Waiting for spring to…well, spring!

Yes, all has been pretty quiet at The Magical Muse, partly because I have been focusing my energies on my Facebook page and leading up to my first online angel workshop which will be held in late April / early May, but partly because much of the magickal work I feel inspired to do is linked in with the turning of the seasons. And at the moment, here in the UK, we have a lingering winter complete with mock (or mocking) snow showers and mini-blizzards, with the odd appearance of the sun streaking through the clouds – but we are yet awaiting the milder weather and the first signs of spring.

I have created pages about Spring and Ostara magick, but have no bank of photographs for this time of year and will have to add throughout the season this year!

Also soon to come on The Magical Muse:

– Creating a crystal divination set

– My Ostara celebrations 2013

– Musings on honouring the Esbats

– More crystals and a new archangel each month

The Spring Equinox / Ostara falls on March 20 this year, 11:02am GMT. At this time in the Southern Hemisphere, the Autumn Equinox / Mabon occurs. Easter Day, for those who celebrate on this day or as well, falls on March 31st.

You should have already “sprung forward” setting your clocks 1 hour ahead if you are in the USA or Canada! Here in the UK, we spring forward overnight on March 31st – officially by setting the clocks 1 hour forward at 1am GMT.

Bright spring blessings everyone! Excitedly anticipating seeing the flowers and trees back in bloom and eating more chocolate than I would normally deem decent over the Easter / Ostara season.


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