It may feel like a plateau…

Those of us who have walked a spiritual path for some time are likely to have experienced plateaus in our ascension trajectory before; times when we were uninspired, felt stuck, unable to move forward, in a kind of stalemate with the universe, when the energy felt flat.

The energy right now may feel like a plateau.

But it isn’t.

It’s a precipice.

This knowing anchored in with me today while doing personal readings for a group of soul sisters. The same messages were coming back, again and again, across at least five readings this week, and I know I am experiencing the same in my own reality, and I know other people – specifically Divine feminine people – who are twin flames, lightworkers, starseeds, earth angels or spiritually sensitive and on the ascension path, who are experiencing it too.

The energy felt to me like a pause, a stasis. Many of us have at least one big dream, wish or hope we are currently trying to manifest – many of us have been trying to manifest it now for a number of months or years. I am witnessing people who are losing faith and/or coming to a state of acceptance that maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. I am witnessing people who are confused, frustrated or feeling they are being either tested or punished. I myself have had moments of almost losing faith in my own journey and my own dreams, even questioning the deep and unshakeable love in my heart once or twice. I too have felt lost, confused, bewildered, or wondering “why me?” – or more accurately, “why NOT me?” in regards to manifesting sacred union and my true life purpose and mission to their fullest expressions in my physical reality.

What I have come to realise, in doing these readings, is that there is an overriding energy on the earth plane at the moment, which is not one of physical manifestation. It’s an energy of introspection and self-healing, and an energy of staying still, an energy of holding steady. Many of us are in healing processes, whether they are expressing physically through disease, exhaustion or injury or expressing emotionally, mentally or even with changes in our spiritual outlook or gifts. For some it may even be a “dulling down” of spiritual gifts – I know my lucid dreaming has been suppressed lately when it was extremely off-the-charts prolific throughout the whole year last year, just as one example.

If you are on a spiritual path it’s highly likely you already have some understanding that the earth plane is shifting into new and higher vibrations right now, effectively making its way from the third dimension to the fifth dimension, which is less materialistic, less dense, less heavy, less limited and more heart-centred. It is a state of being where we will be able to commune more easily with guiding spirits and angels and our own higher selves, and where we will be able to manifest whatever we wish to create in love with far more ease into physical reality. The shifting is causing change in our bodies, our psyches and our souls. New templates are being anchored in for different aspects of physical reality. Literally nothing is the same as it once was, and this brings with it an external display of chaos, some of which will be triggering fear responses and deeply-held emotions within you. These feelings, which may be deep-seated and may go as far back as ancient past lives, are being forced to the surface to be acknowledged, experienced, processed and finally transmuted in the elevated energies. It is your chance to be energetically more pure and more clear than you have been for millennia.

Alongside this, many of us are being guided through readings, repetitive messages, nudges from friends and loved ones, inner hunches and intuitions, dreams and more to help ourselves embody our higher selves in our own physical vessels. The lighter the vibration of your physical body, the more of your inner and higher light you can anchor into Gaia through it, becoming a beacon for others and assisting the ascension process. This guidance may include spending more time in nature, taking more exercise, taking up exercise which specifically shifts energies such as yoga, eating more natural, raw, organic and unprocessed foods, drinking more water, having more time for rest and relaxation, having a regular meditation (or creative flow with music, art, writing etc) practice, switching towards a vegetarian or vegan diet, or steering away from alcohol, tobacco and other addictive substances. It is challenging to embed a new regular practice in the midst of such chaotic energies – I don’t know about you but the universe keeps throwing me curveballs that dislodge my plans and schedules and make it even harder to avoid falling back into old habits, no matter how bad for me I know they are.

Many of us, prior to the last few months, have experienced spiritual growth in fits and spurts. We have experienced the rollercoaster of reaching the amazing heights of the fifth dimension in our dreams and meditations – some of us have even glimpsed higher into the sixth and seventh dimensions particularly – which often brings a-ha moments, “boosts” in psychic or spiritual activity or abilities, insights and uncanny runs of synchronicities that have really buoyed our faith and helped us understand that we are firmly on the right track – and then, because the fifth dimensional experience cannot be supported yet by the third dimensional physical reality, crashing back down when we are faced with stress, pressure, illness, injury, crisis, lack, family and friends acting out, or blocks and obstacles that disrupt our well-laid plans and intentions. From a positive perspective, there were incredible highs, but with them came incredible lows that sometimes led us into dark nights of the soul or feelings of despondency or lostness.

One thing that the current energies are doing for us is supporting the next stage in our ascension process which is to level out, to balance, the states of vibration which are currently available to us. So instead of the soaring highs and the despairing lows, many of us – led by our souls – are learning to stay on an even keel, a solid straight trajectory, energetically. To put it in reasonably simple terms, this new horizon essentially lies in the fourth dimension, which is anchored into physical reality on the earth plane now and certainly experienced by those on a spiritual path. Contact with spirits and angels, having readings and alternative healing, noticing synchronicities, receiving mysterious guidance and knowing our dreams are not “just dreams” are far more widely accepted in this vibration. It is technically easier to reach up into the fifth dimension in our dreams and meditations, but as our internal pendulums become more steady and need less to swing dramatically to reach those heights, we are less likely to experience those profound spiritual highs that we once did, which seemed to peak around the 8/8/8 (Lion’s Gate 8th August 2+0+1+5) and for a number of months thereafter. This change may feel like the state we would have once called a plateau, but it is very different to a spiritual plateau. It’s not a state of lack of progress. It IS the progress that we need right now to anchor the higher vibrations into the physical reality. It’s rather a state of learning how to hold your vision, keep your faith and stand strong on your desired trajectory.

For those of us who have big spiritual dreams in our hearts right now, whether it be a grand mission you wish to achieve, or a sacred union with your twin flame or divine counterpart, or switching course in life to work which is more expressive of your spirit, if this is a dream you have indeed harboured for months or even years you will have come to understand right now that the bigger and more complex the dream, the longer it takes to manifest. I would imagine that many of you drawn to reading this piece will already have successfully manifested many “smaller” things. I have manifested and co-created, consciously, a whole string of things including an ever-growing business providing online workshops and spiritual events for groups of like-minded people; the ability to read people by the songs that synch for them; even material things like abundance when it was needed, jobs, contract renewals and most recently, my dream car. You know the basic keys of manifestation and have proved yourself able to use them. But there is that one big elusive dream. Yes, they partly take more time to manifest when they involve other people and their free will and when a number of people and circumstances have to be orchestrated and lined up for you. But that’s not the whole story. A lot of people talk about things like twin flame unions only manifesting “in Divine timing”, but even that term is misleading, because it’s not really, actually, about a date or a time or even a timescale.

We jump timelines with our actions and choices and decisions. We can change our current trajectory in a heartbeat. All anything ever takes is one single moment to manifest or to be snatched from within our grasp. I have increasingly told people I do readings for that there is no point setting a lot of store in a timescale given during a reading, because timescales can change. However, what those “big” manifestations DO require is a build-up of momentum and a build-up of energy.

What causes manifestation of a dream? Positive energy, high vibrations, belief and faith in your ability and worth to manifest that dream. Many people do this instinctively for the most part, choosing to lift their vibrations by listening to music, doing creative work, exercising, spending time in nature, meditating, counting their blessings, “paying it forward” doing kindnesses towards others, and many more things besides. The bigger the dream, the more of this sort of energy needs to build up. Have you ever noticed that when your inspiration levels are peaking, when you’re taking your courage in your hands and acting on creative ideas, or taking action in total faith and trust and surrender over something you’ve been guided to do even if it scares you, or when you’re consciously caring for yourself on a higher level through diet and exercise, or when you’ve been busy for a long time with mundane matters and then you find some time for peace and stillness and relaxation – at such times, you will start to get a run of synchronicities, a run of signs, a run of unexpected blessings, a run of good luck, a run of coincidental encounters with soul family, a run of lucid or vivid dreams, or a surge of unexpected abundance? Like dominoes, this then sets into motion even more creative ideas, inspirations, intuitions, etc for you to act on. The momentum builds. I have reached a point once or twice when the momentum built to such a fever pitch that I would be almost certain the overriding dream – usually twin flame union in my case – was literally about to manifest in my physical reality. So much so it was like a tangible feeling…and yet it would often just drop away again the next day.

When our physical reality was anchored into the third dimension, the current best theory I have to explain this phenomenon is that the momentum just dropped again because actually it was at the fifth dimensional level that something had been anchored and manifested – a deeper intertwining at soul level, or blocks or obstacles removed at blueprint level, or physical contact orchestrated at blueprint level. But there is a linear (human) time delay between manifestations anchoring at blueprint level up in the fifth dimension and filtering down into the third dimension. Unfortunately what often happened during this time of the momentum ending was a despondency and a disappointment that the build-up and momentum didn’t seem to lead anywhere, because it didn’t lead anywhere in the third dimension. At that point, the frequency and vibration drops, and the momentum to continue bringing it through to physical reality is lost. At that point, we jump timelines, from the timeline where that manifestation is certain, to a more uncertain or delayed timeline or a timeline where we simply give up.

The knitting together, the balancing of frequencies, putting us on a more even keel in the fourth dimension – the bridge between blueprint level and physical reality – is, I believe, an absolute key to taking our ascension paths, our sacred unions and our missions to the next level. The direction of energy once we are anchored and balanced in that new template is like a straight arrow running from our heart direct to our target, our physical manifestation of our heartfelt dream. The purer our energy and our intention, and the stronger our faith, the stronger and truer the arrow. It may feel less thrilling without the great surges of energy and heart expansion and elevated states of consciousness we experienced earlier in the path (we still experience fifth dimensional consciousness, of course, but it feels less elevated and unusual to us now because we’re more integrated in it and acclimatised to it) – but it will take us more directly to the highest manifestation of our desired outcome. It may still not manifest in exactly the way we expected, because we can only co-create the blueprint – the pattern, effectively. The exact circumstance, breakthrough moment or Divine orchestration may conceivably be something we never thought of, because the higher beings and the universe can view the whole picture far more broadly and with a far less limited mindset than we can!

It stands to reason that with all this re-balancing, re-aligning, shifting, patterning, transmuting and behind-the-scenes orchestration going on at the higher dimensional levels, there is not going to be much going on in the physical reality that feels like forward movement right now. Our spiritual teams and higher selves are really quite busy laying all the foundations. We can assist the process by supporting our own growth, our own steadiness, our own balance, and the steadiness of our own frequencies, consciously – by eating ever more consciously and taking part in activities that raise our vibrations which I have already explained at length in this article.

Along with all these insights today, it occurred to me that since I can see and perceive this happening in my own path, and that I am definitely in that balancing process, I do not need to keep manifesting for the same thing or praying for the dreams of my heart to happen. I have already co-created them at blueprint level. I felt more drawn to thank my spiritual team for their part in the orchestration of my dreams in physical reality, as if it had already happened, today. What is important now is continuing to allow this balancing process until I am, energetically speaking, the arrow of light, of fire, of grace fuelled by unconditional love, speeding towards its target on a beautifully straight trajectory. Keeping elevated in the fourth dimension is an easier thing to achieve than to persistently try to reach the heights of the fifth (and fifth dimensional experiences will happen more naturally anyway once we are fully anchored in the fourth) – it is the energetic state of hope, optimism, creativity, open-heartedness, open-mindedness, thinking positive, enthusiasm, faith, and being open to guidance from above. Many of the fifth-dimensional experiences we had earlier in the journey were to gift us with a vision and a certainty of creating the vision – a glimpse of the greatness, magnitude and power of our own soul. It is up to us now to build the momentum behind that vision and remember what has revealed to us in complete unshakeable faith.

As a final note, the building of that momentum may feel different to how it would feel when we were co-creating and anchoring our manifestations at blueprint level in the fifth dimension. It is hard to say how it will feel because it is so new. These insights have come to me today with a quiet assuredness and a crystal clarity, a more subtle feeling than the crazy energy spikes I have previously experienced – perhaps it is maintaining these feelings that will indicate the momentum of the straight, true fourth-dimensional arrows the intention of our souls are becoming. Or perhaps there is more yet to be revealed…

In the meantime, blaze bright. Stay straight and true. Remember your vision. Remember your power. Be your faith. If it is a deep dream of your heart and soul, if you have seen it in fifth-dimensional visions in dreams and meditation, if you have had snowballings of signs and synchronicities in relation to it, don’t dismiss it as “not meant to be”. Not yet, anyway – not while we’re deep in this re-balancing, transformative energy which is working on us and on our planet from the inside out – because the manifestations are still in process. We are master manifestors, and this is the masterclass in process.

Know, above all else, that this is NOT a plateau.

This is a precipice.

And we cannot even clearly see yet the wonders lying in wait for us over the edge. The mist will clear, the vista will be revealed, and then we will be required to take a leap of faith into our new realities.

Stand with me on the precipice – stand still, stand steady, and breathe.

With love and blessings from Silverla. Xxx.




2 thoughts on “It may feel like a plateau…

  1. Hi! Your site is perfect for me today. Definitely went searching for an incredible dream I had of Archangel Michael. I still can’t find enough information for this particular dream, but know he is near me. Do you do readings? thank you for all of your thoughts. So helpful. Love…Kelly

    • Hi Kelly – I do do spiritual path readings where you can ask questions of this sort. It’s £22 for 3 questions, 3-5 cards with a detailed channelled message or £11 for 1 question, 2-3 cards with a concise channelled message. You can contact me at if you’d like to book and get a PayPal link. I do have rather a lot going on at the moment and can’t guarantee a timescale, it would literally be as and when I was in the right headspace and had time. Blessings, Silverla. Xxx.

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