Fire, Hearts and Flowers

It’s almost a retrospective now, but I did promise to share my Imbolc altar once it was created and complete. I created it on February 2nd following consecrating my new little corner. I completed it some days later when my new clear quartz platonic solids wand arrived. In between, unbeknownst to me, a friend had sent me a surprise parcel and by synchronicity they arrived on February 4th, the anniversary of my dad’s death. These items also became part of the altar as they were meaningful on so many levels.

Imbolc Altar 2013

I always try to include on my altar items which attract the energies I wish to draw into or improve in my life. My main ones this year were love and romance, raising my spiritual vibration, and peace. Love and romance is represented here by the LOVE collage, pink flowers, and seashells (drawing upon romantic mermaid energy) – I do also have a mini love altar actually by our bed which includes heart-shaped items, rose quartz items, barite stone roses and more seashells. It’s not a lack of love in my relationship but a lack of TIME for it since having a baby last year. I’m hoping putting the items out will attract the energies needed to make that time again.¬†Raising my spiritual vibration is represented here by the angelite angel, the angel journal, the platonic solids wand, apophyllite, and my clear quartz merkaba (also known as the “ascension vehicle”). The platonic solids and merkaba are particularly associated with Archangel Metatron who has made himself my guide and guardian this year. The lunar calendar is present because I want to focus on the Pagan esbats, or lunations, this year. I hope it’s also apparent that all the elements are represented – incense holder for fire, blue colours for air, seashells for water, crystals for earth, and angel items for spirit.

Peace Corner Close-Up

Hopefully you can also discern my peace corner. Blue for me is a calming colour and representative of peace, serenity, the freedom and constancy of the skies, the flow of the oceans. Hence the blue candles and the angelite angel, which serendipitously match my beautiful new angel journal, a gift from a thoughtful friend. Above the candles and the angel I have taped a postcard bearing one of my favourite prayers, the Prayer of St Francis, which begins “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace” – for me to read and recite whenever I sit at my altar. Google the prayer – it really is a gorgeous one.

My old altar sat on the windowsill of the same room, and it still extends there with more candles, this time red and pink for love, romance and passion; more hearts, simply old candle holders from a gift used in a different way; more angel items, an ornament and a celestite cluster; protective amethyst points; and off the picture, there is also my amethyst cluster holding my dragon athame pendant and my pentacle.

Altar Extension

And finally here is a picture of the mini love altar by our bed (pictured here with cards which were connected with Valentine’s love readings). The red heart is a memento from a wonderful family holiday in Wales last year. The pink heart was picked up for next to nothing at a car boot sale for the love altar that ultimately brought my soulmate to me at the start of 2010.

Mini Love Altar 2013

Since setting up these altars and starting the angel journal, there has been a definite shift in my life. Different ideas and solutions are already coming to light in terms of finding more time for our relationship. Contacts and opportunities to make new strides in my work with angels are falling into place left, right and centre. I had a major miracle happen today which is private to my family but I can tell you from that that miracles truly are real and you must never doubt, you must never lose faith. Do everything in your power practically and spiritually to manifest your heart’s desires and then ask for the Law of Grace to go the last mile for you. It works.

So there we are, my altar, or I guess, altars, fire, hearts and flowers and all. May there be passion, light and love in your light half of 2013 and if you take one thing from this, let it be that what matters most about your spiritual altar is that it is personal to YOU, it is constructed to invite energies into your life that you deeply desire, and contains items that mean the world to YOU whether they are costly or cheap and cheerful. An altar is also a work in progress: never assume it’s finished. I often find myself adding an item here and there on each Sabbat until the dark half approaches and more change is needed. Bright blessings!

~ Copyright Silverla StMichael 2013 ~


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