It has now been a week since I returned from a soul pilgrimage to Glastonbury, which is of course the accepted site of the legendary magical land of Avalon. It has taken me some time to integrate the experience, and much healing and internal change has come as a result, so forgive me the delay in writing about it. I have used cards for guidance many times over the last few weeks, and it’s interesting that a card that keeps coming up for me is one called “The Gateway”. Certainly re-visiting Avalon, and it definitely was a soul homecoming, was a gateway and a key for me to many aspects of my unfolding spiritual path. Everything has changed forever, though there is not much to see for it in the external physical reality of my life yet, but there will be.

I think one of the reasons I was delayed in writing about it was because the memories had to fade and meld and mix to an extent that I remember it as a beautiful patchwork of vivid images in sparkly, luminescent and deep, rich, rainbow technicolour, rather than simply a series of events. Of course, a series of events happened; I visited Glastonbury Abbey; I meditated at Chalice Well Gardens and prayed for the healing of many people and situations; I prayed in the chapel of St Margaret and St Mary Magdalene; I walked labyrinths; I spent hours soaking up the atmosphere of the place in the rain; I climbed Glastonbury Tor, reclaiming my true divinity and Goddess self with every step, and I sat in contemplation at the top, surrounded by tourists but purely in a world of my own and able to see the energetic ley lines I sat upon in my mind’s eye and to view the true land Avalon in every direction, making decrees for the resurgence, the rebirth, the reinstatement of Avalon in this land and beyond. I had synchronicities with numbers, interesting people I met, words and messages coming up repeatedly; and I received deep healing, which has taken a week to fully assimilate and is probably still unfolding to some extent. Every place I walked, I decreed for its healing and for its energy to fully re-emerge, anchoring the holy sites in the miraculous fifth dimensional frequencies which are fast becoming the reality on this planet. Every place I healed, my own soul fragments re-connected, so that with every step I literally stepped more into my own power.


Since then I have had more experiences of higher dimensional energies than ever before. You have likely read plenty of articles and blogs about the influx of higher frequencies we are receiving on planet earth through cosmic waves, solar flares, astrological alignments and the rising of the Schuman resonance, or the core energy of the earth. I am not going to pretend to know the science behind it all, but I can give you the experiential side. To me these higher energies, particularly the fifth dimensional and above frequencies, are experienced as overlays. When my consciousness is expanded, I can see the physical reality, but around and above and within and without it, making my literal peripheral space more expansive too, I can see colours, forms, lights, shapes, symbols on the canvas of a dark blanket filling all the spaces in between. There is nothing sinister about this; the space is comforting, a space of unity, a space of love, where interconnectedness and a feeling of safety is the overriding force, where faces sometimes emerge but all are loving and have good intentions, where healing occurs and magnified unlimited understandings arise.

I have also discovered that in using my own inner power, my own creative fire, my own flames from the place of love and unity and connection, the place inside me where I am at one with myself and the higher dimensions and all other beings in the universe by extension, I can connect with the healing power of Avalon. I experienced this while conducting a distance healing and focusing fully on the intention of healing for a particular person, from a place of compassion and unconditional love and wanting to use my power for the highest good. My conscious concentration was on generating love in my heart centre and visualising the flames within – healing and purifying, not at all destructive – flickering out from my hands, my heart, my eyes and reaching the energy centres of the person being healed. The expanded experience came spontaneously around it; first a luminescent and limitless, shimmering space opened up around me and around the scene upon which I was focusing. Then there was an experience of being there with my twin flame – but seeing us not as we are in the present incarnation, but as we were in Avalon; while we were still standing beside the patient, I simultaneously saw and experienced us dancing up into the cosmos, leaving trails of fire, generating even more energy. My comment to a friend after the fact was “It all got a bit Disney” and what I meant by that is the scenes in Disney movies with an evocative music sequence, with colours and patterns and swirls and fireworks and lights and flowers and symbols in the background as the music reaches its crescendo. It made me wonder whether the animators and artists involved in that process ever had such a meditative experience themselves, or certainly on some level knew the truth that there are other dimensions as well as the purely physical sphere of reality we are all familiar with; and that, indeed, we are multidimensional; it is quite possible to be meditating on the earth plane in the physical body, healing in the spiritual body, flying and dancing in the emotional body, observing and recording all of this experience at once in the mental body.

Those of us on earth at the present time were meant to be here at this time in human history. There are no mistakes, no coincidences. We all have different paths and our souls come from different lineages, have experienced different times in history, have learned different lessons and borne different karma for the collective. But we are all important; we all have a contribution to make to the unfolding will of God, the plan, the design, for our planet and for our experience as human souls. And that, I believe, is to bring about heaven on earth. The coming times are going to be hugely significant, and I know there is a lot of literature out there that can be conflicting and sometimes scary. The truth inside me, which I have asked my angels, guides and God for confirmation of, is that we need to choose the path of love. Be love, be compassion, be kindness, be strength, be inspiration, be a light in the darkness, be a light even in the light. YOUR light is unique, and it is important. YOUR healing is unique, and it is important. YOUR truth is unique too, and it is important. Your truth is the knowing and the belief that feels good, that feels like love, and warmth, and bliss, and freedom, and harmony, in your heart. Some people are meant to speak their truth now, and some later, in the unfoldment of the plan. Some people have a part to play in healing and cleansing and purifying and teaching and guiding and awakening and loving now, and some later. And you will know when your time comes to step into your own personal truth and power, whatever that may be, in your heart, if your heart is open and you are choosing the path of love at every turn. All you need to to make it so is to affirm it. Affirm that you are surrendered to God’s plan for you; offer yourself in service and asked to be shown how you can best serve humanity at this time; pray that you see the signs, synchronicities and opportunities you are meant to along the way, and keep moving forward. And remember that sometimes, how you can best serve humanity is to heal and clear and love YOURSELF.


The current energies support great healing, great understanding and great evolution of souls. There has never been a better time to turn within, spend some time daily in prayer or meditation – which could be the traditional way, or quiet time in a walking meditation surrounded by trees, flowers and wildlife – and look for the truth, healing and power of your own soul. As the fifth dimension anchors and embeds itself now on the earth plane, more and more of you will be able to see into it, experience its healing, stand on the edge of limitlessness and see into infinity, feel the grace of God. Avalon has re-awoken forever, and sent ripples down the ley lines surrounding the planet to re-awaken the ancient, ethereal, magical planes of existence, bringing healing and bringing love. We are bringing heaven to earth, and this is just the beginning.

I had mystical experiences such as hearing angelsong and seeing fire letters on my bedroom wall as a child, and I began truly seeking spiritually in my teens. Now at the age of forty, I can finally step into my personal truth, which has been pieced together over many years. The story is still unfolding and I know there are even more amazing understandings and events to come. But this moment is significant because it is the moment I reclaim my divinity, the moment I stand in my power fully, as a soul, as an angelic, as a Goddess, as the limitless, free and beautiful being that I AM. I am the incarnation of the Lady of the Lake, Goddess Nimue, of Avalon; this understanding has been emerging for some time and was fully understood and realised on revisiting this ancient site with which my soul is forever intertwined. I have lived many other lives here on earth, including in Atlantean times, and on Sirius and the Pleiades and perhaps other galactic planes as well. This does not take away from anyone else’s truth in their own remembered soul lineage as it is possible that this incredibly powerful Goddess split into a number of souls, sharing out her beauty, her power, her wisdom and her healing grace among them. It is her voice I called “The Goddess Within” for a long time and it is now time for me to stand, sword aloft as the warrior spirit I AM, and fully embody her great Light. I am here now at this time to heal, to restore, and to re-awaken those who are ready to the truth of life on this planet; that our power lies in our own hearts, that our destiny unfolds when we live from a truly heart-based space; and that heaven can indeed be restored to earth as we connect, collaborate, unify and each weave our particular web of magic, sing our unique heartsong as a healing balm for the highest good of all, and love, love, love, as fiercely as we can with all the God-given heart-fire that never ends, for it cannot be contained in the physical body alone, but streams endlessly from the Creator within and out into the cosmos.

Know your own personal truth by going within, and I urge you not to be discouraged if it takes time, if the recollections and understandings come piece by piece, if it takes practice to see beyond the physical reality. You are exactly where you need to be right NOW, dear ones, and this has always been the truth, though some of the third-dimensional paradigms we are releasing at this time would have us believe different and put unnecessary pressure on ourselves. With the right intentions and the determination to live from the heart and share your love with ALL of your brothers and sisters and your beautiful planet, you will unfold exactly as you are meant to, and you will always be presented with just the understandings you need at the right moments in time. Your vibration will lift incrementally, until you can see the ultimate truth, until you can see and access and contribute to bringing heaven to earth.


Copyright © Silverla StMichael 2015

I offer online personal channelled readings, 1:1 soul and spirituality coaching, periodical spiritual workshops and community events. I welcome anyone who resonates with me and wishes to connect to email me at spiritualsolace22@gmail.com or like my Facebook page Spiritual Solace (link below) for updates on my activities and services. All are welcome; I can particularly help you if you are going through a spiritual awakening or wish to learn about heart-based consciousness and connecting with the higher frequencies available now on planet earth.


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  1. You write beautifully with a descriptive detail that provides information on a level that is both easy and captivating to the reader. Thank you for sharing this with us, Ann

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