Soul Songs

Dear ones, it has been a while.

The energetic shifting over the summer has been intense for me; I am guessing it has been incredibly intense for you too.

It has also been a summer of magical synchronicity and signs on my path, laced particularly with music – songs which have played repeatedly in my life or popped into my mind spontaneously; songs which seem to have a relevant message for what I am experiencing or feeling on my journey. I call these soul songs or song synchs.

Archangel Raphael has been quite insistent with me that the way I work my spiritual mission had to change. While doing a day-job and raising two children simultaneously, I was close to burn-out with the hours of time and buckets of energy I was pouring into fun reading events, workshops, free seasonal celebrations on my page and private readings.

Right now, I am in the process of re-inventing my mission and making it more specific to the main groups I feel I need to be in service to: other twin flames, those undergoing spiritual awakening, and those who need help or guidance regarding their spiritual children or youngsters – especially those who belong to my soul family.

Since the soul songs have been so prevalent for me and such a constant source of guidance, encouragement and comfort from above as well as a form of 5D communication between myself and my twin flame (which I suspected and which was then confirmed in a reading I received), they are my starting-point.

Most Tuesday evenings (GMT), I will be doing a Soul Songs session on my Facebook page:

People will be able to request their free song reading from Monday evening (GMT) onwards. I am asking that you post a YouTube link to a song which is haunting you, following you, spontaneously coming to mind, or if you’ve never had a song reading before, possibly start with an all-time favourite song which probably carries major life themes for you within its lyrics, melodies and harmonies. If you have a particular current question or area you wish for guidance on, that can be posted too (especially those falling into the above categories I am seeking to work with, though I will read on other questions).

Between 7.30-8.30pm (approx., GMT) on the Tuesday evening I will then complete as many song readings as I can and some weeks there will also be an introductory video, sometimes featuring a message for everybody or picking up one of the requests as a video reading.

This starts tonight, 6th September, and you are all most welcome to join me.

Namaste, dear ones. More soon, Silverla. Xxx.





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