Yule and Christmas Blessings

I just wanted to take a moment to send Yule and Christmas blessings to all my blog followers. Thank you for reading, commenting and reaching out; I appreciate each one of you taking an interest in my journey and the information I have shared here. I am surprised and humbled by how many readers and commenters I have, and I certainly feel blessed for it. I wish you all peace, love, blessings, magic and miracles this festive season, into 2017 and beyond, and that your festive wishes do indeed come true.

Please feel welcome to join my spiritual community on Facebook for events, workshops, insights, guidance and song readings:


Also please feel welcome to join in my Soul Songs session on Tuesday 2oth December – you can request a free song reading here:

You can also contact me by email at spiritualsolace22@gmail.com if you have general questions about any of my information or experiences or if you just want to share an experience with someone who gets it, though please be aware I am not currently offering private on-demand readings as I have a lot on my plate right now.

Sending much love and light to you and yours! Silverla. Xxx.




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