Manchester Lights 2017

Originally written in 2001 after the last major bomb attack in Manchester (with adjustments today to the last verse), and dedicated now with all my heart to all the beautiful people who lost their lives in last night’s attack. Sending love to all in the free world who continue to blaze with love and fight for freedom. Love is the most powerful force in the universe and it always triumphs. God bless everybody. I love you all. So much.


They couldn’t put the lights out over Manchester –
They couldn’t tear my hometown apart.
Strong spirit, a phoenix in all its glory;
They only opened the next chapter of our story.

Our heritage lives on in Shambles’ cosy nook,
Rebuilt brick by brick, a true labour of love
Our nightlife glows, a new sparkling rainbow,
In landmarks that could only spring from one imagination.

Magnificent visionaries with fresh technology
Bringing our city with us into the new century,
Helping it shine, and be all it can be!
Such loyal achievements stir awe inside me,
Like the defiant red letterbox that speaks our history.

The whole place is alive! And may it ever grow,
Through our dreams, our resolve and our inspiration.
My heart swelled with feeling upon my first look;
Ring the changes – all fated, all fit like a glove.

And this city still full of brave souls and strong minds…
Still with songs to sing and phoenix-spirits to rise,
We will rise again together with more fire inside.
We will rise again, this powerhouse of Lancashire pride!
They cannot put the lights out in my Manchester,
They will not stop the beat of its heart.

Copyright Silverla StMichael 2001/2017.

Remembering all those who lost their lives on 22.5.17 and with a grateful heart for all those who selflessly helped others and were a light in the darkness that night.


Love will triumph xx


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