2015: A Year of Heart Expansion?

I did consider starting a brand new blog for 2015. This one has been left for a long time, mostly because I had reached a plateau in my spiritual development. Nothing was moving, growing or happening in this area of my life, and maybe I needed that. Maybe I needed to focus on more mundane matters, on work and family and friends.

This last week between Christmas and New Year, I have had something of a breakthrough. Quite synchronistically, a string of events have occurred that have opened and expanded my heart further than ever. I am finding myself needing outlets for the outpouring of love for humanity that has followed. I have been in service spiritually for a number of years, but I find my priorities changing, my focus and direction changing, my purpose and mission sharper than ever before.

I have done a lot of clearing work, followed by a lot of rest and recuperation from that, and I have begun a daily practice of devotions, spiritual clearing exercises and meditations as well as changing my attitude to caring for myself in terms of diet and releasing addictions, including perpetual perfectionism and workaholism.

I think that’s partly why I have decided to stick with this blog. I understand now things don’t have to be perfect. Everything is just a process of growth and expansion, of growing into love – because the creative force in our universe, however you describe it, IS the vibration of love. Everything is ONE, so although I still love and am grateful for my angels I realise I am one and the same, I am interconnected, and the wisdom comes from a mixture of them and you and me and all-that-is when I channel messages for people. I feel myself vibrating higher than ever. I have the clarity I have sought for years.

I also didn’t want to let it go because I can see from comments on some of the old pages that people have found things on here useful. I will get around to replying to the comments, though some of you may have found your answers elsewhere now. I will not be deleting any of the old categories or pages, though as the flow in my life is taking a different course now I may not add to them, and I may create new ones as my wisdom and my ability to express it grows.

The catalyst for this is primarily a second twin flame awakening…more on that story in itself another time. However as everything is Divinely timed, it is of course also catalysed by the universal energies at this time. 2015 is being heralded as a key year for soul growth, for expansion, for twin flame reunions, for healing, and for fulfilling more of our purpose, mission and destiny. I won’t go into the numerological aspects of that, as there is plenty out there on the internet about it. I’m focusing on the feeling of it. For me, it is the year of the heart’s journey; a year of heart expansion, like never before.

Whatever has gone before in your life, it is never too late to do an about-turn and take a road less travelled – perhaps the road you have always feared but longed to take. It starts within you, and it starts with clearing and healing, and THAT in turn starts with listening to your heart, and following repetitive signs and synchronicities that show up in your life, in the form of videos, TV shows, books, quotes, people, opportunities, learning, etc. Life has a magical flow and a way of drawing your attention to things meant for you.

So Namaste Dear Ones and I wish you peace, love, joy, growth and healing in 2015.

I provide a range of services including channelled readings, online workshops and a free online interfaith community. Please visit http://spiritualsolace.webeden.co.uk, http://www.facebook.com/spiritualsolace or email me at spiritualsolace22@gmail.com if you wish to enquire.


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