Ground and Cleanse, Centre and Protect

For those of us who are involved in spiritual work on a daily or near daily basis, the basics are so important, and yet so easily forgotten.

I have recently had to re-think my practice of daily grounding, cleansing and protecting because I simply was not staying grounded when doing my channelling and reading work. It is so important for your own health and energy levels, because working on a spiritual level without doing these basic things can mean your energy is drained, your head becomes too in the clouds and your practice unpractical, your aura and energy body is attacked by negativity or needy people or entities attracted to your light. If you feel you constantly have health niggles, run out of energy, feel down, under attack from clients or have started to resent your work, the chances are you simply need to re-think your practice of these spiritual basics.

I wanted to offer a round-up of the practices that have worked for me in the past as I have worked at different levels, and the practices that work for me now. If you think of it in terms of the higher vibrations you are working with, the more potential dangers there are, when you “step up” psychically or spiritually, you also need to “step up” your grounding and protection rituals.


If you are working on yourself through prayer, meditation, or practising blossoming spiritual gifts, you need to put in place some basic grounding, cleansing and protection. This will keep you rooted in earthly reality and avoid physical burnout or energy drain, as well as ensuring you are regularly addressing any negative energies so they do not “build up” in your energy field.

For grounding, visualise tree roots going down deep, deep into the core of the earth. Take a little time to do this in the morning with the soles of your feet firmly touching the floor – barefoot is even better. Keep grounded throughout the day by drinking plenty of water, and after any spiritual activity, if you feel a little “floaty” re-do the visualisation or rub your ankles and feet to re-anchor yourself in earthly reality.

For cleansing, you can visualise rainbow, white, or golden lights showering over you, or entering your system at your crown chakra and working their way down. This is doubly effective when done in the shower as you have the physical and spiritual cleansing of the water mirroring the energetic healing lights. This is best done at the start of the day and then again at the end when you return to your home and shut out the wider world where you may have picked up negative energies.

For protection, you can call on Archangel Michael and/or visualise a layer of protection around yourself. Some people favour a solid gold orb encapsulating your aura and energy field as well as your body. Others think of it as a forcefield, or a bodysuit they zip up and down. Personally I prefer to visualise a silver suit of armour which is to do with a past life vision; gold would also be suitable. This needs to be done at least every time you do some sort of spiritual activity – it is most effective done daily.


When you begin sharing your light and giving readings, healing, or spiritual advice to other people within your circle, a subtle step-up is required. The way Archangel Gabriel has me understand this is that if you are interacting with people on a spiritual level, you are far more susceptible to picking up on their own emotions and spiritual energies, including the negative ones. At this level, centering is also advisable, since people can sometimes literally “throw you off balance” with strong energies. This is where I went wrong at one point and when I needed to step things up again, because this practice was not in place I still felt drained of energy and vulnerable.

As well as using the methods above on a daily basis, for centering, you need to close your eyes and focus your attention on your centre. You can visualise your heart centre, and for a lot of us this may be the easiest, as we have the sacred shape of the heart to focus on to and easily understand where this is in terms of our body. Visualise white light surrounding that area and continue to focus on it for a few minutes. Alternatively you can focus on your third eye (the very centre of your forehead and just a little above your eyebrows) to centre yourself, or hold a balancing and centering crystal such as citrine or amber.


When you cast your net wider and want to reach more people in the world with the spiritual gifts you offer, perhaps when you reach the point of having a web presence, leading a class or workshop, or offering paid services, you are literally at the level of spreading your light on earth. Your actions are going to cause you to come into contact with a greater variety of people rather than people within your circle, whose energies you are somewhat acclimatised to. You may also be consorting with higher beings or energies, spirit, or your higher self more frequently, which means your grounding needs to be more like a very firm anchoring. At this level it is essential to have a daily practice before entering the arena or the workspace where you may come into energetic contact with potential clients. Otherwise, and I speak from experience, burnout will follow, and your abilities may be shaded or compromised as a result.

The way I have found I can anchor myself is by combining grounding practices to make them stronger and longer-lasting. I try to take a walk each day somewhere amongst greenery. If possible, I will also stand barefoot and let my feet touch the earth or grass. I find that focusing on the firmament of our planet anchors me to it far more strongly and tangibly than simply visualising. If for any reason I am unable to take a walk or sit in the garden on a particular day, however, I will do the root visualisation described above while holding a grounding crystal. I will also place a grounding crystal on the table while reading or channelling. Grounding crystals and minerals include but are not limited to: shaman stones, boji stones, lingam stones, smokey quartz, hematite, black tourmaline, black obsidian, pyrite, fulgurite, garnet, ruby and red jasper. You may need to experiment with how different stones make you feel to know which is the right grounding stone for you, and generally speaking, black, brown or red crystals are suitable for this purpose as they strengthen the base or root chakra.

The protection also needs to be stronger. The way I see it is this. If I am to be a spiritual warrior I need to armour myself. There are negative energies and entities out there. I do not know when I log on each day if I am going to get a reading request from someone who is unknowingly harbouring negative energies or attracting negative entities, and there is always a possibility that they will be attracted to my light and latch on to me. Therefore, before I begin any work and even on non-working days, I ask for spiritual protection from Archangel Michael, my angels and guides. I back this up by visualising my silver suit of armour AND a solid gold angelic orb around my aura. If I have less time, I verbally request to invoke “the golden shield”. The angels know what you mean by that term and will protect you. You can also carry protective crystals or minerals, which include smokey quartz, hematite, black tourmaline, black obsidian, pyrite, garnet, ruby, clear quartz, rose quartz (protects the heart), malachite, moldavite, citrine, amber and amethyst. Again, it is not “one size fits all” and you may need to experiment. If unsure, amethyst is the most widely used stone for protection and favoured by a lot of people.

I hope this is helpful, and leave you with two questions:

– Which level of grounding and protection do you need right now?

– What have you done about it today?

~ Copyright Silverla StMichael 2013 ~


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