Love Poems – A Retrospective

22nd February has long been a power date for me. Coming right after Valentine’s Day, it seems a good day to express love to the universe. Countless types of love are expressed within the confines of these three verses – soulmate love, twin flame love, unconditional love, romantic love, forever love, passionate love, past life love, requited and unrequited love, fate, destiny, desire, hope, hopelessness, surrender, power. But above all else, love is love, and that is all, and love, as the song goes, is all we need.


He’s the reason I smile while I’m waking up
With his sweet words from the night before
In my heart; and in my mind, continued dreams
Roll on, and my spirit can soar.

He’s the warmth deep within, and my tingling skin
Speaks how I never wanted anyone so much
As him; Nothing else matters when I am in
His arms. He had me at the very first touch.

He’s the feeling I really could be beautiful,
That I matter, and that I am free
To choose my dreams, my destiny and my path
Knowing he would still walk with me.

He’s the protection I needed to bring real peace
To my heart, and quiet my chaos of fears;
The inspiration to be a better person, and cease
Doubting myself. And so the mist clears.

He’s the thought that brings hope when a hard day
Comes, and the song in my soul that grows;
I love that this man I admire and adore
Cares right back, and makes damn sure it shows.

But more than all this – he adds light to my light
And it blazes fierce when we’re apart.
He is the man who holds me close each night
Whether in his arms, or in his heart.


By the fire, crackling with warmth

We kept each other cool

Hands locking in the soft breeze

Eyes woven in a timeless pattern

Gentle for each other, dark lace

In another place.


Intelligent, your eyes spoke for your soul

You were nobody’s fool

Pretty words of love for infinity

Your thoughts raced ahead in time

Strong with a heart that knew no fear

In another year.


Beautiful moments, enclosed in the smoky air

Where music and silence rule

Fretful fingers wove flowers in my hair

As tender as the touch of the wind

Blazing love bled me like a knife

In another life.



No sonnet to hold the magic of feeling,
A trembling tenderness in my soul delights –
A shadowing sonnet to reflect the lights,
The beauty, the beauty, of ever believing.
No sadness to spoil the depth of compassion,
A freedom so simple, though love lives still –
A flyaway sonnet to soar with the thrill,
The release, the escape, of all love and all passion.
No days and no years could cut its throat,
A timeless emotion that cannot know never,
That can never quite give enough.
No cymbals for us with one splendid note –
A tambourine sonnet for you, forever
For the soft steady shake of this love.

~ Copyright Silverla StMichael ~


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