Are readings for everyone?

A conversation with an old friend recently got me thinking: Are readings for everyone?

She is not the first person who has approached me, very interested in having an angel reading, but unsure whether in doing so they would be doing something evil, dabbling in the occult or things they don’t understand, or something that goes against their religion.

Well, it is fair to say that some religious institutions may frown upon some divination methods, particularly those that seek to predict or influence future events. However, I have always thought that this is likely a lot to do with misunderstanding.

The tarot particularly has such connotations for some. Granted, some of the images on tarot cards are quite grisly and construed by many as having negative meanings, such as the Death card, or the Tower card, which seem to represent impending doom or disaster. You’ll find, though, that most reputable readers will explain the meanings are not necessarily negative, and may indicate times of change or challenge; many readers choose not to predict death, serious illness or disaster at all, myself included, because they do not believe it is in the person’s highest good to know.

Oracle cards, which I use, are 100% positive and uplifting. There are no cards with negative connotations. All of the messages beam out love and light. Indications of change or challenge still come through within the reading itself, when I am channelling, but often tempered with the positive outcomes which will result from them, and guidance to help the person through that obstacle as smoothly as possible.

I cannot speak for every angel reader, but my angel readings are really focused on spiritual guidance. Details that come through tend to be more about what’s going on for the person in the here and now, and revealing solutions or new avenues to try from a spiritual perspective. There are usually a few “future glimpses”, but I explain to people that these are never set in stone – they still have their own choices and decisions to make and our trajectories are fluid, ever-changing as we twist and turn in our actions, thoughts and beliefs in the eternal spiritual dance. I also emphasise that decisions should never be made on the strength of a spiritual reading and that it is more a means of confirmation of what they already think and feel.

Furthermore, angels themselves (and ascended masters for that matter) are beings of love and light. You don’t necessarily need to believe in them in order to have a reading – having a reading could be an interesting experience, and make you think about your beliefs. They are in God’s service, and they do not belong exclusively to one religion. Angels are acknowledged in Christianity, Islam and Judaism and higher beings, albeit under another name, are known to other religions, for example Hinduism. Ascended Masters include such figures as Jesus, St Francis of Assisi, Lord Ganesh, Sai Baba and El Morya, deriving from a mixture of the world’s major religions and spiritual paths.

A channel is not someone who contacts spirits, or dabbles in the occult. They merely have a connection when in meditation to the higher realms, and can bring messages of comfort, hope and love from these light beings who see things from a higher perspective than we do. In my experience, they are usually humble people who stumble upon this gift and practice and share and listen to feedback until they are 100% sure they are receiving something beyond their own imaginations.

I would think psychics and mediums would also tell you something similar were you to ask them about their practice.

And at the end of the day, even if you have a reading, YOU choose whether or not to act upon the guidance, and YOU decide whether or not it resonates and rings with truth for you.

My personal belief is that there is nothing evil about requesting a reading; you are merely asking for help from your angels and guides, and the help that comes is gentle, non-intrusive, empowering and uplifting. Perhaps reading my truth will help some readers understand why people have spiritual readings, or decide whether readings are right for them.

So my view is that a reading is a spiritual tool for development and growth like any other, suitable for most. I would not recommend them for vulnerable individuals, including children, as they need to be read with a discerning heart and mind and an understanding that they are never a substitute for professional medical, financial or career advice – for this reason I do not read for young people under the age of 18.

However I respect the beliefs of others, too – everybody has their own truth, and it’s important that you express and stand by your own truth, the truth that resonates in your heart. If you are guided by your heart, you are likely to always be on the right path for you at any one time.


~ Copyright Silverla StMichael 2013 ~


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