Angel Attunement

I haven’t produced a lot of writing for The Magical Muse recently, namely because I’ve been more preoccupied with my Facebook page and with doing the angels’ work. I am preparing to run my first online workshop, which will be completely free and held in the Spiritual Solace Learning Space (you can register here), on angel attunement. The precursor to participation in this workshop is a basic understanding of what angels are, and how we know they exist, for which purpose I have written the following article.

What is an angel?

An angel is essentially a column of light, but it is a sentient being in its own right. An angel is a living force which holds a particular vibration – for example, there are peace angels, love angels, healing angels, prayer angels, protection angels; angels for every purpose you can think of and more. The classical depictions of angels show wings, harps and halos but this is not necessarily true – the perception of wings could be due to the way angels travel since they can literally fly, glide or move however they choose; the halos probably derive from the strong and vibrant aura of an angel extending out from its core being. Angels are shape-shifters as they exist outside of our third-dimensional physical reality. While they are essentially columns of light, if they wish to appear to a human, they will often appear in the way that will be most familiar, most comfortable and comforting to that particular individual. If their frame of reference is the classical winged being an angel is likely to appear thus. If the angel knows that the person would baulk or panic at seeing a classical winged being, they may instead appear as an animal or fellow human. If the angel sees that the person has a high level of understanding of angels it may appear, indeed, as a column of light, though it would likely dim it and appear smaller than it truly is, because the size and magnitude of an angel’s energy is, I believe, beyond our understanding. They can also appear as orbs, and this is especially likely if you have seen a coloured orb, for as we all know, orbs can also be caused by light anomalies, specks of dust and small insects.

An angel is in service. Its evolutionary path is dependent on the service it provides to its fellow sentient beings. The main “charges” of the angels are us humans. They act as our guides, our friends, our co-creators, our helpers, our teachers, our healers, and our protectors. Angels are God’s messengers, whether you call God “Source”, “Universe”, or some other name; they derive from the creative force, and take their directives straight from it. They are able to intervene in crisis situations where there is a matter of life or death and it is not our time to leave this incarnation. Otherwise, they must respect our free will and wait for our permission to intervene, but they are always listening for that call. Angels of the different legions also join forces in order to become a sort of “super-angel” if you will – a person’s guardian angel, holding all the vibrations of the lessons that person is to learn in their lifetime. Your guardian angel walks with you from birth to death and beyond, helping you debrief from the incarnation and work out the details of the next, and reuniting you with your loved ones in heaven, before its contract with you ends; it may follow you through a number of incarnations if you are still learning the same lessons.

How do we know angels exist?

The only way to know for sure in your own heart, granted, is experiential. Until you have an angel encounter yourself which leaves you in no doubt for whatever reason, you are bound to be skeptical. This encounter may come in the form of a sighting, but remember sightings are not always when you are awake – angels and spirits from other dimensions often find it easier to reach us on the astral planes, in our dreams. However it can also come in myriads of other ways. It can come in the form of an angel reading which is bang on the nail and which, when you follow the guidance given, transforms your life. It can come in the form of asking the angels for help with something and receiving that help faster than you could ever imagine. It can come in the form of a sense of peace and calm you have never experienced before. There are countless ways to experience angels and come to a knowing that they are very real indeed.

In the meantime, there is a lot of evidence out there to peruse which may buoy your faith enough to keep your vibration raised to the level where you would begin to encounter angels yourself. There are anthology books of true-life angel encounters, stories in magazines. The testimonies and writings of people who have seen with their own eyes, heard with their own ears, or sensed with every atom of their being are many and varied. Angels are mentioned in the Bible, the Qu’ran, and the Torah – and beings akin to angels in numerous other sacred and religious texts. They do not belong to any one religion – they are a common experience across all of mankind, and this speaks volumes in itself. Modern science is now uncovering the energetic realities of our universe – the science of the unseen. We know there are forces and energies which are invisible, but very real. It is not fantastical, unrealistic or mere whimsy to believe in angels; thousands do, and benefit from their help at least once in their lives.

What about archangels?

According to angelology and the canon of angel literature there are numerous “tiers” of angels, sometimes known as the angelic hierarchy, which all fulfil slightly different purposes within the remit of being an angel. Angels and archangels are those two tiers closest to mankind. Archangels are vaster than angels, and omnipresent, which means they can be in thousands of different locations simultaneously, helping many thousands of people at any one moment in time. You can think of an archangel as a master column of light for each vibration – so there is one for peace (Uriel), one for love (Chamuel), one for healing (Raphael), one for prayer (Sandalphon), one for protection (Michael) and so on. The smaller angels cluster around and, if you like, break off from these powerhouses of love and light energy to work with humans as directed by the archangels and by God. While archangels are a “step up” from angels, if you like, they can actually be easier to contact, easier to ask for help and easier to engage with – in part this is because we have a definite name and identity for each of them. They are less of a mystery and more of a known quantity. Man has encountered these archangels in history as is documented in the Bible and other religious texts. In modern times, mystics are contacting and discovering more archangels who have become discernible to humankind as we move towards fourth and fifth dimensionality here on earth.

In addition to angels and archangels, the other traditional “choirs” of angels as described by Christian literature include principalities (who look after nations and continents), powers (overseers of history and the foundation of world religions), virtues (the miracle angels), dominions (who intervene when those in power on earth take the wrong path), thrones (who hold positive energy for all of creation), cherubim (who hold universal wisdom and knowledge and the vibration of light itself) and seraphim (the angels of God’s grace who praise God and creation continually). And why are they known as “choirs” of angels? Angels do sing. I have heard it myself at the dawning of the day – one of the times on earth when the veil is thinner. I’m not the first human to have heard it, and I won’t be the last. I believe the ability to hear it comes to those who have a call to work with angels in their lifetime – which I believe are a lot more people than many would think. Some archangels are also thought to have a place in these higher “choirs” – for example, Archangel Michael is thought to be one of the seraphim and so infinite that he can play both roles simultaneously; Archangel Raphael has been claimed as one of the cherubim for his force of healing is so high-vibrational; Archangel Gabriel is without doubt, evidenced by his pedigree working with Mother Mary in the Bible and also appearing in the Qu’ran (as Jib’ril), one of the miracle angels, the virtues.

If angels exist, why can’t everybody see or hear them?

Angels are beings of the seventh dimension. We, until quite recently, have existed in the third dimension here on earth. The word “dimension” relates to a certain level of vibration. The lower dimensions are heavier and denser. Travelling up through the dimensions, they become lighter and less tangible to those living in lower vibrations. Science has proved that the universe is essentially made up of vibrations. Because humans have essentially been third dimension creatures throughout modern history, they are not a vibrational “match” with angels – not even with spirits (passed over human souls) of the fourth and fifth dimensions. When we are entrenched in mundane matters, or in tiredness, confusion, feeling lost, feeling scared, feeling separate from the Divine, we are unlikely to perceive such beings. However it is possible for beings of different vibrations to meet in the middle. The angels can take measures to draw closer to us, and we can take measures to draw closer to them. Raising your vibration essentially means focusing your whole being on spiritual matters, leaving behind you the weight of physical reality. We do this when we spend time in nature, becoming one with creation, and this includes bringing nature into our homes in the form of house plants and pets we love and tend. We do this when we pray, when we call to the angels, when we worship the Divine, when we commit to daily devotions or acts of deep self-care such as yoga and meditation. We do this when we read inspirational material or engage in creative pursuits, lifting our hearts and souls out of our bodies to some extent, or transcending the third dimension. Crystals can help, angel ornaments can help, incense or smudge can help, instrumental music can help, lighting candles can help: all of these things help to set an altered mood, invoke the sacred and anchor a little bit of the higher dimensions within our reality.

Through the energy shifts of which 21.12.12 was such an integral date, our earth is entering into fourth dimensionality and headed for the fifth. At this time, humans are becoming able to be closer to the angels than ever before. Those who had already seen angels before may be able to take this to the next level now – for example, if you have seen them in dreams it may now be possible to see them with the naked eye. To take advantage of this change in the earth’s energy is really quite simple – think angelic! Think about angels, think about being in service, be as angelic as you can hope to be yourself, read about angels, ask angels for help regularly, consciously act as an anchor of light which builds light bridges in all directions for angels to walk upon. Forgive and fear not, in the words of Archangel Michael who directs me as I write this piece. Forgiving and releasing any fear of seeing angels or spirits is an absolute key. You need not be afraid. Those who seek to work with angels are protected by Archangel Michael by virtue of their pure intentions; as long as you have this protection, you will not come to any harm. Because of these energy shifts it is an absolutely optimal time to take angel workshops and courses so that you, too, may begin a journey which may culminate in you knowing the truth of the angels’ existence in your heart.

~ Copyright Silverla StMichael, March 2013 ~


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