It may feel like a plateau…

Those of us who have walked a spiritual path for some time are likely to have experienced plateaus in our ascension trajectory before; times when we were uninspired, felt stuck, unable to move forward, in a kind of stalemate with the universe, when the energy felt flat.

The energy right now may feel like a plateau.

But it isn’t.

It’s a precipice.

This knowing anchored in with me today while doing personal readings for a group of soul sisters. The same messages were coming back, again and again, across at least five readings this week, and I know I am experiencing the same in my own reality, and I know other people – specifically Divine feminine people – who are twin flames, lightworkers, starseeds, earth angels or spiritually sensitive and on the ascension path, who are experiencing it too.

The energy felt to me like a pause, a stasis. Many of us have at least one big dream, wish or hope we are currently trying to manifest – many of us have been trying to manifest it now for a number of months or years. I am witnessing people who are losing faith and/or coming to a state of acceptance that maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. I am witnessing people who are confused, frustrated or feeling they are being either tested or punished. I myself have had moments of almost losing faith in my own journey and my own dreams, even questioning the deep and unshakeable love in my heart once or twice. I too have felt lost, confused, bewildered, or wondering “why me?” – or more accurately, “why NOT me?” in regards to manifesting sacred union and my true life purpose and mission to their fullest expressions in my physical reality.

What I have come to realise, in doing these readings, is that there is an overriding energy on the earth plane at the moment, which is not one of physical manifestation. It’s an energy of introspection and self-healing, and an energy of staying still, an energy of holding steady. Many of us are in healing processes, whether they are expressing physically through disease, exhaustion or injury or expressing emotionally, mentally or even with changes in our spiritual outlook or gifts. For some it may even be a “dulling down” of spiritual gifts – I know my lucid dreaming has been suppressed lately when it was extremely off-the-charts prolific throughout the whole year last year, just as one example.

If you are on a spiritual path it’s highly likely you already have some understanding that the earth plane is shifting into new and higher vibrations right now, effectively making its way from the third dimension to the fifth dimension, which is less materialistic, less dense, less heavy, less limited and more heart-centred. It is a state of being where we will be able to commune more easily with guiding spirits and angels and our own higher selves, and where we will be able to manifest whatever we wish to create in love with far more ease into physical reality. The shifting is causing change in our bodies, our psyches and our souls. New templates are being anchored in for different aspects of physical reality. Literally nothing is the same as it once was, and this brings with it an external display of chaos, some of which will be triggering fear responses and deeply-held emotions within you. These feelings, which may be deep-seated and may go as far back as ancient past lives, are being forced to the surface to be acknowledged, experienced, processed and finally transmuted in the elevated energies. It is your chance to be energetically more pure and more clear than you have been for millennia.

Alongside this, many of us are being guided through readings, repetitive messages, nudges from friends and loved ones, inner hunches and intuitions, dreams and more to help ourselves embody our higher selves in our own physical vessels. The lighter the vibration of your physical body, the more of your inner and higher light you can anchor into Gaia through it, becoming a beacon for others and assisting the ascension process. This guidance may include spending more time in nature, taking more exercise, taking up exercise which specifically shifts energies such as yoga, eating more natural, raw, organic and unprocessed foods, drinking more water, having more time for rest and relaxation, having a regular meditation (or creative flow with music, art, writing etc) practice, switching towards a vegetarian or vegan diet, or steering away from alcohol, tobacco and other addictive substances. It is challenging to embed a new regular practice in the midst of such chaotic energies – I don’t know about you but the universe keeps throwing me curveballs that dislodge my plans and schedules and make it even harder to avoid falling back into old habits, no matter how bad for me I know they are.

Many of us, prior to the last few months, have experienced spiritual growth in fits and spurts. We have experienced the rollercoaster of reaching the amazing heights of the fifth dimension in our dreams and meditations – some of us have even glimpsed higher into the sixth and seventh dimensions particularly – which often brings a-ha moments, “boosts” in psychic or spiritual activity or abilities, insights and uncanny runs of synchronicities that have really buoyed our faith and helped us understand that we are firmly on the right track – and then, because the fifth dimensional experience cannot be supported yet by the third dimensional physical reality, crashing back down when we are faced with stress, pressure, illness, injury, crisis, lack, family and friends acting out, or blocks and obstacles that disrupt our well-laid plans and intentions. From a positive perspective, there were incredible highs, but with them came incredible lows that sometimes led us into dark nights of the soul or feelings of despondency or lostness.

One thing that the current energies are doing for us is supporting the next stage in our ascension process which is to level out, to balance, the states of vibration which are currently available to us. So instead of the soaring highs and the despairing lows, many of us – led by our souls – are learning to stay on an even keel, a solid straight trajectory, energetically. To put it in reasonably simple terms, this new horizon essentially lies in the fourth dimension, which is anchored into physical reality on the earth plane now and certainly experienced by those on a spiritual path. Contact with spirits and angels, having readings and alternative healing, noticing synchronicities, receiving mysterious guidance and knowing our dreams are not “just dreams” are far more widely accepted in this vibration. It is technically easier to reach up into the fifth dimension in our dreams and meditations, but as our internal pendulums become more steady and need less to swing dramatically to reach those heights, we are less likely to experience those profound spiritual highs that we once did, which seemed to peak around the 8/8/8 (Lion’s Gate 8th August 2+0+1+5) and for a number of months thereafter. This change may feel like the state we would have once called a plateau, but it is very different to a spiritual plateau. It’s not a state of lack of progress. It IS the progress that we need right now to anchor the higher vibrations into the physical reality. It’s rather a state of learning how to hold your vision, keep your faith and stand strong on your desired trajectory.

For those of us who have big spiritual dreams in our hearts right now, whether it be a grand mission you wish to achieve, or a sacred union with your twin flame or divine counterpart, or switching course in life to work which is more expressive of your spirit, if this is a dream you have indeed harboured for months or even years you will have come to understand right now that the bigger and more complex the dream, the longer it takes to manifest. I would imagine that many of you drawn to reading this piece will already have successfully manifested many “smaller” things. I have manifested and co-created, consciously, a whole string of things including an ever-growing business providing online workshops and spiritual events for groups of like-minded people; the ability to read people by the songs that synch for them; even material things like abundance when it was needed, jobs, contract renewals and most recently, my dream car. You know the basic keys of manifestation and have proved yourself able to use them. But there is that one big elusive dream. Yes, they partly take more time to manifest when they involve other people and their free will and when a number of people and circumstances have to be orchestrated and lined up for you. But that’s not the whole story. A lot of people talk about things like twin flame unions only manifesting “in Divine timing”, but even that term is misleading, because it’s not really, actually, about a date or a time or even a timescale.

We jump timelines with our actions and choices and decisions. We can change our current trajectory in a heartbeat. All anything ever takes is one single moment to manifest or to be snatched from within our grasp. I have increasingly told people I do readings for that there is no point setting a lot of store in a timescale given during a reading, because timescales can change. However, what those “big” manifestations DO require is a build-up of momentum and a build-up of energy.

What causes manifestation of a dream? Positive energy, high vibrations, belief and faith in your ability and worth to manifest that dream. Many people do this instinctively for the most part, choosing to lift their vibrations by listening to music, doing creative work, exercising, spending time in nature, meditating, counting their blessings, “paying it forward” doing kindnesses towards others, and many more things besides. The bigger the dream, the more of this sort of energy needs to build up. Have you ever noticed that when your inspiration levels are peaking, when you’re taking your courage in your hands and acting on creative ideas, or taking action in total faith and trust and surrender over something you’ve been guided to do even if it scares you, or when you’re consciously caring for yourself on a higher level through diet and exercise, or when you’ve been busy for a long time with mundane matters and then you find some time for peace and stillness and relaxation – at such times, you will start to get a run of synchronicities, a run of signs, a run of unexpected blessings, a run of good luck, a run of coincidental encounters with soul family, a run of lucid or vivid dreams, or a surge of unexpected abundance? Like dominoes, this then sets into motion even more creative ideas, inspirations, intuitions, etc for you to act on. The momentum builds. I have reached a point once or twice when the momentum built to such a fever pitch that I would be almost certain the overriding dream – usually twin flame union in my case – was literally about to manifest in my physical reality. So much so it was like a tangible feeling…and yet it would often just drop away again the next day.

When our physical reality was anchored into the third dimension, the current best theory I have to explain this phenomenon is that the momentum just dropped again because actually it was at the fifth dimensional level that something had been anchored and manifested – a deeper intertwining at soul level, or blocks or obstacles removed at blueprint level, or physical contact orchestrated at blueprint level. But there is a linear (human) time delay between manifestations anchoring at blueprint level up in the fifth dimension and filtering down into the third dimension. Unfortunately what often happened during this time of the momentum ending was a despondency and a disappointment that the build-up and momentum didn’t seem to lead anywhere, because it didn’t lead anywhere in the third dimension. At that point, the frequency and vibration drops, and the momentum to continue bringing it through to physical reality is lost. At that point, we jump timelines, from the timeline where that manifestation is certain, to a more uncertain or delayed timeline or a timeline where we simply give up.

The knitting together, the balancing of frequencies, putting us on a more even keel in the fourth dimension – the bridge between blueprint level and physical reality – is, I believe, an absolute key to taking our ascension paths, our sacred unions and our missions to the next level. The direction of energy once we are anchored and balanced in that new template is like a straight arrow running from our heart direct to our target, our physical manifestation of our heartfelt dream. The purer our energy and our intention, and the stronger our faith, the stronger and truer the arrow. It may feel less thrilling without the great surges of energy and heart expansion and elevated states of consciousness we experienced earlier in the path (we still experience fifth dimensional consciousness, of course, but it feels less elevated and unusual to us now because we’re more integrated in it and acclimatised to it) – but it will take us more directly to the highest manifestation of our desired outcome. It may still not manifest in exactly the way we expected, because we can only co-create the blueprint – the pattern, effectively. The exact circumstance, breakthrough moment or Divine orchestration may conceivably be something we never thought of, because the higher beings and the universe can view the whole picture far more broadly and with a far less limited mindset than we can!

It stands to reason that with all this re-balancing, re-aligning, shifting, patterning, transmuting and behind-the-scenes orchestration going on at the higher dimensional levels, there is not going to be much going on in the physical reality that feels like forward movement right now. Our spiritual teams and higher selves are really quite busy laying all the foundations. We can assist the process by supporting our own growth, our own steadiness, our own balance, and the steadiness of our own frequencies, consciously – by eating ever more consciously and taking part in activities that raise our vibrations which I have already explained at length in this article.

Along with all these insights today, it occurred to me that since I can see and perceive this happening in my own path, and that I am definitely in that balancing process, I do not need to keep manifesting for the same thing or praying for the dreams of my heart to happen. I have already co-created them at blueprint level. I felt more drawn to thank my spiritual team for their part in the orchestration of my dreams in physical reality, as if it had already happened, today. What is important now is continuing to allow this balancing process until I am, energetically speaking, the arrow of light, of fire, of grace fuelled by unconditional love, speeding towards its target on a beautifully straight trajectory. Keeping elevated in the fourth dimension is an easier thing to achieve than to persistently try to reach the heights of the fifth (and fifth dimensional experiences will happen more naturally anyway once we are fully anchored in the fourth) – it is the energetic state of hope, optimism, creativity, open-heartedness, open-mindedness, thinking positive, enthusiasm, faith, and being open to guidance from above. Many of the fifth-dimensional experiences we had earlier in the journey were to gift us with a vision and a certainty of creating the vision – a glimpse of the greatness, magnitude and power of our own soul. It is up to us now to build the momentum behind that vision and remember what has revealed to us in complete unshakeable faith.

As a final note, the building of that momentum may feel different to how it would feel when we were co-creating and anchoring our manifestations at blueprint level in the fifth dimension. It is hard to say how it will feel because it is so new. These insights have come to me today with a quiet assuredness and a crystal clarity, a more subtle feeling than the crazy energy spikes I have previously experienced – perhaps it is maintaining these feelings that will indicate the momentum of the straight, true fourth-dimensional arrows the intention of our souls are becoming. Or perhaps there is more yet to be revealed…

In the meantime, blaze bright. Stay straight and true. Remember your vision. Remember your power. Be your faith. If it is a deep dream of your heart and soul, if you have seen it in fifth-dimensional visions in dreams and meditation, if you have had snowballings of signs and synchronicities in relation to it, don’t dismiss it as “not meant to be”. Not yet, anyway – not while we’re deep in this re-balancing, transformative energy which is working on us and on our planet from the inside out – because the manifestations are still in process. We are master manifestors, and this is the masterclass in process.

Know, above all else, that this is NOT a plateau.

This is a precipice.

And we cannot even clearly see yet the wonders lying in wait for us over the edge. The mist will clear, the vista will be revealed, and then we will be required to take a leap of faith into our new realities.

Stand with me on the precipice – stand still, stand steady, and breathe.

With love and blessings from Silverla. Xxx.



Manchester Lights 2017

Originally written in 2001 after the last major bomb attack in Manchester (with adjustments today to the last verse), and dedicated now with all my heart to all the beautiful people who lost their lives in last night’s attack. Sending love to all in the free world who continue to blaze with love and fight for freedom. Love is the most powerful force in the universe and it always triumphs. God bless everybody. I love you all. So much.


They couldn’t put the lights out over Manchester –
They couldn’t tear my hometown apart.
Strong spirit, a phoenix in all its glory;
They only opened the next chapter of our story.

Our heritage lives on in Shambles’ cosy nook,
Rebuilt brick by brick, a true labour of love
Our nightlife glows, a new sparkling rainbow,
In landmarks that could only spring from one imagination.

Magnificent visionaries with fresh technology
Bringing our city with us into the new century,
Helping it shine, and be all it can be!
Such loyal achievements stir awe inside me,
Like the defiant red letterbox that speaks our history.

The whole place is alive! And may it ever grow,
Through our dreams, our resolve and our inspiration.
My heart swelled with feeling upon my first look;
Ring the changes – all fated, all fit like a glove.

And this city still full of brave souls and strong minds…
Still with songs to sing and phoenix-spirits to rise,
We will rise again together with more fire inside.
We will rise again, this powerhouse of Lancashire pride!
They cannot put the lights out in my Manchester,
They will not stop the beat of its heart.

Copyright Silverla StMichael 2001/2017.

Remembering all those who lost their lives on 22.5.17 and with a grateful heart for all those who selflessly helped others and were a light in the darkness that night.


Love will triumph xx

Walking In Faith

Dear ones, I was channelling angel messages for people this morning, on the hallowed day of Christmas Eve, 2016, as part of my midwinter event; and messages began to come through which are relevant for all of humanity, and certainly in particular for those who are angels incarnated and walking the earth, otherwise known as earth angels, the “ground crew”, or the warriors of light. This is a message of hope, joy and great promise and I deliver it to you with love this magical Christmas Eve.

Walk in faith, dear, shining spirits, our brothers and sisters on earth; walk in faith. We realise that is easier said than done while physically incarnated on the planet earth, but we bring to you the assurance that it is becoming easier, it is becoming more possible now as the frequencies and levels of light on your planet are changing and shifting. You have held faith so long in the emergence of higher dimensional realities on planet earth, in the possibility of earth ascending, in the possibility of heaven on earth being created, and in the possibility of humanity being healed and resonating at last to the frequency of unconditional love, the unity consciousness you have so long striven for. We know it has been long, longer than we had planned, in fact, and your capacity for faith, love and trust in those of us who remained in the angelic realm to overlight your progress has been unshakeable. We honour you for this, dear ones, and gently applaud your bright, beaming lights woven in an intricate web around the etheric levels of your planet at this time.

We did not mean for it to be so long, so arduous or so hard for you; please know this, our precious soul family. We knew it would be a formidable task, as did you when you agreed to take your places on the earth plane to assist with this considerable project. What we did not anticipate was the amount of resistance from people and whole places still sleeping spiritually or aligned with darker energies. There have been cosmic curveballs cast into the mix in waves this earth year, which we know you have felt and experienced as chaos and confusion. We thank you, magnificent and wise beings, for staying so steady in your light and holding the energy of peace, stillness and serenity in the midst of the storm. In your dreams and meditations, we briefed the highest parts of you on what was occurring in the higher realms and yet for many of you it would have thrown you off-track so tremendously to make you consciously aware, that until now it has not been quite the time to reveal it to you. Those of you who have felt delayed or discouraged in achieving your goals or awaiting the outcomes of your divinely-orchestrated desires and manifestations, this has been down to our engagement in events as they arose. Please know that even this has been divinely orchestrated and planned, and it was always meant to be unexpected, for that has been the only way of purging and clearing old, negative or dark templates. Our growing, shared, collective light radiating around the planet and even out into the cosmos has placed opposing forces in a corner so that they have exposed their tactics in a way they did not mean to reveal, and this can now be transmuted. Many of you who, at soul level, for you are angels, archangels and ascended masters walking the earth in a human body, have been engaged with us in these great waves of healing, light and transformation, will feel soul tired and rocked to your very core. We are grateful for you standing with us and we are humbled by your capacity to ride the storm with us, and yet still continue spreading light and love in your earthly existence. We always knew you were the most powerful souls amongst us; we never knew quite how powerful until we saw your resplendence in action.

And yes, even now you may feel almost as though you are on a plateau; unmoving, still, and unable to shift forward. You feel like nothing is happening towards your dreams, and you even wonder whether your dreams are false programmes, or false ideas and inspirations, things never meant to be, simply because the synchronicities towards their manifestation have dried up, you don’t receive the signs any more, and there has been no physical evidence of movement towards them for many months, while simultaneously there has been a global sense of chaos and change. You see, on the physical plane level, you are all in a holding-pattern; you are all, seemingly, exactly where you were before these times of turbulence ensued, because, dear ones, you have been preoccupied. Your energy has been taken up, you key angelics on earth and all of your soul-kin, in laying foundations and acting as anchor-points for an ever-growing and unprecedented grid of light on a larger scale than we originally expected. This grid of light is iridescent and radiant; its energy is capable of bringing great miracles and great relief to you and your planet. While much of your (and our) soul energy has been directed at this task, at this great architecture and expression of your infinite capacity for unconditional love, our energy has not therefore been directed at developing your blueprints for manifestation in your own personal lives, long since dreamed, visualised and created in your and our hearts for your highest good. Yet these, too, are important – because what brings you greater joy and harmony in your lives also radiates out and creates ripples of miracle frequency in the cosmos at large; these, too, are important because you are intended to be inspirational to others in your mastery of living in the new templates and energies of earth; these, too, are important because they are building-blocks for the heaven on earth you will, ultimately and eventually, create.

What has already been achieved is freedom, a sense of freedom which will underpin everything else to follow. Feed not the fear, because you will see the blow-out and the repercussions of securing this freedom in the cycle of time to follow, the resistance and the backlash against it, and the breakthroughs we have made. Understand that this has already occurred at an energetic level and will occur in physical reality on earth, but you will see echoes of what we have been through at soul level in the physical reality first. Take this as a sign that the time of true miracles is coming and be strong in your hearts. Know that love has prevailed and that all you have dreamed and desired – in truth, all of your destiny as it belongs to you, because dear ones, dreams, desires and inspirations are planted in your hearts by God to show you what is meant for you – is coming. Be unwavering in your strength and your faith in this, our promise to you our angelic brethren on earth. As the great web of light, woven with magical love, comes to completion, the human angelic energy will once again be free to pour into their own individual creations and manifestations, and the resultant joy will ripple out creating even more love, light and harmony for all on earth.

So many of you have questioned your mission, especially those of you quite recently awakened to the truth of who you are at soul level, of why you are where you are on planet earth at this time, and how you make a difference. Bright ones, the answer was in front of you all along; it truly was. You are already living, breathing, walking your mission. You question what you should be doing and look for signs and clues, but your mission is not like an earthly job, which you do to create the abundance you need for a comfortable life. Your mission simply is; you are your mission; and just by being here on earth, just by being, at this time, you are already on your mission. Many of the tasks your soul has contracted to do via agreements before your birth here are completed at soul level and in the higher dimensions; indeed, everything, generally, is created at blueprint level, in the realms of the imagination and the desires of the higher heart, and then gently showers down as seeds of light, dream-stars if you will, into your physical reality. At times you see glimpses of your mission-work in dreams, just as you see glimpses of your future or meet up with other beings with whom you have soul connections, and these glimpses are gifts from us to light your path and keep you on the right track; each one divinely timed and planned for optimum effect as your journey unfolds. Often, you do not know the full extent of what your soul is working on in the etheric levels. If there is something you are meant to do in physical reality, it is often a follow-up or a resultant ripple divinely inspired after the work done on the higher planes; occasionally we will inspire you to consciously send energy into a high-level working. You need not worry about this or fear you are missing the signals: when you are meant to know, you will know. We will assure this; this is our role as your co-creators anchored still in the higher frequencies. Your role is to be connected with the energy of earth and the energy of humanity to bring all our work to bear in the physical realm. Your role is to believe in miracles and know that all these things are possible. Yes, your role is to walk in faith.

There is no “secret” that needs to be revealed or discovered at this point; or, if there is, it is not one sole piece of wisdom or one sole inspiration which gives you your life’s directive, or one sole occurrence in your life or moment you have been waiting for. It is a feeling, a frequency, one which many of you are open to and becoming willing to uphold on earth at this time; a frequency brought through from higher dimensions, which is the fullness, beauty and luminescence of true unconditional love, the true power of the heart; and as you open yourself to higher-dimensional activations you will feel it more and more and begin to understand that it builds, dear ones; it builds each time you receive a higher activation and eventually, it ought to be that those who walk the earth will be able to hold in their human bodies the capacity to feel the full force of this frequency. This is the source of all creation and the answer beyond all answers. This is God, and it is you, and it is us, and it is inspiration, and it is creation, and it is light, and it is love, and it is all things; for we are not just interconnected, dear children of the angels, but we are all one heart, beating in rhythm with the universe, singing in harmony with the heavens, and loving with the fierceness of the holy fire and the abandon of the wildest forces of nature. This power lies within you, and it grows. That is the only purpose you will ever need.

Be blessed with the knowledge of the greatness and yet gentleness, softness, peacefulness of your soul this winter time, our friends, our family, our selves reflected on earth. It will carry you forward and love will reign again. Walk in faith; love will reign again.

Channelled by Silverla StMichael from Silverla in archangelic and goddess aspect and all the Angels of Light.

With thanks to the soul sisters whose readings brought in the seeds of this transmission; wishing great blessings on your hearts for the part you played in this.



Yule and Christmas Blessings

I just wanted to take a moment to send Yule and Christmas blessings to all my blog followers. Thank you for reading, commenting and reaching out; I appreciate each one of you taking an interest in my journey and the information I have shared here. I am surprised and humbled by how many readers and commenters I have, and I certainly feel blessed for it. I wish you all peace, love, blessings, magic and miracles this festive season, into 2017 and beyond, and that your festive wishes do indeed come true.

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Sending much love and light to you and yours! Silverla. Xxx.



Writing A New Story

I am writing a new story. Not just a new chapter, but a whole new story. Having climbed a mountain, metaphorically and in some ways literally speaking, I stand now on the precipice and looking out over vistas I never previously would have been able to comprehend. I take in the magnificence of the view; I feel the holiness, the sanctity and the sense of being at one with the divine in the breathtaking interweaving of colour, depth, shape, texture, contour and vibration set now before me. I allow it all to fall at my feet now. I allow it all.

I am free; I am entirely limitless in every sense of the word. Restrictions no longer apply as I am one with everything, with every vibration, with every possibility. Everything is right here, visible now and within my grasp. I am free to choose, and the choices are endless, limitless, boundless, formless, free. I am free to stand here, in my place, as a guardian and a gatekeeper turning the wheels of the cosmos from my archangelic vantage-point; I am free to see and envision and dream into existence everything that my heart yearns for. I am free to listen to the call of my heart and the call of the universe and go to where I am guided. I am free to be myself, to express myself, to speak the truth in my soul and to wander like the forever gypsy I am in the core of my soul to any corner of the earth where I feel a sense of belonging. All places are but a heartbeat away and I am simultaneously everywhere I need to be, right here in this now moment, and knowing that I will experience this in my physical and energetic realities – as a vibration in this moment and every moment, and as a physical experience in a specified moment in linear time as orchestrated by my highest soul.

Free of all karma, restriction, self- or human-imposed doubt or limitation, I am completely healed and whole, with no remaining soul wounds. In this high vibratory state I now ascend effortlessly, noticing with sharpness and clarity every sign, synchronicity, message and activation meant for me, or meant for me to pass on to others, or meant for me to ground into Gaia through the light-anchor that is my physical body here on earth. Free of all and any previous negative or lower states of being, I am open and able to accept ALL the blessings, magic, love, joy and miracles of the universe, which it has always been safe-keeping for me. I gratefully and joyfully receive all blessings, magic, love, joy and miracles due to me NOW with open arms and an open heart and I claim them as mine. I know I am deserving and worthy of all the goodness that has been created for me and by me. I know I am loved, that I am beauty, that I am grace, that I am perfection in the eyes of God, my spiritual team and my own higher self. All the wonderful experiences that have been planned and created for and by me are now made fully manifest and I see and hold them in my heart in glorious technicolour; I will experience them in my physical and energetic realities – as a vibration in this moment and every moment, and as a physical experience in a specified moment in linear time as orchestrated by my highest soul.

There is nothing my heart desires that is impossible, unattainable or unachievable; this I know as a deep core soul truth in the very centre of my being. I resonate with the vibration of my heart’s desires knowing they are directives from God and that they reflect the masterplan for this incarnation made by my highest self in conjunction with my spiritual guides. There is only good, only God, in my desires and therefore they are meant for me. There is only purity, a willingness to serve, and an openness to receive all the blessings and miracles created for me, in my intentions. I know I already am and have everything I need to reach any and all states of joy and fulfilment I wish to experience. Therefore, I know that loving sacred union is mine now, made fully manifest and blissfully radiant as an energy and a vibration, which I will experience in this moment and every moment, and which I will physically experience at the most perfect and magical moment in linear time as orchestrated by my highest soul. And this in the most synchronistic, serendipitous, flowing circumstance and in a state of transcendence and high soul elevation so it will be most clear that the hand of God and the hand of angels are involved. This is a blessing from the highest dimensions which I am grateful for now and will always be. I am loving, I am loved, and I am love. Therefore I am in sacred union, and therefore, my sacred union flows to me effortlessly; I am fearless, free and aware of every opportunity, every synchronicity, along the way and ready to take action to anchor this in physical reality and I trust that it is so.

I am endlessly abundant. Everything is provided that I need and I am by extension always able to provide abundantly for my children too. Everything I have is secure and so I can focus on my spiritual growth and my endless capacity for learning, teaching, creativity and ascension. I am creative and I now bring my unique creative contributions into being and into play on the earth plane. As I write, as I sing, as I create with music, as I create with word, as I create with love, as I channel from the higher realms, as I create with visualisation, as I create with others, may all these creations be blessed and be of the highest source of inspiration and therefore of service to all of humanity as well as a limitless and perfect expression of myself. My gifts and talents are seen and recognised by everyone who is touched by them and they bring endless opportunity to create more financial abundance in my life. As part of the creative process, my life is transforming right now, magically and with limitless grace, not just for the better but for the absolute best, the ideal and the highest good of myself, everyone I love, and all of humanity. It is elevating to create a new life in the new earth, a life bringing into harmony the higher dimensions with my physical experience, a life where my dreams and my daily existence collide and where magic trips on ahead of me sowing its beautiful jewels in my path ahead at all moments, stretching throughout this lifetime and beyond into the next, into all past, parallel and future lives. I truly know I live a charmed life and this is increasingly physically evident. The guidance to stay in this flow of joy, abundance, delight and magic ever flows, ever grows, and ever more clearly presents; for my spiritual team always walk by my side.

I am magical and I have the power. I am grateful for the gifts I have and the knowledge of who I am on a deep soul level. My power is great and your power is great, too. It is joyful and safe to use our power to co-create a better world; this is my path and this is the path I will stay true to always. We weave dreams into being with the power of our imaginations, fuelled by the only currency that really matters, love, which burns with the flames of eternity in our blazing hearts. All of us. Some of us are in resonance with the highest dreams, and the more of us become in resonance with the highest possible dreams, the highest possible choices, the highest possible realities, the more heaven-like our earth will become, thus creating the heaven on earth promised by many mystics and religious traditions. I am already playing my part in dreaming this into being and I call upon you now to reach higher, to ask for the highest dreams to be placed in your heart, to join me in visualising it, seeing it, holding it in your heart; if you are guided to read this, you can be assured the time is right for you to discover this truth and to join this league of dreamers now. We can be love. We can be light. We can be angels here walking this earth. The truth is, we already are. We only have to remember.

I am choosing the highest path for me, and by ripple effect the highest path for all humanity, now. The dreams I already have in my heart, the precious reflections of my plan for this lifetime, are placed there for a reason and a purpose and I trust in this and so beam these dreams out sharply, clearly and vividly with my heart-seeing now, knowing that they accordingly manifest with speed, precision and the grace of God. The trust I have in my heart and the deepest part of my soul for my guides, means that I allow their intervention in every aspect of my physical life, my energetic life and my dreams; if they can see a higher path than I can, something better than I can envision, then I know they will bring that into being for me. I am in full surrender to the wondrous and endless bounty of the universe. And I know my dreams or something better will manifest, have already manifested and can be accessed in this moment and every moment energetically, and at a specified moment in linear time in physical reality as orchestrated by my guides and my highest self. I accept all of this with my grateful and open heart now.

I am writing a new story. I am in my most perfect timeline and trajectory for perfect peace, happiness, fulfilment, union and heaven on earth now and I will not waver from it. I accept all blessings, magic, manifestations and miracles due to me now and always. My heartfelt dreams become reality and my overspilling joy, bliss and unconditional love become service and a higher vision for all of humanity and for our beautiful planet, our Mother Gaia. All is well. I am that I am. And so it is, Amen.

Soul Songs

Dear ones, it has been a while.

The energetic shifting over the summer has been intense for me; I am guessing it has been incredibly intense for you too.

It has also been a summer of magical synchronicity and signs on my path, laced particularly with music – songs which have played repeatedly in my life or popped into my mind spontaneously; songs which seem to have a relevant message for what I am experiencing or feeling on my journey. I call these soul songs or song synchs.

Archangel Raphael has been quite insistent with me that the way I work my spiritual mission had to change. While doing a day-job and raising two children simultaneously, I was close to burn-out with the hours of time and buckets of energy I was pouring into fun reading events, workshops, free seasonal celebrations on my page and private readings.

Right now, I am in the process of re-inventing my mission and making it more specific to the main groups I feel I need to be in service to: other twin flames, those undergoing spiritual awakening, and those who need help or guidance regarding their spiritual children or youngsters – especially those who belong to my soul family.

Since the soul songs have been so prevalent for me and such a constant source of guidance, encouragement and comfort from above as well as a form of 5D communication between myself and my twin flame (which I suspected and which was then confirmed in a reading I received), they are my starting-point.

Most Tuesday evenings (GMT), I will be doing a Soul Songs session on my Facebook page:

People will be able to request their free song reading from Monday evening (GMT) onwards. I am asking that you post a YouTube link to a song which is haunting you, following you, spontaneously coming to mind, or if you’ve never had a song reading before, possibly start with an all-time favourite song which probably carries major life themes for you within its lyrics, melodies and harmonies. If you have a particular current question or area you wish for guidance on, that can be posted too (especially those falling into the above categories I am seeking to work with, though I will read on other questions).

Between 7.30-8.30pm (approx., GMT) on the Tuesday evening I will then complete as many song readings as I can and some weeks there will also be an introductory video, sometimes featuring a message for everybody or picking up one of the requests as a video reading.

This starts tonight, 6th September, and you are all most welcome to join me.

Namaste, dear ones. More soon, Silverla. Xxx.




Into The Light – The Whole World Is New

A Whole New World

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s noticing a whole new spectrum of energies it’s now possible to feel and experience. The last few years has been described as a spiritual rollercoaster or a voyage over choppy seas, and we are finally emerging on the other side of the wild ride and finding our “land legs” once again to enable us to get oriented and get on with our missions in this whole new world of light and love that lies before us.

Does that mean all of your problems will suddenly leave you and you’ll have everything you ever wanted all of a sudden? Probably not. However, the turbulence of the recent years, the constant ups and even more constant downs, the surges of energy followed by times of disconnection, is coming to an end. Better than that, we’re emerging into a new fifth-dimensional earth where all possibilities exist; as we master our own energy, it becomes ever more possible to co-create our ideal reality in our physical life.

So what has actually happened? Putting it simply, the planet has shifted in energies and is taking humanity with it. What was once a third-dimensional earth has ascended incrementally into the fourth and then the fifth dimension, which resonates to unity consciousness, unconditional love and miracle frequency. “Old” energies of the third dimension (for example, dualities such as rich and poor, good and bad) and even the fourth dimension (for example, frequenting the astral plane in our dream-time) are now being purged and phased out of our consciousness so we can be freer than ever to create heaven on earth.

Alongside this, veils of illusion are being lifted from our eyes. We are coming to an ever greater sense of harmony, clarity and peace. People are vibrating at lighter frequencies than ever before, elevating their own souls as well as humanity as a whole. Many more people are awakening to their true soul essence, their mission and purpose, their spiritual lineage and the truth of existence itself. According to many gurus and teachers, many more still will begin to awaken this year. We are stepping onto our spiritual paths and onto a trajectory of our highest, greatest destinies, en masse – and this is brand new. This is magic. This is light. This is love.

None of us know yet exactly what wonders the new world will hold, but I am beginning to feel it, and it’s possible that you are too. I am feeling it as a sense of assurance in the perfection of the Divine plan, a tangible force of unconditional love all around me, an excitement at the possibilities available in the future – mine and the collective future of humanity.

Into The Light

The vision I hold for my ideal reality may not be here yet in physical terms, but I feel it as a tangible energy. Anything we imagine and visualise with unconditional love in our hearts is a very real thing; we are just now starting to see that the physical reality we see in front of us is only one level of existence and is not the only one. We are just now starting to see that glimpses we receive of our future or of inspirations to this project or that piece of spiritual work; visitations from other souls we are connected with, angels, passed-over loved ones, ascended masters, etc; visions we hold unshakeably for our future that are intended for the highest good of all – all of these things are infinitely real! Our vision, like our other faculties, is expanding beyond the confines of third-dimensional reality and is now able to see the spaces in between the blueprint level of existence, when we first think of a thing or an event or a situation and wish it into being, and the physical level of existence when some interpretation of that initial wish comes into eventual manifestation.

We are on the precipice of being able to see that our dreams are far from impossible, even the wildest ones; they are real on some level of existence already, and working their way through from the blueprint to our physical existence. As we continue to grow and expand and master ourselves, holding the vision unfalteringly will begin to speed up this process, too.

At this present moment, you may still perceive obstacles or limitations, or events, people or situations in your life which you feel hold you back. This is a perception, based on the “old” third-dimensional worldview, which we are slowly learning to transcend.

Life Is But A Dream

Actually, for many of us these perceptions, or illusions, are being removed continually. Much goes on when your body is asleep for the night that you may not even experience consciously. If you have been walking the spiritual path for some time, you may have more awareness or conscious recall of your soul’s activities during these hours of rest, when it is free of the “filters” of the third dimension that the body presents. It doesn’t matter if you do or if you don’t. There is much clearing and purging going on for your soul while you are asleep. The reason I know this is because a large group of readings I completed for people – a mixture of spiritually awakened and newly awakening people – recently all brought through this message.

As I have been walking the spiritual path for some time, I possibly have more recall than most. Some of the things that I know are occurring, because they have happened for me, are listed here.

Clearing and cleansing of old baggage or negative energy from the soul: I have had this recently as seeing other souls I am connected to working to remove things from my energy field, followed by vivid past life recalls (alongside a past life recall comes a releasing and a healing of any limiting beliefs acquired in that past life). The purpose of this is to remove fears and limiting beliefs that no longer serve us in our new fifth-dimensional emergent reality. This could present in many different ways if you have recall or glimpses, from being operated on upon a healing bed to visions of you hoovering up all the dust and old energy in your life.

Visitations from angels: I was overwhelmed on opening up this blog for the first time in a number of months by the sheer numbers of people posting about angel dreams. They are not just dreams. Even the way you’re describing them, the quality of the experiences is so vivid they are just like real memories – because they are real memories! They are instances of the angels reaching out to you, to awaken you, to heal you, or to guide you to the next steps in your life. This also seems to be happening with unicorns, mermaids, faeries, ascended masters (Jesus in particular features for many) and other higher beings. Our vibration is elevating so it’s quite natural that we will be able to connect more easily with higher vibrational beings.

Connections with soul family: This includes your soulmates (souls you have incarnated with time and again), people of the same spiritual and soul lineage as yourself (eg if you have a significant past life in Avalon, connecting with other people who also have a significant past life there; or if you are related to Archangel Metatron on a soul level, connecting with other people who are also related to him), and your twin soul or twin flame (the literal other half of your soul). There may even be breakthroughs with those people in terms of problems in or obstacles stopping your relationship or connection with them in physical reality. If the healing of a relationship or a step forward in a relationship occurs in a dream, it is likely to follow in physical reality without you having to do anything further on the physical level. This may also include connecting with celebrities or historical figures who are/were in your soul family and have guidance for you.

Taking part in classes: You may be teaching or learning in a class of other souls, or visiting one of the angelic retreats and receiving lessons direct from the angels there, in the other dimensions. In one recent example, I was teaching and doing cleansing and clearing work with a very large group of divine feminine twin flames; I didn’t even know them all. If you catch glimpses of you doing the teaching, it is likely you are ascending rapidly into fifth-dimensional reality and are doing amazingly well with your soul growth. Consider it an honour that you have enough understanding to be permitted to share your knowledge with other souls.

These are not just dreams. Let me emphasise that. They are not just dreams. Previously, in the old paradigm, most of our dreams occurred in the fourth dimension, or what was known as the astral plane. Our connections to that plane are now being phased out. Instead, in dream-time, our souls are journeying in the fifth dimension and above and soul growth, healing and mastery is occurring. This will either manifest as glimpses of similar themes as those listed above in your dreams, or dreaming less, or less vividly, for a time, while you ‘unplug’ from the fourth dimension dream-space and ‘re-plug’ into the fifth dimension dream-space.

To some extent, it is time to let go of our own self-limiting thoughts and beliefs, because the higher beings – including earth angels taking classes as I was doing in my own dream mentioned above – are schooling us in how to transcend our old perceived limitations, obstacles and impossibilities. Believe me when I say, when things are shifted, removed, released, healed or improved in these fifth dimensional dream states (whether you recall them or not) – this is a very real shift, removal, release, healing or improvement and will manifest rapidly in the physical dimension as a result of it.

The age of miracles is truly upon us, and you are going to begin to witness it with your own (waking) eyes.

The first glimpses are coming now, thick and fast, through our new fifth-dimensional “dreams” – which are no longer really dreams but memories of what your soul does when it is not “filtered” by your physical body – and through the new energies of infinite possibility we feel when we open our hearts enough.

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