Writing A New Story

I am writing a new story. Not just a new chapter, but a whole new story. Having climbed a mountain, metaphorically and in some ways literally speaking, I stand now on the precipice and looking out over vistas I never previously would have been able to comprehend. I take in the magnificence of the view; I feel the holiness, the sanctity and the sense of being at one with the divine in the breathtaking interweaving of colour, depth, shape, texture, contour and vibration set now before me. I allow it all to fall at my feet now. I allow it all.

I am free; I am entirely limitless in every sense of the word. Restrictions no longer apply as I am one with everything, with every vibration, with every possibility. Everything is right here, visible now and within my grasp. I am free to choose, and the choices are endless, limitless, boundless, formless, free. I am free to stand here, in my place, as a guardian and a gatekeeper turning the wheels of the cosmos from my archangelic vantage-point; I am free to see and envision and dream into existence everything that my heart yearns for. I am free to listen to the call of my heart and the call of the universe and go to where I am guided. I am free to be myself, to express myself, to speak the truth in my soul and to wander like the forever gypsy I am in the core of my soul to any corner of the earth where I feel a sense of belonging. All places are but a heartbeat away and I am simultaneously everywhere I need to be, right here in this now moment, and knowing that I will experience this in my physical and energetic realities – as a vibration in this moment and every moment, and as a physical experience in a specified moment in linear time as orchestrated by my highest soul.

Free of all karma, restriction, self- or human-imposed doubt or limitation, I am completely healed and whole, with no remaining soul wounds. In this high vibratory state I now ascend effortlessly, noticing with sharpness and clarity every sign, synchronicity, message and activation meant for me, or meant for me to pass on to others, or meant for me to ground into Gaia through the light-anchor that is my physical body here on earth. Free of all and any previous negative or lower states of being, I am open and able to accept ALL the blessings, magic, love, joy and miracles of the universe, which it has always been safe-keeping for me. I gratefully and joyfully receive all blessings, magic, love, joy and miracles due to me NOW with open arms and an open heart and I claim them as mine. I know I am deserving and worthy of all the goodness that has been created for me and by me. I know I am loved, that I am beauty, that I am grace, that I am perfection in the eyes of God, my spiritual team and my own higher self. All the wonderful experiences that have been planned and created for and by me are now made fully manifest and I see and hold them in my heart in glorious technicolour; I will experience them in my physical and energetic realities – as a vibration in this moment and every moment, and as a physical experience in a specified moment in linear time as orchestrated by my highest soul.

There is nothing my heart desires that is impossible, unattainable or unachievable; this I know as a deep core soul truth in the very centre of my being. I resonate with the vibration of my heart’s desires knowing they are directives from God and that they reflect the masterplan for this incarnation made by my highest self in conjunction with my spiritual guides. There is only good, only God, in my desires and therefore they are meant for me. There is only purity, a willingness to serve, and an openness to receive all the blessings and miracles created for me, in my intentions. I know I already am and have everything I need to reach any and all states of joy and fulfilment I wish to experience. Therefore, I know that loving sacred union is mine now, made fully manifest and blissfully radiant as an energy and a vibration, which I will experience in this moment and every moment, and which I will physically experience at the most perfect and magical moment in linear time as orchestrated by my highest soul. And this in the most synchronistic, serendipitous, flowing circumstance and in a state of transcendence and high soul elevation so it will be most clear that the hand of God and the hand of angels are involved. This is a blessing from the highest dimensions which I am grateful for now and will always be. I am loving, I am loved, and I am love. Therefore I am in sacred union, and therefore, my sacred union flows to me effortlessly; I am fearless, free and aware of every opportunity, every synchronicity, along the way and ready to take action to anchor this in physical reality and I trust that it is so.

I am endlessly abundant. Everything is provided that I need and I am by extension always able to provide abundantly for my children too. Everything I have is secure and so I can focus on my spiritual growth and my endless capacity for learning, teaching, creativity and ascension. I am creative and I now bring my unique creative contributions into being and into play on the earth plane. As I write, as I sing, as I create with music, as I create with word, as I create with love, as I channel from the higher realms, as I create with visualisation, as I create with others, may all these creations be blessed and be of the highest source of inspiration and therefore of service to all of humanity as well as a limitless and perfect expression of myself. My gifts and talents are seen and recognised by everyone who is touched by them and they bring endless opportunity to create more financial abundance in my life. As part of the creative process, my life is transforming right now, magically and with limitless grace, not just for the better but for the absolute best, the ideal and the highest good of myself, everyone I love, and all of humanity. It is elevating to create a new life in the new earth, a life bringing into harmony the higher dimensions with my physical experience, a life where my dreams and my daily existence collide and where magic trips on ahead of me sowing its beautiful jewels in my path ahead at all moments, stretching throughout this lifetime and beyond into the next, into all past, parallel and future lives. I truly know I live a charmed life and this is increasingly physically evident. The guidance to stay in this flow of joy, abundance, delight and magic ever flows, ever grows, and ever more clearly presents; for my spiritual team always walk by my side.

I am magical and I have the power. I am grateful for the gifts I have and the knowledge of who I am on a deep soul level. My power is great and your power is great, too. It is joyful and safe to use our power to co-create a better world; this is my path and this is the path I will stay true to always. We weave dreams into being with the power of our imaginations, fuelled by the only currency that really matters, love, which burns with the flames of eternity in our blazing hearts. All of us. Some of us are in resonance with the highest dreams, and the more of us become in resonance with the highest possible dreams, the highest possible choices, the highest possible realities, the more heaven-like our earth will become, thus creating the heaven on earth promised by many mystics and religious traditions. I am already playing my part in dreaming this into being and I call upon you now to reach higher, to ask for the highest dreams to be placed in your heart, to join me in visualising it, seeing it, holding it in your heart; if you are guided to read this, you can be assured the time is right for you to discover this truth and to join this league of dreamers now. We can be love. We can be light. We can be angels here walking this earth. The truth is, we already are. We only have to remember.

I am choosing the highest path for me, and by ripple effect the highest path for all humanity, now. The dreams I already have in my heart, the precious reflections of my plan for this lifetime, are placed there for a reason and a purpose and I trust in this and so beam these dreams out sharply, clearly and vividly with my heart-seeing now, knowing that they accordingly manifest with speed, precision and the grace of God. The trust I have in my heart and the deepest part of my soul for my guides, means that I allow their intervention in every aspect of my physical life, my energetic life and my dreams; if they can see a higher path than I can, something better than I can envision, then I know they will bring that into being for me. I am in full surrender to the wondrous and endless bounty of the universe. And I know my dreams or something better will manifest, have already manifested and can be accessed in this moment and every moment energetically, and at a specified moment in linear time in physical reality as orchestrated by my guides and my highest self. I accept all of this with my grateful and open heart now.

I am writing a new story. I am in my most perfect timeline and trajectory for perfect peace, happiness, fulfilment, union and heaven on earth now and I will not waver from it. I accept all blessings, magic, manifestations and miracles due to me now and always. My heartfelt dreams become reality and my overspilling joy, bliss and unconditional love become service and a higher vision for all of humanity and for our beautiful planet, our Mother Gaia. All is well. I am that I am. And so it is, Amen.


2 thoughts on “Writing A New Story

  1. Hello, I too have have this experience now again for the 5th time. I have not walked into the light before because I was not strong enough. I am strong enough now, however a relationship that is questionable seems to be a very strong conflict for me within my mind and in my spirit. I am afraid. I am scared. I have heard the calling over and over. Do I just let go and let flow? Or do i Need to break it off and cut ties with this woman? I dont want to live in this realm anymore. I know of the higher density. Ive tasted how unbelievable and amazing it is. I already know the answer. I just need to hear it from another whom is ascending. I know i should just let it unfold and let go. This is so hard. Its me fighting myself.

    • Hi Michael

      This is not really a question I can answer as you need to make this decision yourself, dear one.

      What I will say is make the decision from your heart rather than your head.

      The feeling of battling with yourself is your higher self battling with your ego. When you talk about letting go and letting things flow and unfold, this is getting into your heart space and allowing your higher self to direct you.

      All relationships have worth as we often have karmic contracts to fulfil with other souls and we learn a lot from each other. However only you can really know in your heart of hearts if a relationship is no longer working for you and if you should let it go, if you feel it’s holding you back.

      You can still work on raising your vibration and stepping more fully into your light, whatever you decide, through meditation, creativity, writing, walking in nature, prayer, etc. I have faith you will come to the answer you need in Divine time.

      Blessings, Silverla. Xxx.

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