Walking Meditations

If you are anything like me, you may sincerely wish to develop yourself spiritually but have little time to set aside on a daily basis for earnest meditation. I know that when I get chance to sit down and meditate in the usual sense of the word, which is not daily, I am either too tired, or know there is too much else needing to be done, to be in the headspace to do it properly. I either fall asleep, or am distracted and have to stop and do some of the things nagging at my mind.

For some time now, part of my daily practice has involved trying to take a walk. This is about a number of things: connecting with nature, getting fresh air and a change of scene for myself and my baby daughter, and getting a modest amount of gentle exercise. I have been pondering on how I could incorporate meditation into my life more regularly, and my answer to that question, which came via pure intuition, turned out to be to combine it with that daily walk.

There is something rhythmic and automatic about walking. When I walk I am inevitably thinking about other things; however, as the walk itself has a practical purpose, whether I am taking my daughter to the park or popping to the shop for groceries, I am not distracted by thoughts of “other things I should be doing” from my to-do list – usually, I am ruminating on my current questions, ideas or plans.


I began to experiment with turning the walk into a meditation. I am lucky where I live in that there are lots of tree-lined paths and paths that cut through fields or still-green wasteland, or maintained parkland. However you could potentially do this anywhere – even in cities there are green spots, trees, beautiful architecture, and interesting sights to see which are all part of creation whether natural or man-made. Personally I find that by focusing on trees, flowers, grass, sky and the wildlife I see enjoying them, I am becoming present in the now, and clear ideas and answers sometimes come to mind; at other times, I am filled with more peace and calm, more assurance that I am on the right path.


I start the walk with gratitudes for the day and asking questions of my angels and guides which are current. I then “let go” of that to the higher beings and focus on appreciating nature. Where answers are forthcoming, they come in a myriad of ways and it really is a daily miracle. I may see a particular animal, for example a bee or a butterfly, a cat or a bird, whose “medicine” has a message for me. I may hear or feel a gentle breeze and be assured that my angels are listening and will bring me an answer at a later time. Sometimes it comes as an intuition, directly into my thoughts but of a voice other than mine. If I have negativity to release, I will point my fingers out and send it towards the green plants, as they are able to transmute it back to pure white light energy, just as they transmute carbon dioxide back to oxygen. Once I begin to drift out of that “tuned-in” state, I finish the walk with I AM affirmations, which relate to whichever qualities I need to tap into that day.


In this way, this method is flexible and responsive to what I need right here, right now. There are many variations you could apply to suit your own needs – you may prefer to start and end with a prayer. You may wish to take a camera or notebook to record signs or inspiring scenes you encounter. You may prefer to mix up the order in which I do things. You may wish to include fiats (short sharp requests to angels or saints) or decrees (powerful statements of creation to the universe). You may wish to listen to spiritual or classical music or a spoken meditation on an iPod as you walk. Mix it up – it doesn’t matter. This is one form of meditation you can make your own. It can also be done in any weather with appropriate clothing. The only thing I would caution against is becoming so involved in your thoughts that you don’t pay attention to road safety. I am lucky in that the places I tend to walk there are few roads. But you can stay safe by simply coming to full awareness of what you are physically doing when there is need to cross a road. Because with a walking meditation it is mindful at all times and your eyes are open, so there is not the same risk of falling asleep or “drifting”.

I have found since starting to do this that synchronicity has been more at work in my life, leading me to people, places, situations and messages that are literally “clues” to questions I have had in my mind. I am also finding that the experience is incremental, and with each practice it becomes more powerful. This week during a walking meditation, at a moment of real peace and calm where baby had fallen asleep in her pushchair and I was sitting and resting surrounded by trees, ducks, water, grass and birds, I felt fully in touch with my angels and guides. I put the question out there whether any of them had a message for my “Angel Message of the Day” over on the FB page, and had an immediate impression of the Ascended Master Lord Sananda (Jesus) in my mind’s eye followed by a short but beautiful message that simply “came”. I repeated it back to him and then back to myself in my mind to ensure I would not forget before reaching home and my laptop (I did not forget). I also received healing and felt him working on my crown chakra. An experience I will never forget.


So if you are, like me, one of those people who finds traditional meditation very hard to commit to in practice, this may be something you wish to consider. I find that doing this at least 2-3 times per week makes a real difference in my life.

~ Copyright Silverla StMichael 2013 ~

Pictures, also taken by Silverla StMichael in 2009, are of Pennington Flash Country Park in Lancashire – just one place local to me which is abundant in greenery and wildlife.


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