and seeing fire letters on my bedroom wall as a child, and I began truly seeking spiritually in my teens. Now at the age of forty, I can finally step into my personal truth, which has been pieced together over many years. The story is still unfolding and I know there are even more amazing understandings and events to come. But this moment is significant because it is the moment I reclaim my divinity, the moment I stand in my power fully, as a soul, as an angelic, as a Goddess, as the limitless, free and beautiful being that I AM. I am the incarnation of the Lady of the Lake, Goddess Nimue, of Avalon; this understanding has been emerging for some time and was fully understood and realised on revisiting this ancient site with which my soul is forever intertwined. I have lived many other lives here on earth, including in Atlantean times, and on Sirius and the Pleiades and perhaps other galactic planes as well. This does not take away from anyone else’s truth in their own remembered soul lineage as it is possible that this incredibly powerful Goddess split into a number of souls, sharing out her beauty, her power, her wisdom and her healing grace among them. It is her voice I called “The Goddess Within” for a long time and it is now time for me to stand, sword aloft as the warrior spirit I AM, and fully embody her great Light. I am here now at this time to heal, to restore, and to re-awaken those who are ready to the truth of life on this planet; that our power lies in our own hearts, that our destiny unfolds when we live from a truly heart-based space; and that heaven can indeed be restored to earth as we connect, collaborate, unify and each weave our particular web of magic, sing our unique heartsong as a healing balm for the highest good of all, and love, love, love, as fiercely as we can with all the God-given heart-fire that never ends, for it cannot be contained in the physical body alone, but streams endlessly from the Creator within and out into the cosmos.

Know your own personal truth by going within, and I urge you not to be discouraged if it takes time, if the recollections and understandings come piece by piece, if it takes practice to see beyond the physical reality. You are exactly where you need to be right NOW, dear ones, and this has always been the truth, though some of the third-dimensional paradigms we are releasing at this time would have us believe different and put unnecessary pressure on ourselves. With the right intentions and the determination to live from the heart and share your love with ALL of your brothers and sisters and your beautiful planet, you will unfold exactly as you are meant to, and you will always be presented with just the understandings you need at the right moments in time. Your vibration will lift incrementally, until you can see the ultimate truth, until you can see and access and contribute to bringing heaven to earth.


Copyright © Silverla StMichael 2015

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