Ten Magickal Uses For Crystals

Some questions from a friend today inspired me to write about magickal uses for crystals, to complement the Crystal Compendium pages. The following uses for crystals are suitable even if you are just starting out on your crystal journey. Crystals can enhance all manner of magickal workings as well as promoting healing, wellbeing and luck in a myriad of different life areas.

1. Crystals can be placed on your spiritual altar. This is simply a space in your home where you collect spiritual, meaningful objects to add power to your prayer and manifestations and raise the vibrations in your home. You may have a traditional Pagan or spiritual altar, an angel corner, a peace corner, a shrine, or simply a collection of natural objects and mementos you love. As crystals are transmitters and amplifiers for universal energies, they instantly raise the vibration of this area, attracting angels and higher beings, and helping you in your psychic, spiritual or prayer work. Clusters and shaped crystals may work best for this. If in doubt which crystal to include, you may wish to consider Amethyst which is a master healer, tool for spiritual development and protector all in one.

2. Crystals can be combined together to enhance a specific area of your life. For example, let’s say you would like to boost the love and romance in your life, attract a partner or bring harmony to a relationship. You could collect crystals related to love – rose quartz, morganite, strawberry quartz, rhodonite, smithsonite, stilbite, fuschite, cobalto calcite, aventurine, emerald, dioptase, chrysoprase, watermelon tourmaline, barite stone roses. You can keep them in a box in your bedroom or on your altar, or carry them with you in a pouch. You can combine them with hearts, roses, anything else that represents love to you. For spiritual development, replace with amethyst, lepidolite, sugilite, charoite, atlantisite, labradorite, clear quartz, selenite, danburite, seraphinite, azeztulite, moldavite, phenacite. For abundance, replace with gold or red tiger’s eye, pyrite, citrine.

3. Crystals can be used for psychic or energetic protection. Certain crystals work better than others for this purpose. Amethyst can be placed near any electrical equipment to neutralise any negative energetic effects – or in any room of the house for general psychic protection – particularly useful in rooms where people sleep or meditate. Clear quartz or amethyst points can be arranged in a grid, pointing inwards in each corner of a room or at the outer corners of your whole home. Carrying a small piece of clear quartz, amethyst, pyrite or moldavite gives protection to the aura or energy field. Black obsidian and black tourmaline repel negative energy away from yourself.

4. Crystals can be programmed with your wishes. A few words of caution with this one, however. Firstly, you either need to use clear quartz – the blank canvas – or a crystal whose default programme matches your wish (for example rose quartz for a wish related to love, citrine for a wish related to money or success, angelite or celestite for a wish to connect with your angels). Secondly, you need to make sure your wish is made with pure intentions and is not meant to harm or compromise the free will of anyone else. If in doubt, use clear quartz and end all wishes by saying “This or something better now manifests for the highest good of all concerned.” Simply hold the crystal to your heart and repeat your wish silently or aloud until you feel it has taken on the programme. You may feel it radiating warmth, see a spark or light within it, or simply know by intuition. Seven repeats will usually be sufficient.

5. Crystals can be used for divination. You can either place your tumblestones in a pouch, noting down their key properties so you remember the “message” each one carries, or use a crystal pendulum. If preparing a set of divination tumblestones, programme them for divination first (see above). I will make a separate post soon about options for making up a crystal divination pouch but generally speaking try to collect crystals in a multitude of colours as each colour will relate to a different area of life, and add to the meaning. “Basic” tumblestones would probably work best for this. Close your eyes and choose stones by feel or intuition, then contemplate their messages. With a crystal pendulum, first work with it asking it to show you a yes, show you a no, and show you a maybe/undecided. Then you can use it to answer yes/no questions. I find that crystal pendulums have around a 75% accuracy rate, unfortunately, because sometimes they seem to reflect your own thoughts/wishes rather than the genuine answer – especially when you want something very, very badly.

6. Crystals can be used to help you enhance certain qualities. For example, you have a job interview lined up and you need a confidence boost. Carrying a stone of success, courage, luck or confidence – such as red tiger’s eye, garnet, citrine or carnelian respectively – should give you that energetic boost. Or you’re feeling depressed and low on energy. Carrying a joyful, uplifting, energy boosting stone such as citrine could help. You’re going on a date and you want to appear attractive and loving – fuschite, cobalto calcite, rose quartz or watermelon tourmaline could help. Or you want to strengthen your connection with angels and hear their guidance more. Angelite, celestite, blue lace agate, danburite, selenite, sugilite or apophyllite could help. For general luck, gold tiger’s eye, citrine, pyrite, serpentine and jade are handy!

7. Crystals can boost the healing and relaxing effects of a bath. Never use water soluble (most of the -ite crystals) crystals for this! Clear quartz or amethyst are the ideal as they are master healers. Place the crystal in the bathtub before you run it. Try visualising the crystal’s energies rippling throughout the cleansing water for added effect – or actually watch the crystal and seeing if you can perceive anything with your physical eyes. Once the bath is run, remove the crystal (then you don’t accidentally sit on it – ouch!) – it will have transferred its energies to your bath water and you can literally soak them up. You could add a suitable essential oil (do not do this for a child’s bath or for a pregnant woman) or have the bath by candlelight for even deeper relaxation.

8. Crystals can be given as magickal gifts. Especially useful if you have a friend who’s interested in crystals, spirituality, angels, witchcraft or magick – or if you have one of those friends who seems to have absolutely everything already! You could pick out a crystal purely for its beauty and decorative effect – clusters, cathedrals, candleholders, shaped crystals and gem trees are perfect for this – or a crystal which has a property you know that person could use, and include with it a note to explain why you have chosen it specifically for them. If they’re interested in witchcraft or magick you may even want to include a print-off of this list!

9. Crystals can develop your psychic or spiritual gifts. This is most effective if you sit in meditation with the crystal. It can be more effective if you programme the crystal for meditation first (see above). All you need for this is some quiet time when you won’t be disturbed and to hold the crystal in your receiving hand, which is the opposite to your writing hand. Have a notepad and pen and a glass of water to hand. You can even ask the crystal to help you hone a specific gift. Any crystal can potentially raise your vibration, but some specific crystals are better than others. For spiritual development and Divine connection, try amethyst, lepidolite, sugilite, charoite or clear quartz. For psychic skills – telepathy, psychometry, the “clairs” – try amethyst, labradorite or lapis lazuli. To develop channelling, try selenite, apophyllite or azeztulite. For angelic connection, try angelite, blue lace agate, celestite, seraphinite or danburite.

10. Crystals can be used for scrying. Scrying is a form of divination in which you gaze into an object or substance to see if images, pictures or symbols form before your eyes that may give you insight into influences currently at work. Crystal spheres work best for this, but you can also use any crystal with large flat surfaces, such as a pyramid, point, obelisk or cathedral. Alternatively, clusters, geodes and dragon’s eggs (which are geodes inside but often have a transparent smooth surface) can work well. The translucent crystals with inclusions, striations, layers, cloudy areas etc inside work best. Clear quartz is wonderful for it. I have a clear quartz diffuser with a central sphere in which I have seen an angel, a dragon and a unicorn. Scrying is one of those skills I believe you need to practice for some time in order to fully understand what you’re seeing, but it’s fun having a go – just don’t take it too seriously while just learning!

Crystals MUST be cleansed before and after every use. This is especially important when you have given them a specific programme for a time. For crystals that do not end in -ite, water cleansing is usually the most convenient way under a running tap. Alternatives include smoke cleansing (smudging them in incense or smudge smoke), sound cleansing (sounding a bell, ting-sha, gong or singing bowl beside or over them), fire cleansing (placing them in a grid of four t-lites, but remember fire safety first), or crystal cleansing (placing them on an amethyst bed). Amethyst, citrine and clear quartz are self-cleansing but personally I would still cleanse them after a programming.

It is a good idea to dedicate crystals when you first become their earth keeper, which ensures that any negative programmes or traumas they have encountered are fully clear before you use them. All you need to is hold the crystal and say “I now dedicate this crystal to the highest good and fill it with my love, light and compassion” – feel free to change or add words that resonate with you. It is also a good idea to charge them periodically – I do this by placing them out on a windowsill on the night of a full moon or, even better, during a lightning storm.

If you have questions about any of the above uses for crystals do feel welcome to add a comment here or visit my Facebook page, Spiritual Solace, and post your question. I will answer them as soon and as fully as I can. Have fun with your crystals – and I would be very interested to hear if, during your experimentations and explorations, you discover any extensions of these ideas or new magickal games that crystals can play!

~ Copyright Silverla StMichael, February 2013 ~


2 thoughts on “Ten Magickal Uses For Crystals

  1. Hi. You have a beautiful and interesting blog right here! I love the information. Although, just wanted to verify, I have a pendant of both which are beautiful and I plan to wear it on a daily basis! So, are Blue Lace Agate and Rose Quartz water soluble just if I wear it into showers with me? And what is the BEST way to cleanse both of these?

    • Hello Miley and thank you for your comment. I am sorry for such a long delay in replying. I haven’t posted in a long time as I have been feeling spiritually stuck myself. Agates and quartzes are not water soluble and can be cleansed using running water, though I am aware you may have already found this answer elsewhere in the interim. Generally speaking it is crystals whose names end in -ite, such as angelite, selenite, or celestite for example, which to some extent can sustain water damage either because they are water soluble or permeable. These crystals can be cleansed instead using incense or smudge smoke, sound such as use of a bell, drum or spiritual music, or visualisation – visualising white light energy cleansing the crystal through to its core. Wiping with a dry clean cloth will do the corresponding physical cleaning. Namaste.

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